Intense media scrutiny looms over Jets G.M. job

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With FOX’s Jay Glazer declaring earlier today that the Jets “can’t give . . . away” their General Manager job, it’ll be interesting to see how the team reacts.

Will they simply offer the job to someone with no further discussion?  Or will they now be even more deliberate, hoping to avoid the impression that they are desperate?

Regardless, whoever takes the job will face significant local scrutiny, immediately.  Already, the person who gets the job will be viewed as perhaps the fifth choice at best, given that multiple folks declined to interview (including Eric DeCosta, Tom Heckert, and possibly Bill Polian) and that at least two men the Jets were chasing ran elsewhere (Dave Caldwell to Jacksonville and Tom Telesco to San Diego).

And the vocal and robust New York media will make a loud and clear point of that.

Then there’s the inevitable scrutiny that will descend on the position and hover there for as long as the G.M. has it.  Which means that the G.M. will need to have a very thick skin.

If the job goes to Jerry Angelo, who had been largely ignored for NFL jobs since being fired by the Bears but who is now regarded by ESPN’s Adam Schefter as the name to watch, things could get interesting if/when Angelo faces an on-air grilling from, say, WFAN’s Mike Francesa.  Angelo has a reputation for being feisty, as evidenced by his response to criticism arising from his failure to lure Nick Saban to Chicago in 2004.

“It has nothing [to do] with control freak or he’s going to shove some player down his throat or he’s going to make him hire coaches,” Angelo said in response to the idea that Saban and Angelo would clash over personnel.  “I’ve listened to so much crap in the last two weeks, I’ve [had] to look myself in the mirror.  I said, ‘You know, I should have a turban on.'”  (He later apologized, explaining that he was trying to make the point that he doesn’t view himself as an “ayatollah or an all-powerful ruler”.)

Angelo’s remark didn’t trigger a significant national outcry at the time.  But if he says something like that in New York, he’ll be Photoshopped on the back page of the New York Post next to a mildly offensive headline in blaring all caps.

So whoever takes that job will have to deal with hearing for days about how bad he must be, and then he must continue to deal with similar questions if/when the struggles continue.

Thus, the smart move could be to keep the next G.M. away from the media completely, and to use Rex Ryan as the primary voice of the organization.  Then again, few have accused the Jets in recent months of being smart.

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  1. I find it almost laughable that they can’t even do the right thing without someone saying they’re screwing it up, where are the eagles headlines we all know for a fact they’ve been turned down at least 3 times and we know for a fact that we know nothing about whether the Jets offered anyone the job our even who they’ve called to talk to,Polian said he’s not interested in ANY job never heard Jets called and I said no, Heckert has said nothing at all and Woody has never said who he’s going to interview.
    The daily Jets bashing is old and tired especially when they’re trying to get it right, good forbid if they don’t it’ll be 24/7 instead of the 20/7 we have now.

  2. There is only 32 NFL GM jobs in the entire world, a plum of a job but yet the Jests can’t give the position away. How embarrassing is that!!

  3. All they have to do is quietly start telling candidates that they don’t have to keep Ryan.

    Then when whoever they hire fires him, they can deny that keeping him was ever a set in stone requirement and blame the media for printing unsubstantiated rumors like everyone does all the time anyway.

  4. Is this from the same reporting that told us Andy Reid is locked up in Arizona? Is this from the same reporting that told us Chip Kelly is a done deal in Cleveland?
    I think the sports media lately has become TMZ like. They can’t even get the story straight and they have to make up crap to sensationalize the story.
    As for the commenters saying this is Woody’s fault, what is his fault and there’s no evidence of any GM not wanting to come to the Jets. And I’ll bet you’re the same commenters who think Jerry Jones is an owner who sticks his nose in too much. Guess what, you can’t have it both ways.

  5. Tom Gamble, Russ Ball, John Idzik, Omar Khan, Jerry Angelo, Marc Ross, Brian Gaine, Jim Popp are all waiting and hoping for the Jets to call them and give them the job.

    These are the names on the “can’t give it away” list waiting by the phone hoping for the call to take the Jets GM job.

  6. promote Tebow to GM-get a tat on the other arm-promote Rex and hire Rob as the Coach-long term contracts for all-guarantee permanent disaster for the rest of time.

    Fans get Wise-no more season tickets, no more PSL’s -even Woody can figure out an empty stadium(maybe)

  7. It’s only about 220 miles between Boston where the Pats play, and New York, home of the Jets. That’s the distance between them geographically. In every other respect, the distance is somewhere in the light-years.

    Attention new Jets GM: You must deal with a headline-focused owner, you can’t pick your own coach, you have 3 QBs, (none can play at a decent level), your best defensive player (Revis, when he’s not hurt), wants a new contract every other year, good luck with the salary cap, you share a city/region with another team that is far better managed/coached, you share a division with the Pats who don’t look like they are relinquishing the division lead any time soon.

    Good luck!

  8. They aren’t getting a big name coach/gm. For ONCE be trend setters and hire the trestman/popp combination. Trestman as OC until Rex is replaced and Popp as the GM who is a great talent evaluator.

  9. “Can’t give away the job”

    Marc Ross(Giants) wants the Jets GM job.
    John Idzik(Seahawks) wants the Jets GM job.
    Tom Gamble(49ers) wants the Jets GM job.
    Omar Khan(Steelers) wants the Jets GM job.
    Brian Gaine(Dolphins) wants the Jets GM job.
    Jerry Angelo wants the Jets GM job.

    How do I know all of this. They all interviewed for the job.

    Once again media, Let’s not let the facts get in the way of a story. It’s more fun to spin negatively at the sake of good journalism.

  10. Yeah because Fatty Francessa is the voice of all NY sports, right?

    Have another donut Mike and please try not to repeat yourself (which by the way is your favorite pastime) about 19 times tomorrow when you attempt to tell everyone that you knew Baltimore was going to beat the Broncos….

  11. Love it! After having ESPN shove the Jets in our faces all Training Camp, now NO ONE wants the GM job. Woody, you’ve got to let the GM hire his own coach. That’s why nobody has taken the job, because of Rex. Love this mess, ESPN can keep showing this trash now!

  12. firstand4ever ….

    Just because a GM prospect interviews for a Job does not mean they want the job. They could be interviewing for leverage against another team… Or they could decide not to take the job after hearing how much the team is willing to pay. In the Jets case many of these GMs did not like the Idea of REX RYAN interviewing them and being a part of the hiring process as well as the stipulation that they would have to keep Rex next year. The Jets are a tough sell for the lack of talent and over payed players alone but if a GM will have to compete with a powerful Coach that is basically their boss when its supposed to be the other way around… that turns off a lot of potential GMs.

  13. I think it’s time for Woody to do some soul searching and see if he can find a well loved and adored player, besides joe the lush, and put him in that spot. It would bring instant credibility to the job. The only issue is that Rex would be there still. If tannanbaum was the problem then now it’s up to Rex to prove that. Denver did great w/Elway in that roll. Next year if they fail then the GM who the town loves can put his foot down and rebuild from scratch. I find it hard to believe Woody hasn’t thought of that.

  14. Tom Gamble wants the job. He LOVES the Jets. Maybe he had a bad interview, but he should be on the top of the list. I think the consultant, Hughes, is getting paid by the hour, or possibly second.

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