Donald Driver, Greg Jennings unsure if they’re done as Packers

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Green Bay receivers Donald Driver and Greg Jennings both acknowledged in the locker room following Saturday’s loss to the 49ers that they might have played their last games with the Packers.

The 37-year-old Driver caught just eight passes in 2012, and it’s hard to envision him being back with the Packers or any NFL team next year. He acknowledged after the game that it might be time for him to move on to another phase of his career.

“I’m hoping that this relationship won’t end, but if it does, you know, I’ve gotten close to a lot of guys on this team, and I’m going to continue to be friends with everyone on this team and I’m going to move on to the second chapter of my career, whatever that may be,” Driver said.

The 29-year-old Jennings becomes an unrestricted free agent in March, and he may have to accept that the Packers are moving on with younger receivers Randall Cobb, James Jones and Jordy Nelson as their top three receivers.

“It’s been great — I love this organization, but the reality is that there will probably be some changes made,” Jennings said. “Hopefully I’m here, if not I’m ready to move wherever. . . . I love this organization, I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else, but if I have to that’s what I’m ready to do.”

Driver has spent his entire 14-year career with the Packers, and Jennings has spent all of his seven NFL years in Green Bay. At this point, it seems unlikely that either of them will be back.

60 responses to “Donald Driver, Greg Jennings unsure if they’re done as Packers

  1. Cleveland could really use jennings. He could provide some leadership for Gordon and little (who admitted that he could use a veteran to learn from), he can help teach these young receivers about a work ethic.

  2. Washed up. DONE.
    How bout that beatdown the Niners put on GB??

    Cheeseheads have plenty of time to whine.

    Niners and Seahawks to battle for the right to go to New Orleans. Just the way it should have been, the two best teams in the NFC.

  3. Nice to cordial to Donald Driver, but he has been inactive a lot this season for a reason. Jennings is the real story, and he will have plenty of suitors.

  4. I’d love to see Jennings stay in GB but the reality is we have a lot of talent at the position and a history of developing great receivers. After that ass whipping last night, I think the team has other priorities and needs to work out contracts with some of the other guys.

    Hopefully next draft they’ll look to strengthen the defense, O.Line and finally sign a real running back. That should be a priority over Jennings.

  5. Jennings to “Insert favorite team here”. But seriously, I’d love to see him in a Lions jersey. We’ll be short on $$$ though. But him opposite of Megatron would be amazing. Maybe he was so critical of Lions players’ behavior because he wanted to get their sh*t together. We shall see. Lots of crap to fix. Go Lions!

  6. Driver and Jennings has a lot of company.. greenbay gone ALSO turn there backs on Finley and anybody else that try to get PAID cause they are about to give Rodgers 120 million dollars and try to make him the highest paid player in the game. and Rodgers dont care he wants that money

  7. If I were Greg Jennings, I would resign gor 1 year contract with The Packers and hopefully have a huge year and cash in.
    I think the last 2 years, having knee, and Groin injuries may have cost him some big money.

  8. I hope they can find a way for the Packers to keep Jennings.

    I keep hearing about him in MN. Why would he go there? They need somebody who can throw the ball to him.

  9. jennings is not coming to chicago, for once we have enough depth at WR. OL, TE & LB are where we need to focus.

  10. Amber alert: Packers defense went missing in the San Francisco area last night. Last seen wearing Green and gold Jerseys with no jock straps to speak of, as they were shaken out of them.

  11. I’d like to see Jennings go to STL, it’d be nice to see what Bradford can actually do with a quality non-slot wideout to throw to.

  12. It really was a shame mccarthy wouldn’t put driver on the field at the end of the game

  13. Thanks for a great run in Green Bay, Greg and Donald. The problem with Jennings to Chicago, Minnesota, or Miami (as mentioned above) is that he would have a subpar QB throwing to him. But if you want a soon-to-be 30 y.o., injury prone receiver… he’s available. But a class act the whole way.

  14. Jennings to whatever team can afford to pay him 11 million per season with 30 mil guaranteed, and it won’t be the Packers unless he loves the organization enough to offer a hometown discount. These are the ugly facts, I love you but I wanna get paid like a superstar and he’s not. Very good guy but not a superstar.

  15. I think GB would love to keep Jennings as Cobb is still too inconsistent and J. Nelson spends as much . The 49’ers exposed the many holes the Pack has to fill and there are a lot. Really the only place they are set at is QB and WR. Offensive line is one of worst in the league, defensive backs are suspect and Woodson is becoming a liability on the field even though he provides good leadership. Defensive line is below average and Matthews allows the linebackers to be slightly above average but teams have figured out how to slow Matthews down. Overall the team needs to get tougher, they do not like the physical smash mouth football like the 49’ers play and if you look back at their games with the Vikings. With Vikings lack of passing game , there’s no way they should’ve competed with GB but they ran the ball and were more physical than GB on both sides of the ball. Linebackers and DB’s parted like the Red Sea when they seen Peterson heading towards them. Capers needs to go and I think they need to switch back to a 4-3 defense and thus need to draft accordingly.

  16. Jennings is a stud and I can’t see why the packers wouldn’t want to move forward with him included. He’s the kind a WR who can play inside or outside and do everything well. Of course he’d look good opposite Lloyd in NE but that asking a lot. He’s going to be high in demand and the Pats don’t typically break the bank in those situations

  17. @acmepackers
    the Bears dont need Jennings. they
    are set with Ashlon Jeffrey at #2 and Bennett at #3 and they will get Johnny Knox back from injury. Of corse Marshall is #1. Chicago needs O-linemen not a greenbay cast off that cant stay in the game

  18. You may be right about Minnesota and Miami but a subpar QB in Chicago is silly talk. I’m a Lions fan but I have give Cutler recognition as a much better than average QB. The NFC North has Three outstanding QB in it at the present time.

  19. bring him to mn ziggy! can you imagine him back in the slot where he shines and then trading percy for a quality deep threat? who would you focus on? remember you still have to worry about the best rb in the league.

  20. Hope Driver doesn’t hang it up….he still has some juice. Packers had too many other receivers and the only reason they signed him was to not have another Favre situation with the fans. Jennings will go to a team that he can still be successful. Miami and Vikings have young QB but need some WR to throw to. Please Packer Fans….don’t beat these guys up if they play for another team next year. It is business…..just saying.

  21. @geoffreystevens

    Silly? You’re silly. Cutler is EXACTLY that… An average QB. Anyone who views him more than that is simply kidding themselves.

  22. If I was Reggie McKenzie and was going to keep Palmer next year I would DEFINITELY consider talking to BOTH.

    Jennings to be a LEGIT #1 receiver that the Raiders have sought since Rice and Driver to bring a possession type receiver AND a stand up character guy for folks like Streater, DHB, and Criner to learn from.

    Reggie is familar with both and both come from a consistant winning franchise…Couldn’t hurt

  23. Whoever wants to break their piggy bank for Jennings. Packers will just draft another stud or two and Rodgers will turn them both into pros.

    What’s funny is driver is better than any receiver, besides Harvin, on the Vikings. I hope the vikes make him an offer. He is the toughest football player I think I ever have seen.

  24. “The problem with Jennings to Chicago, Minnesota, or Miami (as mentioned above) is that he would have a subpar QB throwing to him.”

    To an arrogant GB fan, almost any QB not named Rodgers is subpar, but Cutler is not subpar to Bears fans who watch him every game…And while I agree the Bears have too many other needs to make signing Jennings likely, pairing him with Marshall and Jeffery would instantly jump-start the offense.

  25. Jennings will be back in Green Bay. The hard truth is that Green Bay needs Greg Jennings. He is a great, durable (Other thaan thaat hernia) Player week in and week out. That is more than I can say for Nelson. If I had to pick one of the 2, I’d take Jennings. Both are good, but Jennings can play every week and is a hard nosed guy. That is what Green Bay needs.

    Ted Thompson needs to assess his roster and dump some big money players. grade every one on performance then compare that to what they get paid. Lots of salary cap room there if the Packers use their heads.

    First thing the Packers need to do is get an every down Running Back. Eddie Lacy is the answer there. They can use him to establish a runing game and not be so one dimentional on offense. Not to mention he is a 1,500 yard NFL Back.

    On Defense, get Osi Umenyiora in there ASAP. With that and a switch to the 4-3 under a new DC, and you are instantly better on Defense. The rest of the parts are already there. All it needs is some tweaking and some new blood.

    If Green Bay sticks with the status quo, they wont see another SB until they decide to change it up.

  26. Miami will NOT overpay for Jennings. He’s not so syoung anymore, and injuries will keep coming for him. Yes, he has a relationship with Philbin, but that may work toward Miami’s favor in negotiations.
    Ross has made it known, they will pay for a great free agent this off season. I think it will be Wallace. Team him with Hartline and Bess, and its a good triple threat.

  27. How about Jennings to the Steelers, and good bye to wallace. Oh but the Rooneys dont believe in FA.

  28. Without Jennings, GB would not have won the Super Bowl in 2010. He will be greatly missed. I pushed to trade him for one of Cleveland’s first round choices last April but no one listened. Now we will get zip in return.

  29. @larryboodry

    When will Bears fans realize that Cutler is average? Every fan of the other 31 teams realizes it. So, it’s time to get a clue.

  30. @chio1town you think Bears have depth in WR? Knox is lucky he can walk, let alone play again. Bennett, he is ok when healthy, Jennings would be immediate improvement

  31. I’d expect big changes in GB.

    Restructure Woodson and Finley contracts.

    Cut AJ Hawk, Saturday.

    Franchise Jennings then trade him to Miami for a 2nd round pick. (I would be all for a Jennings for Cam Wake trade, but I doubt Miami would consider.)

    Use our top three draft picks to get a halfway decent left tackle and middle linebacker with some speed.

    I don’t believe in switching to a 4-3, because our two best defenders (Matthews and Raji) are both more suited for a 3-4.

  32. dretwann says: Jan 13, 2013 10:48 AM

    Way to stay classy GB and ignoring the ignorant taunting of SF fans. Not a GB fan but always loved the character of this team.

    Thanks dretwan! I was wearing a Jennings jersey at the game last night knowing full well it could be his last game, and took a lot of crap walking back to the parking lot. I was impressed with the niners fans until they won, but you’ve reminded me that they are mostly a class act, with just a few bad apples

  33. golions26 says: Jan 13, 2013 10:11 AM

    “Silly? You’re silly. Cutler is EXACTLY that… An average QB. Anyone who views him more than that is simply kidding themselves.”

    Okay, let’s compare our ‘average’ guy to your ‘franchise’ guy since ’09, when Stafford joined the Lions as a rookie, and Cutler was traded to the Bears:

    Jay: 82 TDs and 63 INTs in 56 starts, with a W-L record of 34-22, 12,292 passing yards, and a career QB rating of 84.

    Stafford: 80 TDs and 54 INTs in 45 starts, with a W-L record of 17-28, 12,807 passing yards, and a career QB rating of 82.8.

    While Jay has been more durable, averaging 14 starts per season to Stafford’s 11, Matt gets the nod here in TDs (impressive) and total yards (meaningless if you don’t win) due to having 11 fewer starts….Both throw too many picks.

    All that being said, a QB is judged on wins and losses, and this is where Jay has Stafford beat hands down, although both are equally talented, and neither is ‘average.’

  34. golions26 says: Jan 13, 2013 11:29 AM


    When will Bears fans realize that Cutler is average? Every fan of the other 31 teams realizes it. So, it’s time to get a clue.”

    See my post above.

  35. Everyone would like to see a good player on their team’s roster. But, Jennings to Cincinnati would be a good move if Brown is willing to pay him. Line him up opposite to AJ Green and use Jones, Sanu, and Hawkins rotating in between. Or even put Jennings in the slot. It would have to make defenses need to think twice about double teaming Green and would give the Bengals defense that added firepower on offense that could aid them to a playoff win.

  36. @shlort You have no idea what you’re talking about. Lacey? You have to have an Oline to run the ball! We don’t right now. Lacey would get stuffed just like every other GB back. Switch to 4-3? How dumb are you? Mathews can’t play DE, and Raji is suited to 3-4. So make our two best defensive players make radical changes to their game? Dumb. You say they won’t win a SB, yet they did just two seasons ago with a similar formula. They are a 10+ win team that makes the playoffs every year, don’t fix it if it ain’t broke. Continue to develop and improve the youngsters, improve the Oline and then we get another SB. You don’t have to make radical changes every time you lose, it’s that mentality that ruins teams. Have to have some patience.

  37. Have to laugh at all the ignorant fans who think Tannehill in Miami is a bad QB. Look who he had to throw to. Hartline, Bess, and a bunch of scrubs. Going 3 wide did nothing for that offense because defenses knew noone but those 2 guys had any chance of getting the ball. Tannehill had to be so accurate that it will benefit him down the road. Get Jennings down there and they become a very good offense, get Driver there and he shows the young guys how to prepare. Get a nice pass catching TE, resign Bush, and shore up LT and you have the pieces for a deadly offense.

  38. Jennings, having grown up in Kalamazoo, has always wanted to be a Lion, just like his homey, Jerome Harrsion, who by the way, still isn’t out of the woods re; his brain tumor….

    That said, I would expect KC and Miami to be all over him…

  39. I don’t care what anybody says…
    Driver still has it in him and even took a pay cut to stay in GB and this is the thanx he gets?
    Shoulda played him more and maybe the Pack would have not only won more games but the big one against the 9ers as well.

  40. We don’t want anything to do with washed up Packers! Go anywhere except Minnesota! They can do much better than bringing in others has beens!

  41. I’d LOVE to see him stay here in GB, but if it doesn’t happen, the bidding war is going to be very interesting, and intense. Exciting offseason coming starting Feb 4th. May the best bidder win.

  42. Congratulations on a tremendous career Mr. Driver! You made yourself into one of the all time Packer greats. Fans will continue to wear their 80 Driver jerseys long after your playing days are over, which by the way was last Saturday. It’s a tough business.

    Jennings is a terrific player that has struggled to stay healthy for the past couple of years, and now he may command more money than he is worth to the Packers from some lesser team. If so, he’s been terrific and I wish him well.

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