Holliday with another TD, a new record

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The amazing part about Trindon Holliday isn’t that he keeps scoring, it’s that someone cut him this year.

The Broncos return man took the opening kickoff of the second half back 104 yards for a touchdown, and a 28-21 lead. Coupled with his 90-yard punt return in the first quarter, he’s now the first player in NFL postseason history to return a punt and a kickoff for a score in the same game.

Granted, he had ball security issues when he was with the Texans, leading them to cut him after five games, but his playmaking skill is obvious, and never more timely.

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  1. The move to do away with kickoffs mysteriously vanished as soon as someone from Goodell’s beloved Giants ran a kickoff back for a touchdown.

  2. I have NEVER ever seen anyone cry bitch moan and everything more than john “bitch boy” harbaugh. seriously watch him every and I mean every time they show him the lil punk ass bitch is whining to the refs.

  3. Denver doesn’t deserve him. They got lucky that nobody on the wire went after this guy, and it’s shocking he even lasted until the 6th round. NFL teams need to do a better job of employing scouts with working eyeballs.

    But he didn’t have ball security issues, he just had only a small sample size of plays and you can’t extrapolate with accuracy what his fumbling rate would be over a theoretical large sample. Besides it’s impossible to teach guys how to be gamebreakers when they don’t have talent like that, but you can teach and train guys to improve their ball security.

    It’s also something that only is a problem on a tiny percentage of players, whereas being a lousy football player without top end skills and ability is a problem on a high percentage of plays. Just more reason to love him as a prospect and not hate on him.

    He shouldn’t have developed a bad rep just because the team he was on characterized him negatively in an improper way. Trindon is the man, and he always has been to anybody paying attention.

  4. The Texans have to give Joe Marciano his walking papers this offseason. I guess it’s a good story that he’s been here since season 1 in 2002 and is active in the community and all that, but seeing Jacoby Jones and Holliday realize their potential elsewhere is maddening.

  5. Cant believe the Texans let him go. Glad to see him succeed with Peyton. Loved having him at LSU.

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