Eagles focus on making chicken salad


The Eagles are getting rattled.

Though transparent at times regarding their coaching search, the Eagles also are using the guise of transparency as a way to spin public opinion — in the hopes of creating the impression that the team that hasn’t hired a coach in 14 years knows what it’s doing.

The latest effort at salesmanship masquerading as candor comes from a statement issued in the immediate wake of the news that Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly will stay in South Bend and not accept a job with the Eagles.

“There is no question we spent a considerable amount of time and effort looking at who we thought were the best collegiate candidates for our head coaching job.  We did so knowing that there was a remote chance that these coaches would leave their current posts,” the team said.

“We understood that going into the process, but we wanted to leave no stone unturned while trying to find the best head coach for the Philadelphia Eagles.  We have no regrets about the effort we made in that direction and we will continue to proceed as planned in our search.”

While they have never mentioned Brian Kelly as a candidate, it’s obvious that the second Kelly’s decision to stay in school sparked the Eagles’ statement.  And it’s strongly implied that the Eagles actually made offers to Brian Kelly, Oregon coach Chip Kelly, and/or Penn State coach Bill O’Brien.

We were told earlier today that, if the Eagles don’t get Brian Kelly, it’s unclear what they’ll do.  Whatever they do, the guy who gets the job will be viewed as the second choice.  Or the third choice.  Or maybe the fourth choice.

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  1. Perhaps they should have had a better plan when they basically fired Andy Reid in August. It makes me think the Eagles problems are more management than coaching

  2. Gruden to the rescue! Don’t forget he took the Bucs job after Parcells left the team hanging.

  3. They keep interviewing coaches who just want to get a raise.

    Interview coaches looking to build a program.

    The Eagles have to realize, their roster is a disaster.

  4. Every day they look more ridiculous for dumping Andy Reid. I hope he wins a championship in KC for Clark Hunt and I’ve been an Eagles fan since Jerggy got traded for Snead.

  5. Seems to me like the eagles are waiting for a coach who’s currently in the playoffs. If they actually wanted any of these guys, they would have made an offer and that hasn’t been reported yet. No second interviews done yet either. Picture will probably get clearer this week.

  6. Lurie to Reid ” Its time for us to move on, there are tons of people that want this job and we feel we can do better than you…”

  7. If the Eagles had hired someone quickly, you’d be on them for “rushing into it”. If they take their time, you say they don’t know what their doing. They can’t win in your eyes.

    Do I think they know what they’re doing? No, but that’s just one person’s opinion. I think PFT is being unfair in condemning them without real evidence.

  8. Just being honest… I don’t think it’s any surprise the Eagles are having trouble. The attitude of many players on the team, as well as the disarray regarding the QB position make it hard for anyone to want to go there.

  9. So the chickens are coming home to roost. Andy Reid did not get stupid overnight, but the City of Brotherly Love wanted blood and the owner obliged. How long before Lurie regrets his decision?

  10. Why is it the bears can interview 13 guys and not a negative article is posted? Eagles fans were intrigued by chip but 80% negative opinion towards brian Kelly as head coach. They are interviewing same as any other team. Give them a break. O’brien was never leaving penn state thus only two hour or so meeting. Chip Kelly decided to go back to Nike…I mean Oregon. So be it. We all want Gus Bradley (65% at least) so if the team fails means we get our coach, it works for me. It has been 2 weeks and the best teams are still playing. If I want an nfl coordinator to become our coach, I surely wouldn’t want the o coordinator of the Panthers.

  11. It does appear that the Eagles have no idea what they are doing at this point. Not knocking them, just making an observation.

  12. Maybe the Coach they really want is still coaching in the playoffs, but thats not as exciting as saying they are failing & clueless!

  13. If it takes this long then the search is already a failure. They clearly didn’t get the guy or guy they wanted, and now they’re going to have to talk themselves into someone.

  14. As an Eagles fan I truly don’t get their infatuation with these college coaches. I’m glad these coaches have turned them down.

    Gus Bradley has a Philly mentality. Blue collar…hard working…take no bs. He would fit in perfectly here and turn us back to the direction we are used to.

    If we go offensive coach then give Chucky a call. He would not turn us down as I believe he truly wants this job. He wins a few playoff games (which I think he would) and he would be a God in Philly.

    This committee needs to take their heads out of their collective a$$es and do what is obvious to the fans. Face it…we have known what is wrong with our team for years (and we are right) and these supposed “football minds” cant figure it out.

  15. I here Dick Vermeil is the leading candidate at this point. Buddy Ryan had no interest in coaching in the new NFL that prevents bounty programs.

  16. There is not a single piece of actual evidence that any offer was made to anyone…but then again who cares about reporting facts we gotta sell internet ads! The guys here figured out a long time ago that writing about the eagles is a good way to do that. Same reason you see basically nothing about the chargers or cardinals.

  17. Andy Reid was the fifth choice 14 years ago. This is par for the course with Lurie. Stay strong, Jeff. You’re gonna hire the right coach. Barry Alvarez shot him down 14 years ago and stayed at Wisconsin. That was a blessing for Philly.

  18. When they begin a statement with “there’s no question….” that just leads… to more questions. Philly got played, and Kelly gets a big raise at a job he was not going to leave, at least not this year anyway with at least two young QBs to pick from for next year and a No. 1 recruiting class coming in. He already makes more than half the NFL coaches do and is on the cusp of accomplishing everything he wants in college after some frustratingly mediocre seasons in 2010 and 2011. This orchestrated drama worked out perfectly for Kelly.

  19. While media people and the Eagles management might feel like they are getting spurned by these college coaches, believe me, most Eagles fans are happy and dont feel spurned cause we didnt want them anyway. We want someone like Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, or Gus Bradley! As an Eagles fan, I would like to thank these college coaches for hopefully forcing the Eagles to hire someone with more NFL experience

  20. Did the Eagles really lose out on anyone by looking in the college ranks? They tried to get a college coach but they still have their pick of any coordinator they want. I don’t see how this is an issue.

  21. Hat trick on turn downs. Kelly, Kelly, O’brien take one look at Jeffie, and Howie and say get me out of here on the next plane. Gold standard, think not. Howie needs to go ASAP.

  22. So the Eagles attempted to get a couple of college coaches who were never thought of as likely to leave college and still have their choice of every well thought of coordinator who has been mentioned as a possible coach (McCoy, Bradley, Arians, Roman etc.) while not taking any longer to make a hire than is typical in this year or others. WHAT A DISASTER!

    I understand that every headline here has to be a negative one (unless it’s another hagiography of the Saints players/management involved in paying for injuries), but maybe try integrating some sense of perspective/reality with the disaster talk.

  23. The Eagles need to return to their roots and someone that appeals to the hard assed fan base and media. Neither fits that category.

    They really need to remove Roseman bc that is likely the strongest impediment to an experienced HC.

    Lovie Smith does not appeal that way but may be the strongest available candidate. Gus Bradley is the same in that he does seem to be a defensive version of Kelly, C.

    But let’s think “out of the box”.

    Herm Edwards.

    Ron Jaworski.

    Both appeal to Eagles history and are competent football types.

    Or, hire a lesser qualified person and surround him with good coordinators, and perhaps a retired HC as a mentor. Duce Staley? Brian Dawkins?

    How about a player-coach? (Has that ever been done in the NFL?)

    They liked Jim Haslett when they hired Reid years ago. Why aren’t they talking to him? And whynhaven’t they talked to Marc Trestman?Why not talk to Marty Schottenheimer?

    If Roseman is removed, I suspect that some folks not in play would be interested.

  24. Jeffrey Lurie was adamant at his news conference that the Eagles were the most attractive team in the NFL. Well, I guess he was wrong! Word has spread that both he and Roseman are a majority of the problem in Philly…..humm…..do I hear them touting “we are the gold standard” anymore!! Three candidates down. Wonder how many others will turn them down?

  25. The front office has been saying since they started this search that they are going to look at every possible option. Suddenly they don’t know what they’re doing because the college coaches, none of who the fans wanted, are returning to school? We want Gus Bradley, his team is still in the playoffs, hence the Eagles cannot make an offer. It’s not that hard to figure out. We do not regret firing Andy Reid, he was absolutely terrible the past two seasons. Should we have given Reid 20 years to win a title? I mean Cmon people, stop telling us in Philadelphia that we’re too stupid to know what’s best for us. Reid had 14 chances to win a Super Bowl. How many other organizations give a coach even half that time? He’s gone, I’m glad, and the front office is examining every option. Suddenly it’s idiotic to do your due diligence. Gimme a break. No one in Philly wanted a college coach! We want Gus Bradley, if they don’t get him or Arians or McCoy then you can criticize the Eagles search.

  26. Hopefully this ends the college route to get the coach. If not, then we’re screwed until Lurie sells the team and the new owner fires Roseman.

  27. You and ur NBC ( no brain cousin) Peter King are trying to make a story out of nothing. We Eagles fans want Gus Bradley, who is still a REAL possibility at this point. We never wanted any of those college bozo’s. The Eagles are simply doing their due diligence….hard to understand? Them returning to their respective schools is good news all around. You and King would be the first to put the eagles down if they didn’t interview them. You and King are trying to bath in the eagles, incorrectly perceived (by u2) bad fortune. If we get Gus Bradley we got our man. Folla….

  28. It’s amazing that Florio always criticizes and praises the same teams regardless of outcomes. It’s almost like he bases his coverage around which teams he has sources with and which give him less access. No, that can’t be it, that would be amateurish and unprofessional. Must just be a coincidence.

  29. First of all, let me say Florio, you’ve ALWAYS BEEN anit-Eagles. And I go back to 2004 when yyou predicted Reid would be fired if he lost another NFCCG, only for Lurie to give him an extension–in AUGUST before the season started–so that made you look like an idiot.

    Second, let’s see you ro anyone on this forum dig up a quote from Lurie who said they were going to hire a coach by the end of the first week. Just because Buffalo and KC did doesn’t mean everyone else is going to–I mean, wy are you running negative stories about the Cards, Bears or Chargers? Their vacancies have been just as long as the Eagles, yet not a peep from you or your minions.

    Third, Lurie HAS ALWAYS been enamored with college coaches. You just have to do a bit of research—hey, I know that’s foreign to you–to know that Lurie tried to lure Barry Alvarez back in 1999–Reid wasn’t his first choice then.

    As another poster has said, if they hired the first guy out of the gate, you’d be criticizing them for rushing into it; they’re taking their time, so you criticize them for that.

    As their GM said, it’s important that they hire the RIGHT man, not the first man.

  30. Xenu D. Alien says: Jan 12, 2013 6:15 PM

    Gruden to the rescue! Don’t forget he took the Bucs job after Parcells left the team hanging.

    Umm, Gruden was traded to the Bucs from the Raiders. How long have you been watching football!?

  31. It is asinine if you think they need to hurry. Do they have a game next week I am not aware of? I don’t get the Lovie Smith love. That would be an underwhelming choice.

  32. This statement right here: “Whatever they do, the guy who gets the job will be viewed as the second choice. Or the third choice. Or maybe the fourth choice.” is a complete fabrication, composed by the media, and has absolutely no basis in fact.

    I think the Eagles have handled this whole situation with class. Personally, as an Eagles fan, appreciate that they are interviewing as many candidates as they can before they make their decision.

    There is no evidence to suggest that the Eagles wanted any of those college HC’s. Every report that suggests otherwise has no confirmation from either the coach or the Eagles themselves.

    If anything, the media is to blame for hyping up a situation where there is nothing to hype up. Most likely because the Eagles market, with its vast fanbase, will click.

  33. We were told earlier today that, if the Eagles don’t get Brian Kelly, it’s unclear what they’ll do

    Told by who? The person that gave you the Terry Bradshaw information?

  34. It is amazing how the default position is that the Eagles brain trust is incompetent, considerable evidence to the contrary. The last few years saw decline, for sure. But this ownership has had greater success, over a longer period of time, since Bert Bell died. Second place isn’t even close. They haven’t won a Super Bowl, which we all want, but there is no evidence they haven’t given every effort to do so, and they’ve won more playoff games than any franchise than New England though this era. They’re called cheap, but there is little evidence to support that. Nothing they have done in the coaching search runs contrary to what Lurie laid out in his initial press conference. He said they would explore every opportunity, which is what they appear to be doing.
    If they fail to get the right guy, by all means, complain all you want. If the next draft isn’t as superb as the last one appears to be, blame Howie. As a previous post pointed out, the Bears have interviewed a ton and nobody seems to have problem with that.
    If you’d prefer, I’m sure Norman Bramen would love to have the team back. Maybe you’d rather have the superior management of the Cowboys. Shall we compare our record to theirs over the last decade? Perhaps not. Maybe they held onto Reid too long, but had a long record of regular and post season success, and they showed loyalty to someone who earned it. That used to be considered an admirable trait. Now, apparently, it marks you moronic. According to many of the posts here, Lurie, et al, are the laughingstock of the NFL. I’m sure Rex Ryan is thrilled to hear that, I’m sure.
    Anyway, have at it. While you’re at it, make sure to show some love for the Bidwells, cuz, you know, they’re brilliant.

  35. “This week, I had an incredible opportunity to speak with one of the premier organizations in sports about becoming their head coach,” Kelly said in a statement released through the school.
    Sounds like a pretty good organization that was interested in talking to a good college coach who decided to remain with a good program.

  36. In the state of PA you have the gold standard in the NFL the Pittsburgh Steelers and you have the gold standard for incompetence The Philadelphia Eagles so it is not surprising they are having a hard team finding a coach….Doug Marrone who took the Bills job and was supposed interview with the Eagles said the Bills had more talent then Philly so it’s an attractive job in the owners mind and apparently no one else’s.

  37. …and can we please stop with the “gold standard” crap. That statement was made more than a decade ago and referred to the overall organization, which had taken a moribund franchise living in a dump into a first class operation that players actually wanted to come to. Did that statement miss the mark, sure. I’m sure no one here has ever made a regrettable statement, right? It’s really time to get over it.
    Yes, I know I sound like an apologist. In reality, I’m just as frustrated with some of the stuff that they’ve done (you can’t bring your own cheesesteak, really? No more Signman, really?). But the fact is they’ve done a lot more good than bad, the owner has a long record of first class community service (including plenty of playgrounds for city kids and ongoing green initiatives). It’s just that so much of the criticism here is just so over the top and it’s annoying as hell.

  38. This is simple the 3 colleges coaches didnt get big offers because they are all gambles at the nfl level… they are going after a coordinator. Thus why take one with a non playoff team. If they are going offensive minded mccoy from denver will sign monday and lovie will be d coordinator. Defensive minded they will go with gus whentl they can.. probably call brad childress to run offense. Lurie is just interviewing to keep fans and reporters at bay

  39. Oh, I don’t know……….maybe that guy Andy Reid is available. The knucklehead Philly fans will regret calling for Big Red’s head. Maybe Rich Kotite is available…………..

  40. I have a suggestion….
    A coach
    with professional football experience
    who has won championships
    has turned a losing franchise around
    will not take any crap from players
    will be loved by the press
    will give great press conferences
    has coached and won in Philadelphia
    has former assistants as DC’s in NFL (SF and GB)

    Get Jim Mora Sr. out of TV and retirement!!!

  41. I want Gus Bradley. I’d love to see our D return to its hard hitting smash mouth past. Monte Kiffin said Bradley is “a once in a lifetime coach”. We need a defensive oriented HC.

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