Another slow start for the Seahawks


A slow start for the Seahawks in their Wild Card game against the Redskins meant they had to come back from a 14-0 deficit to move onto Sunday’s date with the Falcons.

They’re digging themselves another hole. They trail the Falcons 10-0 near the end of the first quarter after Matt Ryan found tight end Tony Gonzalez in the back of the end zone for a one-yard touchdown. Gonzalez did a terrific job of getting his feet down in bounds for the score, which came after the Seahawks lost a scoring chance when Marshawn Lynch fumbled in Atlanta territory.

It’s the second straight week with a fumble for Lynch in the opponent’s part of the field and it came after Ryan was intercepted by Bobby Wagner to kill a scoring chance for Atlanta. A poor Jon Ryan punt after an initial three-and-out for the Seattle offense set the Falcons up at midfield with a 3-0 lead. Ryan was under pressure from Marcus Trufant and appeared to think Gonzalez would cut in more decisively than he did on the play. Thanks to Lynch’s fumble, it didn’t come back to haunt the Falcons.

49 responses to “Another slow start for the Seahawks

  1. Russell Wilson looking very pedestrian so far. The Seahawks defense might want to switch to stopping someone instead of jawing and trying to bully the Falcons on every play. It gets old watching those lime green tough guys. Just play ball.

  2. Hmmm.. Seattle down big early. Ryan better watch his knees. Dirtiest team in the league will be looking for cheap shots.

  3. Only difference is there is not an ailing QB nor a delusional coach to help you out this week. Tony G. is going to have a huge game if they stay manning up on him with the safety only. Early observations.

  4. My money says Seattle is in trouble and won’t be able to dig out the same way they did again a shell of a redskins squad in the second half. The skins were a joke with an injured rg3. This is a mostly healthy falcons squad. Do I smell blow out?

  5. Any SEA fans who naively pencilled their team into the NFCCG and then winning the SB, playoffs in the NFL is hard. Meeting a dinged up RG3, a shell shocked and JS-less 9ers at home along with the Bills and Jets really aren’t a good indicators that point to this team “peaking at the right time”.

  6. Goofball Pete Carroll down 13-0 on the road goes for it on fourth down inside the redzone and walks away with nothing. HA-HA-HA!!!

  7. Shame on the Seahawks. They will down by at least 24 by halftime! I thought this was the team to beat!!

  8. They deserve to lose when you refuse to take points on the 20 yard line. Carroll’s ego and arrogance can only take this team so far before imploding.

  9. Cute little run Seattle. You were who WE KNEW YOU WERE! Enjoy going home to 5 more months of rain, sleet and doom and gloom. Oh wait, NONE of the team stays there in the offseason!

  10. This is a serious mismatch, it’s like an NFL Team playing against a college team.

    Seahawk defenders are being bowled over left and right, actually bowled over.

    Very impressive.

  11. Seahawks are so overated and its showing big time me today. They would have gotten blown out last week as well but were saved by RG3s knee injury right after the skins got up 14 to 0.

  12. Nice! Sherman just got toasted by White for a LONG TD…and Sherman talks smack after! This game is very fun to watch so far! Sherman and the squawking chickens are getting kicked square in the teeth.
    I am very much enjoying this…and I am not even a Falcon fan, in fact, I don’t care for them that much. That is just how annoying the squawking chickens and their fans are.

  13. All the skins fans are loving this because everyone outside of Seattle knows this is what last week would have looked like had RG3 not hurt his own knee early on. Oh wait, I’m sorry, “Seattle made great defensive adjustments” after the Skins marched down their throats to go up 14-0. It had nothing to do with RG3 injuring himself.

  14. Seattles qb is a game manager, needs strong D and killer running game to be productive, this is a blowout unless Ryan tears his knee too, he is not a good enough passer to come from behind

  15. Sherman, please report to the burn center immediately. We need to treat the burn marks Roddy White gave you.

  16. where are all those loudmouth seahawk fans now?

    Love it! lil’ peety carroll calls a 4th and 1 at falcon 5 with beast mode…who suddenly turned into whimp mode…lol!

    Falcons turn it into 95 yard drive…hahaha

  17. To all the arrogant Seasquak fans. Why did you team not show up to this game? You have to win to be in that super bowl and be that Dynasty you said they are.

  18. I can’t believe the NFL scheduled a west coast team playing early on the east coast. The odds of the Seahawks losing are what … 80% or 90%.

  19. this is where the seahawks fans start telling us how they are a way better team, and are actually winning this game. its just that nobody knows it.

  20. 4th and 1 and they get no points. First and goal from about the five at the end of the first half and they get no points. I love watch Carroll looking like an idiot.

    Now, for those who think Wilson is “pedestrian” and “lost”, he is 10 of 17 for 144 yards. That doesn’t look pedestrian or lost to me.

    And now you don’t know if its thumbs up or thumbs down, do ya’?

  21. yes, this is a complete breakdown by Seattle – complete. we look stupid out there, and surely appears we had no business being in the divisional playoff game.

    either atlanta is going to the superbowl cause they are that good, or seattle isn’t as good as some people thought. good teams don’t come melt down in this type of game – we have just imploded.

  22. No excuses or whining here. Hawks have been sucking it up on both sides of the ball. Hopefully we’ll make some adjustments during the half and at least make this look like a game (right now it’s just a beatdown).

  23. llcamino says:
    Jan 13, 2013 2:15 PM
    All the skins fans are loving this because everyone outside of Seattle knows this is what last week would have looked like had RG3 not hurt his own knee early on. Oh wait, I’m sorry, “Seattle made great defensive adjustments” after the Skins marched down their throats to go up 14-0. It had nothing to do with RG3 injuring himself.

    Seagulls fans are laughable. Hey genius the defensive adjustments you made sure looked like an RGIII limping and hobbling after the 1st quarter. Don’t flatter yourself. Go back to your irrelevance please!

  24. As 9ers fan, would have much preferred the 9ers playing the Seahawks at Candlestick. The Dirty Birds are going to be tough at home.

    Plus it would have been nice to see the 9ers truck the Seahawks and shut their loudmouth players and fans up.

    One and done.

  25. Raideralex99. Atlanta is no the east coast, someone has to play the early game, texans playing early game at patriots is same argument, maybe they went on lowest seed, that would be Seahawks, I think they should play the sat sch on sun, 1:30 and 5:30 pst games, then no whining or excuses from teams, blaming travel/game time for losing

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