Goodell talks up a Denver Super Bowl

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As Denver prepares to host a January postseason game with the temperate in the teens, Commissioner Roger Goodell is touting the possibility of Denver hosting a February postseason game.

According to Mike Klis of the Denver Post, Goodell addressed the possibility of the Super Bowl joining the mile-high club during a session with roughly 200 fans.

“My personal view is, the game of football is to be played in the elements,’’ Goodell said.  “There are people who like to see the Super Bowl played in absolutely pristine conditions, where everything is the same and there’s no weather elements at all.  I just don’t think that’s football.’’

He’s right, but the Super Bowl is a lot more than the game.  It’s a logistical headache that, with a week of bad weather, can become a logistical nightmare.

But here’s the reality.  The NFL can’t continue to drive an annual hard bargain with only a small handful of cities willing to give tax breaks and waive sales taxes and charged reduced rent and funnel certain tax revenues to the NFL.  With more cities making bids, the bids get better and the NFL makes more and more (and more) money.

28 responses to “Goodell talks up a Denver Super Bowl

  1. Couldn’t agree with Goodell any more.
    Football needs to be played outside in the elements. Denver would be the best host city ever for a Superbowl. Fair weather fans need not attend!

  2. Ultimately the logistics are meaningless. Screw the media and the circus that is involved in a Super Bowl. The circus should not dictate the game, the game should dictate the circus.

    Believe me no one in the world was crying for all you people in Dallas a few years ago, that is part of your job.

  3. Who wants to see a game with the possibility of watching two dome or warm weather teams slog around and screw up in conditions they never normally would see? What’s the point? To make some some obscure throw back reference to how the game “used” to be? Is every forgetting how many people whined about the weather when there was an ice storm for Super Bowl XXXIV in Atlanta of all places and they didn’t even play the game outside?

  4. They should all be played in domes or places that it rarely rains. For a league so consumed by offense it is interesting that they would change their stance when it creates more bidders to create more greenbacks. Goodell is the king of wanting to fix what isn’t broken.

  5. Denver isn’t worthy of hosting a Super Bowl, it’s a 2nd class city at best and it’s way too small anyway.

  6. Yeah I don’t think I wanna spend 2 grand to sit in 10 degree weather. Funny how after those reefer laws got passed in Colorado the nfl suddenly starts talking about a denver Super Bowl. Hmmm… coincidence?

  7. I like the idea of a Super Bowl in the elements- including the snow and cold of Denver or similar venue.

    But most of the next Super Bowls are going to those who built new stadiums at huge public expense, as a partial pay-back.

  8. Green Bay deserves to have one long before Denver. So do a lot of long-time “Rust Belt” cities which have supported the NFL longer than the Broncos have existed.

  9. Few outside of Denver would love this. We’ll see how the game goes today. If I was Baltimore I’d love to see slipping & sliding. Not so much walking from your car, but thanks Goodell & while you’re at it why not put all the teams in the playoffs – that way the Superbowl could be played in Denver’s lovely springtime.

  10. It is a good idea until people do not pay thousands of dollars to watch a football game in 10 inches of snow.
    2014 will probably determine the possibility of a Super Bowl in Denver.

  11. Roger Goodell not worried about where its played its all about the money. If you have more fair weather fans than you have cold weather fans, and you play in below freezing temperature you may have less fans. So this means less money so this type of super bowl want be around long, remember its all about the dollars just because players are from icee states don’t mean they want to play in it.

  12. Personally, I like seeing the Super Bowl played in a dome. (Shoot, I’m probably one of the only Packer fans that wishes Lambeau had a dome). However, if the NFL is going to open things up to northern climate teams, it should NOT be a story about a single city, “Denver.” Instead, they need to open it to all of them.

    If they are going to shake things up, why not alternate sites AFC/NFC, and have a regular rotation where a city in each division would host the big game? Let those teams/cities compete against each other for the bid. For instance let Boston, Buffalo, Miami, and New York (AFC East) compete against each other for the bid. Then let the NFC East do the same the next year, etc.

    The NFL would still have competition to drive the monetary price up, but then you wouldn’t have de-facto Super Bowl cities like Miami and New Orleans all the time.

  13. I moved to Denver 8 years ago and there has only been one or two weekends where the game would have been played in bad weather. We were in the 60s just two days ago. Denver isn’t really a cold weather city. Sure we have our days but Colorado gets 300+ days of sunshine and more times than not in February the temps are above 45.

  14. The only legitimately fair option is an outdoor stadium in a moderate environment.

    Domes favor dome-teams and cold weather favor teams built for cold weather…..let’s just focus on NEUTRAL for the biggest sports event of the year, huh?

  15. Are you people daft?! Do you honestly believe that a cold weather place is going to stop it from being a sell out?

    Trust me there are plenty of fans that would show up for the game no matter how cold it might be. Of course their are fair-weather fans but I am willing to bet they are a minority.

    Just watch next year in New York that stadium will be full no matter how cold it is. It is football, played in any weather, why should the championship be any different?

  16. Not that I don’t like it being here in Florida
    i hope NE Florida gets another chance later down the line.
    I’m just honestly kinda shocked It has not returned to Atlanta in a while and has been like 10 years since the Bucs win was in California. (Unless I am missing one)

  17. There is something to be said for homefield advantage, when the Bucs had to go on the road and defeat Philly in the 2002 NFC Championship game in the cold in route to the Super Bowl, the Eagles had earned that home field advantage. It would be stupid to then have the Bucs and Oakland playing in the Super Bowl in the snow. The idea of the Super Bowl is to match the two best teams with neither having an advantage to see who is the best.

  18. “rollteal says:
    Jan 12, 2013 6:37 PM
    Not that I don’t like it being here in Florida
    i hope NE Florida gets another chance later down the line.”

    I’d rather see Jacksonville fall off into the sea than see another Super Bowl hosted there — it’s an awful area with awful fans. Jacksonville shouldn’t even be part of Florida, it’s really just southern Georgia. Also please repaint your dumb ugly bridges.

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