Jets consider dipping into college ranks for offensive coordinator


The Jets have identified three former NFL offensive coordinators as candidates to replace Tony Sparano.  And while, as ESPN reported this morning, former Ravens offensive coordinator Cam Cameron is the favorite, the list is growing.

Bruce Feldman of CBS reports that Stanford offensive coordinator Pep Hamilton will interview for the job on Monday or Tuesday.  Per Feldman, Hamilton is “in the mix” for two other offensive coordinator jobs.

Also under consideration by Jets coach Rex Ryan are former Eagles offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg and Bengals assistant Hue Jackson.

With Ryan clearly on the hot seat in 2013, it could be hard to lure a coordinator to New York.  Whoever takes the job knows going in that it could be a one-year arrangement only.

38 responses to “Jets consider dipping into college ranks for offensive coordinator

  1. Translation – we can’t find anyone who’s already in the NFL desperate enough to sign onto this circus, even guys without work.

  2. They could go all the way down to high school and still be better off than one of the re-treads they were considering before.

  3. If I were a Jets fan, which thank God I am not, I would prefer they take the Stanford guy than just recycle Cameron or Mornhinwheg.

    And I would be surprised Jackson would consider NY, unless he thinks he’ll be head coach by mid-season.

  4. Cam Cameron is a good choice if they want a stubborn play caller who doesn’t like to give the ball to his best play maker. Not the guy I’d hitch my wagon to if I’m Rex. Not now.

  5. I saw something on twitter that Lovie would be interested in bringing Pep as an OC if he gets a head coaching gig, which is interesting considering he fired him 3 years ago when he was a qb coach

  6. Pep comes from the Jets so its really not dipping into the college ranks. He’s a NFL coach coaching on the college level.

    Pep’s a good coach but you can’t compare him to Hue Jackson at this stage of his career though. Not only does Hue Jackson know Xs and Os he inspires a confidence in his team that they can play with and beat anyone anywhere.

  7. Maybe they can talk to Brett Favre… I understand Oak Grove High School had a good season with him calling the plays….plus he already knows his way around New York

  8. I think the Jets would have been much better off if they had let Rex Ryan go. Surely, keeping Rex Ryan around has limited the pool of applicants willing to sign on with the Jets on all levels.

    And no Mike, I am not calling you Shirley. But if you would like me to, feel free to chime in. 🙂

    The world is a much sadder place without Leslie Neilsen. 😦

  9. “Dipping into the college ranks” is right; this is just the first step. Step #2 is applying to join the Big East, so they can play against teams that are closer to their level.

  10. In other wards all pro nfl OC candidates have told Rex he needs a new QB to run a real offense on a real football team. No surprise sexy rexy is moving to the college ranks now.

  11. Ask Jaguars coaching staff if their is any security going into a season with a new coach?

    All coaches are lame ducks going into any season, if a new OC can turn Jets Offense around, they may be gone. Great opportunity for anyone to take the job.

    I get the sense, the media is trying to scare off candidates. Just saying.

    I don’t see why

  12. I just don’t understand how the Jets are closer to getting a new OC than hiring a new GM. A GM needs to be put in place to check Rex Ryan. It’s amazing how instead of ckipping Ryan’s wings, Woody empowered him more.

  13. Lets keep it real here, the Jets are the butt jokes of the entire NFL…c’mon, Rex Ryan should’ve been fired as head’s senseless to keep him, what coordinator with an ounce of intelligence would want to be hired on as a Jets playcaller and the quarterback is Mark Sanchez…The jets need to just cut their losses and find a real NFL quarterback

  14. When the Jets got he who I’ll not mention, I thought is was going to be a train wreck. And I was right. I never thought it would get worse. And I was wrong.

  15. In another couple weeks we’ll be seeing the headline “Jets consider dipping into high school ranks for offensive coordinator”.

    A couple weeks after that “Jets reduced to combing Pop Warner ranks for offensive coordinator”

    What a lolercoaster ride the Jets will be for the coming year or at least until they fire Ryan.

  16. The Jets are making all kinds of mistakes. Firstly, why did they embarass Tim T by pulling him over from Denver and then start the 3rd stringer in front of him? I’ll tell you why. Christian bashing plain and simple. What’s the matter, do they think he will be successful so they do whatever they can to not play him? Bingo. Just give him a shot and let him succeed or fail based on the merits, the facts. Now, everything is conjecture, political correctness run wild…not willing to give Timmy Tee a shot because it would displease the PC Police.

    Secondly, that was and is the problem with the Jets right now. Ryan, instead of going with his gut and his true football sense, folded like a cheap camera as the PC bullies came marching though. He had a perfect opportunity to stand up to the PC Zombies by showing confidence in his second stringer, but he blew it. And that was and is the mentality that permeates the Jets decison making. If Ryan had grown a pair and gave TeeBow a shot, the fans would have rallied around him even if it didn’t work out. Ryan would have shown that he had the ability to make hard decisions for the sake of the team, not for the sake of the PC Goons, which includes not only Jets management but also the pathetic sports media, like ESPN.

    NY Jets COACHES: Stop the PC madness and get down to work. Think about what YOU NEED TO WIN and go after it. Kick the PC girly men out of the locker room and grow some!! Build your team to WIN!

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