Report: Eagles interviewed Brian Billick

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When FOX’s Brian Billick appeared Thursday on PFT Live, I asked the perfunctory question regarding whether he has heard from any of the teams looking for coaches.  And he gave me the perfunctory (but polite) non-answer.

According to Reuben Frank of, the Eagles quietly interviewed Billick on Monday.

It confirms the new existence of a bizarro world when it comes to coaching discretion.  In past years, there would have been no reason for Billick’s meeting to have remained secret.  And, in past years, there would have been no reason for interviews with multiple college coaches to have been publicized.

Some believe that Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley is the favorite for the Philly job.  The fact that Billick is secretly on the radar screen makes us wonder who else might be, too.

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  1. Oh man this is getting embarrassing. They had to let Reid go but I really thought that they had an exit plan in place.

  2. Brian Billick is a good man and a decent coach. He obviously wants another shot at coaching and I hope he gets one. People have unfairly treated him like cancer since he left Baltimore while giving other coaches who have not matched his level of success second and third chances (see Turner, Norv). Philly could certainly do worse.

  3. I’m a Billick fan, but I have to wonder why he’d want to get back into that pressure cooker. He’s got so many sweet media gigs going, which he is very good at. I guess it’s in their blood.

  4. Billick might have ran a cupcake training camp, got rid of Dilfer for Grbac, and made them draft Kyle Boller, but his teams were ALWAYS ready come Sunday win or lose. Would love to see Brainy Brian using his big words as a HC again.

  5. This is what I’m saying. No one knows anything about who they are REALLY interested in. A lot of it is distraction and obfuscation. Lets see who they go with before criticizing the way they are searching.

  6. Billick seems like one of the smart ones. He is very good on TV, but you can tell that he is too good on the X’s and O’s not to want to get back into the game. Plus he is still young enough to kick ass with energy and still assemble a good young staff.
    The other guys are waiting too long and are getting accustomed to the easy life of broadcasting.

  7. Why can’t you just admit you have no friggin clue who they interview, or why, or what any of it means?

  8. I have always thought brian billick would be a solid hire for somebody. A lot of lesser coaches have been hired the last few years who couldn’t hold billicks jock.

  9. Any Eagle fan who listened to Billick make mistake after mistake doing the Seahawk /Falcons game would be thrilled to think BB could be their next head coach. Brian is not the bright man he used to be. Very sad. I’m thinking stroke or something.

  10. Further proof that nobody wants this job. Billick has been begging teams (including the Raiders) for an interview the last 3 years. I hope he gets this job just to see the Philadelphia media chew him up and spit him out the first time he tries to tell them how much smarter he is then they are.

  11. Billick would be good. He’d get a good staff under him. Offcourse Bradley would be good, but billick is waaaaay better than those college bums and lovie lol

  12. @tinopuno

    “Brian is not the bright man he used to be.”

    He never was to begin with. He got the Ravens job on the shoulders of Randy Moss exploding onto the scene.

    Billick was called an offensive genius, yet the only way his team won was on the strength of the defense.

    Please keep him in the booth. At least there it’s possible to press the mute button. On the sidelines the carnage will be unimaginable.

  13. Billick dont waste your time and/or lower your standards any lower by going to that classless filthy place full of losers!

    Stick with the TV. They are grasping at straws, Mora Sr. is next up….

  14. Apparently all the geniuses in here think they should just hire the first guy that walks in the door. My how you all have such unequaled intelligence. Please oh please won’t you all take over the Eagles so we can finally win a Lombardi, as you have all demonstrated your football prowess.

  15. When as a society did we feel we have the right to know everyone’s business? So what if a team is keeping its interview process a secret? Perhaps it’s for the benefit of the person being interviewed. I’m sure not every coach who is currently employed by another team wants his boss to know he’s looking for a better job. Maybe they have to notify their employers, I’m not sure, but one way or another its not my right to know who a team is interviewing and if they want to keep it secret.

    Perhaps the team doesn’t want everyone to know who they I interviewed, simply because we all know how notorious sports analysts and fans are for being Monday morning QBs. If it was found out later they interviewed someone else and he was hired by another team and that team had a great season, the second guessers would come out of the woodwork.

    I know it’s the press’s job to get stories, but nothing says anyone has to make it easier for you to do your job. Besides there’s enough snitches in organizations leaking information, can’t be that hard to find out.

  16. I thought Billick should have gotten more interest but he was plain clueless in that broadcast. That is something he shares with many announcers.

  17. He is terrible in the booth. He constantly gets names wrong and says strange things like suggesting the Seahawks go for a field goal and and onside kick while down 6 with 45 seconds left. That said, he had a ton of success in Baltimore with a ground and pound as a head coach and in Minnesota (I think) as an offensive coordinator. I never understood why he hasn’t been given a second shot when he’s clearly interested. I wonder if there is some insider NFL info slandering him

  18. Billick has brought together some great coaching staffs. How many of his guys got head jobs…. Marvin lewis, Jim Schwartz, jack del rio, mike singletary, Rex ryan, mike Nolan, mike smith and I’m sure I’m missing some

  19. Many of Cleveland radio host brought up Billick. They mentioned how he was hired based on his offensive skills but the team he won the SB did it with defense. As far as the Seattle DC, today his D got burned in the last 30 sec. Lets see if that affects interest.

  20. gregmorris78 says:Jan 13, 2013 4:46 PM

    You’d need to be insane or naive to want to head coach Philly.

    Fans are so brutal – especially to their own…

    Care to explain genius? Because I don’t think it was Philly fans who cheered when their own guy got hurt. That was KC.

  21. Don’t hire this guy, he’s an idiot. During the Seahawks/Atlanta game he was saying the Seahawks should kick a field goal and onside kick it down 6 with 40 seconds left.

  22. coltzfan166 says:
    Jan 13, 2013 6:24 PM
    Surprised at how many people disapprove of this. You people know Billick won a SB with Trent Dilfer as his QB, right?
    Wow, you managed to look that up all by yourself?

    Some of us remember what actually happened that year with the Ravens.

    Billick was the last reason on a long list of why the Ravens won the Super Bowl.

  23. This guy has gone somewhat forgotten and is definitely underrated. And who wouldn’t consider a guy who’s talents were featured not only on the football field but also the Match Game AND the Gong Show !

  24. If they cannot get anyone they should just get this guy.

    His play calling was better in 2006 And he had a ton of injuries to deal with in 2007, but I have honestly felt that his reputation as a potential coach was hindered because of his possible lack of credibility As a so-called offensive guru.

    When he came to Baltimore he had the reputation of being that, but the majority of the offenses he ran did not measure up to the hype of his entrance.

    I will say though that the majority of his offenses consisted of mid-50% or higher quarterbacks with the touchdown per game average of at least one (with fewer INTs). The only negative outliers would be Kyle Boller, Elvis Grbac, Chris Redman.

    Has best quarterbacks were Steve McNair, Anthony Wright, Trent Dilfer, and Jeff Blake.

    Look at their best seasons under him and TD pass/ game average and INT stats will hold true.

    More than likely they would probably get a Minnesota Vikings or Alex Smith-led San Francisco 49ers offense.

    However, that is better than what Philadelphia has seen in recent years.

    I have my trepidations about him although I could make it the argument that he is probably better than 25% of the coaches in the league.

    Who are current 8 coaches he’s better than (including vacancies)?
    Greg Schiano, Dennis Allen, Jason Garrett, Joe Philbin, Rex Ryan, Mike Munchak, Doug Marrone, Marvin Lewis, (and maybe) Ron Rivera.

    I think it is possible that General managers and owners with coaching vacancies Had their concerns about him because of his possible lack of offensive credibility and his benefit of having great defenses his whole career in Baltimore.

  25. Can we please wait and allow the braintrust of this franchise to make a hire before we throw everyone under the bus? No one wants a superbowl win in philly more than me, but I am willing to admit that I don’t know more than the people who are being paid big money to make football related decisions.

  26. For those questioning his offensive ability. He was the OC for the 4th highest scoring O in NFL history in Minn.
    He got Randall Cunningham to play his best football after he’d been out of the game for a year.

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