Horton hopes to hear more about his status by Tuesday


Amid reports that the Cardinals hope to hire Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy to be Arizona’s latest head coach and to keep Ray Horton as the team’s defensive coordinator, that plan is news to Horton.

A source with knowledge of the situation tells PFT that Horton currently isn’t aware of the team’s plans for him, and that he expects to hear more by Tuesday.

Horton remains under contract, along with the rest of the Arizona defensive staff.  Coach Ken Whisenhunt and the rest of the offensive staff were fired 13 days ago.

The Cardinals have interviewed Horton multiple times for the head-coaching job.  His defense was a strength in 2012; the team’s problems traced to its offense — primarily to its quarterback position.

19 responses to “Horton hopes to hear more about his status by Tuesday

  1. A good coach, but unfortunately for him he is just fulfilling the Rooney Rule for teams.

  2. Yea, this is going to work out well. If you don’t want Horton as the HC after interviewing him, cut the guy loose because he’s clearly not comfortable working for somebody who he is apparently going to lose out on a job to.

    Furthermore, shouldn’t the new HC determine his whole staff, even if the defense was a strength? You’re dooming him to fail from the start with this approach.

  3. If the offense sucked because of qb play, why was Whisenhunt fired? Why not just fire the crappy qbs? When Whiz had a good qb he was moments and a miracle play by the Steelers from winning a SB.

  4. All of the speculation, leaks and posturing that is done by the applicants/agents to gain leverage, makes this whole process a joke. I wish there was a way to keep the interviews and speculation more secretive.

    Fulfilling the Rooney rule doesn’t do much either, at this point. It served its’ purpose and now the color of one’s skin isn’t keeping or adding to someone’s attractiveness as a candidate. Modifying the rule to keep it from being the sham it has become would be a good thing, if possible. I don’t know what the change would be, but any change might be good.

  5. Oh if they land Alex Smith those QB’S will be fired watch. Smith gets signed and Kolb will be let go to apply that money to Smith,Skelton thank you don’t call us well call you. Lindley may stay on as third on the dept chart he’s not making any money to hurt the team. Either Hoyer possibly or even Matt Moore as back up signing.

  6. I hear you chawk12thman

    “All of the speculation, leaks and posturing that is done by the applicants/agents to gain leverage, makes this whole process a joke. I wish there was a way to keep the interviews and speculation more secretive. ”

    There used to be.

  7. A year ago I wouldn’t have known Mike McCoy had he been my neighbor. Today, he has Peyton Manning to thank for making him a name. In three years he’ll be a special teams coach.

  8. I don’t think I can handle any more Whisenhunt sympathizers any more. I will give you his record for the last three years. Maybe it will sink in this time (hifive123) 2010- 5 wins, 11 losses, 2011- 8 wins, 8 losses. 2012- 5 wins, 11 losses….that’s 18 wins and 30 losses. Whisenhunt is a horrible HC and will never be a HC again.

  9. larrybrown43

    If you didn’t know that Mike McCoy was the one given credit last season for turning the Broncos around (once the offense was turned over to Tebow), then you’re way behind in the football-knowledge world.

    McCoy’s job adjusting the ENTIRE Broncos O to successfully fit Tebow and win a playoff game helped McCoy interview for the Dolphins HC job last year.

    He’s been a hot commodity for 2 seasons now, not just Manning’s first there.

  10. Seriously…the guy wants to be in charge of a billion dollar enterprise and he’s rockin the corn rows? WTF? It’s ashame too because he is obviously a good football coach…but there is a certain amount of perception and an image that a HC must adhere to and whether you are black or white rockin the rows won’t fly in my opinion. Especially to some ol school folks like the Bidwills now if Richard Branson or Mark Cuban owned the team things would be different.

  11. Realfootballfan, I have to agree with you. In a perfect world they could keep Horton as the d coordinator and bring in McCoy or whomever as the head coach but most head coaches want to bring in thier own staff. Horton will be a hot commodity soon tho. He has the Cards defense swarming to the ball. They are just on the field to much. I tend to think Graves was the problem and not Whiz as well but that’s in the past. O line and no running game and Kolb being made of cheap balsa wood is the issue. Fix those somehow and they will contend…

  12. dabearsk: Its a little unusual for a 52 year old guy to have cornrows, but he actually asked young Bidwill about them when he interviewed for the DC job a couple years ago. In a press interview he said he planned to remove them before his DC interview but didn’t have time before hopping the plane, so he made sure the Cards knew he would be happy to get rid of them if that was important. Young Bidwill told him they were fine, then he (Bidwill) started sprouting some facial hair himself–Bidwills are old school (and young Bidwill spent time as a federal prosecutor no less), but Horton has spent plenty of time around here with his cornrows, so that won’t be the reason he doesn’t get the HC job. The reason will be the Cards are broken on offense, so is a guy with 15+ years as a secondary coach and only 2 years as a DC the guy you put in charge of that problem, especially when you will then lose his focus on the D?

  13. Can we please stop the Alex Smith rumors as it concerns the Cards? If you think he’s the answer please take a look at his consistently below-average performances prior to Jim Harbaugh taking over as coach. If he becomes QB in AZ it will not solve anything.

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