J.J. Watt greets Pats logo with saliva

Yesterday’s AFC divisional-round playoff game ended up being much better than anyone had expected.  Perhaps today’s will be, too.

Per multiple reports and accounts, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt spit on the Patriots logo in the middle of the field at Gillette Stadium during pregame warmups.  He then reportedly wiped his feet on the cartoon profile of Elvis and/or Jay Leno and/or maybe even a young Christopher Walken.

Whether the indignity impacts the game remains to be seen.  But it shows that Watt will be bringing a nasty streak to the rematch of a December game in which Watt largely disappeared.

46 responses to “J.J. Watt greets Pats logo with saliva

  1. That’s the kind of High School BS, that should be above a player of JJ Watt’s quality. If he needs to exhibit that kind of childish behavior to get up for this kind of game, then the Texans might as well go home now.

    This is like the lettermen jackets. The Texans are showing they just aren’t ready for this kind of game, just like they weren’t ready for the first game.

  2. What a junior varsity move by an all pro player. I can’t see all greats like Reggie White or Mean Joe Greene doing something that lame in a sporting event. It goes right back to the jackets, this team is stuck in High School mode. Who cares about this JV getting pumped stuff. Let’s play football.

  3. It’s too bad for him that the Texans have as much of a chance of winning today’s game as President Obama has of winning the Tea Party vote.

  4. This is a foolish decision on Watt’s part, but there still should not be any questions about his class. Do some research on Watt and you’ll see what he constantly does for others. Not a Texans fan but I’m very aware of his character. Fans are too quick to judge people based on one action.

    That said, I don’t see what the point of doing this would be. Your team has struggled, why give a Tom Brady led team any extra motivation? Dumb move by Watt but it won’t change my respect for the man.

  5. Stuff like that always reminds me of the scene in “Enter the Dragon” where a bad guy tries to intimidate Bruce Lee by breaking a board. Bruce just calmly says “Boards don’t hit back,” and then demolishes him.

  6. Let’s not assume the worst and guess he’s showing disrespect to an opponent who embarrassed him.

    Maybe he just hates the America and the Red White and Blue – a British sympathizer who hates America’s patriots who have fought and died for this country.

    Watt has a right to his opinion – free speech! I just hope the Patriots use the full power of their speech on the field during regulation.

  7. That’s right J.J. , show ’em who’s boss. You da man! Hope the Pats and the flying Elvis learn their lesson

  8. It isn’t Jon Hamm? No wonder Gillette Stadium security isn’t cool with me chain smoking, drinking scotch, and nailing secretaries during Pats games.

  9. Much like Brady calling Bills fans bitches or BB snubbing handshake of mangini or spikes consistent headshots classes move towards a team w even less class

  10. That’s pretty disrespectful, but I guess he’s still mad from that 42-14 spanking the Pats put on him a few weeks ago. Don’t be mad JJ, Mr. Brady is about to drop another 42 on you then you can stomp your feet all you want all the way back to Houston

  11. This is a joke right? I’d bet several hundred players have spit on that logo without even thinkin’ about it.

    This is just silly talk…….

  12. are we sure this really happened? There has to be some video or at least a picture or two of this while it was going on. I’m a Pats’ fan but have (had?) great respect for JJ and find this pretty hard to believe; I would suspect this as some media spin rather than an actual happening.

  13. I don’t care for the Pats, but that’s ridiculous. After seeing a profile on how J.J. Watts was acting as surrogate big brother to some kids who’d lost their parents in a car crash, I had thought he was a classy guy. But what kind of example is that? Wish some of these players would make a passing attempt at good sportsmanship. One thing about Belichick’s guys: They usually do their talking on the field–as they did the last time these two teams met.

  14. OH NO!

    Someone spit on a football field.

    Leave it to the Patriots fans to talk about class
    when it was them a few years ago doing the “lights out” dance.

  15. 1) The jackets have nothing to do with this or their style of play.
    2) Have any of you people seen or read what Boston writers have been saying about this game? Totally dismissing the Texans. If I were Watt or any of the Texans players, I’d be pissed off too. And I would defy any of you who would not feel the same.

  16. that’s precious..a patriots fan calling someone classless…ever been to a game at Gillette? Obviously not…they’re the most obnoxious fans in sports (more than Yankees fans)..and this is from someone that lives in Boston..

  17. Boo hoo patriots fans… No one likes you and would do the same thing if they had the chance. The only thing better would be if he drove over to fenway and wrote his name in urine on the green monster

  18. JJ, wtf? You gotta rep us Badgers better than that! Who gave the pregame speech, Bill Romonowski? Roberto Alomar? Stay classy JJ, and ON WISCONSIN!

  19. I don’t see what the big deal is. I’d spit on their field too! At some of our home games, I don’t hesitate to spit in a rival fans beer or something.

  20. Well watt just got a sack on Brady so maybe it got him properly psyched up. Down with the Patsy’s!!!

  21. cheating, running up the score, using the owner’s dead wife as a rallying cry while he’s banging a 20 year old months later – yeah the Pats organization is the authority on class, so crucify JJ.

  22. He probably did, it’s a football field. He probably spit other places too, I bet a bunch of people spit on it. There was probably no malicious intent.

  23. Gross cheap shot , athletes aren’t how they used to be.His way of saying “You will win, but I respect no-one.” As the previous poster said, they are all guilty of this.

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