Time for Jim Caldwell to get consideration for another coaching job

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As Jacksonville G.M. Dave Caldwell compiles the list of candidates for the Jaguars’ head-coaching job, he should look no farther than his own name.

Last name, not first name.

Ravens offensive coordinator Jim Caldwell, thrust into the position last month as he was preparing to welcome his former pupil, Peyton Manning, to town, has turned around a struggling offense quickly and decisively.  The end result?  A franchise postseason record 479 yards in an unlikely 38-35 win over the Broncos, the first time the Ravens have beaten Peyton Manning in 10 tries.

It comes a week after Caldwell and company set a franchise postseason record with 439 yards in a 24-9 win over the Colts.  In Week 16, the Ravens also racked up 533 yards against the Giants.

Coupled with the fact that Caldwell took the Colts to the Super Bowl in his first year as head coach, the guy needs to at least be on the list of teams that are still looking.

The only problem is that, with Caldwell now unavailable to be interviewed until after the Ravens’ season ends, and with the Ravens’ season lasting at least eight more days and possibly 22, it could be too late for Caldwell this time around.

But if he does with the Baltimore offense next season what he has done with them in the past month, he should be on the short list of guys who get mentioned all season long as eventual candidates for head-coaching jobs.

44 responses to “Time for Jim Caldwell to get consideration for another coaching job

  1. Oh please, he was so predictable today that even Dan Dierdorf knew what was coming.

    The Ravens won despite him, not because of him.

  2. What a great gameplan called. Keep on hating haters. Flacco and Caldwell are great together. AFC Championship, ya baby! Go Ravens.

  3. He’s earned the permanent gig as Ravens OC at the very least despite Deirdorf’s never ending criticism of him wanting to give Ray Rice the ball.

  4. Bronco fans wouldn’t listen when everyone told them that their record was based on a cupcake schedule…..maybe now they will. Defensive rankings, offensive stats are all skewed when you play the softest schedule in the league but some people only look at the stats and rankings and not how they came to be. Tebow took the Broncos to the playoffs and won….Manning won 4 more games this year but lost in first rd. of playoffs ……at home.

  5. I respectfully disagree. He may be a good coordinator, but he was in over his head as a HC in Indy and I’m not sure that would change.

  6. A lot of people attributed the Colt’s demise to the loss of Peyton Manning, and while that was part of it, Caldwell was a bigger part. He ran Dungy’s Colts into the ground.

    I would think twice before hiring him again as a head coach.

  7. Get serious, he will never get a Head Job again. he inherited a great and drove them to terrible team in a very short term, so what if Manning was hurt there is no excuse for them being as horrible as they were. Almost any coach could take a good team and win some games. He did a horrible job. NO CHANCE

  8. he never coached the colts manning was the player coach when he was the interim coach .he maybe a good oc but never a good coach

  9. Ravens fan here. Ill be the first to say that we won today in spite of Caldwell. His play calling in the 4th and OT were some of the most predictable/horrible calls ive seen in some time.

  10. He did a very good job in the first half. But as for the second half and OT, I’ve seen better play calling from my Chiefs.

    That was one of the dumbest 2nd half gameplans I’ve ever seen.

    “Hmmm… Torrey Smith beat Champ Bailey 4 times in the first half and when Flacco threw decent passes, he caught 2 TDs…………. let’s not try that ever again.”

  11. Ravens fan here. Ill be the first to say that we won today in spite of Caldwell. His play calling in the 4th and OT were some of the most predictable/horrible calls ive seen in some time.


    Ravens fan here as well. We wanted Cam gone for not giving the ball to Rice, but now Caldwell has to eat crap for wanting to give Rice the ball? That’s just dumb. There is a reason they gave Rice all of that money. Denver isn’t exactly chopped liver. Not all running plays are going to work, but it’s worse if they don’t even try. There is just no pleasing some Ravens fans ever.

  12. Lets see if you’re saying the same thing after they get blown out 50-10 next week in New England.

    The fact of the matter is the Ravens play calling was simply awful today. They won becasue Manning pulled his usual playoff el-fold-o, and Denvers play calling was just as laughable.

    Also, theres a reason this guy was fired by the Colts… he was a so-so coach at best. That doesn’t change because the Ravens clawed their way to a win tonight.

  13. Go back and watch the last game Peyton actually played in for the Colts, against the Jets when Caldwell actually was a head coach. Watch as he botches a time out call at the game’s end that literally had Peyton screaming, “WHAT?!!!!” That happened a LOT when he was coaching, as he seemed completely baffled by this crazy ‘time out’ system the NFL has. Great coordinator, bad head coach.

  14. Coupled with the fact that Caldwell took the Colts to the Super Bowl in his first year as head coach

    Coupled with the fact that he inherited Dungy’s superbowl team and after wining once with that team never made a legit contention again which is why he’s an OC in Baltimore and not still the HC in Indy.

  15. Jakec4: even the commentators were noting how bad the play selections were in the 4th and OT. I agree with you (and Caldwell) in Rice’s usage and thought that he had the perfect amount of carries during the game. However, I dont think run-run-pass every single offensive series is gonna keep working for us.

    25cuts: i am so sorry that I said that “we” won instead of saying “the ravens” won. I dont know what I was thinking…if theres anything I can do to make up for this please let me know man. I promise it will never happen again.

  16. Um, no its not, let me guess, the only reason this is even being brought up is because of skin color. If he did not inherent Payton Manning he would have been .500 or worse.

    BTW, Jim Fassel took the Giants to the SB and can’t even get a job in the NFL. He wouldn’t have taken the Colts to the SB if not for Manning.

  17. Jim Caldwell may be an affable guy. He has that quiet demeanor thing going. But I saw nothing Saturday that says he should be the “shot caller”. That offense had no imagination. Run up the middle, run up the middle, pass, repeat. Seriously. I felt sorry for Joe and Rice. You figure, OK, they setting up the play action. But it didn’t materialize. Don’t use that 70 yard TD as an example because that was a busted play that Joe caught a break on with the safety sleeping back there. Caldwell showed his inexperience in calling plays, which boggles my mind since he was a head coach once before. I can’t agree with him getting another shot because of today. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he ceased being the OC after this year, win or lose. That is how badly I think he called this game.

  18. Ravens fan here too. I agree with Jakec4, some Ravens fans will always find something to complain about. It’s great being in Hawaii right now so I don’t have to hear all the calls for Tyrod Taylor over Flacco.

  19. I don’t know who on the Ravens’ staff figured out that Tory Smith could beat Champ Bailey like a drum all day, but whoever it was deserves a lot of credit for the victory today.

  20. The guy was competent enough to be P. Manning’s choice as successor to Dungy and led the team to a Superbowl in his 1st season as a HC then has relieved Cam Cameron at the most crucial point in the season and has the Ravens playing their best ball of the season and he doesn’t deserve another shot as HC somewhere?LOL SMDH

  21. and what exactly has he done to warrant consideration for another HC gig. Flacco threw up a couple of prayers that normally would have been picked or knocked down, everyone gets lucky time to time. Caldwell had much better talent around him in Indy and couldnt get it done so whats changed here. the Denver defense the strength of this team had a real bad gm so lets keep things in perspective here. next wk they are going to New England where Belichick and Brady will take them to school. the Ravens will come up short again against the Patriots.

  22. First let me start by saying i have no dog in the fight. I am a steelers fan as my handle easily says but anyone who watched this game and doesn’t give props to Caldwell doesn’t know football.

    Second, black position coaches are too often disrespected in this league. Let’s not forget that the mess with the Colts was the GM and QB’s (Peyton Manning) doing. They built their team around Peyton, they didn’t invest in a backup QB and the defense was put together to stop the pass and not the run based on how often their offense scores and how the opponent they are playing has to abandon the run and pass to catch up. So what happens when you lose that QB, well the team unravels, because it was built poorly. To hang that on Caldwell is stupid. First for the owner who fired Caldwell and for the rest of the league who didn’t give Caldwell another shot.

  23. then caldwell should get raheem moore since hes the idiot who gave the game to balt to get into overtime

  24. Good coordinators do not always translate into good head coaches. We have seen it time and again, but I guess you don’t know until you try.

    Except in this case, it has already been tried. And it was a failure. Simply being a good OC does not make a you a good head coach. The skillsets are quite different. So please stop trying to pretend otherwise.

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