Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers send the Packers packing


The Green Bay Packers’ season has ended. Colin Kaepernick’s time as an NFL superstar is just beginning.

Kaepernick had a brilliant performance as the 49ers defeated the Packers 45-31 on Saturday night, earning a berth in the NFC Championship Game and firmly establishing Kaepernick as a rising star who has the potential to change the way the quarterback position is played.

In fact, Kaepernick went 17-for-31 for 263 yards and two passing touchdowns, and passing wasn’t even what he did best. Kaepernick also had 181 rushing yards, the most rushing yards that any quarterback has ever gained in any game — regular season or postseason — in NFL history.

For the Packers, it’s a disappointing ending to their season, and the second straight year in which they lost in the divisional round of the playoffs. This Green Bay team had a season to be proud of, but the Packers thought they had a team that could make a deeper run in the playoffs than this.

Now the 49ers will see just how deep into the playoffs Kaepernick can take them. The NFC Championship Game is next, and if Kaepernick can play next Sunday like he did this Saturday, the next stop will be the Super Bowl.

225 responses to “Colin Kaepernick and the 49ers send the Packers packing

  1. Too bad Rodgers can’t photobomb the picture of himself standing next to Trent Dilfer.

  2. jus u watch he be glued 2 da ground by da end of da playoffs jus like rg3… gotta b a pocket passer… just like payton… o wait LOL… guee u got2b like flacco LOL

  3. alright! go Niners! welll….so far…the move to Kaep has been the right one. IDK…im torn…would i rather play Falcons in Atlanta…or the Hawks at home? hmmmmm?

  4. Very impressive win for my niners. Thought kaepernick was gonna collapse after that pick 6 but he kept his composure and had a monster game. Hope they go all the way!!

  5. So the Packers got blown out by a team that lost to the lowly Vikings? And their starting quarterback actually played in the game? Wow, they must really be terrible, according to everything Packer fans have said for the last week.

  6. As a Niners fan this was a great win. I was never sold on Kaep but now I dont know how you couldn’t be. Good season, Packers, you guys have a good team. Cant wait for next weekend. Go Niners!

  7. Packer fan here. Congrats to the 49ers. You guys have a heck of a team and Kaepernick is the real deal. Milwaukee born boy just like me.

    The Packers need to draft and/or sign some more physical players. They’re very close to being great but they aren’t there yet. Another Ted Thompson draft should do them good. Can’t wait for next season even though it’s another 9 months away. Hopefully all their injured players come back healthy and all the young guys they relied on this season develop even further. Bright future, Packer fans. Don’t hang your heads.

  8. Niners are going to be awfully tough to beat. Seemed to erase any doubts that they’re for real.

  9. Congrats 49ers fans – you earned it. A team absolutely perfectly built for the postseason – especially if the refs are ignoring holding on the edge. *cough*. Alright, no more backhanded compliments. I’ll go lick my wounds and take my medicine. See you next season everyone!

  10. Seattle has a chance against the 49ers. I don’t see Atlanta slowing them down. Kaepernick is GOOD.

    Thumbs up if you want Atlanta/SF
    Thumbs down if you want Seattle/SF

  11. That was the very definition of thong football. Can’t stop the run to save their lives, clearly inferior strength and toughness.

    I try and tell the Packer fans that their team is SOFT, all they do is thumbsdown.

  12. Congrats to SF!! Great game. L

    Sent another overated team home today!!

    People give these Harbaugh bros a hard time. But having their teams in Conference game 2 years in a row is pretty impressive.

    – steeler fan

  13. 49ers 45 Packers 24 Refs 7. That pick in the endzone was clean and should have ended the game. Great game by the pack though. Didn’t feel at all comfortable until it was a 21 point lead

  14. Packers defense is sooo bad some of its personnel but I think its time for Dom Capers to go. His time has passed as a defensive mastermind.

  15. B-b-b-but Aaron Rodgers is the greatest quarterback of the modern era! And the Packers had the most seasoned playoff quarterback in the NFC!


  16. CK7 has made his mark. If he has half the performance next week that he did today, SB here we come!

  17. The Packers really showed their shortcomings the past few weeks. They have absolutely no defense. Their defense only picks up some stats when their offense scores pts and makes the opposing team pass. They have no running game. They are soft as a team, they don’t care for contact, possibly the least physical team in the league. Rodgers is a great QB and I think the Pack will be making a big mistake if they let Jennings go. Cobb is not consistent enough and Nelson misses more games than he plays. Finley is a superstar in his mind only…The Pack has more holes than fans want to consider.

  18. the correct headline is Niners wipe their backsides with Packers… McCarthy and Capers should be fired for that debacle… That was pathetic.

  19. Kapernick will only play next week like he did this week if Dom Capers game plans and calls the Defense for whoever they play.

    That was the final straw for me. Watching another Capers led Defense melt down in the playoffs. It is definately time that Ted Thompson and Mark Murphy start thinking about getting someone else to run that Defense.

    It isnt bad enough the Packers gave up 45 to a team that averaged 20 all season, but to give up over 300 yards on the ground. Wow.

    The Packers are stuck in playoff mediocrity if they stick with Capers. While they are at it, they should switch back to the 4-3 Defense. They have been trampled over all season by teams running the ball.

    To draft Defense for Capers with the whole 2012 draft, and get no further than they did last year is a complete failure. Not to mention, every player will be a year older and the Packers are wasting Rodgers’ prime years by giving him no Defensive help at all. Fire Capers!

  20. The following are comments made last week:

    therealstats says:
    Jan 5, 2013 11:46 PM
    49ers will stuff the Packer run game, making the Packers one dimensional. 49ers most balanced team in nfc offensively and defensively and last year’s playoff experience will help them next week. 49ers 24 Packers 14.

    Harris had 53 yards rushing and the 49ers send the Packers to the golf course. NaNaNaNa NaNaNaNa Hey Hey Goodbye…………….49ers started the Packers season with a loss 30-22 and end the Packers season with a loss 38-24… that is a true Discount Double Check

  21. If it’s Hawks Vs Niners next week, there may not be anyone healthy enough afterwards to play in the Super Bowl.

  22. It would appear the San Fran 49ers have found a gold mine in Colin Kaepernick. Credit Jim Harbaugh for striking it rich while prospecting for his new franchise quarterback.

  23. Walden and Mathews are going to be seeing a red 7 speed past them in their nightmares for quite some time. That was enjoyable.

  24. Que the Packers fans complaining about the game in Seattle and how it cost them the number 2 seed. They will of course not mention the fact that they got blown out. Home field would not have made up for the 14 points…..NFC West NFC Chapionship game!

  25. NE v Seattle – great game
    NE v SF – great game

    NE v Atlanta – Pats win by 60!

    Please seattle win so we can have a good SB.

    Uh, no Houston you have no chance tomorrow.

  26. Finally, the Packers got exposed for the weak team they are. All year long we have had to hear the Packer fans (and owners) brag about their dominance.

    The 49’ers did everyone a favor and embarrassed the Packers. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

  27. I thought inexperience was going to show for Kapernick. It seemed to be that way initially with the pick 6.

    9ers turned it around and I have said all week the best team tonight would win.

    As a Packer fan it stinks to say, but it isn’t hard to the 9ers were definitely the better team tonight.

  28. @maddog911

    You said the Kaepernick move will back fire. I guess you will have wait another week to see. The Pack gave up 600 yards of offense to the Niners. Can’t wait to play Seattle next week…..Niners 4 Life

    Where are all the Harbaugh haters? You got to admit, Harbaugh made the right move. Give the man credit where it’s due…….

  29. Didn’t watch the game, but it looks like a masterful game from kaepernick and the niners. Well played, congrats 9ers fans. I’ll cheer for you now that the packers are done.

  30. Thanks to the Packers for a great season! Time to start planning for the draft.

    Congrats to the ‘Niners. It is great to see this franchise back in the hunt after all those lean years.

  31. I am betting the 49er Fans will be rooting for the Falcons tomorrow, they don’t want to face the Hawks again.

  32. The Packers have been exposed as the overhyped , average team that they are. The last 2 years or so they get pretty cake regular season games , pad their stats , (like the WR’s do for Rodgers ) look like they are so good cuz they beat bad teams then are exposed in the playoffs yet again. The only time they got to the SB with Rodgers was due to a refs blown call against the Vikings which would of kept the Packers out of the PLAYOFFS .

  33. Capers D’s have given up the greatest Passing (Warner), and the greatest rushing (Kapernick) games in NFL Playoff History.

  34. Niners look for real. Kaepernick may be an x factor neither Seahawks or Falcons can deal with

    -except the fact that the Seahawks handled him just fine 3 weeks ago.

  35. thebadguyswon says: Jan 12, 2013 8:37 PM

    He’s not ready. And now they��ll pay the piper.

  36. Excuses? No need for escuses. The facts are simple to see. The Packers D played the absolute worse I have ever seen them play, and on the biggest stage they will stand on all season.

    The shoddy non-calls and calls dont mean a thing. Green Bay lost that game as soon as SF recovered the Muffed Punt early in the game. I dont know if I will watch the Packers next season if they keep Capers as their DC.

    That Defense is a mirror image of what Green Bay put out there back in the Lynn Dickey era. In case you dont remember those days. Those were the years when GB would lose 45-47.

    Another thing. I am sick of the Green Bay media folks defending Capers. He doesnt deserve to be defended. I could see if this game went to the Niners 24-21. The I’d say Capers did his job and SF played hard and won. Reality is, it was a cake walk for the Niners. Green Bay only stopped them on 3 possesssions all game. 45 points given up in the playoffs is an absolute embarrassment for that Defense. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  37. Clay Matthews spent more time looking up at runners going by than Manti Te’o did Monday night, and that’s saying something. He wasn’t the only one who spent the day grabbing at air and getting ground into the turf.

    Meanwhile, if I’m the Packers DC, I’m not spending much time waiting for the phone to ring to schedule HC interviews. He’ll be lucky to keep his job after today’s performance by the whole defense.

  38. Good teams can deal with adversity. Witness SF. Witness Seattle falling behind by 14 last week.

    SF – SEA for the NFC would be EPIC.

  39. That 49er o-line makes me very jealous. Physical, tough, picked up the blitz, very consistent.

    It’s scary how good that 49er team can be.

  40. Why is everyone on here acting like Rodgers cost the Packers the game? Last time I checked when your defense and punt returner allow 45 points to the other team you’re gonna lose.

  41. I love all the Packer haters asking where all the excuses are gonna come from. It’s all the haters who make the excuses not the Packer fans on here. The Packers flat out got whooped. There’s no denying it. If it was the Packers doing the butt kicking, all the 49ers, Bears, Vikings, and Lions fans would be on here saying it was only because of the refs.

  42. There was a play where Matthews was literally frozen, looking all around the field trying to figure out who had the ball. CK? Gore? Huh?

    It was a thing of beauty.

  43. As a Bears fan it has been my pleasure to post on PFT this past season, and I have met quite a few knowledgeable and passionate Packer fans. To them I can honestly say I feel bad for you, and look forward to more friendly debate next year.

  44. The true nature of the Packers showed through again: star QB, but not much else. Defense is still terrible, can stop the run, can’t tackle. Offensive line is mediocre at best, no running game to speak of.

    The 49ers are a more complete team, and I’m glad they won. I get sick of crappy teams with a star QB winning on jump balls and ticky-tack penalties.

  45. Dom Capers should be fired. He just doesn’t have the mindset to prepare a team, and even more importantly, make appropriate adjustments.

  46. Wow, the comments from some of the Niner trolls are pretty smug. Green Bay had the worse D left in the playoffs. Rodgers doesnt play Defense. Green Bay scored 31. I bet no one would have picked the Niners to win if they knew Green Bay was going to score 31 points.

    It isnt that the Niners were dominant, it was that the Packers D is horrible with Capers running it. Capers has called 6 good games in hiss entire GB coaching career. The last 2 of the 2010 season, and the playoff games that same season, along with the Super Bowl. He has been getting a free pass ever since. He cant even manage all the new talent given him. They keep getting worse and it wouldnt matter if they had the players from Seattle or Denver. Capers wouldd make them bad.

    Anyway, Rodgers played solid for as good a D as SF has. It wasnt Kaepernick against Rodgers, like everyone was touting the game as. It was GBs D against the SF D. Green Bays D didnt show up and San Frans did. End of story.

  47. Nothing better in the NFL than knowing that the Packer fans are all sitting around the bait shop crying their eyes out.
    Enjoy the rest of your long, cold winter.

  48. Well, well, well. 49ers did what I predicted: They brought the Packers and their fans back to reality with a nice butt whoopin’ in prime time. I only hope Clay Matthews doesn’t blame the refs or themselves for losing to the better team.

  49. As a Vikes fan I have to say! I knew the Packers wouldn’t be going anywhere in the playoffs! Vikes had to play without Ponder! in last weekends game! And Packer fans everywhere said Viking fans were making excuses! But you Packer fans don’t have an excuse! Your just a bad team that got lucky to play a Ponder less Vikings team! And had to play a Forty-niners team that was healthy & Deep!! Good riddance! Peckers Opps (Packers)

  50. The only thing that this Vikings fan can see more preposterous than the Puckers as a super bowl contender, is Joe Buck as a FOX broadcaster. Matthews, Flakemaker with his dandreft, gets yanked to the ground by the neck and he said,”Clay helped sell that hold.” That’s like saying Jim Brady helped sell handgun control. How does this guy have a job, and who thinks he’s the best?

  51. Now I’m REALLY convinced the Vikings would have made much more of the game last week had Ponder been in, and quite possibly would have won it.

    By the way, hearing Pack fans complain about missed holding calls makes me roll on the floor laughing, cause now you know how it feels.

  52. That good ‘ol weak doormat NFC West is about to go head to head in the NFC championship. Not that I like the Seahawks or want them to win. I just think the only thing giving ATL any chance is home field and an early kickoff. Compounded with Pete Carroll’s silly choice to fly back to the west coast only to go back nearly as far east as possible for said early kickoff. Will be a good game, but I think Seattle pulls it out. That travel has a good chance to get the better of them by the championship though. Good luck to both teams tomorrow.

  53. At least now Rodgers has time for more Pizza Hut commercials without all that football stuff getting in the way……

  54. The Hawks can’t deal with the Niners? They Justin”dealt” with them a month ago. Hawks home field is the best in the NFL, but isn’t “worth” 30 points.

  55. There are soft Defenses. There are really soft Defenses. Then, if you scroll down all the way to the bottom, there is the Packers Defense. Worse than Pathetic. Half effort would have made it a close game.

  56. I came on here 2 days ago and said the 9ers would win by double digits and got hated on…. Lolz. Suck it haters. :-p

  57. The truth is that the Packers are strictly a finesse team that benefits incredibly from today’s officiating which lets receivers push off whenever the want and still not get called for it or, better yet, get defensive pass interference calls (e.g., Greg Jennings no-call on a push off in the late 3rd or early 4th that almost resulted in a long completion and the total BS pass interference call at the end where Jordy Nelson pushed off).

    Correction – Its primarily the Packers that get away with this tactic, along with holding opponents’ receivers all game long every game.

  58. Im a steeler fan but the 49ers pistol offense is really fun to watch. If this kid stays healthy, he can break all kinds of records. So much for ESPN over hype of Rodgers the past few years as the greatest qb ever! What a joke.

  59. Kap certainly looks to be a much better QB than Smith and has a ton more upside. That being said, Smith still got a raw deal. He had the highest passer rating before his concussion. Just remember, Smith took them to the NFC CH game last year as well. Harbaugh clearly made the right choice for the long term. I just wish there was some other way to do it. NFL is a cruel game. Don’t know if Smith is a FA after this season, but I’m sure he won’t have a problem finding work if he is. AZ, KC, Jacks just to name a few where Smith would be a huge upgrade.

  60. The haters finally coming out in droves. Cowards. Good game San Fran, and I’m rooting for you.

  61. It’s called the pistol offense, run very nicely by the 49ers today. The basic play is the read-option, the QB reads the defensive end, if the DE stays wide, he lets the RB have if. If the DE closes down, the QB runs it. Actually the Redskins with RGIII run it more often. You would think Green Bay would have some idea what to do about it. But all NFL teams have had trouble with it. Developed at Nevada-Reno by Coach Chris Ault. Yep, that’s where Kaepernick had his great college career.

  62. If nothing else, Green Bays Defense is getting really good at giving up record numbers to their opposition. They ARE the best at something after all.

  63. The Packers regressed a good deal this year and I expect them to regress further next year. They didn’t take care of business with off the field decisions to get ready for this season and this playoff game was a miserable effort of preparation and effort. I think they are going to slide a little further next year and need to get somebody new at the GM role to shore up some weaknesses while they have a good core of solid players. TT just doesn’t have anything of value to offer to this team.

  64. I’m shocked. I was dead wrong. I didn’t think the 49ers would control the clock like that.

    Kap proved he can win big games but I still worry he is going to get hurt running and taking on defenders like he does. He i s basically another rgiii. Slide! It’s flashy when it works but all it takes is one awkward landing.

  65. Another Packers playoff implosion. It’s hard to come up with a more shameful display of pro football in the tournament.They ought to scrap almost all of the team and rebuild around Rodgers before he gets too old and beat up to win a Super Bowl.

  66. @warchild,

    Technically it was 14 pts, but everyone knows their last TD was gifted by an atrocious call that was clearly offensive PI. A 21 point spanking is what I’ll remember.

  67. The 49ers suck… what’s next giving up 42 again to Seattle next week??? This was the first decent playoff game San Fraud has won, in what, nearly 20 years…..
    The Pack will be back, get some players back from IR, (Bishop, Bulaga, Perry, Worthy) and Rodgers will end up with more Super Bowl victories by the time he retires than the San Fran-wannabe’s….

  68. Just like everyone expected, the fail Mary came back to haunt the Pack. That’s what happens when your are the premier franchise in the NFL and Goodell will do anything to make you lose because he thinks parity should rule. The pack won this game, the refs disagreed. It happens, perhaps someday Kap will learn how to beat a team WITHOUT the refs help.

  69. Two thoughts.

    1) Incredible game by the 49ers and Colin Kaepernick tonight. Unbelievable to watch. Dominating. Breathtaking.

    2) DC’s across the league will have figured out the read option by midseason of next year.

  70. Dom Capers should have ‘discount double-checked’ some of the game film on colin kaepernick

  71. Packers are a finesse team. They are subtle. They will play the refs. They will nuance their schemes. They will feign designs. They will trick you.

    In other words, they are soft. Very soft.

  72. Lost to a better team today. Got out coached, no adjustments made in second half. 49ers look like a Super Bowl bound team. Still proud of the Pack.

  73. My reflections : #1
    Credit Coach Harbaugh the ,Genghis Khan of head coaches.
    #2 Alex Smith is a winner and at least better than half the current qb’s.
    #3 Colin is a very mature young man -great athlete-great person,just like Alex Smith but seems super human in his abilities. Maybe we are going to blame the Green Bay defense but they looked like they were running in sand.
    #4 S.F. defense was solid.
    #5 No major injuries,bodes well for my Niners.
    #6 I admire Aaron Rogers,handled the defeat well ,great qb and the Packers are a great organization.
    #7 C.K. is for real and living the dream. His ceiling is through the roof for his future in the NFL !

  74. shaggytoodle says:
    Jan 12, 2013 11:49 PM

    9ers turned it around and I have said all week the best team tonight would win.
    You said the best team would win? Way to go out on a limb there!

  75. Said it when all the pundits were questioning the move, Harbaugh is brilliant to have made this move when he did. Even if Kaepernic wasn’t completely ready, Harbaugh obviously thought he was capable enough to throw this completely different look at opponents the rest of the way.

    By doing this so far into the season, defensive coordinators haven’t had enough time to get a book on him yet and he can win with his natural ability alone. Stroke of genius.

  76. Ponder has a career game against the Pack to get the Vikes into the playoffs, now Cap has a legendary game against the same Pack D…maybe…the Pack just isn’t that good( but they did stop Webb)

  77. That was the one thing that all NFL fans with a brain new about and was wondering if it would kill the Packers, and well the lack of defense killed the Packers.

    Kap is decent but don’t confuse the Packers poor defense as if it was him being a superstar. Now if Seattle beats the Falcons this could be interesting. I mean I honestly want to see the Falcons will a playoff game as their coach is a good guy and has built a good team but I REALLY REALLY want to see Seattle win. I’m on their bandwagon hard.

  78. I cannot stand either Harbaugh (Jim especially, does he ever stop whining to the refs??) but they are excellent coaches. They make very gutsy decisions (John with firing Cameron so late and Jim with the switch to CK) that seem to be head scratchers, but they end up being right. That’s what you want and need your HC to be able to do. I respect them as coaches.

    CK is a beast, he seems to have it all: poise, a strong and accurate arm, smarts, athleticism, and he’s a great teammate. I love watching the 49ers play when they aren’t running all over my team. If one is a fan of the game, how could one not love watching them?

  79. The 9’ers Imposed their will on the packers. CK is sick… RGIII who? CK has the physique to handle the hits and he also has the best coach in the NFL to foster his development. Fan of neither team… nor am I a skins hater.

  80. If it wasn’t for those “Foot Locker” officials in Seattle, the game would have been in Green Bay & the Pack would have won. 49ers wouldn’t have been able to handle the cold. By the way, Huey Lewis really butchered the National Anthem.

  81. Capers has too go. Make Lovie Smith the highest paid coordinator in football. I think GB has a lot of individual talent on defense but their game planning sucks.

  82. ““elite qbs” are dropping like flies today. lol”
    The NFL QB position and the way it is played is changing right now. The only way to win in the NFL is to have an elite pocket passing QB. AKA- Brees, Manning(s), Brady………… Now, we see a different breed of Qb….. Kapernick, Russell Wilson, RG3..
    Qb’s with accurate Cannon arms that can also throw and then put up 50-90 rushing yards.

  83. Oh & lets not forget Tramon “couldn’t make a play’ Williams. They came after you all night, our supposedly “best” corner and you rarely stood tall & gave them a reason not to throw to your side. Thats 2 bad performances in the last 3 games. THUMBS DOWN

  84. I would like to see Capers gone. Only during the Super Bowl run has his defense had any sort of competence. I know they had a lot of injuries but they still have enough good players (Woodson, Shields, Matthews, Hayward) but it just never seems to get put all together. And that’s on the coach.

  85. “tatum064 says:

    Niners look for real. Kaepernick may be an x factor neither Seahawks or Falcons can deal with.”

    This is the funniest thing I’ve read all week. Seahawks and 49ers have played 2 times already this year, once with Smith at QB and once with CK7. They scored 13 points in each game. There is no reason to think a 3rd game will be much (if any) different. Niners fans better hope the refs keep the Seahawks from winning tomorrow because if they don’t, the Niners will go down again. Hard. And real painful.

  86. Funny. In one of my college classes this week our teacher (a Packer fan) said Woodson was the best corner in the NFL.

    I laughed and said Revis was. Which had several of the students laugh and say Revis was overrated. Looks like I get to laugh last.

  87. Yeah, Kaepernick looked awesome – against possibly the worst NFL defense I’ve ever seen.

    The only reason this was only a 2-TD blowout was because Rogers really is THAT good.

  88. Interesting that packer fans aren’t chirping away here. Bandwagon fans tend to do that. Blow pack blow!

  89. The packers are a weak team.. they have been hiding behind a lot of hype. the played the Giants and got
    smoked, played the 49ers twice and
    got smoked both times. Seattle smoked them too and they been crying every since. Greenbay was living this whole season off beating Chicago and they was playing with NO offensive system and NO O-line.
    the Vikings beat the packers with NO passing game. Everybody else they played is weak.

  90. holahey123 | Jan 12, 2013, 11:46 PM EST
    So, at what time did you Packers fans turned off the TV?


    ^^^ YOU should probably turn YOUR television off and study some grammar. That way, maybe next time you want to post a comment insulting the fans of the losing team, you’ll actually be able to post something that makes sense. By doing so, maybe next time you’ll be to able escape the “comment section” without looking like an idiot. Good luck!

  91. lets see…quotes from last week….

    I see Super….and the Packers are it.

    The greatness that is Packers Football.

    Quote from this week.


  92. The whole Green Bay defense looked really bad in this game (probably because this is closer to what they are) but man did Matthews in particular look terrible! Getting trucked by Iupati, stone-walled by Staley, doing a comedic double-take in the open field trying to figure out who had the ball, and getting gashed on his side by Kaepernick’s big runs; this had to be one of his worst games. Not a good night when you’re best defender looks like this.

  93. I heard that Alex Smith holds his clipboard over his face these days so you can’t see his tears.

  94. Props to the 49ers from this Seahawks fan. NFC West representing well.

    After a night of drinking, Packers fans can settle back into the comfort zone they got so well at during the year; whining about, and blaming everything on, replacement refs, for another 6 months…knowing Packers fans, probably 60 years.

    Hopefully Seattle can pull it out tomorrow and setup deciding round 3 for all the marbles next week.

    Hard to believe that Seattle hammered this same SF team just 3 weeks ago, but they did.

  95. You can almost picture Pete Carroll jumping around his hotel room like a high school nerd given a mercy date from the hot cheerleader knowing he won’t have 2 face the Pack again. Lets see, I hate Pete, both Harbaugh boys can go suck it, GO PATS!

  96. As a life long 49ers fan in Hawaii where a lot of my friends are packer fans I have to say that they have some of the humblest fans win or lose. It was a great game and a big win 2 more games till were back to glory.

  97. Kapernick had a good game but can we please stop with, he is the next breed of QB’s, we know how the story ends he is an Acl injury waiting to happen.

  98. Naturally, the refs tried giving the Fudge a last minute chance by calling DP when it was blatant OPI.

    Much like the boloney calls last year when they got smoked by the Giants.

    And Packer fans wonder why EVERYONE outside Wisc was laughing their a$$es when the fail mary happened.

    It was Karma, Kramer…

  99. The 49ers ran for over 300 yards!!!! 300 in a playoff game!!! The packers need too draft a defensive player in this year’s draft in every round. Don Capers should of adjusted at halftime for the packers defense. No way in hell a QB RUNS FOR 181 on me. I will load the box and make him throw!!!

  100. Very entertaining game. I wasn’t pulling for a particular team but #7 looked really good out there. Did 9ers always run the read option with Kaep this year or were they like Seattle and copied the Skins playbook later in the season? Regardless, he runs it well and has explosive speed like RG3 (pre knee debacle). Good luck to SF. Think I’m pulling for them from here on.

  101. Yea, like all of the fans that hate the 49rs, Redskins, and Seahawks………the pistol doesn’t work!! Yea right………Defenses will figure it out, Yea right……..they’ve had all year to figure it out……it’s a new breed of QB.

  102. virusgvr says:
    Jan 12, 2013 11:47 PM
    I hate the 49ers!!!! H-A-T-E!!!!!
    _____________________ ____________________ _________

    Do not worry!!!!!! We HATE YOU TOO!!!!!!

  103. YES!!! I’m so happy the most one dimensional team in NFL history aka the Green Bay Packers finally got the whooping they deserved..

  104. Nice defense, GB! Thanks for letting the 49ers entertain us with a huge offensive showing. It just goes to show you that a team with a strong passing offense but a terrible, no-show defense won’t ever be Super Bowl material. BTW, I’d love to see the Niners win the SB and so Randy can get a ring. For all of his years of entertaining us on and off the field, he definitely deserves one.

  105. tatum064 says: Jan 12, 2013 11:46 PM

    Niners look for real. Kaepernick may be an x factor neither Seahawks or Falcons can deal with.
    I think Seahawks just dealt with Kaepernick a couple of weeks ago and we all know what the end result was.
    To all the Packer fans out their, I think Lovie Smith would make a good DC for your team.

  106. I thought it was a mistake to bench Smith. I was wrong. Kaepernick is a good player. He just needs some experience and maturity. 49ers will be a force for years with him and that nasty defense.

  107. Pats win by 60!

    Please seattle win so we can have a good SB.

    Uh, no Houston you have no chance tomorrow

    Arrogant pats fans u haven’t been watching the playoffs I guess. Everyone also said 49ner and ravens had no chance.

    By the way go 49ners go ravens go Houston!!!

  108. Mr. Wright 212 says:
    Jan 13, 2013 4:12 AM
    Seabags will do to him what they did a month ago.

    So who were your giants playing this weekend?

  109. Vikings fan here….

    I’ll eat some crow today. I thought for sure that Rodgers would win the game for the Pack. I’ve always felt Rodgers was the best QB in the league. But I have to give props to the Niners on this one. They pretty much schooled the Pack. But i also feel that the Vikings win against the Packers in the last week, and the opening drive in the playoffs showed the Niners the blueprint on how to beat them. Vikings just lacked a good QB to do it. Run against the Packers and you can win. Only difference is, Kaepernick can make throws. Webb? lol… I don’t even have to elaborate on that.

    Props to Harbaugh and staff. The young coach, outprepared the veteran coach. I have to say that Harbaugh has really surprised me as a coach. He’s turned that team into something special the past two years.

    Where’s Gerby, Tokyo, and the rest of them claiming foul or something like that? Usually they are on here immediately saying how superior the Packers are, coaching, management, and players. But they are nowhere to be found? Funny….

  110. Props to the 49rs, they are far better than we are. Packers rule the Norris but nothing else. Soooo, I expect we return to the 4-3, hire an O-line coach devoted to the run game and start playing some Titletown Football next year. For now, I wish the 9rs the best and hope they win it all this year. Because we’ll be right back.

  111. Congrats to the niners. Clearly the better team. No excuses.
    While kaepernick was very impressive running the ball, I was more impressed with his throwing accuracy. Time after time he threw the ball right where it needed to be thrown with good coverage. Those kept drives alive again and again

    A good but not great season. The nfl is changing. Lets see if packers can adapt with it. Need more athleticism at linebacker to face athletes like this

  112. Thank you San Fran! Now the NFL fan nation doesn’t have to listen to anymore bs about the Packers! For that very reason I am on your fan wagon through the playoffs!

  113. The game has passed Capers by. With Kaepernick, RG3, and Wilson all in the NFC a change is in order. Bring in someone from college with experience defending the option.

  114. If I was a coach with a solid offense but had a defensive back who was suspect, I would be worried very worried. The other team would pass all day long to whomever my weak guy is and keep drives alive. Then they would run around end and make some plays that way too and it would be tough to get off the field for our D.

    The Packer D has had trouble all year getting off the field and stopping the run. The offense carried this team and that only takes you so far. They were lucky to be where they were.

    I had them 8-8 and missing the playoffs but they obviously did better than that but part was due to playing some good teams early who were not ready.

    Overall this is not a talented team with a defense giving up the yards in the air and the ground that they did.

  115. Packer fans. I don’t think any NFL team could have stopped the 9ers last night. They were on fire.

    On a side note, more so than the less than stellar defense, GB’s special teams made some astonishingly horrible mistakes.

  116. This is what happens to a team that has no running game and can’t tackle. Packer fans have been ripping the Vikings for “only” having Adrian Peterson. Well see what happens when you have “only” Aaron Rodgers. Oh and looks like that week off and home field advantage would have helped the Pack. Glad they didn’t care about that loss against the Vikes and didn’t play hard.

  117. What r u talkn bout??? BG played hard against the vikes…They couldnt stop AP…matter of fact they cant stop anyone…hence the playoff ouster

  118. I had the pack as an 8-8 team this year based on the pre- season performance and the division.
    Had the Lions and Bears not imploded, the Pack may not have even made the playoffs so I was not surprised at yesterdays results.
    The Pack D has given up a ton of yardage on the ground this year.

    I can tell you the Niners were not surprised with the outcome either. They had to be expecting a blowout of sorts. They clearly knew the weaknesses in this team and took advantage of them the whole game.

    Dim Capers had no answer and used the same defense game in and game out: rush 6, 5, maybe seven. There is no rhym or reason to this defense. The Pack don’t have the skill to play zone and they don’t practice the zone.

  119. Packer fans. I don’t think any NFL team could have stopped the 9ers last night. They were on fire.

    On a side note, more so than the less than stellar defense, GB’s special teams made some astonishingly horrible mistakes.

    I think the Vikes D would have lined up nicely against the Niners. Pederson would have gotten his yards and the game would have been close.

  120. Another Rodgers discount double choke. He really is the next Farve of the playoffs.

    And the Pack can’t even blame this one on the ref’s, though I’m certain they will try.

  121. I have to laugh at all the Viking fans coming out now and getting some payback for all the crap they endured at the hands of Packer fans last week. That said if I was the Vikings GM I would be on the phone with the 9’ers right now, rules be dammed, to figure out a trade scenario for Alex Smith.

  122. blackandbluedivision says:Jan 12, 2013 11:46 PM

    Kaepernick-A.Smith is Harbaugh’s Brady-Bledsoe.

    Easy does it, Skippy.

    Kapernick has a long way to go to equal Brady’s first season

  123. The Packers were beaten. They were beaten bad. No other way to put it. They had absolutely no answer to stopping Kaepernick. With that said, along with many other Packer fans, it might be time for a change of scenery with Dom Capers. He was great in their Super Bowl run but have progressed downward since then.

    Congrats on the Niners for their dominating win and good luck the rest of the way. Now if the Seahawks do happen to win today, please whoop them for us Packer fans!

  124. Just be glad you dont have to play us best coast teams again next year green bay. Whining and talking smack doesnt earn victories. I was hopin my Hawks would get a rematch to prove it. Im good with the 9ers beating yall though. Cuz thats always an intense game too.

    The nfc west was considered weak for so long, even when we were a decent division. Now everyone is getting a beat down courtesy hawks and 9ers. Even the cards put tom brady down in NE. Fisher has the rams playing decent…

    Welcome to relevance nfc, fear us.

  125. Anyone else remember all those people before the season saying the 9ers record last year was a fluke, That they played in the weakest division in football, How about saying they will come back down to earth and be 8-8 at best or one and done in the playoffs? Kinda stinks that their teams are the ones that blow, and aren’t in the playoffs so now they won’t come on here and have to eat their words. Sure, harbaugh acts crazy and says crazy things sometimes, but he is one heck of a football coach and 95% of the league would love to have him as their HC. Hate all you want, but this team feels the most complete in all 3 phases of the game and has that family mentality, the future is bright for this organization!

  126. Lol.

    When you get more joy out of the Packers losing than your team winning, you know your team blows. (See: Vikings, Bears, Lions)

    Most of the comments on here from Packers fans have been nothing hut classy, no one making excuses, everyone saying work needs to be done for next year.

    Vikings fans, you wouldn’t have won with ponder. Give it a rest. That’s what is called an excuse. Your team overachieved this year, like the lions did last season. I hope you enjoy .500 football, because that’s where you’ll be for quite some time.

    The Packers and Aaron Rodgers aren’t “overrated.” They are one of the top 8 teams in the league, and they will be for years to come.

    If you’re not a fan of the niners, pats, cowboys, and steelers, you’re all just really jealous of the Packers. And your comments prove it.

  127. pack13queens0 says: Jan 13, 2013 1:46 AM

    “If it wasn’t for those “Foot Locker” officials in Seattle, the game would have been in Green Bay & the Pack would have won.”

    If it wasn’t for the Vikings beating you in the final regular season game…But God forbid you give any props to a division opponent, better to whineabout something that happened in Week 3.

  128. @tokyosandblaster:

    Nice post, for the most part…Allow me to respond to a few of your points:

    “When you get more joy out of the Packers losing than your team winning, you know your team blows. (See: Vikings, Bears, Lions)”

    I am not one of those fans, and therefore I know the Bears don’t blow. The Lions, on the other hand…

    “Most of the comments on here from Packers fans have been nothing hut classy, no one making excuses, everyone saying work needs to be done for next year.”

    Agreed, although a few Pack fans are still whining about Seattle in Week 3…Fact is, a win against the Vikes in Week 17 would have gotten GB the 2-seed, but you failed to take care of business.

    “Vikings fans, you wouldn’t have won with ponder. Give it a rest. That’s what is called an excuse. Your team overachieved this year, like the lions did last season. I hope you enjoy .500 football, because that’s where you’ll be for quite some time.”

    Agreed…I just hope the Bears choose the right HC, or that’s where we’ll be, too.

    “The Packers and Aaron Rodgers aren’t overrated. They are one of the top 8 teams in the league, and they will be for years to come.”

    Hope to join you soon, which starts with making the Bears-Packers rivalry competitive again.

    “If you’re not a fan of the niners, pats, cowboys, and steelers, you’re all just really jealous of the Packers. And your comments prove it.”

    Actually, I’d go with Atlanta over Dallas, and Baltimore or Houston over the Steelers. And I’m not ‘really jealous’ of any team, the Bears were 10-6 and playoff-bound until your team lost to the Vikes…(-; (What killed us even more was losing to Seattle in a game we led 14-10 late in the 4th.)

    Anyway, congrats on a fine season, here’s hoping next year brings both our teams into the post-season, where the Bears will prevail.

  129. The Packers are still a really good team. Have been for a long time starting with the Farve era and are continuing with A-Rod and will be contenders for years to come.
    Dunno why no one else wants to give them props. These are the Packers from Titletown.
    I am disappointed that they didn’t learn in time how to stop Kapernacklewhackoff (What’s his face) but 9ers fans on here are all acting like they have won the SB for the next 20 years already! Geez. Take it one playoff game at a time. Wait until you win the SB and then brag.
    You guys were lucky. Not skilled enough, but lucky that there was the Fail Mary in Seattle so that you could have your game at the Stick.
    May the next team, even if it is the Hawks, beat you in the next game.

  130. As a heartbroken Packer fan, I can’t believe that they made Kaepernick look so good. Did Dom Capers gameplan for Alex Smith all week?

  131. Calm down niner fan .. They way you talk about the pack d which is justified this game means nothing.. Before you give Kapernick a key to the hall of fame win a superbowl first..

    I hope it is Harbaugh vs Carroll to of the biggest whiners in the Nfl after a penalty is called..

    Go anyone but niners and seahawks

  132. Why do fans jump on the back of the latest player who has a great game? You all must be Cousins fans and Weeden fans. Both had a great games this year. Kaepernick has a great game and all of a sudden he is a superstar instantly. He has to perform over a period of time to earn “great”. He has skills, but look at the injuries running quarterbacks sustain in the NFL (RGIII come to mind). He got ate up in Seattle with some crowd noise. We’ll see. I’m not sold quite yet. I do like the stuff I have seen from Russell Wilson however. He played like a veteran Qb against Atlanta with some great stats. Other elemets of the game caused him that loss.

  133. “Why do fans jump on the back of the latest player who has a great game? You all must be Cousins fans and Weeden fans. Both had a great games this year. Kaepernick has a great game and all of a sudden he is a superstar instantly. He has to perform over a period of time to earn “great”. He has skills, but look at the injuries running quarterbacks sustain in the NFL (RGIII come to mind). He got ate up in Seattle with some crowd noise. We’ll see. I’m not sold quite yet. I do like the stuff I have seen from Russell Wilson however. He played like a veteran Qb against Atlanta with some great stats. Other elemets of the game caused him that loss.”

    Seems like an unbiased and impartial view. Wilson had a great season, you love him. Kaepernick had a great 8 games, GOD HE’S AWFUL GUYS.

    Are you from Seattle or do you just hate the Niners?

  134. Can we all finally agree that Aaron Rodgers and particularly the Green Bay Packers are waaaay overrated. Rodgers wasn’t the best QB in this game and he sure isn’t the best QB in the league. He’s a decent QB, but he’s below Brady & Brees in the pecking order. The title of the league’s best QB clearly belongs to the gunslinger residing in New England and it has been that way for a number of years now; just deal with it.

  135. @ tokyosandblaster

    You always assume the people getting joy out of the Packers losing are fans of a rival NFC North team. Haven’t you realized fans from every team in the league can’t stand you Packer fans? It’s not jealousy, it’s because they can’t stand your arrogance, insults, excuses, whining, hypocracy and rediculous predictions. “16-0” “Super Bowl winners”

    And here you are again making predictions on the Vikings & Packers. You were wrong ALL year with your predictions, you would think you would learn by now. It is funny how you are now adjusting them by saying the Vikings will be .500 for years to come when before you were saying they would be terrible for years to come.

    You’re kidding yourself if you haven’t come to the realization that the Packers are over-rated. Green Bay has major issues on their O-line, in their running game and all over their defense. They can’t handle physical teams (i.e. NYG, SF, Seattle) because they are rather soft. Rodgers is good provided he isn’t behind in the 4th quarter. They had a great passing attack that hid their flaws. But as teams adjusted, that strength hasn’t been enough against the better teams. Overall their young players aren’t stepping up with any regularity.

    This was a Wildcard team that was good (not great) and got hot at the right time and rode it to a SB win – congrats for that. But they were a fake at 15-1 and were what everyone outside of Packer fans thought they were – a good team on that looks like it’s on the decline.

  136. Congratulations to the 49ers! They handily beat the Packers twice this season. And Steve Young is now the 2nd best running QB the team has ever had, and that is saying something.

  137. @Truth*serum

    Actually, I don’t care what other teams outside of the NFC North say.

    I was way more correct with my predictions than you or any other idiot viking “fans,” who said midseason that the Vikings would win the north and the Packers wouldn’t make the playoffs. The same fans that said the Vikings would knock the Packers out of the playoffs, even WITH Joe Webb playing QB.

    Grow up, learn SOMETHING about football, and then come back to talk with the grown ups.

    Take care, junior!

  138. Wow…I have not heard ALL YEAR any Packers fan claim that Dom Capers should be fired. Yet you make it all sound like he is the worst ever….all of a sudden. The excuses just keep on coming

  139. Remember when P.Manning, could get to the playoffs,but would lose in the 2nd round and everyone claimed that he was a QB who could have BIG games, but could never WIN the BIG GAME? when can we start sayin the same crap about rodgers? he’s got ONE SB RING and how many playoff losses?..i mean they beat joe fkin webb and all of a sudden they were the favorites to go all the way?….smh

    anyways, good job’ve got one helluva team good luck against the dirty birds, ill be rooting for you!

  140. sandblaster-are you butthurt? chill out..fer christsakes. im sure u were one of the packer fans who thought, greenbay was a dominant defense bc they stopped a fkin 3rd string QB who held a damn clipboard, and i know webb is ponders backup, but webb should have never jumped ahead of sage, webb played poorly in pre-season,just fkin horrible, yet we cut rosenfiels, not that he would have been the answer, but a much better option then spergon wynn,err i mean tarvaris jackson, agh..joe webb (did i get it right yet?)

    go-pack-go…HOME..which is exactly what they did, heres a tissue go sit in a corner and drink ur tears away

  141. Actually, when the packers lose, I’m complimentary of the other team.

    You’ll notice Viking fans only joy comes from packers losing, not their team winning. Sad, really.

  142. kev86 says:
    Jan 13, 2013 9:20 AM

    Clay Mathews thinks the Packers beat themselves again.
    No he doesn’t.

  143. @immafubared You must be on drugs if you think the Packers had a lucky year. Between injuries, blown calls by the refs (not just the Seahawks game) and bogus fines by Goodell, The Pack had TERRIBLE luck.

  144. packerhater says:
    January 12, 2013 at 11:54 pm
    The Packers have been exposed as the overhyped , average team that they are. The last 2 years or so they get pretty cake regular season games , pad their stats , (like the WR’s do for Rodgers ) look like they are so good cuz they beat bad teams then are exposed in the playoffs yet again. The only time they got to the SB with Rodgers was due to a refs blown call against the Vikings which would of kept the Packers out of the PLAYOFFS .
    Your name says it all. You don’t know much about football, do you.

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