Peyton has 40 million reasons to forget about Saturday’s game

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Yes, Peyton Manning’s first season with the Broncos didn’t result in the team going any farther than it did a year ago.  Still, Denver was good enough to nail down the No. 1 seed in the AFC — before becoming the latest No. 1 seed to be bounced in the divisional round of the playoffs.

But the glass is half full for Peyton.  With $40 million.

Peyton acknowledged in August that his five-year, $96 million contract is, in reality, a one-year deal.  He knows that because the deal had no guaranteed money beyond the first season.  As he embarks on the second season, that’s not the case.

Though characterized by some as a series of one-year, $20 million deals, the truth is that, unless the Broncos cut Manning before the start of the 2013 league year, he’ll be in line for $40 million guaranteed over the next two seasons, with only one narrow caveat.  The Broncos will be able to avoid the 2014 salary of $20 million only if he suffers another injury to his neck during the 2013 season.

For any other injury to any other area of his body, Peyton still gets the full $40 million.  And it’s very safe to assume that Peyton’s camp will be prepared to argue that not just any “neck” injury voids the 2014 guarantee.  Instead, Manning’s people believe that the guarantee goes away only if the neck injury directly relates to the neck injury that derailed his career in Indy.

So while Peyton, the ultimate competitor, has every reasons to be mad a day after missing a chance to host the AFC title game, he has 40 million reasons to get over it, quickly.

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  1. “And it’s very safe to assume that Peyton’s camp will be prepared to argue that not just any “neck” injury voids the 2014 guarantee. Instead, Manning’s people believe that the guarantee goes away only if the neck injury directly relates to the neck injury that derailed his career in Indy.”

    So you think they neglected to detail what type of injury would void $20 million?

  2. No offense to Tebow, but despite the inability to carry the team deeper into the playoffs, everyone can see the Broncos are MUCH better with Manning than Tebow.

    I’m just glad the Jets weren’t smart enough to use Tebow effectively. Just the opposite – by using him the way they did, the Jets all but destroyed their team

  3. While obviously 40 million is a lot of money and would make most people quickly get over their disappointment…..something tells me that is not the case for Payton Manning.

    This guy is a true pro. I’m sure nobody is going to take this loss tougher than he is and I’m sure nobody will work harder to improve and get better than he will.

    Not a Broncos fan or even a Manning fan….but you have to respect this guys work ethic and drive to be the best.

  4. The dude is worth WELL over nine figures. While $40mil would certainly be nice to add to the checking account I’m not sure if this is a good consolation prize for him at this point.

  5. Overrated all year and the media once again drooling over Manning and hyping him up as greater than he really is.

    Manning chokes in big games, always has.

    There was no way Ray Ray was gonna let the Broncos win, even though it was obvious Roger Goodell and the Refs wanted that to happen very much.

    Broncos fans must be so crushed to finally realize it was a a fraud. The donkeys arent as good as advertised. LOVE IT!

  6. 40 million dollars= Zero playoff wins.

    Hey Donkey fans, wish you had Clutchtime Tebow back?

    At least Tim Tebow got you a playoff win.


  7. I understand that Tebow might be available if Denver wants to go in another direction. Seriously, you can argue Brady vs Manning until your blue in the face. Unless Brady or Rodgers are available, the Broncos are lucky to have the opportunity to pay Manning $20M per season.

  8. That’s a bummer for the Bronco’s because the fact is, there’s only one winner every year and 31 losers.

    It’s all about winning the Super Bowl.

  9. Getting over it shouldn’t be that hard. He got over the other 7 one and dones just fine.

    Cheers, BostonTim

  10. Doesn’t look like Elway is such a great general manager after all. Kind of like his penny stock fiasco a few years back.

  11. Amazing!!!!!!!! Crickets……and absolute silence about Manning’s decline to interview. What happened to him being so media friendly? He couldn’t beat Florida, Tee Martin had to do that. He only has one ring, it took young Manning to trump that. He couldn’t even finish his career in the city HE built………it took Ray Lewis to do that. Looks like Denver had faith in the wrong King.

  12. kattykathy: exactly what would we miss about Tebow? his inability to throw the ball accurately? his inability to read a defense? our defense and Matt Prater got us into the playoffs last year despite Tebow being our “qb.” at least with Manning we were the top seed in the AFC and had competitive football. post after you actually learn something about football.

  13. There is too much ‘choke-in-the-playoffs’ in Manning. I am sure glad that the Colts let him go and got Luck.

  14. 40 mill is a lot for a guy that tends to throw a lot of post season picks. If he does get the bone, which I’m sure he will, he should break off a lil somethin for Champ Bailey so Champ can get some new shoes. Doh!

  15. You don’t pay a quarterback to win the Super Bowl, you pay him to have a chance to win the Super Bowl. Manning went as far this year as Aaron Rogers and had more wins during the season.

    The Broncos ended the game yesterday with only their 3rd, 4th and 5th string running backs playing and evidently those guys can’t block. Champ Bailey got dominated by Torey Smith, something no one saw coming.

    Manning did throw a crucial interception late in the game, but I wouldn’t say he “choked”. It was his first year with a new team and I think he far exceeded expectations. He’s had a long, very successful career with two Super Bowl appearances and a ring, so I imagine most NFL teams would still love to have him and would match his salary in a heartbeat.

  16. the Broncos coaching was terrible….. you’ve got a HOF QB who has been playing in top form and TWO time outs and you run out the clock on a knee, tied in the playoffs?

    that right there was the craziest decision of the entire coaching year…. it was insane

  17. Broncos fans aren’t dancing in the streets after that; I mean wasn’t it a BIG celebration when Manning came to town?

  18. That game yesterday wasn’t lost by Peyton Manning. It was lost by Fox his stupid coach. Instead of simply running the ball 3 times when they were on their 46 yard line, if they would have gotten 1 first down they could have run out the clock and would have won the game easily without going into overtime. Stupid.

    Then, after the Ravens did score, with 31 seconds left they could have tried to use their 2 timeouts to work some Peyton Manning magic to get into field goal range before the game ended. How many games have we seen teams do that? But no, Fox simply had Manning kneel to go into overtime.

    Fox lost the game for the Broncos, not Manning.

  19. Peyton Manning is a great QB. That is not even a worthwhile debate. That said, even with a good year in the books it is hard not to notice his diminished arm strength. He was never known to have a cannon but I saw several throws yesterday that were floated or drastically under thrown. He is great on the short to mid-range crossing routes but anything to the far sideline is iffy at best.

  20. A little Q&A:

    Q-What statement can Tebow truthful utter that would be a falsehood for Manning?

    A-That he won a playoff game as the Broncos QB.

  21. Peyton made a couple mistakes, and they had a big difference in the game, but it wasn’t his fault the Broncos lost. The Ravens coaches and players seemed to want it more. They made plays when they had to and were willing to throw it all on the line. Broncos played it too safe and relied on their defense, and they choked at the end allowing an improbable touchdown pass to bring it to overtime.

  22. Why is this conversation being had?
    Must not have anything to write about. We’re not talking about Michael Vick here. You know how many teams would pay P Manning $20 a year? About 25.

  23. This is half the reason he most always falls short. He takes to much of the salary load all for himself.

  24. Why isn’t anyone talking about the pathetic play by the secondary? How do you let Jones get past you with 30 seconds to go in regulation? That game was over. But let’s blame Peyton for that too. I’ve seen better coverage in pee wee. If I’m a Denver fan (and I’m not), I’m blaming the secondary for this loss.

  25. Manning has always , and still does, call his own offense. That’s part of the deal, or he wouldn’t be there. Manning lost the game. Take the good with the bad.

  26. Explain how it is Mannings fault….the defense gave up 3 scores of 50 yards or more. The last a 70 yard TD with 35 seconds to go. The first INT for TD was receivers fault…Manning hit him in the hands.
    But people always remember the last play. Just like it was Brett’s fault when the offense had 5 fumbles.
    Just saying…

  27. Their defense was a fraud and I’ve been saying they were for months. They couldn’t defend against competitive quarterbacks.

    Their wins were against soft teams. Their division is the worst in the nfl. They were not used to being on the field as long as they were yesterday.

  28. The Broncos lost for a lot of reasons, not just Manning. Their pass defense was terrible and they deserved to lose. But it was clear that his arm is shot. The passes had no zip. Broncos should go in another direction. I hear Alex Smith may be available.

  29. All the miscues Manning made in the big game,,,,,,,,,Oh My. I don’t remember Tebow making near that many all season.

  30. newtonfb22 says:
    Jan 13, 2013 8:56 AM
    Peyton is one of the few NFL players that plays because the love he has for the game..the 40 mil is just a bonus..a nice one
    I think Manning is a great player and a decent person, however I think he plays for 3 reasons. 1) Money 2) He enjoys the game 3) It is the only thing he knows

    He has always demanded top dollar in contracts and has done so at the expense of the rest of the team. The owners willingly did it due to his skill but to say it was not detrimental to the teams is naive.

    He does seem to love the game and displays an extremely high work ethic and drive to get better

    Contrary to popular opinion, Manning is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Football and commercial spots are all he knows. He seems capable of doing and has not shown an ability or desire to teach any QB behind him on the depth chart. That could be because selfishly wants every snap or it could be he just plain cannot do it. Look up the old SI column and you will see what I mean

  31. So not only did Denver not make it any farther with Peyton than they did with Tebow, but now Denver also has the same cap killing contract that Indy had with Peyton.

    They would have been better off keeping Tebow and using all that money they saved to fill other holes while drafting someone like Russell Wilson to be the franchise QB.

    Instead they’re paying all that money to one player who is nothing more than a short term answer and can’t even take them any farther than Tebow did.

    Maybe Broncos fans are happy with 13-3, HFA and a loss at home in the divisional round but I doubt it. The expectations with Manning were Super Bowl or bust and so far it’s been bust. Next year no one will have more pressure to win it all than Peyton. I’ll be very interested to hear what Broncos fans have to say if he goes one and done again.

  32. Wait a minute. The Broncos won the Super Bowl this season, didn’t they? That’s what I’ve been reading for 8 months.

    Sorry Denver fans, you can’t BUY a Super Bowl. Just ask Philly.

  33. For all those people who think PM is the greatest QB of his generation, ponder this: Manning now has 8 one and dones in 12 playoff appearances.

  34. That first int was tipped and pass interference. The fumble was clearly the tuck rule, which I guess only applies to Tom Brady. The last int is all on Manning. Champ and Moore are the reason for that lose. How do you not play deep enough in a prevent defense, when the other team needs a touchdown?

  35. Let’s review for those history buffs who erroneously contiue to put Manning at the top of the list. He’s lost playoff games to Jay Fiedler, Mark Sanchez, Phillip Rivers, a second year Ben Roethlisberger when he had the number one seed, the late Steve McNair again with the number one seed, and now Joe Flacco. That’s not even considering what Tom Brady’s contributed to make his playoff record 9-11.

    With that resume, it’s a puzzle why anyone considers him in rarified air with the Montannas, Elways, Bradys, and Unitas’ of the NFL lexicon.

    Good QB, but stop putting him up there as the greatest of all time. It’s not even close. The only QB from this era that remotely deserves that treatment is Brady.

  36. The Monday to do list for Coach Fox:
    1) Scour the draft for a couple of running backs that are willing to block for their QB…
    2) Show the defensive game film to Champ Bailey
    3) Help Champ clean out his locker and make plans for a nice retirement party for him. He has been great; that game film tells us it’s time for him to go.

  37. “Yes, Peyton Manning’s first season with the Broncos didn’t result in the team going any farther than it did a year ago”

    precisely why Adrian Peterson is the MVP. did peyton even lead the league in a significant statistical qb category? stop trying to fit the square peg in the round hole.

  38. Perhaps some of the weak passes were related to playing in 10 below temps. You guys go out and try to throw in that.

  39. Peyton Manning is getting such a major pass by the media. He stunk yesterday after a week of the media making him out to be the greatest ever. No. That Peyton Manning was the Peyton Manning he has always been. His last 3 playoff games are all losses, 2 at home, and one one a neutral field. All losses he’s thrown back breaking INTs. 2-5 in his last 6 postseason games.

    Now unbelievable and remarkably the media is tearing into Brady. It makes no sense. He is coming off of a Super Bowl appearance and his 17-7 all time in the playoff yet he is getting massacred like he has Peyton’s terrible playoff record. News Flash NFL Media: Peyton is now the most playoff losses of all time (well, tied with brett farve now.)

  40. There is nothing better than when the trolls come out after a game like this. Every Manning hater seems to leave out the fact that the defense allowed an inexcusable 70 yard TD with 32 seconds left in the game. Yes, Manning has had his struggles in the postseason, but you’re honestly gonna argue for Tebow here?? His little brother may have 2 rings but the guy can’t consistently bring them to the playoffs due to his average winning percentage as an NFL QB.

    It’s impossible to look past his postseason record but I’d take him over any QB other than Brady.

  41. Agreed with some of the other posters. Denver’s problems this year were the same as last year’s… their defense, which frankly needed to be addressed far more urgently than the QB position.

    Look this is the pathetic AFC West which you would have still won with Timmy under center. Denver’s problems have been their overrated D and their bad secondary. This secondary got torched last year too by competent QBs. What made them look great is they simply were not on the field that long. Fox ran a slow offense which chewed up yards on the ground (often resulting in no points) but it kept the other team’s offense off the field.

    This year was much of the same except it was through the air via short routes. But once a reasonably competent QB would get their hands on the ball… watch out.

    Elway would have been better served milking the Tebow cash cow until his contract expired and hope that Brock would pan out, draft a QB for the future, or bring in a steady free agent QB. That way the D could have been addressed and ready to go once the Tebow era was over.

    In a lot of ways this team reminded me of Warner’s Super Bowl Cardinals. Solid offense with a very suspect defense, but the difference was Warner was not the post season choke artist Manning is.

  42. just a question….to have the most playoff losses of all time dont you have to make the playoffs a lot. peyton didnt have a great game but he had denver in the lead with 30 seconds to go and the defense blew it. i understand qbs get credit for wins and blame for losses but its a team game. peyton has lost games he should have won and won games he should have lost…just like every other qb who has ever played

  43. On the bright side the Broncos will cruise to another AFCW title and get another shot next year.
    and the whole team will remember the feeling of this loss and probably play better.
    I see Manning doing an Elway and winning a ring or 2 before he rides off into the sunset…… a buick.eating a papa johns pizza……wearing Nike’s……….drinking a coke and talking on a Verizon phone etc….

  44. It wasn’t just manning, Bailey it’s time to retire, he got beat twice and Vin Niller was not a factor, and Moreno going down in the first half did not help either.

  45. I wish Manning the best, I’ve regaurded him as my generations best qb, but teams have figured him out in the playoffs. The changes at the line of scrimmage seem to be less effective in the playoffs last 3 times.

    2 or 3 drives of 3 straight running plays in a row in the second half just doesn’t make sense when you pay that guy all that money.

    To each their own, they won 13 games. But how do strengthen your areas like a safety, middle linebacker, defensive tackle, slot receiver and running back when all your money is going to 37 year old who can only throw intermediate passes.

  46. Play calling at the end of that game was absolutely brutal. Some genius suddenly decided that , without their best running back, they should line up and play power run. They tried pounding the ball in the 4th, right after a drive that clearly showed the Ravens D was tired. Keep spreading them out and running the hurry up, and they were winded. Could have scored, then when they get the ball back with 40 seconds and 2 time outs remaining, they kneel? Awful play calling and repeated complete blown coverage. The Broncos played the 4th qtr like they had a 21 point lead and an elite pass coverage unit. Neither is true.

    Now that all the teams I liked are out, I’ll just root for Ray Lewis to get a second ring to end his career.

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