Dolphins announce stadium renovation plans

The Dolphins have announced plans to renovate Sun Life Stadium, making clear that they want to host another Super Bowl.

“Our intention is to make Sun Life Stadium a world-class facility that is competition-ready for Super Bowls, college football championships, and global soccer events, as well as providing a much better environment to watch the Dolphins, Hurricanes and Orange Bowl every year,” Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said in a statement. “I think our planned modernization will maintain the special outdoor flavor of Miami, while giving us the look of the best stadiums around the world.”

Although the Dolphins’ statement says private funds would cover the majority of construction costs, the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins are planning to ask state and local governments to foot some of the tab for the projected $400 million cost of stadium upgrades.

That could be a problem in Miami, where Major League Baseball’s Marlins got a sweetheart deal on their new stadium — a deal that, according to public opinion polls, most Miami residents view as an expensive mistake. The Florida State Senator who represents the district that includes Sun Life Stadium told the Miami Herald that there’s no way the Dolphins will get the same kind of deal that the Marlins got.

But the Dolphins will ask for some public money for renovation plans including installing more comfortable seats and new seating closer to the field, HD video screens, a partial roof that gives fans shade on hot days and shields fans from the rain but allows the team to keep playing on natural grass, and better concession areas.

34 responses to “Dolphins announce stadium renovation plans

  1. Miami should indeed fork up some money for this project,the dolphins are on the up and ups.unlike the marlins their not having a fire sale every other month.that and a new logo new stadium is great for fans and the city!!!

  2. The pro teams and these owners need to start paying for their own stadiums entirely or get help from the NFL. They always talk about all the business it brings like they’re doing the city a favor but they never talk about the downsides that come with it.

  3. You’ve got wonder about this guy’s priorities. He puts all his energy and a lot of money into stadium improvements and logo changes, but he is willing to do nothing to improve the mediocre product he puts on the field every year.

  4. Tip #1: Remove extra seats. FedEx Field did and they never even blacked out during 2011.

    People are staying at home to watch games. Why should we see more orange than we currently do?

  5. More comfortable and closer seats are a plus and so is the partial roof (maybe) but the rest is unnecessary. HD video boards are not necessary. Advertisements in SD are just fine. As far as the tax revenues…pay for your own stadium upgrades. Get some funds from the U, ask the soccer folks for some cash, hit up the celebrities for donations, hold weekly cheerleader car washes, whatever, but I seriously doubt the taxpayers will want to be screwed over again. I’m sure the Los Angeles threat is not far behind.

  6. Even though I would love to see this happen, the city of Miami should not approve this just because of how much they are already spending for the Marlins stadium. Besides, the team is currently stuggling to sell games out as it is. I am a Dolphin fan and can even admit we have one of the worst fan bases

  7. If they move to London, Jacksonville can go to L.A., Tampa can become Florida’s team. All kidding aside, it’s about time they stepped up from the 1980’s style stadium.

  8. After what happened with the Marlins this off season I doubt anyone is going to be jumping at the opportunity to give funds on another stadium upgrade.

  9. I would like to think even Miami’s city officials aren’t dumb enough to agree to footing part of the bill for these stadium “renovations”. They and the taxpayers just got a major hosing over that nobody-goes-there-cause-they-don’t-want-get-shot Marlins debacle. Ross wanted all these Hollywood folks that have all this money as owners, THEY should be the one ponying up the dough for their “investment”.

  10. How about renovating the GM & scouting positions? Doing that will help fill the stadium every Sunday.

  11. Hey Wannstache…

    Look he is trying. Hired Philbin, demanded Tannehill, and got rid if the main problems. Ross bought a mess from a guy who was literally jumping ship. I worked for a Huizenga company when he sold the team. I know what happened. Give Ross credit for trying and not mortgaging our whole future for RG3 or whoever. I am scared of the logo changes but there is only so much you can do every day to build a winner. He still runs a business and needs to turn a profit on the business side. So quit acting like you think he doesn’t care about the team.

  12. Not sure what the artist did a better job with filling the seats with fans or the renovations ???
    That stadium hasn’t been that full since it opened!

  13. I think the Miami Dolphins should be the first homeless team. The fans are so spread out across the nation they will get a respectable turnout. Obviously I am kidding but Miami is not a good sports town. Look at the Heat. They are successful but even their home games are sparse.

  14. Miami had an excellent turnout until the past few years with mediocre teams and a rotten economy. Every team has bad turnouts if their team sucks.

    As for the Marlins and their stadium? How many Super Bowls will they host? Each SB brings in tens of millions of dollars. How many has Joe Robbie/Pro Player/Dolphin/Sun Life Stadium hosted?

  15. effthaeffinjetsgofins:

    He not trying very hard. He’s kept the GM who built this mess, allowed him to trade away key players without replacing them and hired an unqualified coach who is no better than the guy he replaced. And for Tannehill, it’s too early to tell, but with three other rookie QB’s making the playoffs this year, he pales by comparison. Fans want owners who buy teams to make them winners, not to flip them like houses. He’s done nothing so far to make this team competitive with the Patriots. Nothing.

  16. Uh, oh. Time to start the “Dolphins to Los Angeles” rumors. There is a 100% chance the Dolphins owner will be using that as leverage.

  17. How can you fix the problem of the seats being 40 yards away from the field without demolishing the current stadium first?

  18. I watched a NY Jets vs Miami game at Miami and I was so far up I had to watch the game on my iphone. Then – the south florida sun just kicked my ars and I nearly passed out. So if they shade those seats thats already 100% better imo. However getting fans to watch the game is still their biggest challenge.

  19. There are lots of reasons why we cannot spend public funds to renovate a privately owned stadium. To make a renovation with taxes is illegal. The Dolphins could sell Miami-Dade county or Miami Gardens the stadium before the renovations are made. Once the taxpayers owned the stadium, they could issue a bond to cover the renovation cost. These same government bodies could be given stock in the equivalent to a loan to be used for the renovation. However, no direct payment for a renovation would be possible. In fact, no public could could be created, even to be used as a loan without the dolphins guaranteeing payment with proceeds from their business or personal guarantees from the team owners.

    I feel that bed tax increases should be used to pay off the baseball and basketall loans.

  20. I went to high school in Miramar, FL, which is a 5 minute drive to what I still call Joe Robbie Stadium and then college at UM, so I am qualified to say this Stadium’s biggest problem is location.

    it isn’t really anywhere near what anyone considers Miami and the only place football should be played there is on the site of the old Orange Bowl.

    the city really screwed it all up by giving it away to the marlins.

  21. Wannstache….
    What have you been watching??
    For being a fins fan you sure don’t know much about your team, Ireland didn’t create that mess he inherited it from the 2 previous GM’s he may have missed on a few picks but every team does why don’t you count the dozens of misses that the team you reference Pats have had last 5 years I think it may change your tune, Tannehill being compared to the other 3 is a joke why don’t you compare who they were throwing to and who Tanny was it’s not even close and last Philbin don’t know what’s wrong with your TV but must not be very clear cuz the guy can coach they were in nearly every game,btw I’m a Jets fan….GANGREEN!!!!

  22. sbmcintosh36:

    Ireland is now in his 6th season with the Dolphins. By comparison, Colts 1st-year GM Ryan Grigson had his team in the playoffs.
    The Pats can afford the misses because they always have tons of picks each year, but yet they still get plenty of hits, unlike Ireland.
    Philbin could only muster 2 more wins than Sparano on a much weaker schedule when, according to Ross and Ireland, all the pieces of a playoff team are in place.

  23. DonRSD says:

    800 million on upgrades!!??
    Just builds new stadium right next to Joe Robbie.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!
    In the words of the late, great, deep philosopher, Leonard “Chico” Marx, “We canna a-do that. It make-a too much sense.”

  24. How about these billionaire owners pay for their own renovations? It’s not like they won’t make it back with the jacked up prices they’ll be charging for tickets once renovations are complete.

  25. Stadium is in a bad area, remember going there and seeing it fenced off and needing security to let you in to visit the stadium gift shop. How embarrassing.

    They need a new stadium away from Miami Gardens area. Bet the Dolphins would like a do-over on that. Bet they wish they built near downtown with a retractable roof stadium.

  26. If Ross is going to pay for half(200 million), why not just take your 200 million and that becomes the budget you work with to make renovations. You don’t need 4 video boards. Use a canopy like a ship for a sail when the weather gets bad, bigger seats, not needed, closer seats-you can fit them in with that 200 million. Now there is no need to use public money.

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