Glazer: Jets “can’t give [G.M.] position away”


Maybe the Jets eventually will just bring back Mike Tannenbaum.

Something has to happen at some point, because Jets owner Woody Johnson is having a hard time finding a new General Manager.  Per Jay Glazer of FOX, the team “can’t give the position away.”

Glazer says the Jets are calling back candidates who already have turned them down, asking them to reconsider.  Meanwhile, guys they wanted who had other options (like Dave Caldwell and Tom Telesco) opted to go elsewhere.

So where will they go from here?  Adam Schefter of ESPN reported earlier today that the Jets plan to have follow-up discussions this week with two of the candidates who haven’t turn them down (yet), and that the name to watch is former Bears G.M. Jerry Angelo.  Per Schefter, Jets assistant G.M. Scott Cohen also is expected to be part of the process.

Making the job unattractive is the circus surrounding the franchise, from being forced to keep coach Rex Ryan for at least one year to the quarterback situation to a salary-cap mess, the job is viewed as not attractive.

Actually, those factors could make the job more attractive, because it could give the guy who takes the job a scholarship year with no expectations.  Then, with a better cap and roster situation in 2014 and a license to hire a new coach, the new G.M. wouldn’t be on the clock until 2014.

If that doesn’t help the Jets get someone they want, the best play could be to promote Cohen, see how 2013 goes, and if necessary fire everyone after the coming season and start from scratch.

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  1. The JETS have become the laughing stock of the league.
    Woody Johnson has surpassed Dan Snyder as the most inept owner in the league.

    Rex Ryan is the worst Head Coach and biggest clown in the league.

    Sanchez is the worst QB in the league.

    However, the Jets fans aren’t as obnoxious and as big of an ahole as Steeler and Patriot fans

  2. The new guy would not get a “free year” in the eyes of the fans or the owner.

    To look at it from another angle, who in their right mind would want to spend even one year sandwiched between a blowhard coach with personnel decision making power and an idiot owner who lets the coach accumulate that much power with such poor results?

  3. Calling back candidates who already turned them down has to be new level of humiliation. A good GM can see the Jets have nothing going for them, and aren’t interested in the power and the paycheck. They can see the headache involved.

  4. C’mon, every circus needs a ringleader. The guy that takes this job is gonna be nothing but a hatchet man, that blows out Ryan and Sanchez after this year and then has to start from scratch. Pioli would probably take the job.

  5. No GM wants Rex as coach. Can u blame them? They want to offer the Jets a professionally run franchise.

    We all knew this was going to happen Woody, you are looking more and more like Rex, when he refused to bench Sanchez all season. Let it go, and let the new GM run the ship. Listen to the fans Woody.

  6. kattykathy says:Jan 13, 2013 12:37

    However, the Jets fans aren’t as obnoxious and as big of an ahole as Steeler and Patriot fans


    Another way of saying I wish I got to root for a class organization that fields winning teams

  7. What quality GM candidate is going to want to enter a situation where he will have zero options to address two of the team’s more significant issues at two of the teams most significant positions? Even the laughable Jags got it right when Kahn set Mularkey’s future in the hands of the new G.M. to be.

  8. September 2012:
    Rex Ryan –
    “This might be the best team that I’ve had since I’ve been the coach here.”

    Anybody keeping track of the stuff Rex says? You know… he’s going to win the Super Bowl next year.

  9. I’ll believe this when somebody reputable can actually claim it as true. I’m not even a Jets fan but lets be honest, calling a story like this is just cashing in on making fun of the Jets and will get readers.

  10. Whats expected when the owner retains Ryan and Ryan retains Sanchez? A GM wants to come in and implement his own team his own way.

  11. @ kattykathy

    So you think Rex is the worst HC, huh? Worse than Dennis Allen? Well did you know Rex also has a 36-34 record as a HC and took his team to two AFC Championships in his first two years as a HC? Yeah some people don’t like the guy’s outspoken personality, but he is by no means the worst HC in the league.

    And Sanchez? Might be the worst starting QB in the league, but seriously the worst overall? There’s a reason some QBs like Ryan Lindley and John Skelton are third stringers.

  12. orivar says:
    Jan 13, 2013 12:51 PM

    I’ll believe this when somebody reputable can actually claim it as true. I’m not even a Jets fan but lets be honest, calling a story like this is just cashing in on making fun of the Jets and will get readers.

    Yeah…this isn’t Chris Mortenson reporting this. Glazer is the best in the business, so if he says this is happening, then I believe him.

  13. The Jets could just make an Eagles move and find some young lawyer/accountant and call him a GM, give him all the leverage and even magically erase previous bad drafts that he has and say that the one that was good was his draft. And all the dream team players that he crowed about were now not his decision, even though he crowed about them. Oh Im sorry and going off about the Eagles here arent I?

  14. You assume the GM isn’t on the clock until 2014, but with the Jets, assuming anything would be a big mistake.

  15. I think Sanchez sucks as well, not a starting caliber QB, but he is not the worst, tho it is a close contest. I’ve been around several fan bases over the years and if you think steeler and patriot fans are aholes, then you never met colt fans. When Manning was in his prime they were at their second worst i ever seen them, Manning’s final year on the bench they were down right nasty. I personally can’t stand the Patriots and and the Brady lovefest, but the fans are alright. Rex should’ve been fired after last season, put on a leash 2 seasons ago, and should’ve benched Sanchez(but not for Tebow) half way thru the season. As long as Rex is not retained, the jets can take second place in the east back. Most likely will have several years till they can contend with the patriots.

  16. and all the jet fans out there use to talk all that junk about miami and jeff ireland they would love to have ireland about right now. and this would be funnier if it weren’t so true but the only direction for you guys to go is up atleast thats what i think now but as has been the case over the years you guys keep coming up with new and inventive ways of sucking so i could be wrong

  17. Barnum and Bailey would be proud of their proteges, Woody and Rex. Between the Woody, Rex and “Jerrah”, they keep the rest of us in stitches from laughing.

  18. As a patriots fan I don’t like rex but to say you wouldn’t want him to coach your d or he’s the worst is ridiculous. I believe he is a smart d coordinator. Not the nest hc though

  19. “Making the job unattractive is the circus surrounding the franchise, from being forced to keep coach Rex Ryan for at least one year to the quarterback situation to a salary-cap mess, the job is viewed as not attractive.”

    Considering ownership has failed to learn anything from the past few seasons, it’s hard to see why any decent prospect would want to limit his future by signing on. I mean, what else exactly has to happen before ownership turns on the light bulb?

  20. the NFL should force Woody to sell the team… I know that’s impossible but he is a clown… there’s a reason why 31 teams basically stick to the same NFL blueprint for success… the Jets seem to think they are smarter than everyone else and they are simply an embarrassment to the NFL and I’m a Jet fan.

  21. You Can have Jeff Ireland & his amazing staff of talent evaluators. You helped rid us of Sporano, please take Ireland now!!!!

  22. Angelo can’t take the job unless he has had his telephone fixed, because he wouldn’t be able to make any of the necessary trades.

  23. Jeez, More media BS.

    The Jets have interviewed over 10 candidates for the GM opening and all of them would accept the GM job if offered to them. The whole “can’t give it away” premise is BS.

    When is the negative spin on the Jets by the media going to stop? What have the Jets done to earn this type of treatment? Did I miss something? Did the Jets form a partnership with Al Jazeera?

  24. Just for the record. Even though, I don’t think he will get the job.

    Jerry Angelo’s resume includes Jay Cutler, Matt Forte, Julius Peppers, Lance Briggs, Charles Tillman and Devin Hester.

    Those are some of the best Bears of all time on his resume.

  25. Tom Gamble, Russ Ball, John Idzik, Omar Khan, Jerry Angelo, Marc Ross, Brian Gaine, Jim Popp are all waiting and hoping for the Jets to call them and give them the job.

    These are the names on the “can’t give it away” list waiting by the phone hoping for the call to take the Jets GM job.

  26. 2 months ago i was sure that the Bills was the worst job in the country, but that is clearly not the case…

    Lets see: I grew up with the 90’s Bills so i was spoiled (although we never won the big one), so these past 13 years have been pretty rough.

    with that in mind, i feel bad for the Jets fans, knowing what they are going through. And like Sanchez or not, i respect the hell out of Ryan for going and picking in round one, and sticking by his guy… turned out to be the wrong guy but after watching Mike Mularkey constantly pull JP Losman for Kelly Holcombe, (not that Losman was any good) at least Sanchez has had plenty of real opportunity to show what he can or cant do…

    I can only hope the Bills new regime picks a guy and lets him sink or swim….

  27. Jets have the same problem the Eagles do, only in reverse. Jets can’t hire a GM cuz they have a loser for a head coach and the Eagles can’t hire a head coach cuz they have a loser for a GM.

    Must be the green and white unis ……

  28. Fire Rex and tell the next GM That he can decide what to do with Sanchez and Tebow and you’ll have a long line of
    Candidates waiting to take the job.

  29. Not surprising. I mean what G.M. would want to be stuck with a head coach and QB that they don’t want? Unless Woody Johnson changes his mind and lets the G.M. make the final decision on Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez then Woody might as well appoint himself G.M. because nobody else, unless they’re really desperate to be a G.M., is going to want that job.

  30. I know it happened two months ago but I still can’t read a jets article without picturing Sanchez running into his own linemans rear end. Hahaha.

  31. I’ve watched the NFL for about 30 years. I’ve never seen a situation more comical than this Jets one. It’s like a train wreck that never ends.

  32. The only way this could be better would be for Woody to break out the overhead projector, Al Davis style….

  33. Johnson should give Rex Ryan the GM job, and let Him hire a head coach. Rex Ryan knows how to pick the right players. Rex Ryan is not going to be an NFL team’s defensive coordinator. That is why Johnson doesn’t want to fire him. That is why all fans except the jets want him fired. There many teams in the NFL would love to hire this coach as their defensive coordinator. The Steelers is one of them.

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