92 ejected from Candlestick Park

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Last night’s game in San Francisco was a pretty good one, especially for the home team.  But 92 folks who paid for tickets left prematurely, and involuntarily.

According to the Associated Press, 92 fans were ejected during the 49ers’ 45-31 victory over Green Bay.  Another 25 were arrested for public intoxication.

Last year, a divisional-round game at Candlestick Park led to numerous complaints from mistreatment by Saints fans.  Local authorities responded during the NFC title game with undercover officers dressed as Giants fans.

Fan behavior has become an increasing concern for the NFL; being exposed to verbal abuse and drunken stumblebums makes paying customers choose to stay home, where the game is free and the TV is large and the food is much cheaper and the lines to the restrooms are short and no one pees on the floor.

Except the dog.  And Uncle Ralph.

102 responses to “92 ejected from Candlestick Park

  1. This is embarrassing. Well, I guess without seeing the “normal” amount of ejected fans per NFL game statistic, it’s hard to say what it is. But it seems pretty embarrassing.

  2. As long as nobody was hurt this seems like a sensitive reaction to people who pay to watch a violent sport.

  3. Well, the games are “free”. We are still paying for our cable, while being force-fed nonstop commercial breaks in between plays. I would almost rather pay the extra money to go to the game and not see a commercial every 3 minutes. Of course, then I get to just see the players standing around, killing momentum, while the sponsors get their words in to the folks at home. Makes me sick.

  4. I really can’t think of good reasons to go to NFL games.

    Much more comfortable at home.

  5. should let them fight in the stands, less likely to get shot there than in the parking lot. San Francisco fans are making Philly fans look like decent citizens

  6. My son took me to a Hawks game two years ago. It’s the first one I have ever attended. I have only seen that much drinking in one place in my entire life, and that was at Mardi Gras. To this day, I wonder how in the bleep all those drunks got into their cars and drove home? Are ALL stadiums throughout the league this bad on game day? It is no mystery to me that people increasingly opt to remain home with their entertainment centers on Sundays.

  7. Only a few more years until the NFL catches up with the standards of European soccer and designates a section of each stadium for the visiting teams fans only available to members of the away teams supporters club.

  8. Stuff like that doesn’t happen in Philly and anyone who thinks obviously has never been there including 3 finger Lenny on thus blog. Keep it classy SF lol

  9. And yet these same Niners fans have the gall to say things like “Oh, I would never go to the Oakland Coliseum”.

    When’s the last time you heard about 92 Raiders fans getting ejected?

  10. Candlestick is a horrible environment. The stadium is falling apart, the fans are ugly to other fans and security is non-existent for the most part. It wasn’t always that way, but that’s the way it is now. Even Oakland is a better place to see a game. Hopefully the new stadium with it’s steep licensing fees (ha ha ha!!) will help clean this up.

  11. it’s not as bad as the media makes it out to be. I’ve been a season ticket holder at candlestick for 4 years now and the only time it gets chippy is when we played the raiders. the packer fans I was sitting by were cool as hell with everyone we were around and there was heckling like always but nothing serious. people who are saying its dangerous are soft and should stay at home and watch it on tv.

  12. Going to a live sporting event sucks anymore. Overpriced (which is an understatement) tickets, food, drink, parking, and merchandise (aside from the dudes hawking $10 t-shirts in the parking lot after the game) all make for a miserable time. The only thing my living room can’t provide is the atmosphere of a packed stadium. However, a comfortable couch, cheap liquor and food, surround sound, not having to worry about getting harassed by upset/hammered derelicts, and a bathroom floor without puddles of piss everywhere easily make staying home and watching the games a better option. Not to mention going to a 1pm game you usually miss the afternoon games, and going to a 4pm game you miss both the 1pm games and most, if not all, of the 830pm game. Like I said I would take my living room, with a few buddies, any day over attending a game.

  13. @dolphins1121,

    you’ve never been to a redskins game then.. they show commercials during the game.

  14. At least there were no death threats to players. Not yet, anyway. Gotta love niners fans.

  15. This doesn’t surprise me, given onlythe articles I’ve read& the postings of 9er fans. It’s a shame. Come on down to NOLA & let the Whodat Nation show u what real fans w/class act like, perhaps teach hospitality & manners!

  16. Wow and us Philly fans didnt even throw a battery at andy reid in his last game…… Guess 9ers fans are the worst fans in the NFL now ….OH wait the media dont talk trash about san fran like Philly so all is well.

  17. Having been to a number of NFL games over the years and a number of English Premier League games I believe the scales have tipped. I would rather take my son to EPL than NFL. The shorter length of games and continual action means less drinking and amazingly, better behavior.

  18. Don’t expect much of a “family environment” when most families can’t afford going to the game.

    Personally I’d love to go to games, but I’m not in an NFL market, and most of the seats are locked up by season ticket holders. I don’t have connections to them OR the stomach to see both parties ripped off by StubHub.

  19. I really can’t think of good reasons to go to NFL games.

    Much more comfortable at home.

    That’s why in the near future all games on tv will be pay per view.

  20. When security does their job, arrests overly drunk people which happens in every NFL stadium, dresses as opposing fans, and arrests 92 people, is this a bad thing?

    So if no arrests are made, security ignores the drunks, and thus the article is not written is that better or worse?

  21. 1st off the article never once stated that it was for violence. the NFL is cracking down on what it deems to be verbally abusive fans. I went to a Denver game in the preseason and several fans were ejected for being verbally abusive. this happens everywhere.

  22. Shouldn’t all you Seattle Fans go to your Dick Sherman fan site and complain about how the Falcons mistreated him in the secondary?

    Being from Mass try wearing a red sox jersey in the Bronx. Or for you college fans wear an Oklahoma jersey at a UT game in Austin.

    As you know, SF is hyper sensitive after the Dodger vs. Giants craziness.

    All you sensitive types should talk about murder rates per capita SF is low. But, since your little Hawk feelings are hurt, you are jumping on the Niners…

    Good god, in all honesty, Niner fans will never eclipse the good fans of Philly…

  23. edggy1 says:
    Jan 13, 2013 8:25 PM
    Even though I’m a Niner fan , they are among the most Ignorant I have ever meet …!!


    Either you are not really a 49er fan or you havent been to a game accross the bay or anywhere else.

  24. 3 years ago, they barely had 92 people in the stadium. Funny bunch of frontrunners, those Niner ‘fans’ are…

  25. That’s not a bad ratio really, 92 out of 60,000ish? That’s less arrested than Catholic Priests molesting children, people still go to church

  26. I love how Philly fans are coming out of the woodwork getting butthurt over an article that has nothing to do with them.

    I thought you guys embraced that badass ruffian bully reputation? You fans are becoming as soft as your team is.

  27. this is why I stay in my mancave and watch the game on my 61 in tv with my hotwings, fries and all the beer I want along with watching the games with my buddies without the nonsense of being at a football game with drunks…peace of mind and fun is priceless

  28. censoredagain says:

    3 years ago, they barely had 92 people in the stadium. Funny bunch of frontrunners, those Niner ‘fans’ are…


    You gotta love when you win, your fan base will automatically be called front runners. Its called jealousy, and calling another fan base “front running” is the first card to play when no other cards can be played. Its like saying someone is a “hater.”

    As a season ticket holder, please name one time the Niners were blacked out?

  29. the ridiculous actions of fans is exactly what stops people from attending games. im a huge cowboys fan and lived close to philly my whole life, and i would never have a attended one of those games representing the away team, i would have gotten stabbed. so because of the arrogant fans, i missed on ever getting to go to a game. you can say its all my fault, but when you spend that kind of money, you dont want to spend the whole game looking over your shoulder or nervous to walk to your car afterwards. would love to take my kids to a game, but again the level of immaturity in fans kills it.

  30. Censoredagain that’s pretty funny considering they are now on their 35th or 36th straight season of selling out every game. What is your team again?

  31. 92 out of what 60-70 thousand? That’s a very small percentage. No one was hurt, and there was no violence, which is all that really matters. It happens in every stadium, in every city. Trash talk is a part of the experience of being at the stadium, and 90% of the time it goes no further then that. If opposing fans don’t like it, then don’t go, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that when a home team is beating an away team (especially in the playoffs) there is going to be some trash talking and heckling. Usually when it goes bad is when the losing teams fan gets overly pissed by harmless trash talk. And by the way, it doesn’t say weither they were Niners fans or Green bay fans.

  32. What’s funny is all the assumptions. I guess there wasn’t a single Packer fan there. It says 92 fans. Not 92 niners fans. Im sure all those pack fans were nothing but gracious as they were getting their tails kicked right?

  33. I’m a Niner fan as well. I’ve been to many games in many stadiums. I noticed the last time I was in the bay that the actual stadium fans had gone down a bit in class and even saw a fight in the parking lot. The fans yelled some obscene stuff at the opposing players as well. I enjoyed the game and the city – but the lowest common denominator behavior will have to change before I take my little one to any stadium (except Reliant, they were really cool to us wearing our niner jerseys).

  34. Part of the fun of going to an NFL game is the fans and the influence they have. Personally I love going to bills games for the fans. If you don’t want to be heckled by the home teams fans then stay home.

  35. I ejected the cat out of the man cave when I was watching this at home. He was being a jerk.

  36. To me, that speaks well for 49ers security. Anyone who thinks this is about being “heckled” by home team fans clearly hasn’t been to a game in 30 years. This is about adults screaming obscenities at and threatening to punch men, women, and even small children who happen to wear an opposing team’s colors. And while college games are somewhat more tame, it happens there, too. You can cheer for your team without acting like you just broke out of Attica and deserve a one-way ticket back. It’s about time leagues, teams, and stadiums started taking a hard line with these nuts.

  37. And this is why I prefer attending College game over Pro games. Small towns, attractive women, half the fans have or are working on college degrees,True home field advantages, no beer after the second quarter, and it’s a 3rd of the price of an NFL game.

  38. This is a joke. I went to a game at a division rival’s stadium and exchanged some pretty harsh trash talk with many fans at the game. It’s part of the fun. As a fan of the opposing team, I expected to get a ton of trash talk. If I hadn’t, it would’ve been disappointing. Rivalries make this sport even better.

    If you want to sit around in the stands and sing Kumbaya, go watch Disney on Ice.

  39. To me, that speaks well for 49ers security. Anyone who thinks this is about being “heckled” by home team fans clearly hasn’t been to a game in 30 years. These days it’s adults screaming obscenities at anyone wearing an opposing team’s colors. You can cheer for your team without abusing other fans.

  40. I loved it when Sam Wyche said if anyone else throws anything get them out of here “You Don’t live in Cleveland” That is a classic.

  41. jason49er…it has nothing to do with the article and you’re right, the article has nothing to do with us. However, you must have missed the VERY FIRST COMMENT!!! This has nothing to do with us yet someone else makes it about us and can’t keep our city out of their mouths!

  42. I’m going to be honest in my opinion opposing fans should not go to the opposing stadium . It’s not a good idea at all . Go watch your team at home unless you are going in one of those big groups that takes up a section .

  43. goldrush36 says: Jan 13, 2013 9:31 PM

    Censoredagain that’s pretty funny considering they are now on their 35th or 36th straight season of selling out every game. What is your team again?

    Lets just say that after last season and how it ended for the Niners, and what happened to them when they met up again this season, you should be relieved that my team didn’t make it in this season. You’ll have to work at the riddle, I’m sure, but I know you’ll get it eventually.

    As for selling out games, it doesn’t mean that people actually SHOWED UP, thereby making it just a tad bit less impressive to those of us who aren’t Niner fans.

  44. stadiums are cool… but i prefer staying at home. its a rip to go to a game in a stadium that my tax dollars already paid for. then you have to take out a mortgage for garlic fries and a drink.

    plus you can watch games or redzone naked on your couch if you wanted to… sounds like a no brainer to me.

  45. wonder if they threw fits and whined like Harbaugh. Hopefully the Falcons win it all. I know I won’t have to sit through that awful AFC championship game next week knowing the participants now. Maybe the Harbaughs will enjoy the pro bowl again.

  46. I have a blast attending games. But there are some fans who overdo it in the parking lot before heading in and then attempt to ruin everyone’s experience. It’s not just the home fans, but opposing fans too. In fact, one jerk I saw getting escorted out was a 49ers fan who took it upon himself to be as redneck and white trash as Kid Rock – only he failed miserably and looked stupid in the process.

  47. Im a Packers fan and I was there. It was pretty bad. I didnt complain or call security because I expected it and I have a high tolerance for drunks. I did get asked by security if I was Ok at one point, and we did hear a taser midway through the second quarter.

  48. Honestly the best places to be a visiting teams fan are Dallas, Houston, and New Orleans. Southern Hospitality indeed.

  49. I understand how bad it can get. We would get a ton of obnoxious Steeler fans waving their towels in our faces, but instead of them being warned at the next game, we home fans were warned that we’d be thrown out if we messed with them. This was in Tampa and it was frustrating having that thing waved in our faces when they scored. That is like a slap in the face and should have been done away with. Imagine some drunk coming inches from your face with who knows what is on that rag. Just an example of how tempers can get out of control with sports/alcohol.

  50. You are a huge Dallas fan and you have lived close to Philly your entire life? What a turd you are! Front running band wagon jumper!

  51. They’re called “fans” which is short for fanatic, meaning a person filled with excessive and single-minded zeal. People are passionate about “their” teams, and its part of what makes the games great. Lets be honest, if you go to another teams’ stadium wearing the away teams’ jersey and rooting for them, if you don’t expect trash talk or heckling then you’re an idiot. You kinda have to swallow your machismo a little bit and just take it. That being said, trash talk and heckling is expected but there is a line that has to be drawn. And yes, the prices suck, the lines for the bathrooms are ridiculous, and people really get wasted and show their butts at games, but there really is no substitute for attending a live game home or away. I’ve been to many a game on the eastern seaboard as an away fan and there is always going to be some trash talk, but generally speaking, its all in good fun and the experience can’t be substituted. If you are soft or are taking young kids with you to a game, you better pony up the extra dough for a box seat though

  52. As I understand it, ticket prices at Candlestick are still rather low. They won’t be at the new stadium in Santa Clara. Maybe those higher prices will keep the drunks away.

  53. 92 people divided by 70k

    A whole 0.13% of rowdy Niners and Packer fans! Way to make a mountain out of a mole hill

  54. It just goes to show you how stereotyping can be so wrong. I had all the dudes at the SF games sitting around in speedo’s drinking white wine spritzers, going over their stock earnings while painting each others toes all the while dreaming of that fat joint( that happens to be legal out there)in your Volvo when you are leaving the game to pick up your friend Ronnie who gives the best backrubs.

    It just goes to show that they can be as foulmouthed and rude as any East coast team. You know where you would never dream of taking your kids or parents to a game for no other reason then fearing for their safety.

    You dirt bags should spend some time in the Midwest to learn some manners. I have been told we have the nicest and most knowledgable fans around.
    Bring four family and friends and the worst thing you will hear is good natured kidding. Now quit acting like idiots.

  55. I just keep reading more and more about the idiots at Candlestick and my cousins keep asking me why I don’t want to go see my Rams in person every season. yep, that’s why.

  56. Tailgaters will always ruin it for real fans. Most people I know won’t go to an NFL game with their kids due to the crowd that won’t even remember they were at a game the next day.

  57. I would wager the large majority of those expelled and/or arrested were from WI. Drunk Packer fans really know how to act like asses, especially when their beloved team lays a giant egg, like it did Saturday night.

  58. Deb says:
    Jan 13, 2013 10:23 PM
    To me, that speaks well for 49ers security. Anyone who thinks this is about being “heckled” by home team fans clearly hasn’t been to a game in 30 years. These days it’s adults screaming obscenities at anyone wearing an opposing team’s colors. You can cheer for your team without abusing other fans.

    At Tiger stadium, we yell “Tiger bait” at opposing fans and then invite them to have some jambalaya and a beer.

    College football is more civilized. It’s just a game.

  59. if u cant take a little trash talking as a fan u shouldnt be in the opponent stadium regardless.. i get the no swearing and acting like a moron thing but a little trash talking shouldnt get 92 people kicked out.. i think thats a little to much..unless all 92 were actually being morons

  60. I’m a Raider fan. Lived in SF most of my life and I been to games at both Candlestick and Oakland Coliseum. Only in the last 5 years has Candlestick become less hospitable than the Coliseum. Not sure why.

  61. I was a Packer fan at that game and had a great time!!! The Niners fans around me were real cool and we had a great time talking trash back and forth. I wish I would have gotten their names & contact info to keep in touch the rest of the season…

  62. raider8er says:
    Jan 14, 2013 11:13 AM
    I’m a Raider fan. Lived in SF most of my life and I been to games at both Candlestick and Oakland Coliseum. Only in the last 5 years has Candlestick become less hospitable than the Coliseum. Not sure why.
    Raider fans coming to see a real football team?

  63. @cometkazie …

    My family had a great experience with your LSU fans at the title game in New Orleans last year. But the obscenities and threats being hurled by Georgia fans at the Bama side during this year’s SEC Championship was so scary my nine-year-old niece was sobbing. And no security in sight. Unfortunately, that kind of behavior is making its way into the college ranks as well.

  64. Kind of getting annoyed with this attention brought on by the media trying to depict 49ers fans as rude and violent. The majority of these incidents happen for only a couple reasons. 1) Fans of opposing teams get very but hurt over basic taunting (which happens in EVERY stadium) and they either start throwing beer or punches. 2) Candlestick is the most proactive stadium in the league for making sure fights don’t escalate, so inherently, that number is going to rise if someone texts “BAD FAN”. If stadium security was doing their job correctly across the nation, every teams ejections stats would skyrocket. Look, I’ve been going to nearly every game the last 4 years and we’re at the point now where we could get kicked out for STANDING UP. We are very respectful fans. At the end of every game, if I walk by a fan of the opposing team, I extend my hand out to shake theirs and congratulate them on a good game. Some appreciate it, and some get into verbal matches with me. We don’t throw batteries, we don’t pelt opposing fans with snowballs, and we sure as hell don’t have a courthouse in the stadium like other teams. We drink, and we cheer our team. That’s all. Respect the game, everyone!

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