Cardinals want a second interview with Mike McCoy

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The Mike McCoy train is gaining speed, and it looks like you better hurry if you want on board.

As we mentioned earlier, the Broncos offensive coordinator is interviewing with the Chargers today. Now, FOX’s Jay Glazer reports that the Cardinals are trying to bring him in for a second interview tomorrow.

McCoy’s young and bright and not enough of a name so as to be overly expensive, so he makes sense for the Cardinals. The timetable also fits with defensive coordinator Ray Horton’s expectation that he’ll know more about his situation Tuesday.

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  1. I think the Cardinals would be smart to talk to him again. The only thing that has my puzzled about their plans is what they’re going to do with Ray Horton. He’s under contract for another two seasons. Is he going to be forced upon the new head coach if he isn’t given the job? And, if he doesn’t get the job, would he want to stay to be the DC under the guy he lost out to? The Cards need an offensive mind in the building to create an offense that isn’t, well, offensive like last season. I think McCoy could be the guy but I’d hate to lose Horton.

  2. Not a fan of this guy for a HC gig.

    Cardinal’s should hire Horton. Promote one of his guys to DC, then find that OC they’re going to need anyway.

  3. Look if McCoy takes Az offer and becomes our next HC well actually get a outside look at a good offensive coach but then again wasn’t Wiz said to be a offensive guy when he was hired?two thing that make me like McCoy. One he seems to know how to developer a QB or work around a QB’s strength at least look what he did with Tebow. The other is he probably became a better offensive coach while learning from Manning’s strengths. In a perfect world McCoy takes the rains and RH stays on board and possible takes an extension cause then he gets a couple more years under his belt as a good coordinator and would be better set to take over a team like Az

  4. mantastic54 says:
    Jan 14, 2013 12:39 PM
    I don’t think it’s the best idea to bring in an offensive minded coach when you don’t have a qb in place

    The whole point of bringing in an offensive coach is to get the OFFENSE BETTER. Even without a QB in place, there will be veterans out there (Alex Smith, etc) that the offensive minded coach could consider signing. They also have a high draft pick and could be a sleeper pick in the first that could end up working great for the guy.

    If you didn’t have a QB and you hired a defensive minded coach, wouldn’t it be a bigger struggle to get the offense turned around?

  5. not for nothin – be he looked every bit as dumb and confused at Peyton Manning did the other night.

  6. He took a step back in my mind Sat. He coached not to lose and that doesn’t work in the NFL.

  7. Horton is under contract and can’t go anywhere except with a promotion, and if McCoy wants his own guy, they can release Horton (not a fan of that move).

    I would love to see them give Horton a shot. I think he could do very well as a HC.

  8. Isn’t Peyton Manning the OC for the Bronco’s? I really don’t know alot about McCoy, but it seems to me that Peyton turned that offense around and since Peyton calls the plays and runs that offense I don’t see why McCoy is so sought after. I’m not a fan of any of the teams courting him but that’s my 2 cents.

  9. I’m sure the head coach called the kneel down. Always easy to criticize the game in hindsight. What if Peyton threw a pick to lose the game? oh wait….

  10. McCoy couldn’t believe John Fox wanted Manning to take a knee with 31 sec. and two timeouts left. Manning right now is thinking, “idiot coach”.

  11. I would prefer Gruden before McCoy. Horton is likely to be lost in the process which will be like murdering Peter to pay Paul if he doesn’t get the job and he is probably the only guy interested that the Cards can afford. Once again, the Cardinals ownership stepped into it by impulsively firing Whisenhunt before having any kind of a plan in place for change OR having the budget to make any meaningful changes; they can’t even afford to keep the players they have who will become FAs without making some BIG changes like cutting Kolb, which the owner has clearly indicated he’s not willing to do.
    Unfortunately Cards fans can look forward to being the same ole Cards a la Sun Devil stadium days:(

  12. Music to my ears will be someone hiring him to be their head coach, I have seen enough as a Bronco fan!

  13. I made some comments on here about how I would think long and hard before I hired McCoy based upon the uber-conservative play calling and decision making on Saturday.

    I have since read enough and seen enough people who are more familiar than I with the body of work of John Fox say that the terrible decisions that basically took the ball out of Manning’s hands at the end of the game were most likely Fox’s fault and not McCoy’s.

    So now I feel sorry for McCoy and hope that he gets a job so he can get out from under Fox and see what he can do.

  14. Im NOT sure if that was Fox or McCoy’s falt but as a coaching staff
    they were coaching NOT to lose instead of coaching to WIN. and at first I wanted McCoy to be Chicago’s new Head Coach but now Im not so sure because to beat Harbaugh in San Francisco a coach will need GUTS

  15. I think the biggest reason the Cards would want to bring in McCoy is that they are realistic about what their options at QB are. They know no one is coming in the draft that will set the world on fire. In free agency you are looking at Alex Smith, who has gotten all kinds of fan sympathy after being benched but was widely maligned when the starting job was his, Mike Vick, an aging and injury prone QB that has shown an inability to make quick reads, Derek Anderson, lol Derek Anderson, and that’s about it.

    So, if the squad is going to take a flier on a QB out of this draft class or if they are going to run with what they have on the squad, they’re going to need a creative offense. And if McCoy can design an offense that takes Tebow to the playoffs and an offense that takes Manning to the playoffs, he should be able to make a silk purse out of most sow’s ears.

  16. @ Pemory: I don’t think an offense scoring 35 points and losing is lousy O. As a Cardinals fan, I would take the 35 points, which means our defense would not be on the field as much and our chances of winning the game are better! If the Cardinals do bring in McCoy as HC, I really hope that Ray Horton stays as Defensive Coordinator. It would be great to have a good offense to balance out our stout defense!!!!!

  17. As a Broncos fan, please take this conservative play calling idiot off our hands so Manning can run the show like he knows how! Good riddence McCoy!!

  18. Tip for Ray Horton: If you have an offensive HC or OC have a short area passing game to substitute the running game.

    You can’t run it in AZ.

    Pittsburgh and Denver’s passing games complement highly ranked defenses.

    Housler and Roberts can substitute a running game, but they’ll need a QB who can release the ball quickly.

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