Report: Brian Kelly staying put


The Eagles have yet to hire a head coach, but they’ve helped get four guys paid handsomely.

First, it was Andy Reid, the 14-year coach who was fired by Philly on a Monday and hired a few days later in Kansas City, with a five-year deal.

Next, a pair of college coaches the Eagles interviewed opted to stay where they are, with adjusted compensation packages:  Bill O’Brien at Penn State and Chip Kelly at Oregon.

Now, with the Eagles trying to persuade Brian Kelly to parlay his 42-14 loss in the BCS title game into an NFL job, Kelly has decided to stay at Notre Dame, according to Pete Thamel of Sports Illustrated.

The Eagles had focused on trying to lure Kelly out of South Bend, a source with knowledge of the situation had told us earlier today.  With Kelly scheduled to attend the Walter Camp awards dinner in Connecticut on Saturday night, it made sense to put this to rest once and for all, or he would have been inundated with questions about his status.

He probably will still be, but at least he’ll have an answer other than, “I’m not going to be the Alabama coach.”

24 responses to “Report: Brian Kelly staying put

  1. Who’s next, Nick Saban (please no, he’s better as a college coach than a NFL coach)?

    In all seriousness, Roseman just wait for Gus Bradley to be available and hire him.

  2. The Eagles and their fans are safe as long as Kelly doesn’t tell his players that he’s not going.

  3. fuglyflorio you couldn’t be more wrong. While media people and the Eagles management might feel like they are getting spurned by these college coaches, the city of Philly is made up primarily of Eagles fans and not those type of people. Believe me, most Eagles fans aren’t in a state of desperation. Instead, we are happy and dont feel spurned cause we didnt want them anyway. We want someone like Jon Gruden, Bill Cowher, or Gus Bradley. As an Eagles fan, I would like to thank these college coaches for hopefully forcing the Eagles to hire someone with more NFL experience

  4. Does John Gruden have the herp or something? Super Bowl winning coach, big name, has connections to Philly having coached there. As a non Eagles fan, I don’t get what they are trying to do.

  5. It’s pretty clear that Kelly never intended to leave, and that his scumbag agent Trace Armstrong organized this whole thing. Armstrong was a joke and a shady bastard at the NFLPA and he’s a joke and a shady bastard as an agent. Thank God, DeMaurice Smith beat him out.

  6. Eagles need to learn that not a lot of people want to coach there. No offense, but how you treated Andy following the success he brough, who wants to be shown the door for overall success, but just a season slump?

    (let the thumbs down begin)

  7. Jprcox- you could not be more wrong. The Eagles gave Reid every chance in the world to win a Super Bowl. Should we have kept him for 20 years? Cmon man that’s absurd. How many organizations give coaches 14 years to reach the ultimate goal? Reid dug his own grave with horrible decisions- both in-game and personnel wise. He had two terrible seasons and showed that it was all falling apart. I appreciate Reid, I was a supporter for his first 11 years, but it was time. I’m glad he’s gone and he’d be the first to tell you that he was in no way mistreated. I don’t want any college coaches so I’m glad all these guys are going back to school. We want Gus Bradley, but he can’t be offered a deal til Seattle is out. The front office has said they will not rush a decision.

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