Gus Bradley to interview for two other coaching jobs


Just before Atlanta burned Richard Sherman for a 46-yard touchdown pass and a 20-0 lead, Thom Brenaman of FOX said that Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley indicated on Saturday that he’ll interview for two head-coaching jobs other than the Eagles and Chargers.  But Bradley wouldn’t mention who the teams will be.

Given the current status of today’s game, we’ll find out soon enough.

By rule, Bradley actually can’t interview with anyone else until Seattle’s season ends.  Again, we’ll find out soon enough.

Some regard Bradley as the current top choice to secure the job in Philadelphia.  Other available jobs include the Cardinals, Bears, and Jaguars.

12 responses to “Gus Bradley to interview for two other coaching jobs

  1. after watching today’s debacle Seattle fans probably wish he would have focused more on this years team rather than interviewing with multiple teams prior to a playoff game, on the road nonetheless.
    This Seattle defense looks absolutely directionless.

  2. Why do you keep repeating *we’ll know soon enough*? You obviously aren’t watching the game are you? 6 point game now, and over 9 mins left… And not the first time Seattle’s done this either. I’m not a Seahawks fan by any means, but I think *we’ll know soon enough* if Tony Gonzalez is retiring…

  3. If the Eagles want a defensive oriented Coach, then Lovie Smith would be a much better choice than Bradley IMO.

  4. Please somebody hire him. He under coached the most talented defense in the NFL and cost the Seahawks 3 games in the last minute, including today. Please take him.

  5. McCoy will not be coming to Philly. The first thing Lurie said he wanted was a “leader of men”. Everything I’ve heard about McCoy has been “great guy, great coach, very calm and laid back”. I don’t think they want the “laid back” guy.

    Going in, I wanted McCoy or Bradley, I’m hoping now that Seattle is out of it, Lurie is offering him the job as I type this

  6. It is disappointing that your football acumen does not allow you to realize that Browner was supposed to be playing over the top on that TD. Sherman had his outside responsibility covered. Had he not tripped, he was closing to take care of Browner’s mistake as well.

  7. The deep post was Chancellor’s responsibility on that White TD. He should have been over the top in the middle of the field. Sherman had his outside responsibility covered & nearly closed in to shore up Chancellor’s shoddy work, had he not tripped.

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