Report: Raiders talking to Ray Anderson

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Ever since the debacle that was the referee lockout, there has been a sense in league circles that executive V.P. of football operations Ray Anderson could be on his way out — whether by choice or otherwise.

Coincidentally or otherwise, he could be on his way out.

Chris Mortensen of ESPN reports that the Raiders have had exploratory talks with Anderson regarding the possibility of joining the team in “senior executive front office job.”  Per Mort, owner Mark Davis is contemplating a restructuring of the organization.

Amy Trask has served as the Raiders’  Chief Executive since 1997, but her involvement primarily comes on the business side of the operation.  It’s unclear whether and to what extent a restructuring would affect her role.

Before joining the league office in 2006, Anderson served as a vice president of the Falcons.  Before that, he was an agent.

18 responses to “Report: Raiders talking to Ray Anderson

  1. “Ever since the debacle that was the referee lockout…”

    You mean the debacle that was created by Pro Union writers?

  2. Something drastic needs to happen, and canning your OC, OLC, STC & LBC as scapegoats will not suffice. If the Raiders are going to hold people accountable, then R.McKenzie & D.Allen need to look in the mirror. Giving walking papers to the coaches (deservedly or otherwise) you handpicked after one season is unacceptable. D.Allen just wasted an entire season, not just with his poor choices in assistant coaches but also not giving game minutes to younger players. How do you not utilize M.Reece alot more than you did? T.Pryor is an explosive player who will probably never pan out because he was never given the oppertunity, my guess is because he was an Al pick and as long as Pryor stick around the longer the ghost of Al will linger to the chagrin of McKenzie. Many unexplainable decisions.
    Mark, do not waste another season. If the head coach can be replaced with a significant upgrade (probably shouldn’t be difficult), then do so.

    Sincerely, former season ticket holder

  3. McKenzie and Allen (and even Mark Davis), inherited a dumpster fire.

    It’s going to take a few years of purging the crap, drafting well and decent free agent pickups to fix that mess.

  4. Why not stick with what you got for a few years and let the rebuild happen? You keep firing everyone every year and there’s no chance of a solid foundation for success. Give your personnel a chance.

  5. Nyoazz, Think before you speak. Greg Knapp had complete control of the offense, Not Allen. Therefor, the problem with Marcel Reese getting the ball lies with the man that was just fired. Men make mistakes, they gave guys chances that had succes either in college or the pros. They learned over the course of the season that said coaches were not the right fit for the organization. To fire them shows good management and business skills, to accept responsibility and acknowledge you made a mistake. Now, they have moved on from what they believe is the problem if they were using others as scapegoats everyone would have been fired except Allen and Mckenzie.Allen is not the problem. Hindsight is 20/20 ans before the season both Dennis and Reggie believed the Raiders could be competitive. If they would have started Terelle earlier it would have sent a message to thr team that they dont believe they can win this year. AND would have been detrimental to Carsons confidence whos huge cap hit(Hues decision,previous regime) leaves the Raiders no other choice but to eat the bullet and stick with him for at least another two years.Reggie and Dennis are building a dynasty not a one hit wonder. Reggie Mckenzie is building this organization with the Greenbay Packers blue print, watch and see. The fact they are looking into Ray Anderson, former agent and Vice president of the Falcons proves they are moving in

  6. Sounds like Mark Davis is building this team with “Football” people and becoming more of a hands off owner. He and Amy Trask have always been more on the business side of the organization. A move like this allows him to keep that focus

  7. Trask has been amazing for that organization. With all due respect to Mark Davis, there are parts of his fathers legacy that should never be touched. Al Davis quietly did a multitude of wonderful things for members of the Raider family, and I only speak of them here because people like Amy Trask carry on the class and legacy of Mr. Davis.
    The Raiders are becoming a modern NFL team, and it is long overdue, but they were way ahead of the rest of the league with hiring both minorities and women. Trask not only broke through many barriers she proved she belonged.

  8. Oh yeah tdubdizzle, men do make mistakes and they learn from them. They should also learn from others mistakes. So, again, the Knapp hire was an enormous mistake. Not only has Knapp not been successful in the pro’s ore even college, but he was unsuccessful during his first tour of duty with the Raiders, with some of the same players, more precisely, D.McFadden. The Knapp hire followed by the ineptness of the offense leaves me with no confidense in D.Allen’s decisions. Let’s not forget that Allen also made many mistakes on Sunday’s.

  9. Knowing that Mr. Anderson had ties with Atlanta and may have dealt with Michael Vick in the past, if he is hired, I hope it won’t effect the development of Terrell Pryor; he is young, a diligent worker, and have all the tools to be an outstanding quarterback.

  10. Ties with Mike Vick? This dude has been with the league offices for the last 5 or 6 years. Some things never change, and panicky, knee-jerk reactions from the always-present portion of Raider Nation that never reads or researches anything is one of them.

    I also cannot believe that anyone who’s really followed this team would still be unwilling to let go of such a paper-tiger as the team was in 2011. “8-8 – we were so close!!” Gawd. Let it go. Look into the record, the yardage and the garbage of last year and tell me we dominated anyone but the NY Jets. At some point, someone had to come in and dig through the miles and miles of senility-led bullsh¡t to get this team back to relevance – and to do so would mean dealing with the delusional outcry of the least educated contingent of the Nation on a daily basis. Should give them props just for taking the job.

    We’ll get there… just gotta do it right.

  11. This move had everything to do with the horrid decision making of Dumb and Dumber Big Red and Weasel Allen.
    Mark isn’t about to let these two morons sink this team deeper into the depths of the Black Hole than it already is in. Mark believed this team was going to compete and at least be average at least rather than the cesspool of ineptitude it displayed on a regular basis.
    Mark was furious with Dennis Allen in his horrid coaching decisions, cutting players and especially his choices in starting Matt Giordano while exiling perhaps the qb that gives the Raiders the best chance to win in Terrelle Pryor. Mark had to force Allen to start TP in the season finale for Dennis was planning on starting roster waste Matt Leinart and stated that Pryor wasn’t even ready to be a backup qb, which we all know is as far from the truth as the earth is from the sun.
    Reggie sat on his fat red azz and allowed all of this and he really missed on players such as Trindon Holiday, Darius Butler and Tiquan Underwood, all who could have really helped the team this yr and could have easily been signed as Raiders.
    Mark is not his czar dad but he is no fool either, he isn’t going to sit idly by and watch these two idiot ruin the Raiders, sign Ray now!!

  12. Never heard where in the business world a CEO is affected by hiring a Vice President. Everyday business practice

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