Sparano to interview for offensive line coach position in Kansas City


Andy Reid could be bringing to the Chiefs a long-time offensive line coach who failed in his only stint as a coordinator.  And the coach’s name isn’t Juan Castillo.

According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, former Jets offensive coordinator Tony Sparano will interview Monday for the position of offensive line coach with the Chiefs.

It makes sense — more sense that hiring Sparano to be a coordinator.  After all, he made his bones in the NFL as an offensive line coach, doing a good enough job to become the head coach of the Dolphins in 2008.  It made nearly as much sense for the Jets to hire him as an offensive coordinator in 2012 as it did for Reid to promote Castillo from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator in 2011; neither had ever been a coordinator.

But it makes plenty of sense for Reid to hire Sparano to be the offensive line coach in Kansas City — especially since hiring Castillo would carry with it the ongoing stigma of the failed decision to flip Castillo to the other side of the ball.

13 responses to “Sparano to interview for offensive line coach position in Kansas City

  1. So it makes no sense for a team to hire a coordinator that has never been a coordinator? I can see questioning the Castillo move, but every coordinator was hired as a first time coordinator at some point in their career

  2. This makes perfect sense! Retreaded HC, Andy Reid, hires all of his unsuccessful retreaded coordinator buddies. That formula will take the Chiefs up to 4-12, like the Eagles. Next, look for Reid to bring in Michael Vick. Congratulations!

  3. The guy is just off. He made a mess of his last two jobs. Why does he keep getting recycled. He went from head coach, to O co- or donator, to line coach. If you need a water boy next year, he’s your man

  4. Guy isn’t that bad. His mistake was taking the Jets job. He did a decent job I. Miami, especially his first year when he was the HC for the largest one year turnaround in NFL history. Granted lots of the credit should go to Pennington but Sparano isn’t as bad as some would think.

    Line coach is likely where he should stay and thrive.

  5. Sparano is a good assistant coach. So it’s not a bad hire and his expertise is coaching the o-line. He was the league’s worst offensive coordinator last season. So he’s certainly not cut out for that job.

  6. Stop defending this guy, Sporano is trash. He spent years in Miami and never once had the same line start 16 games. He changed centers every single year and constantly had problems finding a solid 5 for his starting line. How is O-Line his claim to fame if he failed at doing it as a HC. He will not be in KC for more than 2 years…just watch when JC’s numbers start to plummet.

  7. For anybody outside of Kansas City, you need to remind yourself that ANYTHING is better than the staff we have had over the past few years. Your local High School special teams coach is better than what we had!

  8. You critical of Sparano find it a joke. He’s a good family man who was never accused of not being a hard worker.
    His lowest job in his adult life produced him more money in a year than any of you critics will see in a lifetime.
    -Jets fan.

  9. Chiefs fans: You are in for a world of disappointment with Andy. He’s already giving one-word answers like he did in Philly. Next he’ll be saying “I take full responsibility.” At least he’s not bringing in Juanita though he already has made his son an asst. coach. Reid is a re-tread and if you like 4-12 football you are in for a treat.

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