Police want to talk to Kenny Britt about stabbing, shooting

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Titans receiver Kenny Britt dropped a friend off at a hospital in New Jersey with a stab wound on Saturday night, and police want to talk to Britt about that stabbing, and a gunshot that was heard in an altercation afterward.

We are looking to speak to Mr. Britt in reference to the incident,” Jersey City Police Capt. Edgar Martinez told the Tennessean. “We are currently in the process of trying to do that.”

Police say they believe Britt was at the scene of an altercation that led to the stabbing, but they described Britt as uncooperative in the matter. The victim, whose injuries are not life threatening, also refused to cooperate with police.

In addition to the stabbing, police are also investigating reports of a gunshot at a home near where the stabbing occurred. That shot was heard just after Britt was seen at the home, where he was picking up a friend. Police indicated that the stabbing and the gunshot are related.

“They were all involved in an altercation. So they all knew each other and what was going on,’’ Martinez said. “That’s why we want to talk to him. He was involved in the incident, both incidents. He was there during that time period. So we are looking to speak to him. This is an ongoing investigation, and when the detectives speak to him then we’ll know more. Right now, we have a lot of unanswered questions so we are looking for him to come in and answer some questions for us.”

Britt has a long history of off-field legal trouble, and he was suspended for the first game of the 2012 season for violations of the league’s personal conduct policy.

UPDATE 10:00 p.m. ET: Despite previous reports that the victim in the stabbing was Britt’s brother, Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean reported on Sunday night that the victim was actually a close friend of Britt’s, not his brother.

49 responses to “Police want to talk to Kenny Britt about stabbing, shooting

  1. Trash never climbs out of the dumpster. No matter how many opportunities it has to do so.

  2. Kenny Britt and his cheeky shenanigans. A loveable rascal if I’ve ever seen one. It takes some serious loyalty to keep being a hood rat after you get rich. I hope his homies don’t get him killed.

  3. Smoke/fire. This guy is a walking jail sentence waiting to happen. Titans should seriously consider cutting this clown regardless of what shakes out. If it were you or me they would not wait around hoping we would come in to talk.

  4. I read stories daily of people being dumped out of a car at the hospital after being shot or stabbed. Even seen a few. But to dump off your own brother with a life threatening injury? What kind of animal is this guy? I truly believe this is when Goodell is at his finest and should really step in here! This guy had been given every chance to be successful and has done nothing but put himself and now others him very bad situations. Frankly I’m sick of seeing his name in the paper. Hopefully the next time will be for the Titans cutting him and Goodell kicking him out of the league. He’s just a bad seed and his excuses have run out. Such a waste of talent!

  5. Mmmkay….he dropped his brother off at the hospital with a stab wound? Don’t even know where to begin with that…

  6. Not saying he’s at fault, but when trouble and violence follows you everywhere you go, I start to wonder.

  7. @burgandy2260

    I agree with most of what you said, however the article states that his brothers injuries are NOT life threatening, although that shouldn’t change your opinion.

  8. mobuccsfan says:

    Bet he is cut soon
    Teams aren’t allowed to cut players until after the Super Bowl. Just a reminder.

    As for the incident at hand and Britt in general, I’m not sure which phrase covers it–“You can’t fix stupid” or “Stupid is as stupid does”. Maybe both apply?

    While there is no denying that Britt has talent, at some point an organization simply has to say of a player, as so many men have said of high-maintenance women (and vice versa), “You’re just not worth all the bullsh**.”

  9. Lol what a bum. That is why I stayed away in fantasy. Seriously, wtf is wrong with these fools? Bad parenting, no parenting?

  10. What is wrong with this guy ? You have enough $$$ to live anywhere you want, go anywhere you want, and you decide to still be involved with BS ?

  11. In the NFL today you can get away with some off the field issues if you are a great player. However, when you repeatedly find yourself in these situations AND YOU ARE DOING SQUAT on the field you will be out of a job real soon. Calvin Johnson would get away with these constant issues. Kenny Britt can not.

  12. Kenny Britt is such a goon lol
    Dropping off ur stabbed bro and hitting the road, thats not shady at all…-.-
    So thankful we got Nicks instead of him.
    He either has the best lawyer in Tennessee or pictures of the judge ala stealing harvard.
    Kenny is the NFL equivalent of Lohan.
    Menace to society.

  13. Well we know Ray Lewis was in Denver so you can take him off the list of suspects.


    The year 2000 called and it wants its Ray Lewis joke back.

  14. To be honest, the more I see how NFL players behave these days, and the more I hear them talk….the less worried I am about concussions in the NFL because I’m pretty sure at least 80% of them have debilitating brain damage already.

  15. Knowing the Titans, they’ll probably give him a new healthy contract claiming that his best days are ahead of him and that next season should be his “breakout” year.

    The Titans could have traded him and CJ two years ago and gotten valuable draft picks that they now need.

    What a lost organization.

  16. Really makes you wonder why there are so many athletes who cannot shed their old “crew” after they become famous. All of these parasitic, hangers-on do nothing but destroy these talented athletes.

    As much as some of these athletes need strong agents, they almost need a life coach/financial advisor even more.

    Otherwise, you have the same type of Kenny Britt star who cannot get away from his old crew and this is results in arrests, bad decisions, and eventually being out of the NFL far earlier than his career should have.

  17. How can the players argue that concussions from football are harmful when they act this way. Remember, some of you rubes don’t like the power that Goodell has when it affects someone on your team but when it’s a player from a different team you want Goodell to bring the hammer down. I’m all for Goodell bringing the hammer down on any damn player that he thinks deserves it. I ‘ll trust his judgement more than the players judgement.

  18. glad his brothers injuries aren’t life threatening otherwise this storyline would never take place:

    Sometime in the future appoximately 2017 2 guys on the steps with a funny smellin cigarette

    Britts bro: man member when we was pimping and rolling like ballers

    Britt: yea, man doze was the days yo

    Britts bro: u should make a comeback

    Britt: yea imma gone start hitting the weights tomorra (exhales smoke)

    Britts bro: yo Man lemme hold a dolla for some Funions

    Britt: I’m broke man I was gonna ask you

    (Both men giggle uncontrollably)

  19. Since nobody caught a bullet, I’m guessing Rolando McClain was the shooter.
    Has anyone else noticed the prevalence of “LOL” comments on this blog? Sometimes it’s the only thing posted. If you’re doing that, you should stop. Even if you use a lower case “lol” at the end of your post, you’re a loser. You should let your audience decide if you’re funny.

  20. “jakec4 says: The year 2000 called and it wants its Ray Lewis joke back.”


    There’s no statute of limitations on murder (jokes).

  21. In ’09, the pick before Britt was Hakeem Nicks.
    In ’10, the pick before Derrick Morgan was Jason Pierre-Paul.

    Darn you, Giants. Darn you to heck.

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