Bengals cut ticket prices, again

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Despite the first consecutive playoff appearances in non-strike seasons in franchise history, the Bengals know that it’s not easy to sell tickets to Paul Brown Stadium.

So they’re cutting prices.  Again.

Specifically, prices for season tickets will be cut in 20 sections of the stadium, from $50 to $40 per game in some locations, and from $60 to $50 in others.

“As an organization we are committed to having a full stadium for every game to give us a competitive advantage,” Bengals executive V.P. Katie Blackburn said.  “We are coming off a good year, we have been to the playoffs two years in a row, and we have five 2012 playoff teams coming to Cincinnati this season.  We believe that our 2013 pricing model, in conjunction with the strong home schedule, will be very attractive to fans and will make tickets available at the right prices to help us to reach that goal.”

The Bengals decided in 2012 not to take advantage of a rule that allows teams to reduce the blackout threshold from 100 percent of all non-premium tickets to as low as 85 percent.  Blackouts were reduced, but the team still struggled at times to sell out the stadium.

Season-ticket plans range from $40 per seat to $85.  The packages are available at 9:00 a.m. ET on Wednesday.

15 responses to “Bengals cut ticket prices, again

  1. Smart. The price disparity between the upper and lower sections were ridiculous in years past. There was only a 15-20 dollar difference between seats in the top left corner of the upper level and a lot of good seats in the lower bowl. They should have done this years ago.

  2. to paraphrase my democrat friends- ” it took us 20 years for Mike Brown to get this franchise and fan base in this mess, it’ll take so time to get them out.”

  3. when will this franchise realize prices arent whats keeping people away. its mike brown… thats it, mike brown

  4. It really sounds like Katie will run this team well once her daddy formally hands it to her or kicks the bucket. She’s the one that was trying to get him to hire a GM and he refused. Ever since we’ve been seeing changes here and there with this team, she has been involved. I’m excited to see what she would do with the team once she’s in full control.

  5. Ticket prices had another rough season. Couldn’t block, tackle or catch anything hence his release.

  6. Smart. I interviewed for a job in Cinncy. Not what I would call a cash rich town. Plus this current rebuilding effort that’s happening will help if they stay competitive.

  7. Meanwhile parking for a Bengals game was increased an additional $20 per vehicle, the price of beer was raised from $9 to $12 each, and the price of sandwiches was raised from $15 to $18 each.

    There is however no correlation between these price raises and the drop in seat prices.

  8. WOW I hope Niner execs are looking at these prices with a little bit of shame.

    We’ve been season ticket holders for over a decade… but now we’re forced to not renew our tickets. Too much money. And its not like we would even have a CHANCE at renewing our seats for the new stadium–the Niners want 30k up front for the same seats we have. That’s a joke.

    And so that Packer-Niner game will, most likely, be last for those seats that I grew up in. I was only 8 when the Niners had that incredible comeback against the Giants in ’03. Now those seats are gone.

    The Niners may be pricing out the rowdy drunks in favor for tech execs, but they’re also giving the boot to faithful middle class families.

  9. I think all teams who do not make the playoffs should cut ticket prices by 5% each season that they do not make the playoffs. If a team does not make the playoffs for 3 straight seasons then the tickets drop 10% until the team reaches the playoffs. Stop rewarding futility.
    All preseason games should be half price for all NFL teams.
    It is ok to give back to the fans NFL. Stop being greedy.

  10. In 2003, the cheapest seats at PBS were a very affordable $35. Those same seats are now $65 for individual games. Ticket prices have gone up, while they ecomonomy has gotten worse. So it’s no surprise that the Bengals have had some troubles. We did had a 57 game sell-out streak from 2003-2010, so the attacks on our fanbase are uncalled for. We also sold out 6 games in 2012, so things appear to be getting better again.

  11. Please. That “sellout” streak was pure fiction. You could see all those empty upper deck seats just driving by on I-71. The only games they were regularly selling out (other than ones with “glamor” teams like Invincible Dallas and New England) were against Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Indianapolis, whose fans love making the drive here.

    I don’t know if the Bugles’ fans are the worst in the league, but I can tell you from experience that they’re certainly not among the best. My late father had Bingle season tickets for almost 20 years before he moved to Florida, and even when they’d score a rare win against the Steelers or Browns, he’d be PISSED when he got home. “60,000 Bengals fans and 5,000 Steelers fans, and they were LOUDER than us!”

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