Cardinals could be trying to land McCoy, keep Horton

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As the Cardinals were wrapping up a horrendous regular season, there was a sense that the Cardinals would fire coach Ken Whisenhunt in part to ensure that defensive coordinator Ray Horton would be retained, via a promotion.

The concern was that Horton would be a hot head-coaching candidate elsewhere, and that if the Cardinals didn’t elevate Horton, someone else would.

But interviews with the Bills and Browns didn’t result in Horton hearing an offer, which gives the Cardinals an opportunity to keep Horton without bumping him up.  And that could be what they try to do.

According to Ian Rapaport of NFL Network, the Cardinals are “prepared to make a big push” for Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy — and in turn to keep Horton as the defensive coordinator.  Per Rapaport, other teams would be interested in hiring Horton as a defensive coordinator, but the Cardinals won’t let him go.

It could be awkward, to say the least, for McCoy to work with someone who was passed over for the job.  But it didn’t hurt the 2008 Ravens when Rex Ryan didn’t get the job, John Harbaugh did, and Rex stayed for a season as the defensive coordinator.

Meanwhile, McCoy’s star apparently hasn’t been affected by some ultra-conservative play-calling late in regulation of the game the Broncos would/should/could have won, including a curious decision to run on third and seven with a late lead and the decision to go into a play-for-overtime shell with 30 seconds left in a tie game.

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  1. It would be better for a McCoy as a first year coach trying to get his feet grounded. He’d have a good DC who has continuity with the players, and McCoy would be able to devote the attention where it is really needed. On offense. He might lose Horton after the season, but that is something to worry about in a year. McCoy would have a better handle on who’s who and what’s what by then. Worked out really well for Harbaugh when he made the transition to HC like you wrote.

  2. if it was McCoy idea to run on 3rd down instead of letting manning throw when he was hitting thone little passes all day I don’t know why zona would want him

  3. When that doesn’t work out, they will hire Ray Horton as head coach and Todd Haley to be his offensive coordinator. That’s the job Haley really interviewed for under the guise of interviewing for the top position.

  4. And how happy the Ravens must be that they correctly denied Rex the top job and gave to Harbaugh instead.

  5. This is why the Steelers remain the paradigm of success in the NFL, and the Cardinals are as dysfunctional as ever.

  6. Of course, it wasn’t McCoy (or Manning) that gave up an uncontested 71 pass play with half a minute to go in the game leading by 7.

  7. Perhaps the AZ Cards are still sleep. Y pass over a guy like Horton? Is it the braids? Horton would get maximum effort from both sides of the ball. AZ can really be foolish sometimes….check that, most of the time. U refused to protect Kurt Warner and the rest of the 150 QB’s since Kurt properly, now they are passing on a guy who can be the heart and soul of the team. Players want to play for Horton, AZ D spent more time on the field than any one else (cept the Browns) and still finished in the top 10 defensively. Y because the players play for Horton, they bust tail for Horton. Come on Red Birds let’s get this one right.

  8. God I hope so… I really like Horton as a d coordinator. McCoy seems to be the best option out there since Jon Gruden and Cowher don’t want to come to the desert…

  9. McCoy has a long track record of creativity and getting the most out of QB talent (Delhomme, Tebow (including changing the whole playbook during a bye week and making it work well), Orton. One game does not change that, and may speak to Fox’s preferences more than anything else.

    Cards have had 3 years of terrible offense — maybe McCoy can help fix that. The next guy and new GM Keim have to fix talent evaluation and development–play calling isn’t the issue. Whiz coached up Dennis Green’s talent, then couldn’t identify or develop his own talent, which is why the Cards are in the market for a new approach.

    Hope this works.

  10. Horton deserves his own head coaching job. Lose the corn-rows so someone can take you seriously!

  11. cardinalsfan87 says:
    Jan 13, 2013 12:19 PM
    Ya they scored 35 points! Did u watch the game?

    Ya, I watched them take the ball out of the hands of the one of the greatest QBs of all time with the game on the line.

    If you want your team to run the ball six straight times and punt with 3 minutes to go in a tie game, or take a knee with 31 seconds to go 30 yards from a long field goal attempt, or run three straight times and punt in OT, again all while having a first ballot hall of fame QB under center, then McCoy is your guy I guess.

  12. Hahahaha Horton didn’t hear an offer? I see what you did there!! Well the Cards are gonna hear a, “Who?!?” If they deem him unworthy!

  13. sjs5y7 says:
    Jan 13, 2013 12:23 PM
    Horton deserves his own head coaching job. Lose the corn-rows so someone can take you seriously!

    Lame argument.

    The players respect Ray Horton. He played the game for 10 years and he’s coached for nearly 20. The players can identify with him and he’s proven he can properly scheme in the NFL. His physical appearance has zero to do with it. It’s the NFL, not the cover of GQ.

  14. We did watch the game but unfortunately Michael Bidwell doesn’t are. He’s like the honey badger. He don’t give a crap!

  15. Here we go again. A team suddenly becomes a offensive beast and teams want the OC….. When are teams going to learn that in cases like these, it’s due to the QB!!! McCoy better have a plot to bring Pmoney with him.

  16. We all know that manning has complete control on whatever he wants to do so don’t act like all those plays are mike McCoys fault. Peyton changes the plays continually. There’s a reason he is being interviewed by 4 or 5 teams. Because he is a good coach.

  17. @dioalice You’re saying the same thing as me, he deserves to be a head coach! First quarter of the season, he made the entire league fear the Cardinals while the offense, outside Fitzgerald, looked worse than they ever had in the past decade.

    I was just insinuating, like most people would, that there is a reason he’s not getting the jobs that he’s interviewing for, or even comparatively that many interviews (despite the Rooney Rule). Perhaps he doesn’t work well with others, or the corn-rows put off management.

    Read some before jumping to conclusions. We are on the same side.

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