Ken Whisenhunt interviewed in San Diego Saturday


The Chargers added another name to their list of coaching candidates on Saturday when former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt interviewed for their head coaching job.

Whisenhunt was fired at the end of the regular season after the Cardinals finished the year by losing 11 of their final 12 games. Whisenhunt was 45-51 over his six years with Arizona and took the team to the Super Bowl after the 2008 season.

“From my brief involvement since I’ve been a head coach, I’ve also had great respect for the Spanos family,” Whisenhunt said, via the Chargers website.  “A couple years ago they came out for a week when they had the fires out here and used our facilities, so I had a chance to meet them.  I really enjoyed that.  I think you have to have great respect for what they’ve done and how they brought this franchise along.”

The Cardinals sank in 2012 because the team couldn’t find competent quarterback play after Kevin Kolb was injured. In Philip Rivers, Whisenhunt would have a surer answer at the position albeit one that has turned the ball over 47 times in the last two seasons.

Whisenhunt had a couple of interviews for the Browns job before they hired Rob Chudzinski and he has also drawn some interest from teams with openings at offensive coordinator.

8 responses to “Ken Whisenhunt interviewed in San Diego Saturday

  1. At what point do these candidates who probably won’t get a HC offer withdraw their name so that they don’t miss out on a coordinator job, and have to take a position coach opening. Whisenhunt doesn’t seem like he’s being seriously considered for any of these openings.

  2. His record the last three years was pitiful! His so called expertise as a OC wasn’t much better. Game film doesn’t lie… Especially with this guy.

  3. The question with Whisenhunt is who handpicked the quarterbacks in Arizona since Warner left?

    Was it him or Graves? If Whisenhunt had final say, then you call security on him and have escorted out of the building. His success has come with Roethlisberger and Warner at the controls.

    For his sake, I hope there is more than meets the eye…….

  4. The Steelers passed very quickly in 2007 on Whisenhunt who was their own in-house HC candidate. Once Warner left because Whisenhunt refused to upgrade the Offensive Line (‘they are good enough” and ‘QBs are gonna get hit because that’s part of the game’ – Whisenhunt), the Cards saw Whisenhunt for the pretender he is after 5-11, 8-8, & 5-11 seasons. Now the Chargers are looking to set their team back to occupy the bottom of their division for the next 5 years under Whisenhunt until they learn what the Steelers knew all along and what the Cards learned after they wasted the last three years. The Chiefs, Broncos, and Raiders are all hoping the Chargers will be stupid and blind by hiring Whisenhunt.

  5. At the beginning of this season, Whisenhunt used his football genius and gave the starting QB job to John Skelton over Kevin Kolb. The prosecution rests, your Honor.

  6. I love how no one has made the connection that the 47 turnovers made by Philip Rivers began immediately after Norv Turner started coaching him instead of John Ramsdell who tutored Rivers during his Pro Bowl-caliber years. Ramsdell also tutored Kurt Warner, Trent Green and Marc Bulger.

  7. The blame in AZ is on Wiz, he had final say on personnel after the Super Bowl runup when his contract was reworked. His brilliance in drafting took an injury prone RB over Andy Dalton two years ago & and another WR over an O-lineman last year.

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