Darrell Bevell gets second interview with Bears

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Over the weekend, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported that the Bears soon will trim down their list of 13 known coaching candidates, conducting a second round of interviews that will involve not only G.M. Phil Emery but also team president Ted Phillips and members of ownership.

The first name of that list, per Mort, will be Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell.

Bevell, who served as Vikings offensive coordinator before taking the same job two years ago with the Seahawks, has emerged primarily because of his work with rookie quarterback Russell Wilson, who has become one of the best young quarterbacks in the league despite being taken 75th overall in the 2012 draft.

The fact that Bevell’s Seahawks have beaten the Bears in Chicago in each of his two seasons on the job likely makes him even more attractive to Emery, who needs someone who can get the most out of quarterback Jay Cutler.

UPDATE 8:24 p.m. ET:  David Haugh of the Chicago Tribune reports that the Bears have narrowed their search to two candidates — Bevell and, per Adam Schefter of ESPN, Marc Trestman.

29 responses to “Darrell Bevell gets second interview with Bears

  1. You’d think these teams would want to start getting draft boards ready with their coach in place. A lot of deliberation going on this year with these vacancies being vacant for so long.

  2. Ask him how he did with Jackson? He is taking credit for Russell’s talent.? bad move bears.. I would not touch this guy with a 50 foot poll.. ask the hawks fans..

  3. Ya, hire this guy when most of Wilson’s big plays happened after the “play broke down.” Who called that broke-down play? Yeah.

  4. teddy phillips…where do i begin? he’s not that witty, not so much a family guy, and is a huge reason the bears are where they find themselves.

    he also wears slip-ons just to avoid potential problems with laces.

  5. So if the Bears interview a bunch of candidates it’s just due diligence…but if it’s the Eagles…they are getting used…makes sense to me.

  6. boyofzimmer says:
    Jan 14, 2013 8:14 PM
    Reports are Bevell, Arians and Tresman are final candidates.

    If it is not Trestman – god help us.

  7. Either way we get a decent coach in Trestman or Arians. The other guy needs to stay where he’s at. You can’t compare Cutler and Wilson. Totally different styles and a huge difference in the O line.

  8. Bears can have him, and good riddance. He’s very slow on the uptake, which is why it took him the entire first half yesterday for it to click with him that his game plan to pound Lynch up the middle wasn’t going anywhere, but that every single pass play resulted in a catch and usually for decent yardage.

    He is the one most responsible for Seattle’s elimination from the playoffs. Also the one who thought Tavaris Jackson was a diamond in the rough who got a raw deal. I’d rather have Wilson calling plays than Bevell. At least Russell does his homework.

  9. Wow, Bevell is getting a lot of negative comments for an OC that just presided over a rookie tying Peyton freaking Manning’s rookie TD record, breaking the NFL record for rookie playoff passing yards, setting a 3 game total points NFL record and going 11-5.

  10. Bears fired Lovie for these guys? they are making a huge mistake, and Bruce should just come back to indy, Cutler will get him fired from there soon if he takes that job, the chicago media and area are like bloodhounds

  11. I have no doubt Wilson will be able to pick up running with who Pete brings in Bevell leaves. The run game which we did about 55 % of the time was from Cables o-line and schemes. I hated seeing 3 down and 1 yard with an empty backfield. Not to mention instead of using Lynch (who is a solid pass blocker) to chip instead he was spread out wide where defenses wouldn’t have to account for him. There were moments where Bevell shined, and everything he called was hitting for a month. But far too inconsistent. If he stays at least he is better than the years before watching Bates and Gregg Knapp’s train wrecks.

  12. Given his mediocre record last year with Jackson and Whitehurst, you can credit a lot of Seattle’s offensive transformation to Wilson this year (not a shocker).

    Will say that he did do a good job in adapting from a Flynn-centric offense that was planned all summer, to a different look with Wilson.

    Also, gets credit for not holding back the playbook from Wilson too long when they realized the talent they had in Wilson.

    But if that and an ok record in MIN gets you a head coach, well…good for him.

  13. Darrell Bevell.

    Darrell Bevell. A month long odyssey of coaching interviews and you come up with Darrell Bevell.

    Do they honestly believe Russell Wilson is as good as he is because he was tutored by the same OC who was completely unable to turn Tavaris Jackson into a passable version of an NFL Qb?

  14. We had Darrell Bevell for years with the Minnesota Vikings… he was let go. Why? Because the offense was completely inept. He’s a conservative, predictable play caller. When he did get ‘creative’ it was like a 3rd and 9 and SURPRISE a running play is called that doesn’t get the first down. As a Vikings fan, go ahead and have this guy, but getting rid of Lovie Smith for these bums is absolutely insane. They screwed up and clearly had no plan b. If I’m their front office I’m calling up Brian Billick, Jon Gruden, Jay Gruden, or Bill Cowher, who I think would be the perfect fit for the Bears.

  15. Seahawk fan here BEGGING you to hire Bevell. Please. WAY too predictable of a play caller and the decision to run 2 running plays to try and pick up 1 yard inside the red zone on 3rd and 4th down yesterday and neither of those carries going to Lynch was beyond idiotic. And we’re used to that in Seattle. He had some moments of great play calling, but those moments were few and far between. Happy for him and the opportunity to be a HC, sure. But I don’t get it.

  16. Which position coach wouldn’t want a promotion to Seattle OC where Russell Wilson will pave the way for them to become HC somewhere?

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