Jets lose another assistant, Weaver goes to Buffalo

The good news about the Jets having clown cars around this season is that they enable more people to pile in.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, the Jets have now lost a ninth assistant coach in 12 days, with assistant defensive line coach Anthony Weaver leaving to join the Bills.

He’ll join defensive coordinator Mike Pettine in Buffalo, and he makes the sixth Jets coach to leave by choice. The Jets have already taken his name off the team’s website.

While Weaver himself doesn’t indicate a big problem, the accumulation of evidence isn’t a good sign. Then again, the Jets might view the exodus as a positive, as they try to reclaim an image that was damaged badly last year.

17 responses to “Jets lose another assistant, Weaver goes to Buffalo

  1. Trust me. Anthony Weaver had nothing to do with the damage to the Jet’s image last year. That is on the GM and the head coach.

  2. Parachutes galore. Get another job while the getting is good. Can’t blame any of these coaches bailing on dead man walking Rex.

  3. What image would that be? The underachieving second-
    fiddle New York team? Guess what guys, no amount of house cleaning is going to keep the rest of the league from laughing at you as long as THAT coach, with THAT tattoo, continues starting THAT quarterback…

  4. The Jets have already taken his name off the team’s website.
    Best IT department in the NFL. The rest of the operation? Well, not so much.

  5. The one thing the Jets did good last year was play defense and now all their coaches are bouncing. Not looking so good for next year.

  6. Who cares about the team, coaches or what the fans think, as long as Woody, Rexy and Markie are together and happy. The Jets organization is pathetic and you can’t blame the asst. coaches for bailing and no individuals being interested in the GM position. Woody and Rexy deserve each other and Markie.

  7. Actually, I have the perfect idea for Woody Johnson. Johnson should tell Jimmy Sexton To get Nick Saban to tell AJ McCarron to jump into the NFL draft.

    Then the Jets draft him and that way they can get Miss Alabama on the MetLife Stadium big screens and the announcers can go even crazier and thus create even more buzz!!!

    Alabama alum Joe Namath’s head will go crazy.

  8. This was expected. Pettine needs to put a staff together and he will start at trying to pilfer the Jets group first. It’s Rex’s D. He needs to continue to surround himself with good coaches. It says a lot about what the rest of the league thought about this defense. If they can duplicate that, or even come somewhat close to balance on both sides of the ball, that would be a huge improvement. You hope they and the new GM put extreme focus on talent evaluation going forward. I believe Woody will spend what he needs to and ensure the talent people have the resources they need to succeed. Lets hope the new GM is football guy first, and can bring in strong talent evaluators with him. The OC opening is very interesting. The right guy can come in here and really put his stamp on the team. Sure, they talent at some skill positions, but that’s what the talent evaluators are supposed to do. Field a strong team, have solid and effective coaches, and let the rest iron itself out.

  9. Just think if the Jets didn’t screw up royally this season.
    What would you haters do?

    How much video games can one play?

    I just picture the repliers here as a scene from The Big Bang Theory. Come on admit it.

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