Chiefs hire John Dorsey to serve as G.M.

The Chiefs have a new General Manager.

John Dorsey, the Packers director of operations, has been named Kansas City’s G.M., the team announced on Saturday night.

The move comes as Dorsey’s long-time employer, the Packers, are playing in a postseason game at San Francisco.

Dorsey spent more than 20 years with the Packers, with only a fairly brief interruption from January 1999 through May 2000, when he worked for the Seahawks and former Packers coach Mike Holmgren.  Dorsey will now work with (for) coach Andy Reid, who runs the football operations for the Chiefs.

The Chiefs will introduce Dorsey during a Monday press conference, which is scheduled to begin at 2:00 p.m. CT.

22 responses to “Chiefs hire John Dorsey to serve as G.M.

  1. I think the chiefs made a good move here..sounds like the guy has been very good in GB. Also, I applaud Hunt for not just hiring Andy’s BFF Heckert…for the good of the org it’s probably best that the two guys that report directly to Hunt aren’t BFFs.

  2. Great hire for the chiefs. Let’s hope he and Reid don’t reach for a qb. That joeckel kid would be a good pick right now.

  3. From the way that Andy Reid was talking during his news conference is that John Dorsey will have the final say in everything that is done at Arrowhead.

    But they did say that Andy Reid will be part of all convo’s before the Final say is made

    Reminds you of the Final Say that Scott Pioli and Carl Peterson used to have.

  4. The Chiefs should have a GM as Andy Reid’s boss, and not the other way around. At this point Reid should concentrate more on X’s and O’s, and less on running “football operations”. That’s why the Eagles are looking for a new coach now.

  5. Dorsey has been a good director of ops but that doesn’t translate to player personnel. What this decision tells me is that Andy Reid will be making all the player decisions. Not sure if that’s a good thing …

  6. I know it’s a GM job and all but was it the right move? You take a position that is suppose to be mgnt and normally would have final say in decisions but in reality you may be a puppet. If there aren’t significant improvements it will be the “GM” that goes not the coach. If this happens would he be harming himself by taking a meaningless job?

  7. He knows theres no future with the Pack since they ll be getting their butts kicked in the playoffs.

  8. Green bay is a good tree to pick from. I am glad they didn’t hire another pioli. Welcome to the chiefs john dorsey. Let’s win together.

  9. I feel sooooooo much better with john dorsey & andy reid handling the #1 pick. Pioli would have taken so ja who would amount to nothing. (See tyson jackson, jon baldwin)

  10. In reality, dabearsk, Andy and Dorsey are BFFs in real life, dating back to their days in Green Bay (insert your own joke there). Heckert was a guy he molded in Philly, but now he’s bringing in one of “his guys” to pick players….

  11. It seems odd to have the GM report to the head coach, it should be the other way around. Not sure how successful this will be if Andy Reid has final say on everything.

  12. Some of you might want to reread some of the other articles on the Chiefs setup.

    The HC and the GM report to Hunt. The GM will have final say, but obviously the HC will be a major player before the final say.

    Dorsey has been on the scouting side a lot longer than he’s been the dir of football operations.

    Good hire, hopefully we draft the best players we can at each pick.

  13. 1. Ted Thompson

    2. Reggie McKenzie

    3. John Dorsey

    No offense, but not exactly the greatest hire for me. Same opinion with Andy Reid hiring his pals from Philly. I’d ask Eagles fans what they think…they know better than any Chiefs fan with rose colored glasses on right now. Very similar to Pioli with latest reactions, I’ll believe a turn around when I see it

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