Report: Browns eye John Pagano for defensive coordinator


There aren’t too many similarities that jump to mind between San Diego and Cleveland, but it’s looking like the Browns staff will be familiar to those who follow the Chargers.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Browns have their eyes on Chargers defensive coordinator John Pagano to take over that job in Cleveland. With Rob Chudzinski installed as the new head coach, the Browns are expected to part ways with defensive coordinator Dick Jauron.

Pagano has been on the San Diego staff since 2005, which means he and Chudzinski were on the staff together when Chudzinski coached the team’s tight ends in 2005-2006 and 2009-2010. They both worked under Norv Turner, who was fired by the Chargers at the end of the regular season and is set to become the offensive coordinator in Cleveland.

Schefter reports that the Chiefs were also interested in Pagano, but the Chargers wouldn’t let him out of his contract at that point. Their choice of a head coach will likely determine whether that changes in the coming days or if Pagano will have to miss out on the San Diego reunion being put together in Ohio.

14 responses to “Report: Browns eye John Pagano for defensive coordinator

  1. The Chargers need draft picks. If the Browns are willing to give up picks for Pagano, I wouldn’t mind the Chargers letting him go.

    It wouldn’t be the first time a coach in the NFL was traded for picks (IIRC, Jon Gruden from Raiders to Bucs for draft picks and cash). The only difference is that the Chargers would be trading a defensive coordinator

    Greg Brady, I mean, Tom Telesco, make it happen. While your at, you ought to interview Jan Brady for HC. She is just about the only one that hasn’t been interviewed by the Chargers.

  2. Although he improved the defense, Jauron is too conservative. Too much “bend but don’t break philosophy”. Browns need an attacking defense as Chud stated. To compete in the AFC North we need a dominating defense not just a good one.

  3. I like Jauron a lot, but the fact of the matter is San Diego quit on Norv a lot earlier than Cleveland quit on Shurmur, and yet San Diego’s defense was 9th overall and Cleveland’s was 23rd. I wanted Jauron to be retained, but it’s tough to argue against facts.

  4. Rob Chudzinski works for Norv Turner in San Diego, then works for Ron Rivera – formerly with the Chargers. Chudzinski hires Norv, then looks to hire Pagano….? Nepotism……a sure formula for failure.

  5. As a Chargers fan, I wanted John Pagano to be promoted to our head coach! So losing him would really suck…

    I surely hope we get to keep him. He is freaking awesome.

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