Ravens-Broncos tied going into fourth quarter


After benefitting from what initially appeared to be a “tuck rule” special which wasn’t called that way, the Ravens have tied their game at Denver entering the fourth quarter.

After taking over on a short field after a Peyton Manning fumble — which the officiating crew seemed to not be able to decide what to do with — the Ravens went back to the run.

Ray Rice scored from a yard out, giving him 83 yards on 14 carries on the night.

Of course, they’ve also benefitted from shuffling their offensive line, putting Bryant McKinnie back in at left tackle, and seem much stronger up front.

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  1. The refs are having too much of an impact…the ravens don’t hold..never get called for a pi..goodell must want the murderer to go out as champ and chump..smh

  2. Dierdorf’s explanation was very misleading on the “tuck” play. He claims the ball was slipping out of Peyton’s hand at the top point of motion with the arm coming forward. It absolutely was not. His arm was hit and the trajectory of his arm was influenced but the ball was secure tight in his hand. The path the ball took from a visual standpoint therefore seemed unnatural, but it wasn’t coming loose. He wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the arm get hit.

    He had full grasp control of the ball until he started to lift the arm up, but that’s only after the throwing motion was 100% complete and he was on the upswing from that completed motion.

  3. I know the NFL wants peyton and brady in the AF Championship, but jesus… dont embarrass yourselves refs…

  4. After this year, there seems to be only one way to fix many of the referee issues–mic the officials (like they mic some players each game). I would love to be able to hear the rationale that these guys use when in their little conferences and while/after reviews under the hood. If we can see the thought process behind some of the bad decisions and make them public, there will be some form of accountability. It’s one thing to miss a call; it’s quite another to ignore/bend a rule to call a play a certain way.

  5. anyone that supports the tuck rule she stop watching football. it is down right the worst rule the nfl ever created.

  6. Horrible officiating. I’d say 70 -30 in favor of Baltimore. Both teams getting bad calls for and against them, but in my opinion more for Baltimore. Dierdorf is commentary is pretty bas as well. Same exact hands to the face on both plays, yet he thought one wasn’t a good call because he only had hands to the face for a “little bit”. I didnt like the defenseless receiver call against Baltimore. What’s a defender to do? Let him catch it then hit him. The Amount of H2H contact was minimal at best.

  7. Lewis old and slow. He’s getting out at the right time. Everyone is fed up with his tired act anyway.

  8. This game is terrible, just terrible. I’m a fan of neither teams and these refs just make me want to quit watching the NFL for good, much like how I’m down with the NBA playoffs.

    Refs are playing in favor of the Broncos on everything besides the uncalled Tuck Rule, which is only because Tom Brady gets that call.

  9. The Bronco’s just got Foxed.

    No way you run the ball on 3rd and 7 with Peyton Manning at QB.

    You have to let him throw the ball there, Fox got way too conservative, like he ALWAYS does when the chips are down.

    AS for the Bronco’s secondary, they sure look good when the front applies pressure.

    Today there was no pressure to speak of and they looked awful.

  10. Okay I’ll fall on my sword. As a devout member of Steeler Nation I congratulate the effort of the Ravens today. Really good effort regardless of outcome.

  11. Ravens showed up when it mattered most. On to the rematch of last years ship. This time we’re headin to the bowl. Keep on hatin these guys cuz its just fuel for their fires!!!

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