Jay Gruden’s dance card keeps filling up while Jon Gruden sits and waits

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Not that long ago, Jon Gruden widely was believed to be a perennial A-list coaching candidate.  His brother, Jay, was a career Arena League coach who spent some time with Jon’s Buccaneers thanks to a football tradition that dates back even farther than playing on Thanksgiving:  nepotism.

Now, Jay has become a star.  And Jon can’t get a sniff.

The kid brother, who has done well for himself in two seasons as the Bengals offensive coordinator, has attracted interest from the Cardinals, the Eagles, and the Chargers.  Ian Rapaport of NFL Network now reports that Jay Gruden will interview for the head-coaching job in Jacksonville.

That’s an opportunity on which Jay Gruden passed in 2012.

So while Jay has said he wants to stay in Cincinnati, it looks like he’s more than willing to chase the opportunity to become a head coach.

Meanwhile, Jay’s big brother has made it clear that he’s ready to return, doing everything but publicly saying so.  His ESPN colleague, Ron Jaworski, has declared that Jon Gruden is interested in coaching the Eagles, even though the Eagles have shown zero interest in even giving him a courtesy interview.

The difference could come from dollars.  Jon Gruden likely wants top-of-the-market coaching money before he’ll give up top-of-the-market broadcasting money.  Jay Gruden can be had at the entry-level rate of $3 million or so per year.

Then there’s the rumor/suspicion/speculation/whatever that Cowboys owner Jerry Jones could be eyeballing Jon Gruden as the replacement for Jason Garrett.  If that happens, Jones will be paying something a lot closer to the top of the market.

Until then, Jay Gruden is the belle of the ball.  And Jon Gruden is waking up at 3:17 a.m. with no place to go.

36 responses to “Jay Gruden’s dance card keeps filling up while Jon Gruden sits and waits

  1. Neither Gruden has done anything to warrant consideration for a current NFL head coaching job. Anyone hiring either is just looking for a name, is seriously deluded, or thinks this is still 2002.

  2. I’m a Bucs fan and I’ll tell you Jon Gruden is not the great coach everyone gives him credit for. He won a Super Bowl with Dungy’s team then did nothing but destroy that team with his stubborn ways and huge ego. A lot of the stories about players THE YEAR AFTER WINNING THE SUPER BOWL that refused to play for Gruden didn’t come out nationally.
    The truth is people love Jon’s “chucky” personality more than him as a coach and he knows that. That’s why he wont be leaving MNF anytime soon.

  3. As an Eagles fan, I would have ineterst in Jon Gruden. I would have none in Jay Gruden, just hasn’t proven enough.

    That being said, I want Gus Bradley

  4. Jon should have just taken the job at UM instead of jerking around. I think he could have had a lot of success recruiting and coaching there, and having 7 QBs isn’t against the norm in college ball.

  5. I am not sure I understand why Jon Gruden would be such a hot hire. Yes, he won a Super Bowl with Tampa, but no head coach has one a Super Bowl with more than one franchise.

    It also seems to me, in the case of Philly, that that would end up being similar to his era towards the end in Tampa. Both teams need/ed a QB. Jon couldn’t find one in Tampa, and he went through a bunch of them. I can’t imagine the situation being any different in Philly. Add into that the fact that the NFC East is a very competitive division with very passionate Eagle fans. Also add into that a reportedly very weak QB draft class.

    As a Chargers fan, I kind of hope that the Chargers put out feelers to see what interest there is in trading Rivers. The Chargers have massive holes all over the place, and Rivers isn’t getting any younger.

  6. The problem with the comment about people loving Jon’s “Chucky” personality is that Chucky doesn’t come out on MNF. All that comes out on MNF is complimentary pap designed to offend no one and stroke those in hiring positions.

    Gruden might be worth watching and listening to on MNF if he channeled his Inner Chucky instead of his Inner Oprah.

  7. As a Bengals fan, I just don’t know what these teams see in Gruden.

    I think most of us would welcome a new OC to Cincy, especially a guy like Hue Jackson.

  8. After watching last weeks wild card “thriller” vs the Texans, I can’t understand why Gruden disregarded his top flight receiver. Makes me wonder what kind of HC this guy could become.
    If any Cincy fans can further elaborate more on Gruden, ie what they like & dislike of him, it would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Lol I love the argument that gruden could only win with dungys team….. No shots at dungy but yeah gruden it all with a team dungy built, why didn’t dungy? gruden put them over the top which is why he was brought in. Of course the team crumbled after a few years, they had an old roster and they gave up 2 first rounds and a second to get gruden in… Of course any coach would have trouble rebuilding in those circumstances, especially without a QB

  10. “Neither Gruden has done anything to warrant consideration for a current NFL head coaching job. Anyone hiring either is just looking for a name, is seriously deluded, or thinks this is still 2002.”

    The sexy names are not available (Chip Kelly, Nick Saban) who is more deserving than the Gruden brothers for an NFL job? It’s not like the market is rife with candidates. Both guys have solid resumes imo (years experience and super bowl / arena bowl championships)

  11. Everyone who says Gruden won a championship due to having Dungys team your dead on. Does that make him a *hitty coach? No! He inherited a 4-12 raiders team in 2008 took them to 8-8 and consecutive playoffs (dont forget Gruden beat his old Raiders in the SB the year after he left). He gets no credit for taking that horrendous franchise to relevance? The tuck rule also stopped him from going further the year before going to TB. Everyone saying he’s horrible has no knowledge of football or is looking at one year. Either way he’s a good coach and winning a SB with “Dungys Team”. After all Dungy only lead them to the WC, ask Andy Reid the SB ain’t a joke to win.

  12. Jay Gruden is not a serious HC candidate, I don’t see him ever elevating to larger role. In fact, I think he’ll be on the hot seat in Cincinnati next year.

  13. One thing you can say about Jay Gruden is the guy is a winner. He’s won everywhere he’s been. I posted this earlier. The Bengals went to the Playoffs back-to-back years for first time since 1982 with a rookie QB, rookie WR, no offensive line and playing Pittsburgh D, Baltimore D, and Browns D twice…Chudzinski landed the head coaching job in Cleveland and the Panthers went to Zero playoff games, and played Saints D, Bucs D, and Panthers D twice. If Jay Gruden had Chudzinski’s agent he’d already have a head coaching job by now.

  14. Jay Grudens offensive numbers from 2011:

    Points: 18th
    Yards: 20th

    Now rom 2012:

    Points: 12th
    Yards: 22nd

    And two terrible outings vs the texans to put a cherry on each season.

    If the defense allowed more than the ~12 points/gm over their last 8, the bengals would not have survived with that offense. 22nd in yards and 12th in points generally would mean they were given a ton of short fields to work with (think of the eagle game). Not exactly sure why jay is such a hot commodity.

  15. The reason Gruden isn’t getting interest is not because of his X’s and O’s. It’s because of the way he treats people (players, coaches, staff). He was a compulsive liar, and not genuine. I hope for his sake his time in booth allowed him to eat a piece of humble pie and right his coaching path.

  16. Reasons Jon cannot get a sniff:
    1) Followed Tony Dungy in TB
    2) Teased teams the past few years
    3) Burned teams saying how great pre draft QB’s are when they aren’t

  17. Maybe Jon is waiting for Jerry to push Garrett out the door in Dallas. Jerry already hired Jon’s old defensive coordinator. If Jerry tells Jason he will strip him of his play calling , and force Jason to fire his brother (TE coach), that might convince Jason to quit. Jerry would owe him nothing and could hire Gruden.

  18. Tony Dungy = overrated

    If he was sooooo great as an HC…then WHY did HE not get the Bucs to the Super Bowl?
    Clearly the players responded better to Gruden than they did to Dungy.

    Gruden too was overrated, as is Parcells. But I am absolutely 100% positive that the media will see to it that Dungy (who won 1 Super Bowl) and Parcells (who won 2) will both get into the HoF.

    I say give Jay Gruden a shot, what can it hurt? he might be better than retreads like Lovie Smith and Romeo Crennel.

    IF Jay Gruden was black, NONE of you would have a problem giving him a chance. But he’s white so he must be completely vetted and torn apart before deciding whether he is worthy.

  19. I’ve got to agree with dry. The Browns are looking to replace Jauron as DC ( has made great strides) with Mel Tucker.

  20. Jay is so much better of a communicator than Mike Zimmer. Also, Jay develops younger players and doesn’t play that stupid vet card when the back is clearly better. Good for Jay!

  21. To the guy who asked what Bengals fans think of Gruden (comment since deleted?):

    Gruden did an excellent job getting Andy Dalton (and AJ Green) ready for his rookie season during the lockout. I liked that he stays on the field with players during games (Bratkowski did not), and he’s also a decent motivator.

    But…his scheme is about as bland as it gets (no screens, rollouts, play action etc), his game plan in this year’s playoff game was inexcusable, and it never seemed like he game planned to take advantage of opponent’s weaknesses.

    He may make a decent HC (especially for developing a QB), but as an OC he left much to be desired.

  22. These guys are so-o-o-o over-rated! Jon’s claim to fame is (1) He got fired by THE RAIDERS…..by the Raiders, (2) He stole the Raiders playbook and beat them with it in a Superbowl. (3) He still needs to locate the hairstylist in his neighborhood.

    Jay was (1) an Arena League coach'(wow), (2) is OC for an average offense, (3) only used the Bengals biggest weapon (Jones) in the playoffs 3 times in the 2nd half.

    Please, both of you, go to Philly.

  23. jon is holding out to see how much the raiders organization has really changed and when they are looking for a coach next time, he will e ready and the stage will be set for his grand return to the nfl with the raiders………..

  24. Jerry Jones needs to park his ego and hire Jon Gruden as a “consultant”/G.M. The Dallas Cowboy Organization /culture needs a complete overhaul. Of course Mr. Jones will be in there but a fresh start is needed or Mr. Jones will be duplicating the fall of another football dynasty that rose and fell :The Raiders.

  25. Lets please end all the talk that Gruden won with Dungy’s team. Dungy’s team lost year after year with top defenses. Gruden comes in and in one year gets them over the hump. The irony here is that “Gruden’s” team in Oakland was also in the superbowl. So, in fact Gruden is responsible for both of them being there. The thing with Gruden is that he lied to players faces and things like that, a lot of well respected players have said so.

  26. Those teams clearly didn’t watch the Texans loss last week. He had a horrible game plan. Didn’t involve AJ Green at all during the first half

    The Bengals offense had -6 passing yards in the HALF. Yep, you read that right.

    Nepotism at its finest

  27. I think Jacksonville will see a Gruden/Tebow matchup next year. Just my opinion but the owner wants Tebow and will probably trade for him. Gruden has had positive comments about Tebow’s abilities in the past and was living/coaching in Florida before he came to Cincinnati.

  28. Lets forget about the one good year Chucky had in Tampa and look at the big picture (even Romeo Crennel and Brian Billick had one above average year temporarily masking their mediocrity). The bucs were much worse when he left than when he got there and the team never developed an identity on offense with him running the show. Most of the teams looking for coaches are in need of a guy who can turn their offenses around. The older Gruden is the wrong guy for that job.

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