Ravens win double-OT thriller in Denver


The Ravens took Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning’s best shot.

But it was Corey Graham who provided the knockout.

The Ravens cornerback intercepted Manning, setting up Justin Tucker’s 47-yard field goal in double overtime, sending the Ravens to a 38-35 Divisional Round win, in a game that will go down as an all-time classic.

Graham had a pick-six earlier in the game, but his interception of a bad Manning pass near the end of the first overtime period was the clincher, giving his team the ball at the Broncos 45-yard line.

The win extends Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis’ play-until-he-loses-then-retires streak, and drops the top seed from the AFC playoffs. The Ravens will go to the winner of tomorrow’s Texans-Patriots game in the AFC Championship Game.

It will also put the focus on Broncos coach John Fox’s conservative play late, from a third-down run with a chance to ice the game in regulation, to kneeling with two timeouts and 31 seconds left to play for overtime. But it was Manning, of the 9-11 playoff record, who made the final mistake, and the Broncos’ 11-game win streak came to a screeching halt.

250 responses to “Ravens win double-OT thriller in Denver

  1. Everyone always acts like the Ravens are the new kids on the block or something even though they’re going to their third AFC Championship in five years. They’ve relished in the role of underdog since their inception. They’re better as the underdog.

    Good job, Denver. Much respect. That was a war. Double overtime is something worth remembering.

    No Lee Evans or Billy Cundiff around next week to blow it. Can’t wait.

  2. Not a Raven nor Bronco fan but anyone else think that when the first overtime period ends, you treat it like the end of regulation into overtime with a brand new kickoff etc rather than just a continuation? That way the team with the bnall has to make end of game decisions rather than end of quarter into the next quarter decisions like normal.

  3. So Tebow had more success in the playoffs with Denver than Manning did. All the thumbs down in the world can’t change that fact.

  4. Refs helped the Ravens a lot in this game. That horrible holding call on Kuper was a game changer.

    But hey, the NFL wants Ray Lewis to go out in style so whatever… seems like the Super Bowl has been rigged sonce the farse of the 2009 NFC Championship joke anyway.

  5. Typical Peyton in the playoffs. He really lost the game for Denver. Proves he should not be the MVP.

  6. As much grief as Peyton’s gonna get (and yes, he does deserve it) the defense should get most of the blame, especially during the last minute of regulation. Seriously, you play that coverage? Del Rio should be given his walking papers for that playcall.

    BTW, I wonder if this means McCoy’s gonna leave to become a coach within the next 24 hours?

  7. Don’t blame Peyton for the loss, this one was on Champ Bailey! Between getting torched by Torrey Smith and getting a huge DPI on 3rd down, Champ was the weak link tonight…

  8. Well, who could of seen Golden boy Peyton “the choker” Manning throwing an interception in a playoff game? What’s that, seven times one and done in the playoffs? 5 times as a prohibitive favorite? Enjoy your 7th or whatever MVP, and comeback player of the year. Your brother is more clutch than you. Biggest fraud in the NFL. Oh, and Tim Tebow won a playoff game last year, and he didn’t get TWO kick return touchdowns.

  9. I cannot wait to hear the excuses. Steeler tears were starting to taste old. I want to taste the Bronco tears. Let it flow Denver

  10. Congrats to the Ravens on a great game but how is it legal for the kicker to make a practice kick during the changeover?

  11. I’m gonna say it… I’ve been calling Flacco “average at best” for years now… That dude played some bad ass football tonight. I hope he gets his respect now, because he showed up, and Manning didn’t …. and now, for the eighth time, Peyton is one and done.

    Don’t worry Denver fans, Colt and Vol fans know how you feel.

  12. Very cool Baltimore. Now the Texans have the home field advantage in the championship game.

  13. This game was so poorly disguised by the refs. From the fors quarter i could see it was fixed. What? Nfl wants to give murder ray a ring before he retires???

  14. Congratulations to the Ravens and their fans. You fought to the very end and deserved the win! Well done!

  15. Calling all Broncos fans talking mad trash last weekend who were warned to win this game before worrying about the Texans or Patriots! Where are you at Bronco Fans?

  16. Denver’s D gave the game away. The TD given up to Jones could’ve been the single worst example of pass coverage I’ve ever seen. Total disgrace.

  17. This game proves what many people thought for a while. They are frauds. The Broncos beat up on bad teams all year in a horrible division. Houston Texans beat them at home handily. Bye-bye, frauds!

  18. I want to get this in first to remind both Bronco fans and John Elway that Tim Tebow has still won more Bronco NFL play-off games than Mr. Manning.

  19. Whoa great game, I love playoff football and the emotion displayed by Ray Rice and Ray Lewis. Salute to the Ravens winning a game where not many believed they could win

  20. So does that mean that Manning is overrated? What about the win streak they had? I mean they beat Kansas city to get the number one seed, they won the AFC West, this team was battle tested. (SARCASM)

  21. It’s an incredible game with horrible officiating (on both sides) and probably the biggest boneheaded secondary blunder in Broncos’ history that even allowed the Ravens to go to overtime.

    Which will make it all the more hilarious when they lose to New England and give away another AFC Championship game. Because that’s who the Ravens are.

  22. As great as Manning is, he’s had too many of these late game INT’s in the deciding moments of playoff games. That said, the defense should be able to preserve a 7 point lead with 60 seconds to play.

  23. Another epic choke job by Peyton Manning. FYI he now ties the record with the most playoff losses in NFL History. He had the 2nd ranked D, 14 points spotted by the ST and still chokes. LOL

  24. Bronco fans wouldn’t listen when everyone told them that their record was based on a cupcake schedule…..maybe now they will. Defensive rankings, offensive stats are all skewed when you play the softest schedule in the league but some people only look at the stats and rankings and not how they came to be. Tebow took the Broncos to the playoffs and won….Manning won 4 more games this year but lost in first rd. of playoffs ……at home.

  25. I love it. The Broncos get no further with Peyton Manning than they did with Tim Tebow, after all the big deal made and money paid. Tebow at least won a playoff game, in overtime no less. How much time does Peyton Manning have left? Elway thought he was so smart, but where might the Broncos have been trying to stick with and develop Tebow who is only a 3rd year QB? Stats and regular season wins only matter so much, and except for a Super Bowl won only after the NFL changed the rules to neuter pass defenses Peyton Manning doesn’t have much more to show.

  26. That field was terrible. Big pieces coming up. And 15 degrees at kick off. Come on, what a joke. Why is no one mad this week. I thought we all agreed last week that there is no excuse for not having a perfect field? And Pat Bowlen can’t control the weather any better than that? The NFL should have stepped in and taken the home game away. If we can have a perfect field and 72 degrees in Jan. then you don’t deserve a home playoff game. I heard RG3 hurt his knee again just watching that game. Something has to be done.

  27. Peyton does nothing in the 4th and throws the pick in overtime, but no one will blame him.

    For the best regular season QB of all time, he is the biggest choke artist in the playoffs…

  28. Manning put on his best Brett Favre impression there on last interception… Still a great game though, how Jacoby Jones got that wide open still leaves me scratching my head

  29. For a QB of Peyton’s caliber, alot of playoff games were lost because of him. Though play calling is more of the issue but the last pick just can’t happen.

  30. Can we finally, once and for all, stop slobering all over this choker Peyton Manning. Every single playoff game this loser comes up small. I’m really happy for him that he got to play Rex Grossman in a Super Bowl.

  31. Worst defensive showing i’ve seen in years…
    When you play to lose, you lose
    Congrats to the ravens and the refs…

  32. From a Steelers fan, first of all that was a gritty well-earned win by the Ravens. It also shows that for all of the talk about greatest QB of all time, Peyton Manning simply is not a big game player. Finally, I can’t stand watching Harbaugh on the sidelines. He is one insufferable SOB.

  33. One of the best playoff games of all time. Only downside is we have to put up with another week of RayRay and his dance.

  34. That was a great game but Denver blew it.
    How do you let them score an easy TD with 8 men dropping into coverage like that with 35 seconds left?
    They also should have at least tried a play or two at the end of regulation.

  35. I have to say it as I hate the Ravens… but today they impressed me, what a gutsy preformance by the entire team.. enjoy this win Baltimore, it should be a proud day. Perhaps if Flacco takes this team to win in New Orleans he will earn a place as part of the “elite”. He certainly helped his case today.

  36. There is a saying if you play to loose, you will loose, by taking the ball out of Mannings hands with a chance to seal the game in regular time. The Broncos lost the game on that play. Good riddance. Hell of a game RAVENS.

  37. And mega head does it again!! Another one and done for the so called “greatest of all time”. And he did it with a top 5 defense.

    Enjoy Donkey fans, this is what you get for another year or 2. Good regular seasons and playoff losses. The when he’s gone your franchise will be back where it was 2 years ago, no QB and fighting it out with the Raiders for last place.

  38. Never underestimate great leadership in pro sports.

    The Ravens have more than their share of it and it showed up in spades today.

    Peyton Manning shines in the regular season, in the playoffs, not so much.

  39. All week long Broncos fans braging…gonna kick our a$$.

    How ’bout them apples?

    By the way, Manning 0-4 under 40 degrees.

    QB Playoff wins in Denver: Tebow 1 Manning 0.

    Ain’t the beer cold!!!!

  40. John Fox was Schottenheimer-esque, playing not to lose instead of playing to win. And the result was predictable. Conservative play-calling will kill you in the playoffs.

  41. Here’s to all the people who didn’t give the ravens a chance, screw you! The refs and goddell did all they could to get the golden boy to the Super Bowl but ray wasn’t having none

  42. The moment you realize Tebow has more playoff wins as a Bronco than Manning. I really thought the Broncos would win but hey congrats to Baltimore. It was a good game.

  43. This game was SOLEY on the shoulder of Champ Bailey. You can’t give up 3 70+ yard TDs to Torey Smith and Joe Flacco, and would have been a 4th one if Smith had laid out even a little. Bailey got burned HUGE.

  44. I was pulling for Denver but they deserved to lose. While Baltimore was trying their hardest to win the game, the Broncos were “playing not to lose”. Instead of trying to add to their lead in the third and fourth quarters each time they got ahead again, they just played way too conservative.

  45. That may have been one of the greatest FB games I’ve ever seen. Flacco made a lot of money tonight. Manning didn’t get it done and made the wrong play at the wrong time, like he’s done before in the playoffs(9-11). Hats off to a grueling, gutsey, emotional win for the Ravens. We’ll see if they can make another road trip and do it again. Maybe it’s their year. Maybe everything is falling into place for the Pats.

  46. This was the kind of game I will tell my future children about. This was possibly one of the best playoff games I have seen from start to finish.

    No one quit. No one wanted to go home. But in the end someone had to lose. I respect both teams tremendous effort and heart.

    Kinda reminds me of the 03 panthers when we beat the rams in 2ot then beat philly the next week.

    Damn I love football!

  47. maybe the greatest football game ever. congrats to denver on an amzing game. way to go ravens!! unbelievable game…and to wisdom and nofool…thanks for your classiness. that was a game for the ages

  48. Its like I just watched the 09 NFC Championship game. Legendary quarterback throws back into the field across his body, gets intercepted, and crushes the whole states dream. Sorry Denver fans. I’ve been there!

  49. Ok, so this makes me 5-0 on the playoffs picks, so far. Now, the Niners beat the Pack. Bye broncos, nice season.

  50. flacco i criticize you alot but 18-34 331 yards, 3 TDs 0 INTs, on the road against a top 5 D! I’ll give you props

  51. Peyton got two special team TDs and he still lost. This guy just isn’t a good playoff QB. 9-11 all time when it matters. Please don’t EVER put him in the class of Montana or Brady. Truth hurts.

    Oh, and Congrats Ravens.

  52. Speaking as a Steeler fan, that was a great game to watch. Denver’s DBs should be ashamed.

    Congrats Ravens, but remember it only matters if you win the last game and get the Super Bowl trophy. And we got six of them.

  53. I am so happy everyone in Mile High is going home sad tonight!! Much different from last year. Take the Florida Grad over the Tennessee Grad every time!

  54. Every play can be second guessed but with 31 seconds to play in regulation, even in hindsight I’m not sure putting ball in the air in an attempt to win makes a lot of sense.

    That seems like its asking for a regulation INT

  55. Hats off to the Ravens. They made big play after big play when the game was on the line something my Steelers didnt do all yr.

  56. Everytime Insee John Harbaugh, In wish he had never left the Eagles so I could see his press conference in Philadelphia as their new HC.

  57. I have crow to eat; I understand it so swing away Pats fans. Broncos should not have been in the game. They had a couple of refs calls that made me believe the powers were aligning. Our D is the same as it ever has been; Flacco was clean. Elway for executive of the year is a sham considering we could have had Doug Martin carrying the load instead of Ronnie Hillman. The shortest way to not let pedestrian qbs look good is pressure up the middle and our D has zero. We got beat bad. Good luck Ravens; a dropped pass in N.E. and you would have been there last year!

  58. It would be hard to argue that Manning came up small yet again in a big game. Hopefully Denver’s “vaunted” secondary gets their fare share of the blame. It looks like they played the “Swiss Cheese” defense most of the night.

  59. Omaha, Omaha, 52’s the mike, Chicken must be the adjustment he makes when he wants to throw and int!

  60. bunkmcnulty says:Jan 12, 2013 9:11 PM

    All week long Broncos fans braging…gonna kick our a$$.

    How ’bout them apples?

    By the way, Manning 0-4 under 40 degrees.

    QB Playoff wins in Denver: Tebow 1 Manning 0.

    Ain’t the beer cold!!!!

    Is Manning really 0-4 under 40 degrees? I know that’s not a big sample size, but why on earth do you go to Denver if can’t play in cold weather? That’s like the aliens in Signs coming to a planet that is 2/3rds covered by their only weakness.

  61. I’m actually pretty relieved tonight. I don’t think I could have taken a Super Bowl win for the Broncos with Manning, after all the grief he caused us as a Colt. It wouldn’t be as bad, but similar to, all the Vikings fans who grew up detesting Brett Favre, and then have to see him almost take your team to the Super Bowl.

    I’m a big believer in the emotion of the game, and loving (and hating) the players. I don’t just root for anyone on my team. Would Raiders fans have wanted Elway to come to their team to win them a Super Bowl? Hell no.

    Maybe Manning can just retire, and save us all a lot of unnecessary attention spent on him.

  62. “Refs helped the Ravens a lot in this game. That horrible holding call on Kuper was a game changer.”

    Seriously? The Broncos had more crucial penalties go their way then against. The majority of penalties against them were easy ones, false start, etc. The penalties against the Ravens weren’t.

    The Suggs Penalty for illegal hands to the face that didn’t touch his facemask on a sack (and fumble) that would of resulted in 3rd & about 30 or short field for the Ravens. A holding penalty on their corner for having a hand on the WRs shoulder although he didn’t interrupt or slow him and even peeled off before deflecting the pass. Something so subtle it’s never called in the playoffs.

    An uncalled hold on the Jacoby Jones drop, it was past five yards, his jersey was pulled. The defenseless receiver call against Baltimore.

    I can go on forever. The only real one the Broncos didn’t get was the Tom Brady Tuck Rule, which is exempt for everybody but Tom Brady.

  63. peyton manning is the greatest regular season qb of all times. however, this was a playoff game and he came up short again. Tebow says, “Let the Lord fight your battles.”

  64. First off there were calls on both sides that favored each team. Both teams had the chance to win and the Ravens fought hard and played to win while the Broncos played not to lose. The Broncos are going to be a great team for a few years. Manning seems like a good guy its baffling what happens to him in the playoffs. Nonetheless good game Broncos great win Ravens!!! Big up to the Steeler fans showing class!!!

  65. Its time for Joe Flacco to get that contract extension . Hes earned it. He outplayed tom brady last year and peyton manning this year. Ozzie lets get her done.

  66. Great game. Really enjoyed this one. I suspected it wasn’t going to be the blowout for the Broncos that was predicted.

  67. Just went back and read all the comments: Manning had a dropped pass returned for a TD but, he was not the problem in this game by any means. Champ Bailey got abused by Torry Smith, we have no middle pass rush yet take a tall QB in the draft, and we have just experienced another colossal choke akin to J’ville years ago. Let us hope that the learning lesson is as good as it was back then! Once again, congrats to the Ravens and their fans. Well done.

  68. John Fox needs fired. A little over one minute left in the game and a third down 7 needing a first down to run the clock out. He has arguably one of the best quarterbacks if all time and he runs the ball. An incomplete pass would have stopped the clock I get it. But the defense gave up big play after big play. If Manning gets the first down game over. If not they punt and maybe same results. I think most people would have taken the chance of throwing for the first down as opposed to running the ball right into the defense.

  69. Who was that QB that last won a playoff game for the Broncos? Plenty of blame to go around for Broncos: Champ Bailey too old/slow to play man defense, the Denver safety wasn’t even in the same zip code on his coverage, 3rd and 5 at end of regulation and Fox runs it up the middle, 31 sec. left in overtime with 2 timeouts needing only a FG with Manning at QB and Fox takes a knee ala Denny Green.
    One consolation we no longer have to listen to the kool-aid drinking Bronco fans who thought their team was the absolute best without regard to their cupcake schedule.

  70. Yeah, I’m sure NFl wanted Ray Lewis more than Peyton vs. Brady! bottom-line Peyton got skill, his brother got luck! BTW Zebras don’t fumble or throw two picks! Can you say Arod Manning or how about Peyton Favre! No way he deserves MVP! Go Pats!

  71. Instant classic. Still stunned Peyton found a way to blow another #1 seed with 2 kick returns for touchdowns. Unreal.

    I’ll take home field though if the Pats can take care of business tomorrow. Let’s go!

  72. Does this mean we don’t have to watch any more of those pizza commercials for that obnoxious chain (that gave Manning all that stock) and has Manning in ads talking about going to the Super Bowl with the twit CEO?

  73. I’d like to know what is wrong with Manning’s arm, does he have an injury. If not, why is not the best quarterback in the universe not throwing the ball when all they needed to win was a first down at the end of regulation. Why was he continuously handing the ball off for running plays? Even in overtime, he was not throwing the ball and when he was throwing, it was not over 15 yards.

  74. Time for the Denver Broncos to fire John Fox…He really screwed things up for Peyton Manning.

    31 seconds left and 2 time outs and John Fox calls for Peyton Manning to down the ball and send the game in to over time.

    I wouldn’t be surprised that I dont see Twitter lit all up saying that the Broncos should fire John Fox for that stupid call.

  75. lol Yep, bring back Tebowtime!

    He was so money in the playoffs last year.. that perfect (labored) 18 yard pass that Thomas took all the way…………………………………….

  76. Great game and as a steelers fan I didn’t think ravens would win mainly bc of home field and tue way the broncos have been playing but I am not afraid to admit I was wrong congrats ravens

  77. The refs really wanted manning to win. Can’t believe they reviewed his fumble. Manning is a small time QB but he was the only one other than a few others who could have made it close against ravens today.

  78. Great game. Can’t help but think Manning took a page from the Favre comeback file, throwing a pass across his body moving to his right, which resulted in a decisive INT late…

  79. @johnnyoclock:

    Its interesting you say that, as I couldn’t understand why Ravens weren’t trying to move quicker there at the end. It seems to me that with the 2min. warning and rules that go into effect in the last 2 min (stop clock out of bounds etc), “simply” continuing to the next quarter doesn’t make a lot of sense. I guess its a playoff only problem since the end of the first OT would be a tie otherwise.

    Hard to imagine the NFL would bother changing the rules in that situation for how rare of issue it is.

  80. Best game i’ve ever seen. Talk about a miracle. How did the Ravens do that?! Jacoby Jones with the 70 yard touchdown, redemption catch! (After he dropped that one on 3rd down). Joe Flacco more than proved his wealth today.

  81. Flaccid & his receivers played a heck of a game gota give them credit , manning all time great player but you can’t make that throw that’s something a young qb would do ,& the safety on that 70 yd td has to be deep you can’t let any WR get behind you & ravens team jus kept believing

  82. Oh and by tbe way, Manning’s oline got away with some egregious holding. Kruger was held big time when manning threw interception and no call. Also, I liked cameron but a noticeable improvement with Csldwell.

  83. I didn’t think it was a great game. It looked like a game neither team wanted to win. Denver played horrible defense. Baltimore’s defense showed up though. Peyton’s arm looked shot!

  84. Make all the excuses u want the bottom line is manning choked again. when Tebow won nobody wanted to give him credit but poured it on when they lost.bottom line they won a playoff game with Tebow and lost with manning. get used to it bronco fans. if he can’t win when it was all set up he is not going to in the year he has left. then what r u going to do?

  85. carlsbadboltfan says:
    Jan 12, 2013 9:05 PM
    That was one of the BEST playoff games ever. Reminded me of Chargers – Dolphins back in the day.
    Me too!!

  86. Great game, Broncos found a way on defense and offense to give it away despite two special teams touchdowns, Ravens have a heart, kept fighting and found a way. Peyton looked somewhat unconfident in his throws.

  87. “Refs helped the Ravens a lot in this game. That horrible holding call on Kuper was a game changer.”

    That is laughable. We won’t even talk about the several 3rd down conversions courtesy of the officials on the Bronco’s final scoring drive.

    My favorite is the end zone view of Holiday’s kickoff return, clearly framing a Denver player blocking in the back and taking to the ground a Raven player, all with the silhouette of the official looking right at it.

    It was so clear and obvious, it was embarrassing.

  88. No one thought my Ravens could win this game, looking at week 15 Denver beat us with our 1st team Defense hurt we looked done. New offensive line and 1st team defense, a strong showing by Joe Flacco equals another road playoff win. Back to back AFC Championship appearance

  89. baltimore has to got to be ecstatic and rightfully so. Damn how good does that feel. 1 more to go B-more and I believe if they end up Back in bradys shave kit. they got the edge and will get to the super bowl. harbaugh knows his team is the oldest in the nfl and will get his squad ness. rest. non raven fan

  90. On another note, after watching the game Mike McCoy called for the Broncos I’m no longer interested in him for the Eagles job. During the 4th when Den was up he called plays like he was trying not to lose instead of trying to win. That doesn’t work in the NFL.

  91. Real lucky for the Ravens to complete a bomb at the end to tie the game….The defender for the broncos truly must have fell asleep. That was the play that cost denver the game, he has to be sick to his stomach. Luck can only take you so far tho and the Ravens sure were lucky today… Not so sure thats gonna work for you next week.

  92. Great game. But old Frankenstein head still can’t win in the post-season. Maybe they can tighten up the nuts and bolts and he’ll do better next year.

  93. Seriously! How is it legal for the Ravens kicker to go on the field during the changeover to the second OT with some equipment guy and practice a field goal?

    Not on the sideline people but on the field during the timeout. Even the annoucers said they had never seen that before. And the refs didn’t even bat an eye. Whutupwitdat?

  94. Now that was a football game!!! Woo-hoo … if only all playoff games could be that good.

    Congrats to the Ravens! Respect to the Broncos!

  95. The greatest team ever lost?!?!

    No way?!

    Too bad. I wanted to beat the Broncos in Denver. I guess Tom Brady will have to wait til next year to beat Manning again.

  96. Imagine your the greatest LB to ever play the game and in your last game you play in the SUPER BOWL ,,,,,,,,,,,,you lose ! I hate when that happens !

  97. Good thing all the media talked about all week was the upcoming Manning/Brady Afc Championship Game, since they won’t get to talk about this week.

  98. The real bad call by Fox came late in the second quarter when he lined up Prater for a 52 yard field goal. Prater misses and the Ravens turn that great field position into a touch down. He should have punted, let his defense do it’s job and walk into the locker room up 21-14.

    Then again, this is the guy who chased two point conversions in a Super Bowl that eventually cost his team the game.

    That being said, if the Ravens special teams do their job, this game isn’t even close.

  99. Peyton kneel down with two timeouts was weak. I don’t like how OT ends than continues as is. Les Moonves was pulling for Peyton.

  100. Miss Tebow yet bronco fans? He may suck but he won a playoff game for u. Have fun paying peyton that cap killing bonus!

  101. Congratulations to Peyton Manning for extending his NFL record of playoff one and dones to 8.

    Truly a remarkable accomplishment.

  102. Do NOT try to lay all of the blame on Denver’s defense and some questionable play calling. Peyton Manning was personally responsible for THREE turnovers. He may be one of the greatest regular season QB’s of all time. The playoff’s? Not so much.

  103. I will be so pissed if AP loses the MVP to Manning or even has to share it with him. Choker Peyton inherited a playoff team and played against the AFC West. C’mon!

  104. Congrats to the Ravens on a great game but how is it legal for the kicker to make a practice kick during the changeover?

    About as legal as helmetless guys coming off the bench to celebrate TDs in the endzone.

  105. The many posters are correct. Tim Tebow did have more success in the postseason with Denver last year than Peyton did this year. However, if you can keep a straight face while saying that you would prefer to have Tim Tebow than Peyton Manning., then you should reconsider some things in life.

  106. only one comment mentioning how terrible the officiating was. even though this was a great game, I thought the horrible officiating would be a headline.

  107. Peyton DON’T LIKE THE COLD. you could see it bothered him the more the game went on. Give the Ravens credit , they’e tough….looking forward to more playoff football!

  108. Time to deal with it Broncos, and us fans. We got punched in the mouth; 49ers are handling it and we could not! Manning was not the problem and the guys on our maligned D played like crap. I put this on conservative play calling not remembering that there was no “plan B” as much as I put it on the brainchild that contributed to a putrid draft. This was J’Ville2! Elway and Fox have to do a better job of drafting before Manning is done!

  109. So let me get this straight. Manning leads the Broncos to a first round bye and loses in the 2nd round by 3 in double over time. Meanwhile Tebow backed the Broncos into the playoffs…squeeks by a banged up Steelers team in the first round and then gets demolished by the Patriots 45-10 in the second round. Are you guys really trying to equate the two seasons and situations? Really?

  110. Not to make excuses but the refs screwed us. Not callin PI on Peytons first int was absurd. Then phantom calls on Tony Carter and Bailey. Then the tuck rule on Peyton and the mysterious Boldin catch that was obviously being aided by the grouns. Anyone w
    with any semblance of football knowledge would be appaled by the sheer incompetence of those officials. That being said Peyton shoulda been throwing it to get the first down at the end and what in the world was Rahim Moore thinking letting that ball sail over his head. Some ballhawk he is. Cut the scrub and move bailey to safety like woodson. Kudos the the ravens tho, that was a helluva game. Good riddance to Mike McCoy that was a horrible gameplan. Have fun getting blown out in new england.

  111. First of all,
    to most of the Steeler fans on this thread, as Raven’s fans, we appreciated the kind words. I am a closet big Ben fan.
    To Bronco’s fans,
    before complaining about the refs – which all loser’s do – and throwing the db and Foxx under the bus – try stopping the run. No one here has mentioned RR’s 130 yards against that allegedly vaunted defense. Remember, without the special teams, that was a rout-

  112. Denver made too many mistakes and deserved to lose, but the refs handed this game to the Ravens.

    This wasn’t a holding here and there, it was huge calls and no calls in the ravens favor.

    The pick 6 should have never happened due to pass interference that wasn’t called.

    Does the tuck rule no longer exist? Manning’s arm clearly moved forward with the ball and that should have been an incomplete pass.

    Good luck getting calls vs the Pats next week.

  113. Wow the Ravens are horrible. I’m not a fan of either team but Ravens got LUCKY! The Broncos were the better team (played better for sure) so ol murdering Ray gets one more game. Ravens are riding on luck right now but luck will only take ya so far. Good luck boys

  114. Peyton was last seen driving his Buick in circles around Mile High’s parking lot.

  115. I love all the people putting the blame on Manning. And whatever team you are a fan of, you cannot tell me you would take Tebow over Manning. That is just not smart talk. Third time this season that Denver had to play against a team and the refs. I honestly felt like it was rigged. As much as I hate Dierdorf he is a big Ravens supporter and was baffled at the horrible calls by the refs and the no calls for Denver. Either way good luck to the Ravens. Hope they beat the Texans or Pats.

    Denver will be back next year with a head of steam and it will be like 96′ losing to the Jags. Come back win back to back. Hopefully.

  116. showtime1911 says:
    Jan 12, 2013 9:44 PM
    Its time for Joe Flacco to get that contract extension . Hes earned it. He outplayed tom brady last year and peyton manning this year. Ozzie lets get her done.

    What game were you watching? Flacco is awful. The lucky pass to tie the game shocked him and the guy who caught it. The look on their faces were priceless. We all know Joe is a GOOD qb… But to say he’s great… well… just… just stop…

  117. I warned broncos fans not to get too confident facing the Ravens. I’ve been saying all along no team in the AFC scares me more when playing my Pats in the post-season than the Ravens irrespective how bad they were playing in the regular season. If my Pats beat the texans tomorrow and we meet the Ravens again in the AFC championship game I expect a close one again just like last year.

  118. That was a tough game that was gonna be hard fought. My team did the ultimate fail at the end with that horrible angle by moore. That said if Any body says that game was not officiated horribly i will call that person a fool. Honestly there were at least 3 separate PI calls that were shady, all against Denver. This was a top 5 D that was committing penalties like they were the raiders. For Denver that was a chain reaction of errors and none of them were characteristic of this team. This team still was way ahead of schedule. Nobody predicted Denver to be the number one seed. With a year under their belt this team will be back. If the d shows up and the refs aren’t pathetic the super bowl will be ours!

  119. We can start blaming anything/everything/everyone but when Prater missed that field goal, everyone 4got that was the game difference. Sure Peyton didn’t play we’ll, sure Champ didn’t play like one; Fox was too conservative & we didn’t cover Jones on that final drive…

    BUT Prater should’ve made that!…Ravens/ Joe Flacco that is, that deserve to move ahead, ( enjoy it tonight, as it will come to a halt Mr Lewis-as some people don’t even know about you).

    Don’t feel sorry for any of these guys, afterall, they go home to lavish living…

    Still stunned though.

  120. How long is the Tebow thing going to have legs? Tebow’s playoff win moved them into the round that Peyton already got them during the regular season. How did Timmy do vs. NE after DT ran his 7 yard pass 80 yards against PITT. Denver had the lead with 31 seconds to go. Once again they had the lead that Manning got them. I am very upset at Peyton’s throw at the end but the game should have been over by then, Is anyone going to mention how much of an impact the loss of Moreno was and that they could not convert some third and very short.

  121. And in the 2013 NFL Draft the Denver Broncos select Corner back________ second round : Safety___________ third round corner back____.

  122. John Fox choked. He is too conserative. That’s why he has never won the BIG ONE. How could he not have his Defense ready?

  123. Great game!
    Lol at the Manning haters … give some credit to the Ravens defence.
    Great players can carry teams to the playoffs but once in the playoffs it take a total team effort to get to the Super Bowl and win it.
    Broncos defence had a chance to win it with 30 seconds left in the game and even in OT … Broncos DB drops an INT and a Ravens DB makes the INT.
    Seriously … your defence gives up almost 500 yds and you blame your QB for the loss after he throw 3 TDs. Yes Peyton had a bad game for his standards but did the Ravens pack it in last week after Ray Rice had two costly fumbles.

  124. SMH at everyone comparing Tebow favorably to Manning. You guys make Dierdorf sound like a Mensa member.

  125. What an absolute joy it was to watch professionals operate at a very high level… So inspiring!!!

    mrmidevil… news flash pal! Sugar Ray Ray Lewis already has a SB ring and a SB MVP to boot! Perhaps you meant one more ring?!

  126. Fox with one of the all-time worst coaching jobs in the history of the NFL at the end of this game.

    Coaching not to lose, in any sport, is the ultimate route to failure. Fox and his secondary were epically bad in this game.

  127. What a game, killed me to have to go to work in the 4th. As a pats fan I would rather have the broncos than ravens if we get past the Texans but I guess having the ravens at home again will have to suffice.

    How sweet it was for Mr Regular Season to cost them the game. He can have his MVP, Number 12 only wants one award, that’s what separates them.

  128. Peyton… Peyton… Peyton…. you could have gone anywhere in the NFL and you choose Denver. Why? Did their reg. season schedule look pretty cushy? Want to pad your stats a bit? good luck getting another shot at the big dance, my friend. Enjoy the off-season.

  129. patriotinvasion says:
    Jan 12, 2013 9:52 PM
    Instant classic. Still stunned Peyton found a way to blow another #1 seed with 2 kick returns for touchdowns. Unreal.

    I’ll take home field though if the Pats can take care of business tomorrow. Let’s go!


    Dont gloat. Ravens OWE YOU BIG TIME.

  130. So we all agree that the Denver DC gets fired !! why the safety wasn’t 40 yards back on the TD bomb that tied the game is a question that rates up there with the beginning of life, the Big Bang, and if Kim is wearing Spanx again.

  131. Title should read “Refs hand Ravens yet another win!”. I wonder how many times Ray threatened to stab Goddell to make Goddell force the refs to make sure the Ravens made it into the playoffs, and then past the first two rounds. I guess it’s pre-ordained that they will win the SB since they certainly haven’t earned where they are now.

  132. Lee Harvey Manning, once again, shoots himself in the foot in the playoffs.

    One fumble and two picks, one of which was the killer in OT. What’s “most valuable” about that?

    It’s a different game when you don’t play your games in a climate-controlled living room.

  133. Wish I could have enjoyed the finish of this game at Elway’s steak house! This is the closest Denver will now get considering their cream puff schedule this year. Looks like old horse face didn’t buy a Super Bowl after all!

  134. Having a bye week and home field advantage is so overrated in the playoffs. Just check the last few Super bowl champions. I have a feeling we are going to see another home team loss on Sunday.

  135. Flacco = Cannon!!!

    Enough said! Well done Ravens! With under a minute to go you had a 1% chance of winning and did not give up! I like to see the fight in those dawgs!!! They may well win it all! Outstanding game!

  136. Wow! Im impressed..Good job..Ravens played their hearts out..A complete team..Bengals fan here..My sons a Ravens fan..Last weekend not a good weekend but this one, I celebrate with my son

  137. Raven fans dont get use to getting those calls at critical times or no calls that benefited you guys. Your playing the pats next week and you guus will be on the other side of those calls.

  138. Might not have been this close if Broncos didn’t have those two gifts (punt and kickoff returns).

  139. awful calls for baltimore all day. i live in baltimore and have to hear ravens fan constant cry about refs. they seem to be pretty quiet about it when the ref make constant bad calls for them

  140. troysmithsghost….so sorry that the ravens spoiled your day. hard to believe anyone can be this angry over football. the officiating was horrible on both sides…bad officiating is the way of the nfl. the game was a true classic and the better team yesterday won. go ravens!

  141. ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha:
    “Baltimore is moving on to the AFC Championship Game for only one reason — because Denver gave them an unforgettable gift.”

    Yup only one reason,,,the Ravens had nothing to do with winning that game. Thank you Denver !

  142. Con grats to the ravens D what gutsy performance.

    Now can someone explain to me why on earth didnt manning throw the ball no more than 11 yards the entire game?

  143. John Fox lost that game, not Manning. 10 degrees and all the players on the field were exhausted. Choke? I don’t think so. I think it was a very tired and extremely cold forced throw that wouldn’t have been made if it wasn’t so late in the game.

    Denver had the game won and simply needed one first down to win. John Fox ran the ball 3 times instead and then let the Ravens score. Undeterred by his own stupidity and even though he has Peyton Manning as his Quarterback, with 31 seconds to go in the game and still having 2 timeouts, he chooses to have Manning kneel and run out the clock to go into overtime instead of trying to drive for a field goal.

    There is a reason he was fired in Carolina. He is only having success because of his Coordinators, not because of his own coaching. Manning made Fox look good this season, but with the season on the line, John Fox showed why he should not be a NFL head coach.

  144. These bronco and steeler tears taste delicious. Keep it flowing boys and girls. I love hearing about how the Ravens ruined your season, it never gets old. Tebow winning a playoff game for the Broncos before Manning. Steelers 8-8 and missing the playoffs entirely. Yikes! Glad my team is the Ravens, right back in the AFC Championship. Cheers!

  145. Denver losing was a team effort. Yes, Manning contributed a lot to the loss, but long before the decisive interception the defense gave up cheap touchdown at end of half and regulation. Then in OT, Denver had Ravens pinned inside their 15 and let them off the hook. Champ Bailey should be cut and defense revamped. Plus without Moreno, the offense did not play as well. Baltimore outplayed Broncos pure and simple, but it was the defense that cost Denver the game.

  146. ravenator | Jan 13, 2013, 12:13 AM EST
    Raven haters have been officially silenced.

    Now all that is left are ravenator haters..far too many to count.

    In a more positive note good team effort by the ravens very impressive win under very tough circumstances. Flacco has improved, but it won’t matter unless he leads you to the SB. Fair or unfair QB s are rated that way. It can still happen this year..will have to wait.

  147. ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha:
    “Baltimore is moving on to the AFC Championship Game for only one reason — because Denver gave them an unforgettable gift.”

    How about they earned it?..Tory Smith didnt get much respect from the Denver DBs and he made them pay..The defense confused Manning..
    Good for them..They were the better team..give credit where its due..

  148. hate to see peyton go but ravens played a hell of a game… flacco just gets it done. from rookie to year 4 or 5 all he does is win..hes like eli and matt ryan (minus playoffs..maybe).. doesnt look pretty but they win.

    lol at tebow comments

    and again smh peyton just cant get it done in the playoffs..maybe next yr if eli doesnt get there first peyton can get number 2

  149. The Ravens didn’t take Manning’s best shot. The Broncos never let Manning give it.

    I don’t know who calls the plays for that offense (and don’t tell me it’s Manning- there’s no way he takes the ball out of his own hands like that), but they called that game like they still had Tim Tebow at QB.

    Not only did they not play to win in the 4th quarter, but they killed their first drive of overtime with three straight runs after getting a first down with a pass.

    Let tell you something- if Mike McCoy was calling those plays, and I was a fan of a team still looking for a new head coach, I would certainly hope my team just took that clown off their list.

  150. Exciting game, great and deserving win, against the odds and a very good Broncos team regardless of that schedule stuff. Joe played well, but left at least 7 points on the table with that overthrow of an open Smith, in addition to ST breakdowns they haven’t had all year. Ravens fans should be glad Broncos took the ball out of Peyton’s hands in last 30 seconds of regulation, too, he’s just too good to do that.

    Ravens need to remember what happened to Pittsburgh game after the Immaculate Reception. Can’t let up.

  151. @reedhof20 …

    Thanks for acknowledging that the Steelers fans on this thread are congratulating the Ravens. And you’re right: Was thinking–especially in the first half–how much I’d like to have Ray Rice in Pittsburgh 😉

  152. Get used to this, Bronco fans. You will never, and I mean NEVER, win a Super Bowl with John Fox as your coach. We suffered his nonsense in Carolina for 9 years, only 3 of them good.

    Only John Fox would call runs up the middle on third down with one of the 5 greatest QBs of all time under center. Only John Fox would take the ball out of that QBs hands with 30 seconds and 2 timeouts when you have a kicker that only needs you to get 25 yards for a game-winning kick.

    Fox is a DC. That’s all he’ll ever be. Go pick a cheerleader off the Bronco sideline. Any of them will do. She will instantly be a better offensive mind than Fox has ever been. He coaches so scared on offense that it is absolutely baffling.

    Take my advice, Elway – demote Fox to DC and go get someone who believes in the forward pass, going for it on 4th & 1 and who actually values offenses scoring points to be your head coach.

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