Asante Samuel: Carroll, Sherman can have some humble pie

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The Falcons defense spent most of the fourth quarter getting torched by Russell Wilson and the rest of the Seahawks offense, but the Falcons scored last and that means members of their defense were free to crow after the game.

Alex Marvez of reports that Falcons cornerback Asante Samuel was moving through the locker room “yelling that Richard Sherman and Pete Carroll could both eat some humble pie” after the 30-28 Falcons victory. It’s the second straight week that Sherman has left an impression on his playoff opponent, although being told to eat some humble pie is a far cry from the swipe Redskins tackle Trent Williams took at Sherman after last weekend’s game.

Sherman had a decent day on Sunday with a couple of key early pass defenses, but he was part of the coverage responsible for Roddy White on White’s 47-yard touchdown catch in the second quarter. Carroll’s day was marred by clock management issues at the end of the first half and some questionable play calling on a 4th and 1 that resulted in fullback Michael Robinson getting stuffed behind the line. Sherman and Carroll aren’t likely to be any less brash in the future because of Sunday’s result, but a loss like that might be a temporary blow.

Giving up more than 400 combined passing and rushing yards to Wilson and nearly blowing a 20-point lead should be humbling stuff for Samuel and company as well, especially with Colin Kaepernick rolling into Atlanta next Sunday. They’ll need to be better to assure themselves a chance to hold onto any lead next week.

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  1. Almost 500 net yards for Seattle so the last thing the ATL defense should be doing is talking smack. The pillowy soft defense getting torched in second half and even the first half for one. For two, they were wimping out of tackles afraid to tackle Tate on his TD, and Turbin and Lynch on the last two drives.

  2. They aren’t likely to be any less brash in the future, but thankfully that future doesn’t mean next week. Fans and players alike seem to have had enough of the Seahawks and the way they carry themselves.

  3. Like I said before.
    Thank you Atlanta, your a classy team with classy fans.
    I’ll be pulling for you the rest of the way.

    A Redskins Fan.

  4. Don’t care one way or the other about the Hawks, but what is WITH that Sherman? As if his cheating with PEDs isn’t bad enough, he feels the need to act the fool 24/7 as well. Can’t SOMEBODY on the Hawks rein him in just a bit? His antics are like living, breathing bulletin board material to every team they play.

  5. 2012 Seahawks = 2011 Lions

    Undisaplined coach and team overachieve by getting every break and call all year long. Next season they implode in a fiery mess. 2013 Seahawks 4-12 (at least they’ll get a high draft pick in 2014)

  6. Sherman is an outstanding player, but when you flap your gums as much as him, you’re gonna get called out when you get beat. Better to let your play do the talking

  7. Humble pie? Really?! Asante Samuel, you got burned on multiple plays….not to mention the huge gain to get within 6 by Rookie Robert Turbin. Where were u man? Oh that’s right, you were left in the wake.

    Anyways, you’re a HAS-Been Samuel…..good luck making the roster next year.

    I have to admit, Atlanta had a great gameplan coming into it, they had my Hawks on their heels. You guys dominated the first half of the game and left almost no chance of recovery. Fantastic job.

    But if you think for a second that your play is worth gloating about you had better check yourself. I think it’s time to go back to work instead of running your mouth. Yu did let 28 points get scored on you in less that 20 minutes, once again to a rookie in Russell Wilson.

    The days of NFC East and South dominance are over.

  8. I really enjoyed seeing Pete Carroll lose. Ever since his “choke” sign while coaching the Jets I have hope to see him lose a big game – today it happened.

  9. Just keep on hating.. Seattle gonna do nothing but continually improve as they are second youngest team in the nfl!!! Anyone who watches football can see that!!! You are all in denial!!! Seattle gonna be SCARY for a long long time!!!

  10. Like I said last week don’t worry Seahawk fan you will be sitting with us on the couch next week……How prophetic of me! I also said if RGIII had two good wheels they wouldn’t even be in Atlanta right now.

  11. You should be more concerned about “Matty Ice”, Asante

    If San Francisco doesn’t win by 14plus, I’ll be flabbergasted

  12. Typical Seattle fans. The defense got their butts handed to them today. Stats don’t matter. No but this or but that. The Seahawks season is over and the Falcons’ season goes on. To victor go the spoils of talking smack.

    Maybe Sherman shouldn’t be out there talking his crap down 20-0. Maybe Carroll should make smarter coaching decisions. Sometimes eating some humble pie can make you better, but neither those 2 arrogant people could ever admit that.

  13. I noticed Sherman wasn’t running his mouth as much this game, I guess Williams taught him a lesson in shutting his trap. Things a shove in the face can do to a man haha, plus getting burnt by Roddy probably left some dust in his mouth. Best thing was Pete the Cheat calling the timeout and then after the missed kick he wanted to act like he didn’t know who called it. Guess that’ll teach coaches to stop trying to ice kickers, your just giving them a warm up kick.

  14. I’m not even a Seattle fan but this pretty hilarious from a defense that blew a 20 point lead and is supposed to be a #1 seed.

    Smug Harbaugh is unbearable but I’ll enjoy watching Atlanta’s season end next week.

  15. I have no problem with a guy saying that sherman can have some humble pie, but you need to look at your own actions before calling out another guys actions. You damn near let that same team beat you. Hell if carroll had removed his head from his butt and either kicked a FG in the first half or not tried to ice the kicker in the second that game would have ended up differently. Thank your stars that you got the W this week ATL, it should be a wake up call that you cant let another team back in after having the door almost shut.

  16. No mention of the fact Bryant actually missed the game winning field goal but Carroll called timeout. I was rooting for seattle but Carroll got what he deserved. I don’t like trying to freeze a veteran kicker. If u r going to do it at least call it early enough so they don’t get a free practice kick.

  17. I keep wondering where this big, physical Seattle defense I’ve been hearing about is? The Falcons ran all over them and if the rg3 hadn’t been on one leg there’s no telling how many the skins would have put up. They seem slow and lumbering to me.

  18. cinvis says: Jan 13, 2013 7:09 PM

    2012 Seahawks = 2011 Lions

    Undisaplined coach and team overachieve by getting every break and call all year long. Next season they implode in a fiery mess. 2013 Seahawks 4-12 (at least they’ll get a high draft pick in 2014)


    Good win for Falcon’s team. They played hard but so many fans on on here have a lack of knowledge of football. Seattle’s the 2nd youngest team in NFL with number 1 rated defense and without question a young franchise QB and solid running game. They also have 18 million and cap space they will keep all the main players I have no doubt draft the final pieces for a true run at the Superbowl next year. Amazing season for Seattle fans who watch the games.

  19. As a 49er fan, I was praying for the Hawks to come visit us in SF. It would have been an amazing Championship.

    Wow, after I watched your final minutes of play, I realized it would have been a bore… I guess Pedro was a bit too confident in Sherman and the rest of the DB’s not to wind a few more seconds off the clock. First and 1/2 a yard. How many times have we seen the premature scores… BTW, did you notice C.K.’s clock management last nigh… Ran that clock down to one and two seconds.

    Lastly, if any of you Hawk play golf, isn’t it amazing how much better you hit the golf the second time around (mulligan). Pedro, why? If you’re going to freeze a kicker do it before he kicks the ball…

    Thanks a lot, now I have to watch indoor football next week.

  20. Funny how Seattle had to throw a Hail Mary to win the game….

    …Since it was the Fail Mary that put them in the limelight back in September.

    A touch of irony ….

  21. falcons are going to get blown out by the 49ers…they can have all the humble pie they want next week.

  22. Falcon fans are happy to take that pathetic win, but Asante shouldn’t say anything with his poor performance…Seattle mismanaged the clock and missed out on points in the red zone several times in the 1st half, which caught up with them in the end…Seattle had their opportunities to win, but fell short..

  23. All atl fans please shut the hell up and be thankful. I saw all of ur faces u busters. Russell wilson torched the hell out of your defense. Nevertheless, it will all be over next week because your simply overrated.

  24. Those two late completions and winning FG sure took the heat off Mike Smith. If they lost, I’m not so sure Mr. Blank wouldn’t have fired him. With that said, I wonder if “getting the monkey of their back” will emotionally aid the Falcons next week? Or will their 2nd half meltdown provide the Niners with ample game film to learn from?

  25. Well as a Seahawks fan I got to give it to the Falcons today. You had it when you needed it and the better team won today. I was proud of the Hawks for fighting back and making it a game. Rough loss, but looking forward to what this team has in store for next year as they didn’t lose won game by more than a touchdown all year. The future is bright with ROY Wilson.

    Falcons take care of business next week. Tony G. deserves a shot at the ring.

  26. Sad but true but their are 3 division that will be ruled by 1 team in each of those divisions for a long time. Admit it or not, but barring an injury to their QB’s that is the way it will be.
    1. AFC East- Patriots
    2. AFC West- Denver
    3. NFC West- 49’rs

  27. I agree @3rdstringsuperhero after last week the seahawks are now my least favorite team, loved watching Atlanta hang on to win

  28. Sherman had a pretty good game. Ryan had way too much time to throw and repeatedly threw deep, with Sherman knocking about 4 deep passes down. Ryan was bound to hit one of those. Seahawks without Clemons couldn’t get anything done, and after the first pick on the blitz, Ryan was nearly perfect when Seattle sent extra guys. Okafor at #25 in the draft could be an option for them, especially with Clemons age and injury. Irvin needs to hit the weight room in the off season, develop a power source. Not much with a bull rush and he doesn’t have a Justin Smith by his side to free him up.

  29. The Seahawks got to the playoffs because of Russell Wilson and an easy schedule.The defense isn’t that good.Anybody who hires Gus Bradley to be a head coach will live to regret it.

  30. Asante talked just like Sherman does. Sherman thinks he is untouchable because of the drug test win. Which he did the Ryan Braun thing, is technically innocent but everyone knows he broke the substance abuse policy.

    Something has to be said about Matt Ryan’s ability to bring his team down for the win in the closing seconds. The falcon’s D was just average. But if the offense scores 30 every time all you need is average D. Also don’t think that Colin Kaepernick is a all pro QB because he beat a old and/or defense. Matthews isn’t there best player, he is the only player.

  31. @ramblinwrecks

    What did you see today from Atlanta’s defense that makes you think they will contain Kaepernick? Atlanta’s defense played just as poorly as Green Bay.

  32. Where are the Seagulls fans who were crowing on these forums last week? I told you the Gulls were overrated, but I didn’t realize Sherman is the weak link on a mediocre defense. Sherman got exposed and burnt like toast, so the team has a chance to upgrade that corner in the offseason.

  33. Atlantas D fell apart in the 2nd half.
    but they got the W cause the “vaunted Seattle D couldn’t make a stop.

    Sherman is a First Class Punk and got torched by White. While they have a great team, some of the SeaGawks are complete PUNKs.
    Sherman, Carroll and the Seattle fans posting on here can now go back into the hole they’ve been in since they lost the SB to Pitt.

    Good night Seattle fans , we won’t miss ya.

    Hopefully next year there is a lot more attention paid to Sherman and Browner Cheating all year

    Sherman / Browner / Seahawks = * / * /*

  34. If Samuel had held on to the ball when Eli Manning hit him in the hands in the 2008 Super Bowl, The Patriots and their fans would have eaten a lot less humble pie. He’s an expert.

  35. bulletin board material is a MYTH

    this is the freaking playoffs, NO player should need motivation to play harder. Sherman is probably best served to tone it down and quit taunting and fighting with every team, but I also feel like he brings some excitement to the game by stirring the pot.

  36. The playoffs is where fraudulant coaches get exposed, and Pete Carroll is nothing if not a fraudulant coach. If he just stayed out of the way his team would have been fine. His team will fall back to 8-8 next season and Pete will continue to be the snake oil salesman he’s always been.

  37. Sherman over-rated?? Neither of their 2 top receivers had over 80 yards. Miller and Tate both had over 100 yards… is a tightend. He got burnt for 1 TD pass. If you take that away, White has like 35 yards. You guys post on emotions and not facts. He swatted several away. Ryan had to break White and the receivers coach apart because they were frustrated. People can hate Sherman for his mouth, but he can play cornerback. The truth is right in front of you. You would all love him on your team. The D-line got burnt if anyone. No sacks and little pressure on Ryan and they ran the ball effectively. Hey Falcons win, but they lucked out after being ahead 20-0. If they don’t get those 2 passes and that kick, Smith is fired for lack of postseason performance. Now go ahead and click your thumbs down, it won’t change the facts. My hopes are for Baltimore now.

  38. infectorman….people complain about the calls the refs made especially the “fail mary”. But did you watch the SB with Seattle against the Steelers?? Talk about bad calls. They gave them the game. Did yo hate Carroll when he was at USC, or just since he has been beating your NFL team?

  39. gettingseattled says: Jan 13, 2013 7:15 PM

    The days of NFC East and South dominance are over.


    Pass that thing over here, dude. The NFC West is still a complete joke of a division until further notice, the Niners being the lone exception.

  40. My comment wasn’t so much on the falcons D. Which kept a way better QB in Wilson completely in check for 3 quarters. It was more of a comment on the fact that Kaepernick beat a mostly slow and old D and not to mention that GB is the most one dimensional team in the NFL. It helped San Fran win the game for sure.

    Kaepernick at times in games this year has looked like a guy who looked lost or someone that was told look for crabtree, if he isn’t open then run. The Falcons play a bigger stronger guy in Cam Newton twice a year and they know all the mistakes a D can make against a guy like that.

    Also Atlanta has maybe 6 losses at home when Ryan starts. Not sure of the exact stat but it has to be close to that. San Fran has to com to the dome

  41. Something has to be said about Matt Ryan’s ability to bring his team down for the win in the closing seconds

    what about his ability to do nothing as the seahawks came back 21+plus points on the falcons? lets not get to retarded here. the falcons almost blew it, if nor for a 49 yard FG. credit where credit were credit is due, but dont try to polish a 2 int turd,,,

  42. Falcon haters trying to get that taste of their foot out of their mouth with more predictions about losing next week– blah blah blah. We’ll be ready in ATL.

  43. “Falcons almost lost that game and…”. But they didn’t. They are hosting the conference championship. Samuel can say whatever he wants.
    Golden Tate still thinks he caught that ball. Sheman got off on a technicality. Carroll’s a giant jerk and everyone outside Seattle knows it; they should even know it in Seattle back when he coached the Trojans. Seattle’s full of themselves for some reason. 8-0 at home and still a wildcard.

  44. gettingseattled says: Jan 13, 2013 7:15 PM
    The days of NFC East and South dominance are over.
    I was unclear on exactly when the NFC South’s days of dominance were, but it’s hard to contend that the NFC West has anywhere near the competitiveness of the other three divisions. The Rams are a young, up-and-coming team, but Arizona is a total mess. Meanwhile the North, South, and East all have four teams who could beat any of the other three any given Sunday.

    The Falcons are a good young team who can conceivably dominate their division for the forseeable future, but, on the other hand, Drew Brees is a player that you can never count out.

    In the East, the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants are all very evenly matched, and if someone competent takes over the Eagles, they will be a threat as well.

    Last, it’s the North, not the West who will most likely be dominating the conference in the near future. Green Bay is a great football team; the Vikings and the Bears both nearly qualified for wild card spots; and Detroit had a bad year but they’ll bounce back.

    In other words, Seattle and San Fran are both very good teams, but the West is the least competitive division in the NFC.

  45. The Seahawks got to the playoffs because of Russell Wilson and an easy schedule.The defense isn’t that good.Anybody who hires Gus Bradley to be a head coach will live to regret it.

    Do you even know anything about football? 1st: Seattle was 6-1 in quality wins this season, tops in the league. Atlanta had the easiest schedule. Settle also had the #1 scoring defense, that’s helps on the road to the playoffs. Wilson and Lynch, along with the defense is what made Seattle good. Don’t like Sherman? That’s fine. He is by far a top 3 corner in the NFL, if you don’t think so you know nothing about this game. Don’t like Carroll, one also. He took the 2nd youngest team nod brought them a field goal from the NFCC. All in all, Seattle has a bright future and will be back. Good game Atlanta.
    P.S. The prevent defense, prevented Seattle from winning.

  46. As much as I dislike the 49ers (mostly due to Harblow) they are going to absoltuely crush Atlanta’s defense. I wouldn’t be going out on a limb to say the will win 45 to 20.

    The NFC West is going to be an extremely competetive divison next year. Maybe the best overall in the league in terms of team talent. Lets hope Arizona doesn’t find a QB!

  47. Asante has no room to talk after his putrid display of tackling today. Expect Greg Roman to run to his side quite often next week.

  48. Sherman didn’t do anything outrageous, nor has Carroll. Many athletes talk smack and do other antics. Not sure why the hate.

    Congrats Atlanta. Looking forward to the rematch next year in Atlanta during reg season. Good Luck against SF.

    I think SF will likely win based on what we saw this weekend.

  49. Lowest class. Sherman never got taught by his mother not to bite the hand that feed you. This big mouth did trash talking to his former coach (Harbaugh) and he will surely be bashing Pete Carroll in the future when he plays somewhere else.

  50. Regardless of Sherman’s situation…when does Adderral make someone a super athlete. If thats the case we would be seeing a ton of Junior High super athletes…..Whats next on the banned substance list…Muscle Milk?

  51. As a Redskins fan, it makes me happy to say Hail to the Falcons! What happened Seattle fans, Matt Ryan didnt have an injury for your players to target after falling behind again? And one more thing, now Matt Ryan has as many playoff wins as Wilson so make sure to retire that line. Can`t wait to watch the skins beat your classless organization.

  52. What’s with all the talk about class? 10-15 years ago everyone talked. Now one guy does and he is vilified by every fan who thinks they really know what it means to “be a pro”. You don’t. You know what it means to “be a fan”. So be a fan and enjoy a guy who brings excitement to a league turned soft.

  53. So 2 teams in the top 8 in football makes them a bad division.. And loosing by 2 pts on a last sec fg on the road after coming back from 20 to the #1 seed makes the Hawks a bad team.. Lol nice logic.

    Give credit to the falcons they came out and hit the hawks where they didnt expect it. Hawks will be back next year young talented but were inexperienced and will reap the rewards of knowing you can succeed.

    Hawks next season a pancake schedule expect them and the niners back! Goos luck to both teams. Either way hawks earned respect from the league maybe they talk but they can ball no denying that unless your just a hater.

  54. Hahaha I love that the Seahawks are finally a team that fans of other teams are whining about. Good teams bring out the crybabies (just scroll up, TONS of good examples). “Who does this guy think he is WAAAAAAA”. “Pete Carroll is a cheater WAAAAAA.” As a diehard Seahawks fan, I am proud of what they have become. Having said that, Congrats to the Falcons, they won a good game and played well. But I’m already hyped for next season when I can hear more of the same kind of pouting found in these comments. Keep it up whiners hahahahahaha.

  55. djcrabby8 says: Jan 13, 2013 11:17 PM

    What’s with all the talk about class? 10-15 years ago everyone talked. Now one guy does and he is vilified by every fan who thinks they really know what it means to “be a pro”. You don’t. You know what it means to “be a fan”. So be a fan and enjoy a guy who brings excitement to a league turned soft.
    Very well put. Additionally, people forget that part of the secondary’s job has always been to antagonize. It’s fun to hate on DeAngelo Hall, Cortland Finnegan and Richard Sherman for always mouthing off. But if they can get under an offensive player’s skin to the point where he retaliates and draws a personal foul, that’s a 15 yard penalty, and that’s huge.

    Imagine how stoked you would be if your defense came up with a sack for a 15 yard loss. Since defensive backs don’t frequently find themselves in the offensive backfield, their ability to push the offense back lies entirely in their ability to be mouthy jerks.

    Like it or not, that’s how football works, and that’s the way DB’s will always be.

  56. A lot of hate on here by “fans” of teams no longer in the playoffs. Outside of the odd 49er fan, probably back from getting ejected from Candelstick, most of the fans still in the playoffs understand good player who make good plays.

    Sherman was targeted numerous times, first play of the game, and can’t complain about his performance…and not “torched” on the White catch…running stride for stride and actually gaining on him before getting his legs caught up with White and falling down. Unfortunate, but hardly torched.

    Bottom line, Carroll kicks a fg on 4th and 1 or Wilson throws it away at the end of the first half and they kick a fg, and its a different result, as the game plan for the second half on Seattle or Atlanta’s side wouldn’t change at 20-3 vs 20-0. Or, they call Lynch fumbling the ball, not allowed to forward it, and the ball would be at the 1 with the clock still ticking…leaving less time for ATL to come back if SEA scored the next play.

  57. ausernamethatisavailable says:
    Jan 13, 2013 7:51 PM
    No mention of the fact Bryant actually missed the game winning field goal but Carroll called timeout. I was rooting for seattle but Carroll got what he deserved. I don’t like trying to freeze a veteran kicker. If u r going to do it at least call it early enough so they don’t get a free practice kick.
    The absolute best part was when he looked all around, seemingly befuddled, per the announcers, as to who called the timeout…only to have the station show a replay just after his befuddlement that clearly showed that he called he timeout.

    As for Asante, he doesn’t even know the recipe for humble pie, let alone where to get one already made.

    I picked Atl to win this one. They made me a believer when they whalloped the NYG. They’ve gone through some of the same stuff my team has, namely, not being mentally/physically tough enough to bully other teams and/or to bounce back consistently. Beating the NYG the way they did showed me they were ready to do that. Even though they lost to TB at the end of the year, I still was impressed they played to win.

    I think Seattle is a fine young team that is probably a year ahead of schedule. They should be proud of the year they had. Russell Wilson is simply amazing. Kid never loses his cool and seldom (other than the end of the first half) shows his rookie ness.

  58. Sherman should have smacked Gonsales on the line. Seattle had to play physical on the last two plays of the game and they wussed out. Go Niners

  59. This dude is a BUMMM get beasted all game but the Hawks pull stupid moves in the red zone. Give up nearly 500 yards of offense to a rookie on the road? Homie you NOR YOUR team beat up on Sherman in any way. SHERMAN gave up a TD. He fell down not to saw rod didn’t have a step but that’s all it was. Is he immortal? Noo any wr’s even sniff a 100? Not to. Mention how much pregame respect he gave your team..

    ITS funny how this guy was defending other teams hr didn’t just give in to, when he had nothing but praise. You look like a total moron. Sorry anyone knows that’s true if they don’t have hatred from either guy.

    Noo the game was won by the rb’s and despite your QB’S terrible play. He had it when he needed it but doesn’t detract from how inept he was in the 2nd half. Our Top DE going down killed our team no rush no run defense. (take Justin smith) from m niners saw what happens when a similar thing happens to hawks.

    We should have performed better kudos to Turner and lil homie from OSU.

    Good luck next week, just don’t quit on your team like most of you falcons fans did until then last 15 sec when Seattle prevent d, prevented sending you home crying.!

  60. What’s the difference between Lance Armstrong and the Seahawks?

    Lance Armstrong actually won while cheating.

  61. All these idiots running their mouths is hilarious. We lost that game because of stupid decisions by Carroll and poor clock management in the first half, You better believe that same stuff won’t happen next year. We have the youngest most talented team in the NFL and the 2nd half showed just how much heart our young team has.

    Roddy White is a straight up Punk! Everyone talks bad on Sherman because he likes to talk but he’s real with it, when somebody does some thing good against him he applauds them and doesn’t let it happen again. White was none existent after that touchdown catch, Sherm locked him down after that and he did absolutely nothing. You morons can hate on Sherman all you want be unlike White who only runs his mouth even when he gets locked down Sherm gives people that beat him credit. Just watch the last 2 games, he clapped when White beat him and applauded last week the 1 time he got beat.

  62. Adderral doesn’t give you super human strength but it does help with focus. Just ask any student that had to pull a all night study session or if you I don’t know, wanna drink and party till 5 am. It gives you a boost.

    And regardless of what it does and doesn’t do it is a BANNED substance by the NFL. The NFL and NFLPA both agreed to ban this drug and Sherman felt the need to take his chances and use it anyway.

  63. i like sherman and his chippiness, carrols fine in my book but it was nice to see someone shut up sherman he just talks 2 much.. but id take him on the NYG any day of the week

  64. I love all the Seahawks haters out there must mean we are finally good getting some respect no one complains about teams that they are not scared of Keep it up please music to my ears.

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