Tim Tebow’s brother happy to see Peyton Manning lose


Ten months after Denver dumped Tim Tebow in favor of Peyton Manning, Tebow’s brother is delighted to see the Broncos advance no further in the playoffs this year than they did last year.

Peter Tebow, the older brother of Tim Tebow, went on Twitter and took a shot at Manning during the Broncos’ loss to the Ravens after a play on which Manning struggled.

And after the Broncos lost, Peter Tebow called himself “the only one in Denver who’s happy right now.”

Peter Tebow’s Twitter account (which gives his bio as “You can have this whole world, just give me Jesus”) is not verified. But Tim Tebow has made clear on his own verified Twitter account that the @PeterTebow account does belong to his brother.

Tim Tebow usually goes out of his way to portray himself as a nice guy who always says the right thing. His big brother, however, is not above a little gloating.

196 responses to “Tim Tebow’s brother happy to see Peyton Manning lose

  1. They ran Tebow out of town on a rail and brought in Brett Fav…I mean, Peyton Manning, and they can’t even win one playoff game. I’m not surprised there’s a little gloating going on.

  2. “I want to wish my big brother @petertebow a happy birthday! Love you and hope to see you soon!”

    Does he need to do this crap on twitter?!

  3. You can try and put an ugly spin on it if you want to, but Tebow won a playoff game for Denver last year.

  4. The Denver Broncos traded a playoff-winning quarterback for a “G.O.A.T.” who was only 9-10 in the playoffs (now 9-11, btw).

    I’m sure John Elway is happier, though.

  5. I am so happy everyone in Mile High is going home sad tonight!! Much different from last year. Take the Florida Grad over the Tennessee Grad every time!

  6. I hope Tim Tebow is laughing hysterically somewhere right now. I was hoping CBS would show a picture of Elway’s horse face after the loss. Tebow has more playoff wins as Broncos qb than Peyton does!

  7. Ravens in the AFC Championship. Keep on hating haters. No one gave them a chance except themselves and their fans. Baltimore marches on. Soak it up.

  8. Just proof that tebows are fraudulent. If they were really such close followers of christ they would not take the time to wish petty malice on others out of jealousy or bitterness.


  10. You have to admit it’s a little ironic that Peyton Manning could take the Broncos any farther than Tim Tebow could. I think it’s understandable if Tebow’s brother would be happy with the Broncos losing.

    However, I’m not sure why Profootballtalk.com cares what Tim Tebow’s brother thinks?

  11. After a week of listening how the Ravens were not worthy of even being on the same field as Manning what a surprise. I guess that’s why they actually play the games

  12. …and it was Peyton Manning who DIRECTLY costs the Broncos the game!! HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,HA,

  13. One time Peyton Manning had a bad head cold and just one of the mucus encrusted Kleenex in the wastebasket next to his bead had 10,000 times more QB talent than Tim Tebow.

    The fact that anyone I still even mentioning Tim Tebow’s name is more than his weird family could ever hope for.

  14. Oh Tim Tebow’s sweet Jesus and his virgin mother? It will be so nice when that Bible thumper and his family are gone from the NFL. or has the NFL become just another scripted reality tv show?

  15. Anyway, from how Denver fans pretty much gave Tebow the harshest of treatments on his way out and all season, i dont blame his brother.

  16. He can have Jesus…

    In all seriousness though, it’s refreshing to hear at least one Tebow being honest about their feelings regarding Tim’s football career.

  17. flash1283 says:
    Jan 12, 2013 9:10 PM
    And mega head does it again!! Another one and done for the so called “greatest of all time”. And he did it with a top 5 defense.

    Enjoy Donkey fans, this is what you get for another year or 2. Good regular seasons and playoff losses. The when he’s gone your franchise will be back where it was 2 years ago, no QB and fighting it out with the Raiders for last place.

  18. That would have been a blow out if Tebow was still around. Denver lost, what, 7-8 games with Timmy on the team instead of, what 12-4 with Peyton. No contest. Timmy wond be in the league next year.

  19. Guess brother Pete missed the Broncos’ 1-4 collaspe late last season.
    This year’s version of the Broncos had won 11 straight before losing.
    I know. One-and-four. Eleven straight. Not much difference…

  20. I loved it also. Not that Peyton isn’t a great QB. The media has gone crazy. Hyping everything he does. He doesn’t need an OC, etc. It’s ridiculous.

  21. i can’t care the less about the Tebow family, by the way to say the Broncos have lost thanks to Manning means knowing nothing about football. Denver was up 35-28 with 40 seconds to go no timeouts for the Ravens and the ball behind midfield. This defense is clearly overrated, the head coaching job today has been shameful, how about taking a knee with 35 seconds and 2 timeout? I’m shocked.

  22. Peyton Manning didn’t give up 38 points including letting Jacoby Jones get behind you when the only hope Flacco had was to throw up a bomb to tie the game, and your only job as a defender is to not let the receiver get behind you. That loss is on the Denver defense.

    Peyton has a Super Bowl ring and will be in the Hall of Fame some day, two things that the only way Tebow will ever see is if he buys a ticket.

  23. Direct your anger at the QB that threw a pick 6, fumbled setting up another TD, and then tossed a 2nd pick setting up the winning FG.

    Despite getting 14 points via special teams, Manning STILL came up short when it counted.

  24. And the Lord said, “Tim Tebow cannot carry (or throw) Peyton Manning’s jock strap”.

    Here ends the reading. Lord, have mercy.

  25. Yeah , manning blew it (not completely himself ). They lost n tebow won a playoff game last year.

    With everyone already knowing everything that happened, can anyone say with a straight face that they would rather have tebow over manning?

  26. Playoff wins as a Bronco:

    Tebow: 1 (completed an 80 yd TD pass to win in OT)

    Manning: 0 (thew an INT to set up winning FG in OT)

    Put that in your pipe Elway and smoke it!


  27. Spin it any way you want to but dud the broncos win a playoff game with Tebow at qb and tossing for over 200 yards? Will bronco fans blame this on that great d that they gave credit to instead of tebow for that win? Why should Tebow or his brother have to apologize after the way he was treated by the broncos organization?

  28. what a bitter, hypocritical little wannabe Tebow man…make sure you’re up in time to go to church tomorrow…you have some forgiveness to seek.

  29. It should never have come to this. Epic fail with the Denver defense allowing it to go to overtime. What a pitiful play by the Safety…Geesh…

    I am actually glad to be a Brown’s fan after that choke…..

  30. Why is everyone bashing Tim’s faith. This was his brother and I for one have never heard of him before this. Tebow may not be a great QB but it’s clear he is a great human being.

  31. I’m a Tim Tebow fan and an evangelical Christian. Having seen Peter Tebow’s posts, I’m also quite embarrassed for the Tebow family right now. (Meanwhile, during the past year, Peyton Manning has responded with nothing but class to the whole Tim Tebow situation.)

  32. Hey, if the Jets dump Tebow, maybe the Broncos can pick him back up. They could have Manning play during the regular season and then turn it over to Tebow in the playoffs so they can win some games…

  33. This very very unchristian like. If Jesus wanted Tebow in Denver he would be there. Tim your not only mocking Denver, your mocking our Lord and Saviour. Shame On You!

  34. Bottom line is that Tim Tebow can’t play. End of story. 20 guys get cut in each camp every season on every team in the NFL that have more talent then him. He’s a celebrity who’s famous for being famous and a gimmick college player. If he was black with the same talent and wasn’t names Tebow he wouldn’t make the first weeks cut and everyone here knows it. Not a Manning fan but I just still continue to be amazed at the attention this guy gets.I know we live in a dumbed down society that makes celebrities out of the likes of no-talent bimbos like Kim Kardashian, but this is getting silly at this point. The Jets stunk this season and barely used him. Why? he has no use. He stinks. He’s a slow fullback at best.

  35. To show you how much of a loser Tebow is, you Tebowites had to wait aaaaaallll this time to try and stick it to Denver.

    Peyton isn’t the greatest QB, but he’s better then Tebow any day of the week (and twice on Sunday’s) too.

    Tebow could neeeeeveeeeer lead team to a Super Bowl. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. ” A chance to win a super bowl”. Peyton give you “a chance”. Tebow doesn’t and never could.

  36. I tell you, these Tebow Haters are some of the stupidest people on earth. Dudes you need to read your post before hitting submit. You might want to get your mommy or daddy to read it first…

  37. To be honest, the Broncos made it to the same level of the playoffs with both QBs. Both Peyton and Timmy lost in the divisional round. Timmy won in the wildcard last year, while technically Peyton won by not having to play in the wildcard (due to his season record). Interesting how that worked out. Still think they are better with Peyton, but in a couple of years they will be back to square one. Need to win now (playoff games included) to justify bringing in Peyton.

    P.S. Who really cares what brother Tebow says? I suppose since the Timmy Tebowmania has been quiet lately, the idiots in the news had to expand their search engine results to include ANY Tebow. Sad that the news folks won’t let this pandemic die off…like Timmy’s football career.

  38. Very interesting that the Denver Broncos go 13-3 and lose the same game they did last season. Sure 13-3 is better than 8-8 but what do the experts make of this loss?

    I do not blame Peyton Manning, well not as much as I do others within the Broncos locker room.

    John Fox, Mike McCoy, and the defensive backs for the Broncos should put a brown paper bag over their heads.

    They blew the game for their team and all this talk about how with Tim Tebow they couldn’t go far, well, without him you can’t either.

  39. flash1283 says:Jan 12, 2013 9:17 PM

    flash1283 says:
    Jan 12, 2013 9:10 PM
    And mega head does it again!! Another one and done for the so called “greatest of all time”. And he did it with a top 5 defense.

    Enjoy Donkey fans, this is what you get for another year or 2. Good regular seasons and playoff losses. The when he’s gone your franchise will be back where it was 2 years ago, no QB and fighting it out with the Raiders for last place.

    How was that top 5 D tonight? Manning drives them down,scores a TD and Baltimore gets it with 69 seconds and no timeouts. This is on Manning why? He put his team in a position to lose so the top 5 D could do their job one time today.

  40. Usually when we hear an nfl player’s brother spout off on twitter we just write it off as the less successful member of the family. But in this case…who knows?

  41. You can’t really blame the loss on Peyton. He put them in position to win SO many times. The TEAM just never pulled through.

    And John Fox is an idiot. His conservative play calling lost them the game.

  42. brenenostler says:
    Jan 12, 2013 9:28 PM
    Just so everyone knows, that makes Peyton 9-11 in the postseason now.

    Well, that’s 8 more games then Tebow would ever win. Tebow’s win ove the Steelers was a fluke. Tebow will be selling insurance next year. He’s time is done in the league.

  43. The only difference is that Peyton didnt even have to play a game to get as far as Tebow did in the playoffs.

  44. Thefiesty1 says: “That would have been a blow out if Tebow was still around. Denver lost, what, 7-8 games with Timmy on the team instead of, what 12-4 with Peyton. No contest. Timmy wond be in the league next year.”

    Orton lost 4 of those games. Tebow didn’t get the start til they were 1-4.

  45. Colts got as far as the Broncos this year.

    Which team has a brighter future?

    It is highly doubtful that Manning will ever win a playoff game again. Given his injury history, age (37 at the beginning of next year), and Denver being a cold outdoor stadium, it is very unlikely.

    When he played for the Colts, home field advantage was crucial as he is awful in cold weather. Now home field advantage is cold.

  46. So let’s see here, Peter. Your brother barely got any playing time this year. Peyton, on the other hard, rehabbed from a horrible injury and made it to the playoffs.

    Manning brothers = 3 Superbowl rings
    Tebow brothers = Still insignificant

  47. Well that’s what happens when you turn in an epic fail performance, run an incompetent offensive scheme, and hand the other team 17 points. The Tebows get to dance on your season’s grave. If he don’t like it, don’t let a 7 point dog eat your dinner at home then.

  48. Peyton Manning’s brother didn’t act like a jerk when Timmy bombed out in N.Y. this past season.

  49. Posted 11/20/2012


    Nothing matters until the Broncos win two playoff games this year if it happens.

    The rest is just cheerleading….

    Tebow took them to the second round of the payoffs last season.

  50. this loss was on yhe denver D not payton. they were up 7 and gave the ball back to Baltimore with 1:10 and no timeouts and they still couodnt stop them. thats not paytons fault.

  51. Tebow won 2 BCS Championships and. Heisman. Manning won none and went 0-4 against UF, lost evry year in the pros except one, and is the 3rd best QB in his family.

  52. Bronco’s DB’s lost that game, not Manning. Chump Bailey is in the Pro Bowl? What a joke that is. As far as Tebow…he will play somewhere next year, it just won’t be at QB.

  53. ********************
    realdealsteel says:
    Jan 12, 2013 9:34 PM

    Tebow could neeeeeveeeeer lead team to a Super Bowl. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. ” A chance to win a super bowl”. Peyton give you “a chance”. Tebow doesn’t and never could.

    Peyton could neeeeeveeeeer lead a team to a National Championship. And that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. A chance to win a “national championship”. Tebow gave you “a chance”. Peyton doesn’t and never could.

  54. The “Curse of Tebow” hooked up with the “Ghost of Jake Plummer’s Career” at a seedy motel in Denver right off Colfax – what we’ve witnessed today is the spawn of their union.

    Go Nevermores!!!

  55. My, how very “turn the other cheek” of Peter Tebow. What exactly did Peyton Manning ever do to him? Classy guy.

  56. How can anyone in his right mind conclude that Tebow gets the last laugh? In the next several weeks, Manning will be preparing for OTAs as the starting QB of an NFL team. He will still have an outrageously beautiful wife, $20 million a year, millions more in investments, an awesome, equally successful family and the moment he retires he’s going to the Hall of Fame. Tebow has none of those things. None of them.

  57. Certainly not very Godly of you to wish for another’s bad fortune. By the way – where exactly will your brother be playing next year – or will he be playing? How many GM’s do you think would take Manning as their QB vs. Tebow?

  58. No wonder we get non stop anything Tebow news on a daily basis. Look at how many comments this stupid story spawned. When will it end?

  59. Seriously folks, it was won in regulation until the secondary forgot how to cover the receiver in the last seconds. It should never have had to go into overtime!!! The secondary did not man up and prevent the big plays. You come back from 4 neck surgeries and see how you play. Peyton did a unbelievable job this year, Tebow does not have the talent to play QB in the NFL. Good athlete but inaccurate, the play book was watered down. Teams could figure him out after a short amount of time. Yea I’m a lady and I can figure that one out!!

  60. I bet 95% of all derogatory comments about manning are coming from Texan fans who:
    1: weren’t capable of beating colts hardly ever when manning was there.
    2. Still can’t beat them in Indy
    3. Have only about 20 hours of season left.

  61. Peter certainly is entitled to his informed opinion,
    After all, his touchdown totals this season are identical to the third string QB for the NY Jets.

  62. I’m just tired of all this tebow crap. People can’t Separate the fact last years Broncos Barely beat I defensively Inapt Steelers team and this Ravens team has been to the AFC championship the last 2 of 3 or something like that.

  63. To those of you saying things like “At least Tebow won a playoff game for the Broncos”..

    If you had actually watched the game, you’d realize that the costliest mistakes the Broncos made were when their defense was on the field (I’m looking at you, Champ bailey). Newsflash..a team is made up of more than just a quarterback. Try watching the game first, gather your thoughts, and then comment.

  64. Raheem Moore wasn’t deep enough not the broncos day.whatever to the tebow’s Peyton will be starting and in the nfl next year.

  65. Mannings interception thrown across his body is almost the exact boneheaded error Favre threw against New Orleans. Makes me feel better knowing it can happen to any iconic QB…slways had a question in my mind about WHAT would motivate a veteran anf future HOF to make such an errant decision. EVERYONE knows not to do it….but they didi it. Oh well…congratulations Ravens!

  66. Now Denver fans can appreciate what the Indy fans have had for all these years. Peyton can deliver so much heart ache in the playoffs

  67. With Tebow the Broncos had no chance vs a team like Baltimore or New England. With Tebow they lose by 24pts in this game, not 3.

  68. That first tweet was not a “shot at manning”. I noticed it too, when the broncos were in the no-huddle, peyton gave a hand signal to his receivers. There’s a joke where you put one hand over the other and wiggle our thumbs, and it’s known as the awkward turtle. Yes, it’s stupid, But apparently anything Tebow-related has to be treated like something out of USWeekly.

  69. So let me get this straight, is anyone trying to say that Tim Tebow is an upgrade over Peyton Manning? This Tebow stuff is out of control and completely ridiculous… Really wacko.

  70. What’s her gonna tweet in a year from now…… Am I the only one happy the NFL lost today.

    Take that NFL for no excepting my brother!

  71. “The Denver Broncos traded a playoff-winning quarterback for a “G.O.A.T.” who was only 9-10 in the playoffs (now 9-11, btw).


    Who is this “playoff winning qb ” you refer to?? Tebow??

    1-1 isnt a winning record.

  72. Peyton Manning is the consummate professional. I feel more than gratified that some of Tim Tebow’s former teammates anonymous and otherwise,who blasted him after his departure and minimized his contributions to the team’s success last year are defeated. Especially since they, after the fact last season, made claims it was actually the defense not their “sub-par QB who held the team together. Well, wonderful QB Peyton manning not withstanding, if he had a better defense they would have won. I guess we all could see it was Tim Tebow overcoming a sub-par defense, that even the likes of Peyton Manning could not.

  73. The people that are dissing manning and praising tebow for winning a playoff game just dont know anything about football. Denvers defense screwed up on some big plays that led the ravens to overtime in the first place. And about tebow, the reason why he was tossed from the broncos is because he can not throw! The only reason he got to a playoff game was because of matt praters leg. Seriously people read up on some football, never even mention tebow and peyton in the same sentence ever, so disrespectful!!

  74. Sorry folks, but Tebow fans have EVERY right to gloat about this one. Tebow took them to the divisional round and lost, and now Peyton Manning did the same exact thing. Upgrade? Their season ended exactly the same way and that’s the bottom line.

  75. When Tebow loses in the Grey Cup playoffs next year I’m sure all of Denver will tweet about it.


  76. its called Tim being professional in a rough business.. I wouldn’t hate on Timmy if he rooted for the Ravens because of his nightmare in Denver.. Why do people have to throw in any religion when he has a “choice” to root for either team…
    In all honesty, I was never a Tebow fan (nor am I now), but this guys getting blasted for absolutely NO reason.. In his defense, he owns an overall record of 9-7 in the NFL, I’m not saying it could’ve been better or worse, but if he was captain comeback last year, then he was simply just that, why are you people still on this guys nut-sac when ALL he wanted was a fair chance to play when his number is called upon. Unfortunately for him, he would’ve gotten that chance in Jacksonville, however he chose otherwise becsuse he was brainwashed by the owner & the HC come on down like he even got

  77. Peyton won the game…the defense just couldn’t hold the win.

    Tebow couldn’t even begin to dream of being the QB Manning is on his worst day. Tebow is a mediocre fullback pretending to play QB, period.

    Little clue for the Tebow lovers: Manning was given a 90 million dollar contact. NO ONE WANTS TEBOW.

    Seriously. Not even Jacksonville! Hope you get Canadian games if you ever want to see him behind center again.

  78. “What does Peter Tebow do for a living? Does he warm a bench too?”

    The day Tebow won the Heisman Trophy, he probably accomplished more than you will your entire life. Or did you win a National Championship and get drafted in the first round of the NFL draft, too?

  79. The defense may not have done the Broncos any favors on that last drive in regulation, but they didn’t make Manning throw an 8 yard creampuff of a pass into coverage on 2nd and 6 in OT. Face it. Manning choked.

  80. “So let’s see here, Peter. Your brother barely got any playing time this year.”

    Of course not. The team that won a playoff game with him got rid of him to an even more clueless team that has a coach that thought Mark Sanchez was better. And the Broncos paid tens of millions for a hasbeen apparently because they didn’t learn the Favre lesson.

    Troy Aikman won as many playoff games as the Manning brothers did this year. He has three Super Bowl rings, too. Maybe the Broncos will sign him out of retirement!

  81. Sounds like a little jealousy on the part of Peter Tebow. Sad! Makes me wonder if he is reflecting the feelings of his brother too. Whatever! If Moore wouldn’t have falling asleep in the last 30 seconds of the game. the Broncos would have won. Would he have then felt jealous of Manning?


    Broncos 35 Ravens 38 2OT

    Isaiah 54:17
    No weapon that is formed against you shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against you in judgment you shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, said the LORD.

  83. Look at his playoff history – Manning is a choke artist. Always has been, always will be.

    If the Bears had a real QB in 2006 Manning wouldn’t even have one ring.

    Manning also falls down like a pathetic old man when the pass rush gets close. Who wants a wimp like this leading their team?

  84. How can anyone say they don’t blame Peyton Manning for this loss?

    The safety blew coverage on ONE score.

    Peyton Manning turned it over THREE times.

  85. Oh…so the Heisman is the standard here? Here are some names for you…Heisman winners: Gino Torretta, Matt Leinart, Charlie Ward, Eric Crouch, Danny Wuerffel and Rashaan Salaam. Add Tebow’s name to that list of “winners”. He’ll have accomplished about as much.

  86. Oh come on.

    Denver’s defense was absolutely horrible. Yes, Denver’s safety gave up only one TD. But their CB’s gave up two more, and the receiver who handed Manning’s perfect pass to the defender for a pick six cost then one more.

    Champ Bailey was a joke. He got torched all game.

    There’s certainly blame to go around, but, unless you’re playing arena football, any time your team scores 35 points, you should expect a “W”.

  87. Funny how know it alls on here are blaming Manning. What a joke. Peyton made one bad play and it was the INT in overtime. How about the game shouldnt have even been in OT if not for the defense going pop warner out there. What a disgraceful defensive performance. Flacco was standing back there hurling inaccurate ducks all day and the 2 or 3 that were actually catchable went for TDs. Yeah all Mannings fault though. Sorry but Peyton doesnt play safety you tards

  88. The Broncos were the top seed in the AFC this season and lost the first playoff game to a 4th seed.

    Problem is, the schedule won’t be as easy next year.

    Playing Oakland, KC, Miami, Jacksonville, Cleveland, Buffalo, Philadelphia, San Diago,
    St. Louis, Carolina, Detroit and the NY Jets caused them to be overated.

  89. The case for keeping Manning in Denver is 5 out of 10.

    They shoud give him an 80% pay cut and use him a backup to a young QB with talent.

  90. No other team would pay Manning $20 million next year.

    Not even $10 million.

    He has no playoff upside potential.
    Tracey Porter burned him in NOLA.

  91. @humptyfratz says:
    Jan 12, 2013 9:11 PM
    “The Denver Broncos traded a playoff-winning quarterback for a “G.O.A.T.” who was only 9-10 in the playoffs (now 9-11, btw).

    I’m sure John Elway is happier, though.”

    Are you implying the Broncos would be better of with Tim Tebow behind center than they are with Peyton Manning? I’m a Gator fan, but even I’m not ignorant enough to make that argument. I’m with Elway, I’ll take my playoff ready team with an older, recovering Manning over a young, healthy Tebow every time.

    Btw, G.O.A.T. = Greatest Of All Time?

  92. “Funny how know it alls on here are blaming Manning. What a joke. Peyton made one bad play”

    Which of his three turnovers was the “one bad play”?

  93. I would be the first to say I wish Tim’ brother had not posted what he did; but his biggest error was not realizing it would get all this press. But it was a football game guys, not Manning breaking his neck again; give the guy a break and let’s not take this all too seriously. For those quoting scripture and claiming the Tebows are bitter hypocrites… I kinda think Jesus comes in on the side of rooting for a kid brother over your piety and I don’t see any evidence to support the charge of bitterness.

    As for quarterbacking, nobody is arguing Peyton Manning’s past record, but the emphasis is on the past. Remember that the Colts put him out to pasture. As for Tebow, I don’t know if he will make it in the NFL or not, but I am rooting for him in a big way. I really believe had there not been the lockout his first year, had the coach who drafted him not been fired, had the new coach and GM believed in him and invested in him, had he not gone to the Jets… that he would have grown as a QB. But what good are “might have beens,” and I agree with Tim that God has a purpose. I also know that historically many great QBs had rocky starts, some were even said to not be able to throw.

    I think it could have been a great part of Peyton Manning’s legacy to have been part of developing Tim Tebow as the QB of the future. I also think that would have been the better long-term investment for the Broncos. But they made other choices and for those who love and support Tim Tebow, there is no sin in gloating just a little. The fact is, the buy week was not a win, and Tim led the Broncos to a playoff win and Peyton did not. That does not mean Tebow is greater than Manning, but that does mean there is a moments light-hearted satisfaction for those who wish Elway had kept his promise to work with Tim in the off season last year.

    As for Peter speaking for Tim, I read someone last evening who said Tim has friends on the Broncos’ team and was likely rooting for them to win. That sounds like Tim.

  94. *** Your opinions are needed ***

    So where do we go with Manning and the Broncos next season?

    W L
    16 & 0
    14 & 2

    12 & 4

    9 & 7

    Does it matter if your post season play is lame?

    Hyping Manning and the Broncos to beer drinking Denver fans who never saw a Manning they didn’t like is exploitation.

    Elway has mortgaged the team’s future and lead the to the edge of a cliff, not to a Superbowl.

  95. Elway treated Tebow like an opponent rather than a Bronco team player.

    They thought removing him would leave an unblemished SuperBowl team with Manning at QB.

    Elway never bothered to hold up a mirror in front of himself and Fox.
    He just starting writing $20 million checks to Manning and put the Denver Buick franchise on auto pilot.

    Now the Buick is hanging over a mile high cliff.

  96. Cowboys owner Jerry Jones called security and told them to remove Rex Ryan’s twin brother
    from the premises.

    Guess whose next.

    Rex Ryan.

  97. so thats great tebow got them a playoff win last year, but where did that take them?

    a divisional round loss, same as peyton this year.

    had peyton gotten a playoff win for the broncos, theyd be in the afc championship.

    big difference. have some perspective.

  98. Peyton didn’t have to back into the playoffs. Teblow lost 3 straight games to clinch the division. Peyton won 11 straight. He is also going to be the MVP and Teblow can’t even beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting job.

  99. thefiesty1 says:
    Jan 12, 2013 9:17 PM
    That would have been a blow out if Tebow was still around. Denver lost, what, 7-8 games with Timmy on the team instead of, what 12-4 with Peyton. No contest. Timmy wond be in the league next year.
    Not that I’m trying to say Tebow is even close to Manning’s level however, Tebow is the reason that team made the playoffs last year. Before he started they were something like 1-4. Their defense kept them in games and Tebow finished them. But your point of the Broncos losing 7 or 8 under Tebow last year isn’t true.

  100. Manning should do what Kurt Warner was willing to do in Arizona, and that is redo his contract so they can afford to keep and get good players.

  101. How does Denver Bronco’s reconcile this financially? Tim Tebow cost 5 Million and he got us to the 2nd round in the Play off.
    Payton Manning cost over 100 million and died in the First Round.
    I hope you are happy? Denver could have had a running quarterback like The 49ners, or Washington Redskins, or even the Sea Hawks but no; you paid way too much for Manning and now you are stuck with him.
    Someone will be smart enough to take Tim Tebow and put the right cast around him and watch him run over the league.
    If was a joy watching the 49ners do what Tim Tebow routinely do and succeed. I guess the League has a lot to learn from the new kids on the block.

  102. Now that Tebow will be leaving the NFL, maybe he will start a church which his supporters can attend, leaving the rest of us to watch Luck and other talented young QBs get even better than they already are. Even last year, other young rookies (Tbow was not a rookie last year) pulled off even more miraculous final quarters, but they didn’t pretend to be the second coming of JC, so they weren’t covered.

  103. As a Broncos fan, I don’t give a stuff about Manning’s “legacy”. Only Colts fans care what he did in Indy.
    Here in Denver he’s 13-4, and 0-1 so far. Spooky parallels to 97 playoffs…and we all know what happened after that meltdown. I blame the thin mountain air for the big plays given up. That ball sailed like a spaceship. Even Flacco was surprised how bionic that made his arm given the number of times he overthrew wide open receivers way downfield.

  104. John Elway had the look of a man that just lost a $100,000,000 bet. Manning looked like himself in the playoffs!

  105. After the Broncos lost to the Jags in the playoffs John Elway gave up most of his contract and played for league min. and the Broncos signed two free agents Neil Smith and Howard Griffith with that money and won two SB. I bet Peyton wont give up a dime to help team.

  106. Lets see Denver offense scored 21 points and the Manning turnovers lead to 17 points for Baltimore. If Tony Romo or Matt Ryan played the same game they’d be ARRESTED by the police and pad locked out of the stadium. 9-11 in the playoffs and consistent bad plays at the end of these games. Best QB of all time against bad defenses… But when the pressure rises he tinkles on the field…

  107. I have a ton of respect and love for Manning’s legacy. However, it wasn’t about none of that on Sunday. My Ravens lined up and his Bronocs lined up and bumped heads. The better team came out on top. If it’s any consolation there will be a Manning-Brady Pro Bowl at the local bingo alley.

  108. The great Elway experiment got Denver to the same spot as last year…just cost you guys a bit more money. But at least it was exciting getting there. Elmo is still the best darn gift horse executive vice president of football operations in NFL football. Just don’t look in his mouth.

  109. Beating a lot of teams that are going to have the first 8 picks in next years draft does not make you AFC Champs.

  110. Obama is called the messiah by the black community and the lecherous media, Obama is a hypocrite who lives none of what he professes. Obama talks about himself constantly. Contrast this politician/ prostitute with Tim Tebow. Obama does nothing but lie and seek to destroy and enslave , what does TT do, he speaks the truth, lives what he speaks and when no one else is looking spends a lot of his time with sick, maimed, and diseased people in poverty, which he has been doing all his life long before he ever played football. He’s also a damn good quarterback he needs the experience of Peyton, thats all . Peyton by the way lives what he speaks as well

  111. I think John Elways ” Man O War” has taken a broadside and is heading “down , down, down!” to “Davey Jones’ Locker” , soon Elway will be “walking the plank” bummer !

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