Jets considering Russ Ball, too

As the Jets keep searching for a General Manager who can and will work with coach Rex Ryan, they’ve finally decided to consider plucking a candidate from one of the league’s model franchises.

Per a league source, Packers V.P. of football administration/player finance Russ Ball quietly has interviewed for the job.

Ball, who serves as Ted Thompson’s right-hand man in Green Bay, has been with the Packers since 2008.  He previously worked with the Saints, Redskins, Vikings, and Chiefs.

It was believed that the Jets were interested in Packers director of operations John Dorsey, but he is expected to become the Chiefs G.M.

Other candidates to replace Mike Tannenbaum are Dolphins assistant G.M. Brian Gaine, Chargers director of player personnel Jimmy Raye, Giants director of college scouting Marc Ross, 49ers director of player personnel Tom Gamble, Steelers director of football and business administration Omar Khan, Montreal Alouettes G.M. Jim Popp, Seahawks V.P. of football administration John Idzik, and Jets assistant G.M. Scott Cohen.

19 responses to “Jets considering Russ Ball, too

  1. seems like a good guy, but that is just awesome that no legit guy wiill work for Ryan. Enjoy all your future years of mediocrity!!

  2. How many “right hand men” does Thompson have? I thought Dorsey was his right hand man.

  3. He deserves better than to work for Woody Johnson and to have to put up with Rex, Sanchez, and the two-ring circus that is the Jets.

  4. there is a lot of talk of who the jets are interested in, maybe its time you start asking the more important question.

    who’s interested in the jets, whats the pitch? we are looking for an offensive coordinater to head the worst qb in the league and a completely innefective offense.

    anyone who takes that job will ruing thier future success

  5. Man, once again the rest of the NFL is just taking all the home-developed talent from Green Bay. Happens year after year. And unlike the New England guys, the coaches and GMs from Green Bay are actually successful

  6. Jets should just hire a GM and let him have his say. The ship has sailed with Ryan and you might as well not delay the inevitable.

    Keeping Ryan makes me feel that the ownership loves the attention too much.

  7. Russ Ball will do a great job wherever he goes, but this seems like an odd fit for the Jets. Rex Ryan’s style and philosophy is so different than what they do in Green Bay.. I just don’t see how you can hire a guy like this yet still believe Rex is the right guy for head coach.

  8. The Jets better consider getting a QB, Sanchez isn’t gonna get it done, as a matter of fact HE’S more than done.

  9. Any potential GM must look at Rex Ryan and see a good defensive mind with zero ability to evaluate talent and almost zero credibility.

    It’s not so much the Super Bowl boasts—the Jets did have a good team then, enough talent to make Sanchez look almost competent. But to say, really insist, that this season that he thought he had the most talented team the Jets had fielded during his tenure… Wow. Either a liar of epic proportions or totally delusional.

    I look at how he kept thinking Vernon Gholston would become good, and Sanchez would magically become non-disastrous, and that Santonio Holmes could chill and be a team captain, and that ground-and-pound was anything, and that Tony Sparano was some kind of answer—it’s all completely divorced from reality.

    Soa GM would have to think—I’m sure I could do a better job at knowing who’s going to have potential or be a bust, but who wants this blind nutcase sitting next to me giving me his opinion?

    Thankless job. Should go to some young buck who just needs a year’s worth of good money for his family, because the Jets will probably have a top three pick in 2014 and need to finish cleaning house.

  10. “And unlike the New England guys, the coaches and GMs from Green Bay are actually successful”

    Oh yeah, like things are really working out for those Raiders

  11. I really like the approach the organization is taking with this GM search. If anything, casting the net as wide as they have, and taking the time they have, the deliberation evokes confidence

  12. “Oh yeah, like things are really working out for those Raiders”

    McKenzie has had one year to right that ship. He got rid of a bunch of bad contracts and will start developing a core team now that he finally has draft choices before the 3rd round. He’ll be fine

  13. Why would anyone want the job that is a quality GM candidate?

    If they hire a quality GM type, he will not befriend Ryan, He would not want to get close – he would be an owner’s guy. Not the coaches guy. It is going to be a mess.

  14. Jets fans need to realize that no top talent wants to work with a clueless head coach, horrible QB and salary cap crunch. They will wind up promoting from within.

  15. As a long suffering Jets fan, nothing quite induces a facepalm as much as seeing the Montreal Alouettes listed in reference to potential GM candidates.

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