Anger gets more All-Pro votes than Luck, RG3, Wilson combined


I’ve mentioned a time or two in recent weeks that former Jags G.M. Gene Smith picked punter Bryan Anger five spots before the Seahawks selected quarterback Russell Wilson.

Smith has now gotten a little vindication.  Sort of.  Kind of.  OK, not really.

Anger received one All-Pro vote.  Wilson, Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, and Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III received none, combined.

It’s worth a quick mention, but it really means nothing.  The 50 voters select one quarterback each.  Though the three big-name rookies were among the best first-year quarterbacks ever, no one would view any of them as the very best in a league that features Peyton Manning (43 votes), Aaron Rodgers (four), and Tom Brady (three).

In contrast, Anger was one of seven punters whom the various voters listed, in a category with few obvious, off-the-page winners.

Also, Anger is also the only Jacksonville player to get a vote.  Which doesn’t bode well for the short-term future of the franchise.

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  1. Manning had a good year, but he shouldn’t be getting 43 votes to Rodgers’ and Brady’s 4 and 3 respectively. He’s getting votes because it’s a good story, which is kind of stupid. Just because he came back from an injury, his touchdowns don’t mean more than Rodgers or Brady’s.

    What I’m saying is, if you were to switch Manning’s stats with Brady’s or Rodgers, he’d still be getting 43 votes because, hey, he’s Peyton Manning and it’s a great story.

  2. Full disclosure: I am a Colts fan first and love me some Manning.

    That out of the way, I can understand why so many coaches give it to Manning.

    Stats of all these teams are similar. Broncos got the best record and the #1 seed. They have a massive winning streak going into the playoffs while their losses all occurred early in the year. For the voters (who do know the game unlike the masses), they can build the narrative in their mind that the losses were due to Manning not being familiar with the team.

    Not saying I even agree with it, but that is how 43 out of 50 people can give the edge to the fivehead.

    I actually think Rodgers would have put himself in the driver’s seat if the Packers had simply finished with a better record. They dealt with a larger volume of injuries AND played a more difficult schedule. Rodgers HAD to shine in order for them to finish where they did.

    Brady, great season as expected. Just didn’t ring out greater than Manning or AP for that matter.

    I think Watt was robbed.

  3. While Rich Eisen proudly wears his

    “Punters are People” t-shirt everyone has to realize the rookie QB’s will get no love with players like

    P. Manning, Brady, and Rodgers around.

  4. Haha “which doesnt bode well for the short term future of the franchise” …

    Thank you captain obvious. Gene smith’s own mom probably knew it was foolish to take a punter in the third round.

    If i lived in jacksonville, id be putting a lynch mob together to run everyone out of that organization who wasnt wearing a uniform.

  5. It’s all about Total QBR when putting Manning over Brady and Rodgers. He led every qb by at least 7 points using this much more advanced stat that more properly measures quarterbacks and their effectiveness. It’s easy to say they all threw for this many yards, td’s, and ints so they are about equal. Total QBR takes into account sacks, holding onto the ball too long, completing a pass for only 10 yards on 3rd and 15, third down conversion rate, etc.

    When you really take into account everything and not just a few arbitrary stats, you will see Manning clearly had the best season statistically. And to top it off, it was on a brand new team where they all had to learn a new system…basically, his system.

  6. None of the rookie QB’s played like top-2 QB’s this year for the whole season. This seems more like a jab a Jax. for not drafting R. Wilson than anything else…

  7. Well, it’s a regular-season award, so naturally Peyton gets it. His postseason numbers aren’t winning any awards.

  8. I am surprised how many votes Manning got. He blew away the field. I think it said 43 or something. Manning is great but he isn’t that greater then Tom Brady who had 3? and aaron Rogers even had more then tom? I just think tom brady is better then 3 votes, I didn’t say win it but those votes were nuts! only 3 thought he was better. No I don’t hate manning, I am a bengal fan forever and I have been that way for 40 years. yep not too many around. I will say I don’t like rogers because I don’t like what greenbay did with Brett, yeah they got a good quarterback but Brett made greenbay big! They wouldn’t take him back for a year. So nothing to do with I like brady more then manning, I just would of voted for Brady.

  9. ps. What I meant to say is if we were picking sides on who you want on your team and manning and brady was left I would pick brady in a heart beat, I think he plays better under pressure, look how many games he won. three superbowls, manning is great and has broken records I am sure but I guess I just like how brady plays!

  10. jody46 says:Jan 12, 2013 3:33 PM

    I will say I don’t like rogers because I don’t like what greenbay did with Brett, yeah they got a good quarterback but Brett made greenbay big! They wouldn’t take him back for a year.

    So exactly what did Green Bay do to Brett Favre? He announced his retirement, a while later they asked him if he was staying retired and he said yes, they then announced that Rodgers was their quarterback, and before the preseason Favre said he changed his mind and was coming back, Green Bay told him they had moved on, and Favre threw a hissy fit. He finally got what he wanted all along and went to the Vikings, with the single purpose of sticking it to the Packers, which was a huge failure. Again, exactly what did Green Bay do to Brett Favre?

  11. As Jaguars offense specializes in punting, Anger is really the franchise player they needed to build the rest of the team around. This draft they will focus on deep snappers and special teams linemen.

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