Derek Anderson angling for a return to Cleveland

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The last time the Browns had a winning record, their quarterback was Derek Anderson.

Anderson led the team to a 10-6 record in 2007 that wasn’t good enough to get them into the playoffs, but was enough to give rise to thoughts that he’d end the search for a long-term answer at quarterback that had gone on since the team re-entered the NFL in 1999. It didn’t pan out that way as the team slumped back to the wrong side of .500 the next season on their way to four more losing seasons and two head coaching changes after the one that ended Romeo Crennel’s tenure in 2008.

Rob Chudzinski, hired last week as the team’s new head coach, was the Browns’ offensive coordinator in 2007 and 2008 and he also coached Anderson in Carolina the last two years. That’s got Anderson, a free agent this offseason, thinking about a return to Ohio.

“Looks like it is time to make a return to a familiar place for some unfinished business,” Anderson posted on Facebook, via the News-Herald in Ohio. “I’d be honored to return to Cleveland to play football if the fans would have me.”

The fans might not be so keen on the idea. Anderson, who completed all four passes he threw for the Panthers this season, slammed Browns fans after getting released by Cleveland in the 2010 offseason, calling them “ruthless” and saying they “don’t deserve a winner” after cheering when he was down on the field with a torn knee ligament. He later apologized, but that might not make much of a difference to Browns fans tired of losing and tired of quarterbacks who don’t have what it takes to move things in a more positive direction.

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  1. I don’t think fans were cheering that he was injured. They were cheering that their first round pick was going to play. DA was always very sensitive and easily offended. I think the media would confirm as much.

  2. With D.A. it was a “Good Derek/Bad Derek” kind of thing he always had. He ran too hot and cold for me and many of the fans here. He played great when he was playing with house money (i.e. after Frye got tossed and Quinn held out) and he was care-free. But when he started playing with his own money he became sketchy, and that is not good. I don’t think I want him back, but it is likely as coaches always try to get “their guys, and D.A. may be Chud’s guy.

  3. The Clowns! This is what a ‘storied’ franchise looks like? They whiffed on their coaching search, & their GM search. Glad the new ownership wanted a complete rebuild, however they will be rebuilding again in 2-3 years when Dud is fired.

  4. If Chud has a burning desire immediately to lose all credibility and end his honeymoon in Cleveland before the first snap of of the first day of minicamp, he should by all means bring this useless wastrel back to the Browns.

  5. Their fans can be obnoxious and cheering injuries is classless. Maybe a couple more seasons in the muck will offer some perspective and craft some nicer people out of them.

  6. Not even Brown’s fans want a qb who is caught laughing on the sideline when his team is getting blown out on national tv

  7. DAMN!!!! this guy is a real piece, he leave cleveland on horrible terms with the fans, it is not until he needs a job that he then appologizes to them, what has he done with arizona? hmmm same as in cleveland NOTHING, what did he do in carolina? NOTHING, oh wait he did beat jimmy clausen for second string…whooooaaaaaaaa that is an accomplishment. no way I touch this guy if I am in th efront office, or on the field.

  8. DA was the modern day Vinny Testaverde. All pro to get him out of there – game to game. To be candid Brandon Weeden is a lot like DA and Vinny! Not sure what value at all DA brings to us in Cleveland. I’ll take Vince Young first.

  9. Seriously your gonna bring this piece of trash back to Cleveland if you do that the fan base will flip out he had one good year but choked in big games remember we could of made the playoffs if he didnt throw 4 picks the second to last week against Cincinnati DA is horrible.

  10. As a lifelong Browns fan who happened to grow up in Pennsylvania before moving to Cleveland I have to say we have the worst fans in the league. During DAs time here, I’d estimate that 85% of the fan base was calling for the great Brady Quinn’s shot at success. These are the same fans that had never watched a snap he took at Notre Dame when he choked at winning any meaningful games during his tenure there and looked terrible throwing a deep ball. Anyway, as a season ticket holder that season I was embarassed to be a Brown’s fan the way people were calling for DAs head and cheering him when he got hurt. I remember the “Brady” chants starting before the 2nd quarter nearly every game. Cleveland fans ar efor the most part ruthless and uneducated when it comes to football matters. That being said I still Love the Browns.

  11. Got a feeling that Chud may have said some nice things to the guy on the way out that made him think he has a chance there.

    Bet they don’t even sniff at the guy when the time comes.

    I know it’s been frustrating in Cleveland but try not to hold them responsible for things they aren’t even doing yet.

    In the end the unfinished business in Cleveland has a better chance being unpaid parking tickets rather than a roster spot.

  12. Maybe Brady Quinn can make a comeback there again? He can pose for some more men’s health magazines.

  13. “I’ll take Vince Young first.”

    If you gave the starting job to VY he’d take the Browns to the playoffs. A whole lot of ESPN folks and NFL stalwarts would be royally pissed off, but the actual team would be loving it.

    No joke.

  14. 5toolgeezy if that is your honest summarization of the ENTIRE Browns fanbase it’s obvious that not only are you not a Browns fan but you’re not a smart football fan either. Calling out an entire fanbase because of a few people you heard is outrageous.

  15. Hey 5toolsgeezy or what ever your name is for one i did watch every snap Brady took at ND an i didnt agree with the browns picking him but the Browns never gave the kid chance a fighting chance and when you want to call us uneducated look at yourself if u think DA was the answer please move back to PENN we dont need a fan like you our past front offices were uneducated look at the QBs we have passed on,big ben,rodgers,flacco, the list goes on dont call us uneducated you idiot call our front office uneducated.

  16. If they bring that hack back there will be no credibility for this organization. The fans were cheering the fact Quinn was coming in, not the fact that Anderson got hurt. Is is a long baller who has no control over the ball on intermediate and short throws. It is no accomplishment beating out Claussen.

  17. Please god let that be just a rumor.. The guy SUCKS ! look at the stats one good year a fluke of a year at that!!. Not a good start for the CHUD era if this is true !

  18. Nice arm, no aim. I remember fans joking about Testeverde being colorblind. I’ll go ahead and say Anderson is crosseyed. He consistantly threw behind or just ahead of a receiver. He had no touch on short or medium passes. Most of Braylon Edwards catches that year were circus catches, which is why he can’t ever catch the easy ball. I’d rather see a combination of Weeden and Lewis at QB. Lewis was impressive in the last game. McCoy is a good backup, but only due to being outclassed in arm strength and height.

  19. “Storied” franchose, are you joking. The league can say what ever they want to about their history. This is a13 year old team. I saw the last game the “storied” Browns played at Cleveland Municipal Stadium against the Steelers before said “storied” franchise moved to Baltimore with all of their history. Lipstick on a Pig ring a bell. You can dress a pig up in Brown and Orange bit its still an expansion team.

  20. If DA comes to town he’s going to have a rude awakening from these ruthless fans , who for being a season ticket holder I am ruthless since I have to watch the likes of talentless players like him and all we can do is boo these decisions since we yes we pay your salaries

  21. Stay away from Anderson. He got off to a good start but Choked once the Browns were in serious playoff contention. Against Arizona and Cincy a win would have put the Browns in but DA choked. Neither of these teams were powerhouses at the time but DA made them look that way. As far as the Quinn bashing, at ND, his best receiver was a baseball player, the coach may have brought a “schematic advantage” but couldn’t teach fundamentals leading to sloppy technique along the O-line, and they never had any defense. When Quinn was under Chud, he played four games before breaking his index finger and averaged 28 pts./game. If they were going to rehash the 2008 QBs, I’d bring in Quinn before I’d bring in DA (not that I’d do that at all). DA made too many stupid passes into double/triple coverage for my liking, but then ripping the fans on the way out just sealed his fate. If he were to come back, this time I would cheer him getting hurt. Amazing he thinks all is forgiven. It just proves he can’t read a fanbase same as can’t read a defense.

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