Raiders interview Martz for offensive coordinator job

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Plenty Raiders fans have been asked for an update regarding the team’s search for a new offensive coordinator.

The good news?  We have one.

The bad news?  We have one.

Steve Corkran of the Bay Area News Group reports that the Raiders quietly have interviewed Mike Martz for the vacancy created when Greg Knapp was fired after only one season.

Martz rose to prominence in 1999 as the architect of the “Greatest Show on Turf,” the Rams team that won an unlikely Super Bowl with a high-octane, quick-strike offense.  He then became the head coach when Dick Vermeil retired.

And it all started to crumble for Martz during Super Bowl XXXVI, when he stubbornly refused to run the ball even though the Patriots were routinely dropping eight men into pass coverage.  Within four years after that, Martz was fired by the Rams in a haze of front-office dysfunction.  Thereafter, Martz has served as offensive coordinator of the Lions, 49ers, and Bears.  Martz has no past experience working with Raiders coach Dennis Allen.

Per Corkran, the Raiders have interviewed long-time Eagles offensive line coach and less-than-two-year defensive coordinator Juan Castillo for the vacant position of offensive line coach in Oakland.

The Raiders are also looking for a linebackers coach and a special-teams coordinator, along with their first playoff berth since 2002.

60 responses to “Raiders interview Martz for offensive coordinator job

  1. Wow! I thought the Raiders had changed from a franchise of failure. Martz time has come and gone. He is a franchise cancer. He’s so stubborn and will not listen to his HC or anyone else when a change is needed. Sad.

  2. well at least you know he won’t leave in a couple of years for a head coaching job somewhere else. Whats up w/ Saunders?

  3. I thought Jay Cutler looked a lot better as QB with Martz after Ron Turner. but thats the best compliment I have for the guy. Terrible playcaller, has no idea how to adapt to the players he is given. If he’s hired. DHB, Palmer, Pryor, and McFadden will be gone. Or just not used. Either way.

  4. I followed Martz’s career and he had success as OC at all these stops. He took the miserable Lions of the Millen era and developed a passing game. They started the 2007 season 6-2 before the defense turned to crap.

    The Lions got rid of Martz and went 0-16 the next season. Good move for Oakland.

  5. It’s hard to make me feel sorry for Raiduh fans, but I do if Martz gets the job. Well, I’ll feel sorry for those outside the so-called Black Hole. Those guys are morons.

  6. He’s an innovative, risk-taking offensive mind. I could see this being a great fit for Oakland, a team in desperate need of innovation.

    Yes, he made some bad decisions…a decade ago…against a team that made the Super Bowl on a fluke play and won by three despite cheating.

  7. And the next headline will be “raiders hire mike martz” and then next years headline will be “raiders fire mike martz” cuz it’s the RAIDERS!!!

  8. Desperate!!!

    I would have been okay with him being the HC when there was talk of him being it back in 2006.

    He interviewed with al Davis in January of that year for the HC job and they couldn’t come to an agreement.

  9. I don’t mind this idea. Maybe he can use his offensive schemes to open things up for Darren McFadden.

    He pioneered the runningback running a pass route rather than staying into block to deal with blitzing linebackers. Faulk-like.

  10. Martz needs the right players and his system is great. If Foles is accurate and a line develops, Martz could be unstoppable in Philly. I don’t see it in Oakland though. McFadden can play like Faulk but he isn’t healthy enough to last. Interesting move if the Raiders hire Martz

  11. Mike Martz isn’t as bad as the haters say. He’s improved overall offense every time he joins a new team. And he’s gotten better about the run. Glad to see him get another chance. If he’s hired, he knows this night be his last chance.

    To run his offense you need a strong armed QB and fast receivers. Seems like a good enough match

  12. Really? Two weeks and they came up with…. Martz??
    I’m having a hard time maintaining confidence that Reggie knows what he’s doing…

  13. Cutler called Martz a gifted play caller…ya..there was that one time Cutler told him to F off ..but prior to Cutler getting hurt in ’11 the Bears had averaged 30+ points in their previous 5 or 6 games…the issue was really the oline and that Martz wouldn’t back off the deep drops and Cutler was getting killed…that and Martz is a bit older and wouldn’t always relay the complete play into the QB coach Shane Day..and then Day would have to relay it to Cutler..who would be like wtf..and/or Day would add what he thought the missing pieces to the play would be..again Cutler would be wtf 🙂 Plus, Day was just a numbers guy and prior to having Martz hire him was an Ameritrade intern 🙂 Needless to say Cutler was dealing with some good luck Raiders..

  14. Mike Martz is so inflexible as an offensive coordinator.

    He favors a pass happy, 7-step drop set. He doesn’t allow audibles (dumb). And when Cutler made plays and ran for first downs, he constantly complained because he didn’t call that play.

    He just refuses to see when his gameplan isn’t working. Avoid him if you can.

  15. Martz is still coaching the Greatest Show On Turf in his mind and has never adapted to the fact that its been a long long time since he had that unique set of players to coach.

  16. Someone has to coach this terrible team. Allen needs all the help he can get, even from this washed out guy. A smarter move would be to look for a head coach.

  17. I figured Martz would be a great fit for the most dysfunctional franchise in the NFL. Can’t you just see Woody Johnson, Rex Ryan and Mike Martz together, LMAO

  18. I was excited when the Bears got Martz, and even more excited when he left (not that Tice was an improvement). Along with all the negatives others have already mentioned, Martz ran Greg Olsen out of town, so the Bears went from having a franchise TE to having…Kellen Davis.

  19. It is important to clearly distinguish that “interviewing” a candidate is not the same thing as hiring an offensive coordinator.

  20. 1999 called and they want their offense back. did they not see what happened to Cutler? The only reason the bears won was he was forced to run the ball more. Say goodbye to ur tight end and any receiver over 6 ft. tall.they will get to see what pryor can do soon if they hire him because palmer will not survive in that 19 step drop offense.

  21. Martz to the Jets. He’s arrogant enough to think he’ll be head coach when Ryan gets fired.

  22. Does anyone else just kind if giggle when they read raiders news. Stay classy Oakland, maybe you can break .500 in the next 10 years.

  23. 2 of Carson Palmer’s ribs just spontaneously broke thinking about all the hits he’s going to take.

  24. Everyone seems to conveniently forget that the Lions went 1-7 after starting 6-2; or that in all of his coaching incompetence, Singletary managed to can him in San Fran. Sure he had a bit of a run in Chi-town, but Cutler can scramble a bit, Palmer like molasses in January.

    It could be worse though Raiders fans, they could be considering hiring him to be your coach. How many Rams drafted by this fool are still in the NFL?

  25. What I take from this is things really are changing in Oakland, they got rid of Knapp. After all the first step is admitting you have a problem.

  26. If you look at St. Louis, Detroit, San Fran and Chicago you will see the exact same thing, which is each offense tanked after he left. He made bad offenses look good. Bulger and Kitna actually looked like good NFL QB’s under Martz, which everyone now knows was the system.

    But I do agree, their must be a massive personality flaw because it seems that no coach can get along with him.

  27. Aside from Florios typical cynical self.I think Juan Castillo as the O line coach would be a great fit for The Raiders. I wonder why The Raiders dont give Al Saunders a chance, Darren Mcfadden exceled with him as the Offensive coordinator(Credit Hue too). No matter what, anyones better than Greg Knapp.

  28. With ANY system, you have have the players to perform well. I love teams who hire these guys thinking somehow someone like Martz can make Palmer and crew into Warner and crew through a system.

    It would be better for Raiders to hire someone that has the ability to take whatever players and subsequest styles of play work well in a taylored system. Likewise, Martz needs to now prove HE CAN develop and deploy a scheme that works for the players there in Oakland – and not assume these guys are the 99 Rams.

    My best friend is a Raider nut, so I hope they can pull this together and get back to glory the silver and black should be.

  29. Was he the token white guy to interview per the rooney rule?

    NO WAY!!!

    Wanted Norv.

    Keep kicking the tires Reg and crew.


  30. He’s actually not that bad of an O-coordinator.

    Martz made the Bears (with Cutler, and a Marshall-less WR core) avg 30 points a game on their winning streak.

    The problem with Martz is that he’s inflexible. If Martz would just implement some audibles and more use of TEs and HBs, then he’d be a much more successful O-coordinator.

    Then again, if he did all that, he’d be Norv Turner.

  31. slickster35 says:
    Jan 12, 2013 7:22 PM
    Someone has to coach this terrible team. Allen needs all the help he can get, even from this washed out guy. A smarter move would be to look for a head coach.

    jbaxt says:
    Jan 12, 2013 8:15 PM
    Does anyone else just kind if giggle when they read raiders news. Stay classy Oakland, maybe you can break .500 in the next 10 years.
    Chiefs fans trying trying to talk smack.

    Chiefs fans, LOL!

  32. Mark Bulger was really good – he unseated Kurt Warner remember?

    He was a tough SOB too – only finally succumbing to recurring shoulder injuries.

  33. tdk24 says:
    Jan 12, 2013 10:02 PM
    For the 10th time, Saunders didn’t want the job. He’s old as dirt.

    That’s fine, he’s 65 and no one can blame him, but they ran his offense last year, with Jackson calling the plays.

    My question is, why don’t they go back to Saunders’ offense, and add a playcaller?

  34. Tremendous talent who can get a lot out of decent talent. He is greatly underrated, but his system will put extreme pressure on the OL and QB. This guy deserves another chance at OC, but never HC.

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