Glove not making a difference as Ravens reclaim lead

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Much has been made this week of Peyton Manning’s record in cold weather games, and the fact he’s wearing a glove on his throwing hand. CBS’ Solomon Wilcots even reported that Manning was sticking his hand into a bucket of ice water in practice, to simulate not being able to feel the ball.

Perhaps his receivers ought to consider something different.

After a Demaryius Thomas drop early, a ball deflected off wide receiver Eric Decker (with some help by Ravens cornerback Chykie Brown grabbing his arm), and was returned 39 yards for a touchdown by Ravens cornerback Corey Graham.

That’s given the Ravens a 14-7 lead, and made today better than anything we saw during the Wild Card weekend.

10 responses to “Glove not making a difference as Ravens reclaim lead

  1. Some BS calls so far. The PI on Denver, ball wasn’t catchable. Extended drive led to TD. On Denver’s next posession, ravens got away with PI on pick 6. Lts hope the refs can take themselves out of the spotlight and put it back on the 2 teams.

  2. I totally agree, that was a definite leg whip. But with almost every game this year, it’s hard to know when the refs are going to call a penalty and when they aren’t. Used to be I could watch a game and know what PI was. Not anymore. If that uncatchable ball for the ravens was called PI, then that leg whip sure as heck was too. I wonder how many official tackles Ray Lewis is getting when he falls on a player once he’s already been tackled by other ravens?

  3. That’s probably because there was NO pass interference committed on the pick 6 play. You dot need to start making excuses when the game isn’t even at halftime yet.

  4. Also that wasn’t a “blatant legwhip” it was incidental as he fell. Learn about football, THEN comment. The refs are, for once, calling a pretty fair game. Take off your fan glasses and you’d see that.

  5. I’m a football fan, and not a bronco fan. Trust me when I see Denver get away with something like the ravens did, I’ll comment on it. Since your a ravens fan, let me choose the team you probably hate the most and say if Ryan Clark got that pick 6 for same play as ravens did, you would be screaming PI, or if Troy had leg whipped smith, you wouldn’t say it was incidental.

  6. I’m not a fan of either team. But I know an intentional leg whip when I see one. It’s not debatable.

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