Aging defensive stars taking a beating in Denver


Today is not the day to be an older defensive legend.

Despite multiple reports (in case you missed them) that it could be Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis’ last game, it’s hard to tell he’s even in Denver.

And Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey, who isn’t close to retiring, doesn’t look much better.

The Broncos and Ravens are tied at 21 at halftime, on a day when the offense are dictating the pace.

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning made Lewis and his defensive teammates look gassed by going no-huddle in the first half, and Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco keeps hitting Torrey Smith with deep balls, the latest a 32-yard touchdown pass, which gives him two catches for 91 yards and two scores.

The Broncos trust Bailey to be able to single up on anyone, but they might be forced to give their best cover player safety help in the second half. Likewise, the Ravens expect Lewis to dictate things, but Manning’s keeping him off-balance.

If one of them makes a play in the second half, it could be the difference.