Texans pull within four at the half

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After Shane Vereen’s second touchdown of the day, it appeared that the rout is on.

It isn’t.

Fueled by another long kickoff return from Danieal Manning, the Texans drove 47 yards in five plays to cut the gap from 17-3 to 17-13 at the half, thanks to a one-yard touchdown run from Arian Foster and a 55-yard field goal from Shayne Graham as time expired.

The 10 points, scored in the final 75 seconds of the half, were wrapped around a three-and-out by the Patriots.

Sure, the Texans would prefer to be leading.  But it’s a far cry from the 21-0 hole into which the Texans fell after the first two quarters five weeks ago.

Tom Brady has 210 passing yards for the Pats, and Wes Welker has caught six for 120 yards.  Shane Vereen has 40 yards rushing and 45 receiving to go with his 12 points.

The Patriots will get the ball to start the third quarter.  Barring a surprise onside kick from the Texans.  Which may not be a bad idea.

6 responses to “Texans pull within four at the half

  1. The special teams is sucking it up, at this point Belichick should onside kick it every kickoff. Half their yards are on kickoff returns!

  2. The Pats are flat, Brady is having his usual off target playoff game. Doesn’t help losing two weapons on the first drive. Looks like 2010 all over again.

  3. If Gary Kubiak could call more than the same 20 plays a game and if Matt Schaub knew how to audible out of a bad Kubiak play or if Schaub could read the defense then the Texans would be leading this game.
    How many wide receiver screens will Kubiak call against press coverage for negative yards?
    Schaub and Kubiak are the weakest links in Houston.
    For a ball control offense, they sure do spend alot of time on the sidelines.
    Houston needs Norv Turner as an OC and gameday playcaller in a major way. Kubiak will not get us to the Super Bowl.
    As a Texans fan, we are stuck with those two for two more years as they have maxed out.

  4. As long as Schaub is quarterbacking for the Texans they will always be kept from competing in late January/early February.

  5. Look for Houston to trade for Kaepernick in the off-season. Harbaugh will get smart and play Smith next week and win the SB with Smith. Kaepernick is good but not great. He can run but is not very accurate passing. SF will get a 1 or a 2 for him I bet, which we can use to replace Gore.

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