Arians becomes a Bears finalist, too

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Earlier tonight, David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune reported that the Bears have two finalists for their head-coaching job.

That number may actually be three.

According to Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times, Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians also will have a second interview with the Bears.

The other finalists reportedly are Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell and Montreal Alouettes coach Marc Trestman.

FOX’s Jimmy Johnson reported Friday on Twitter that Trestman will get the job.  Arians could make the most sense; his ability to strike a friendship with Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger suggests that Arians will be able to get through to Chicago’s difficult quarterback, Jay Cutler.

Arians is scheduled to interview with the Chargers on Wednesday.  He was supposed to interview with the Eagles on Tuesday; his status as a finalist for the Bears job and/or Philly’s focus on Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley likely explains the postponement/cancellation of the Arians interview.

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  1. ‘Arians will be able to get through to Chicago’s difficult quarterback, Jay Cutler’


    Please Phil, pick Trestman.

  2. So maybe Cutler’s personality is the thing dragging out the Bears search. Inmates don’t run the asylum. It’s actually really simple, whoever gets the Bears job tells Cutler on day one that it is his way or the highway. If he needs to walk on egg shells around his sensitive, abrasive, mediocre QB that means he isn’t the right guy for the job to begin with.

  3. Wow…on the radio in Chicago they said Arians already had his second interview today…given that he is not interviewing with the Iggles he must think either Chicago or SD is his job to lose.

  4. Sorry guys, no time to post. I’m one of the finalists too. ha.

    Trestman would be a overall NFL good coach, well spoken, well prepared, smart, but a quiet guy.

    Problem with the Bears job is that the coach needs to be 3 parts coach, 1 part Cutler babysitter, or else…and not many coaches want to have to that as a constant daily/weekly side melodrama.

  5. Good. Stay away as far as possible away from Philadelphia: both for your own sake and the NFC East’s sake. I don’t want to see someone capable in charge of a roster that talented.

  6. Would be the perfect fit. You don’t get the opportunity to sign the NFL coach of the year to your vacant spot every year! About time he is getting his chance.

  7. Arians might be a nice fit in Chicago. Yeah, his relationship with Ben became too accommodating in Pittsburgh. But that doesn’t mean he’s not a good coach. If you don’t think it’s important to make your franchise QB feel comfortable in the locker room as well as the pocket, take a look at the Jets, the Cardinals, and some of the other teams that don’t have that key player. Cutler may be something of a brat, but he can play the position and play it well. You want a coach who can bring out his best. I’d rather gamble on Arians than some dude from the CFL.

  8. @jakec4
    BA is a ball buster. That is why qb’s love him. He is not timid and is a bit of a gunslinger. He is not afraid of the “long ball” either. Great fit in either Chicago or San Diego.
    Both have strong armed dueche bag QB’s. Speed on the outside and world class golf course’s. The only reason I think SD may have the edge is because of Telesco coming in from the Colts as the new GM. Heck, I am hoping he stays. He might be a bit of an ass but he’s our ass. If he does come to da bears you guys will love him.

  9. @jakec4 – Cutler has said multiple times he wants nothing to do with the coaching search. He has said nothing but good things about multiple candidates, some of whom have he has worked for (Dennison, McCoy, Trestman).

    I don’t see why you, or anyone, thinks that the search is being “dragged down”. Emery already said he was going to do a first round of interviews, then bring a few guys back for a second interview. That is exactly what is happening. I know everyone likes to wedge any minor story into a way to bash Cutler, but your comment is a completely needless stretch.

  10. The Bears are looking to address a couple things:

    1) Anemic offense.
    2) Jay Cutler’s contract is up next year.

    So, they’re looking for someone who can get more production out of Cutler and develop his replacement.

    These coaching finalists confirm the Bears have already decided they’re not going to re-sign Cutler, and they may even bring in competition or trade him.

  11. Am I alone in thinking that the Montreal Cfl coach seems like settling for less than what the Bears can get? He may be a fine coach, but to me hiring someone currently working in the CFL seems like it may be better reserved for a coordinator position and not HC. If Im in the wrong here, please tell me. But jumping from Cfl to Nfl as HC seems like a risk, especially for a team like the Bears who are not rebuilding, they are already a contender.

  12. I trust Emery to make the right hire. His first year on the job was pretty successful. He addressed the wr postion (getting a top 5 wr in the league and a good value #2 in Alshon for a couple of thirds and a 2nd). Obviuosly the O line is terrible, but I guarantee you he addresses it this off season. This is football, it takes time. Not a bears fan, but Cutler is by far the most unfairly critized qb in the league. To lazy to look up the exact stats but his win/lose record speaks for itself in a Bears uni. Cutler is not the problem, and Emery will make the right hire.

  13. I’m a passionate Bears fan, and I agree with every last work jakec4 said. On the other hand, Cutler can be a jag bag, but the national media blows a lot of it way out of proportion too.

  14. Arians did a nice job babysitting the Colts this year, but he seems like one of those coaches that’s just suited best to be a coordinator, such as Norv Turner and Chan Gailey.

  15. Please explain where Cutler has had a problem with a head coach other than mcdaniels who lied to him before they even met? as for his temperament I think u might be a little feisty to if u were running for ur life every play and the people running the offense refused to adapt to the personal they have and what they do best and insist on running a system that last won anything in the 90’s when they had all pros at every position. then had tice and turner who had no idea what they were doing. give the man a line and somebody who believes offense is part of the game and u might see him smile.

  16. If the Bears want a coach that can get through to Cutler, it gotta be Trestman. Plain and simple. I can guarantee Cutler is pushing hard for him.

  17. Maybe I missed it but when was Cutler difficult for a coach to deal with? Or is the media including that fiasco with that clown Josh McDaniel?

  18. I can’t say that any of the three would excite me if I were a Bear’s fan, but hey, we all probably felt the same way when GB hired McCarthy. I guess it beats hiring some retread head coach.

    Why is there no Lovie Smith love, even as a coordinator, around the league?

  19. Calling Cutler “difficult” may be the understatement of this young year.

  20. All these packers fans and Wisconsin media that has started an all out bashing campain against
    Cutler can save that for later cause the numbers dont lie… Cutler is a winner. that all he does. go cheak the stats for the last 3 or 4 years. the Numbers wont lie and they dont eat cheese

  21. carlws says: Jan 15, 2013 11:05 AM

    “How did Cutler do against the Packers this season? We hope the Bears keep him.”

    So do Bears fans…Jay is 29-13 in his last 42 starts, 28-6 against any team not from Green Bay…If they let Cutler walk after next season, and his replacement can’t beat anybody, what’s the sense of that?

  22. @carlws
    Cutler needs a system to beat Greenbay and before you start crowing about Chicago start thinking about getting pass the 49ers who the packers cant beat nowhere.. and they cant beat the Giants on the moon

  23. Nobody can beat the 49ers if they play like last week. If Colin keeps playing like that, they will win the Super Bowl. The Packers haven’t won a Superbowl in almost two years. Cutler needs more than a system in order to beat the Pack.

  24. @carlws:

    “Cutler needs more than a system in order to beat the Pack.”

    Agreed…A better o-line, a TE who can catch, and an OC with a clue.

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