Seahawks VP Idzik interviewing with Jets today

The Jets have more candidates for general manager than they have unnamed sources.

According to Albert Breer of the NFL Network, Seahawks vice president of football administration John Idzik will interview today for the job.

Idzik had worked for the Cardinals and Buccaneers prior to joining the Seahawks in 2007. His most recent experience is on the cap-and-contract side of things.

The Jets have, frankly, talked to so many people it’s impossible to gather what they’re looking for. Although that could also be viewed as open-minded, if you’re feeling charitable.

They’ve also received permission to talk to the Chargers’ Jimmy Raye and Brian Gaine of the Dolphins, along with Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross, 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble, Steelers director of football and business administration Omar Khan, Montreal Alouettes G.M. Jim Popp and in-house candidate Scott Cohen.

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23 responses to “Seahawks VP Idzik interviewing with Jets today

  1. The Jets got rid of Tannenbaum because he was a contractual GM. They need somebody who can find talent, not play with numbers. Woody is more than capable of that 😉

  2. Amazing. The Jets do their work by interviewing a lot of candidates and still get criticized for it.

    Just goes to show you the media bias that exists with this team.

  3. Yes, this is what anyone would expect when you hire a headhunter to bring in candidates.

    More importantly, my guess is that Woody and Rex are asking each candidate how they would handle the salary cap mess that the Jets have today, and this may influence who they end up making an offer to for new GM position.

    Please make sure whoever you hire understands football talent not just numbers.

  4. Why is there any surprise that no one wants to work there?? That poor person has to go in and work with Rex Ryan, he has no choice. Maybe, just maybe some people don’t want to. After listening to Mike Westoff today, it’s a big mess in the organization.

  5. Time for facts. The same firm(KornFerry) that helped Seattle hire GM John Schneider while Carroll was already head coach is conducting the GM search for the Jets. Many of the same names that were interviewed for Seattle Gm job have been interviewed by the Jets.

  6. Idzik is a fantastic executive, he’s one of the reasons the Seahawks are so good. He’s a salary cap genius and has put the Seahawks in such a good position. If he leaves Seattle it’ll be a big loss.

  7. Time for more facts part 2. The Jets “cap mess” has them at 19.4 million over the cap. By cutting backup safety Eric Smith, Backup tackle Jason Smith and starting linebackers Calvin Pace and Bart Scott. The Jets slash 30.7 million off of their cap. Bringing them to 11.3 million under the cap. That’s without restructuring any deals.

  8. Why don’t the media just admit that no matter what the Jets do, they will just rip them for it.

    So they are having an extensive terrible of them.

  9. Fun with Facts part I. Although the Jets can help their cap situation by cutting a few players, they will not get players to restructure- not after the mess this past season (take if from a previous fan of a bottom feeder, players want out) Additionally they will still need to find 10-12 good starters with ONLY 12 million. There are teams that can rebuild or reload pretty quick but I just dont see that with the Jets, they will need to build through the draft and prior to that they will need to get their out of control salary cap in check.

  10. Good for him.
    There is no superbowl trophy in shesquaks trophy case and there wont be for quite some time.
    Shesquaks=Eagirls. Never going to win a SB.

  11. Hire Rex Ryan to be the GM, and let him hire a head coach. Rex Ryan has been in the NFL long enough to be able to pick the right players.

  12. First royal. You can always get players to restructure their contracts to create cap room. It happens every year in the nfl. Players are getting the same money just in a different way. Restructure doesn’t mean pay cut. The Jets by the start of free agency will be 11.4 million under the cap. Just by cutting 4 players not counting Tebow. I would suspect that the new gm will be able to restructure or extend contracts to create more cap space. I do agree that the Jets need to build through the draft.

  13. harry1941 says:Jan 11, 2013 6:17 PM

    Hire Rex Ryan to be the GM, and let him hire a head coach. Rex Ryan has been in the NFL long enough to be able to pick the right players.
    Mark Sanchez, anyone?

  14. llcugine says:
    Jan 11, 2013 4:27 PM
    Woody is a tool and the whole situation is a joke. This guy would be nuts to leave Seattle.
    Oh ya, he’d have to be nuts to leave the obscurity of South Alaska to go to the big apple.


  15. Many Jets fans whine about the media and others ripping The Jets. It usually happens when you have a bragging head coach who in his first two years took every advantage to say how the Jets would win Super Bowl, how they are such a great team, etc. Not many people like bragging. Being humble will get more people behind you. It’s a fact of life. Woody wanted attention, now he has it. So J-E-T-S fans stop whining. Your owner got exactly what he wanted and I think keeping Rex is more towards the lines of not wanting to buy him out.

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