Stokley hopes to play one more year

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It was believed that Peyton Manning would get the gang back together in Denver, with guys like Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark, and Jeff Saturday joining Peyton as members of the Broncos.

In the end, the Indy connection was limited to the likes of Jacob Tamme and Brandon Stokley.  Stokley realizes that his career was rejuvenated thanks to Peyton, and Stokley hopes to give it one more go in Denver.

“I think we’ll relax for a little while, but my plan is to get back to work and hopefully play another year,” Stokley told reporters on Sunday, a day after a sudden and disappointing playoff loss to Baltimore.

“I love this group of guys in this locker room and the receivers that we had — it couldn’t have been better.  It was just a lot of fun.  I had so much fun.  Like I said, it’s about the only thing I do halfway decent.”

Stokley realizes that Manning’s decision to play in Denver had a lot to do with Stokley playing there, or anywhere.

“Without him, I wouldn’t have played this year, there’s no doubt,” Stokley said.  “I’d be retired, probably about 20 pounds heavier, so, yeah, I owe him a lot for this year and a lot for my career in general.  Coming from Baltimore, going to Indy, that kind of sparked my career, playing with him.  Yeah, I owe the guy a lot.”

Not as much as the Broncos owe Peyton over the next two years.  And that fact that he’s due to earn $20 million in 2013 on a cap that won’t go up much if at all above $120.6 million means that the Broncos will need guys like Stokley to sign a one-year veteran minimum deal at a reduced cap number.

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  1. So Peyton takes up about 15% of the Broncos salary cap? What’s he made, about $250M already? Great team player.

  2. Manning should do what Kurt Warner was willing to do in Arizona, and that is redo his contract so they can afford to keep and get good players.

  3. Doubtful Manning would renegotiate his contract. He was unwilling to restructure to stay in Indy, why would you expect him to give in Denver? The price of having him on the roster is the impact on the quality of other positions on the team. Management needs to decide if the end results are worth the cost.

  4. Do you bring in a college stud in the 2nd or 3rd round or trade for some top CFL young burner with proven experience.?Sorry Stoke, it was nice to know ya. enjoy playing golf or being a NFl receivers coach.

  5. Bowlen and Elway need to sit Manning down and break it down for him. If he really wants to win another Super Bowl within the next 3 years, that means he will need quality help around him. The team has some terrific young talent but there’s no guarantee that those players will hit their potential before Manning hangs it up. One or two more play makers could make a huge difference. I’m no Brady fan but I appreciate that he is willing to take a little less money to ensure that he is surrounded with quality.

  6. It was more to it than Peyton Manning not wanting to renegotiate his contract. I don’t even know if that was put on the table. The Colts wanted Andrew Luck, which they should have, and not knowing if Peyton would even be able to play that was their best option. If Brandon Stokely, and yes I like him and think he’s a good at his job, wanted to play another year he should not have let that second interception happen. If that would have been Reggie Wayne, 99% of the time it would have either been caught, as in taking it right out of the defenders hands, or knocked out of the defenders hands. Of course Peyton took the blame for the loss, which the first interception was on him, but if you watched the game the defense really let the team down as well as Prater missing a field goal. If he had hit the field goal they would have been up by 10 points and the last second touchdown wouldn’t have mattered. I being a Colts fan and a Peyton Manning fan would love to see Peyton get at least one more ring just to shut people up. However he may only have a couple of more years left in him, if that.

  7. I have always been a Brandon Stokley fan. (Except for this past weekend) I still have my #80 Ravens jersey from 2001. Now that all is said and done from last Saturday, I’m glad I got to see him catch a TD in the Division game. More power to you, Brandon. BTW…he already has two rings.

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