Eagles interview Whisenhunt, Gruden and Arians next

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In a bit of a departure, since he is neither a college coach nor named Kelly, the Eagles have announced they have interviewed former Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt for their head coaching job.

And even more candidates are on deck, as they continue Bears-like to interview everyone under the sun.

According to Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Daily News, they’re also expected to talk to Bengals offensive coordinator Jay Gruden today, then Colts offensive coordinator Bruce Arians on Tuesday.

There’s a fine line between an exhaustive search and an excessive one. In the case of the Eagles in particular, they’ve had months to winnow their list, and continuing to add names as college coaches use them as a lever only adds to the perception they’ve been stood up by their preferred candidates.

24 responses to “Eagles interview Whisenhunt, Gruden and Arians next

  1. Future plans include talking Don Shula, Joe Gibbs, and exhuming the grave of Vince Lombardi in hopes he’s also willing to interview.

    The Eagles will leave no stone (or headstone) unturned in the pursuit of their next head coach.

  2. Whisenhunt? You’ve got to be kidding me. The Eagles are only showing how desperate that they’re becoming. Who’s next…..Rich Kotite?

  3. Wow. You’re taking issue with a team for giving lots of guys the opportunity to make their case. The idea that they wanted a college coach and didn’t get that coach only comes from the medias desire to had Chip Kelly be a story.
    Why not interview all these guys???

  4. Why is everyone so against the Eagles interviewing a bunch of different candidates. They want the best coach and Lurie has said over and over its all about hiring the right guy. The Eagles can have any coach they want and no reports say they were ever turned down by anyone. They’ll continue to ride this thing out and pick the best guy. End of story.

  5. I am not a big Mike Vick fan, but if the Cardinals had him as quarterback last year, they would conceivably have won a couple more games….and Whisenhunt would still have a job.

    Whisenhunt hasn’t been a great quarterback handler mainly because outside of Kurt Warner, he hasn’t had anyone to handle….and their running game has sucked.

    The new Eagles coach should have a great running game to look forward to….if he is smart enough to use it.

  6. I hear the Eagles also intend to interview Snoop Dogg once he’s done coaching his kids’ Compton Raiders team in a few weeks.

  7. Why is the number of people they (or the Bears, or any other team) interview even an issue? They can interview 1,000 coaches for all I care, as long as they get a good one.

  8. Howie Rosman’s 2013 strategy for being a GM
    1.) interview every coach who will come in about how they would fix the Eagles
    2.) create pie chart showing the results
    3.) Taunt Andy Reid via Skype with real pie
    4.) Create…oh and eventually hire a coach who’s willing to let this lawyer pick players. Gotta love the birds!

  9. So in the NFL apparently your not allowed to interview more than 3 canidates. If you do your search is considered a failure. If it were like this in the real buisness world than there would be no buisnesses left.

  10. @ justintuckrule: you jest, but Snoops got those kids playing hard, believing in themselves, and putting team goals before an individual player’s goals…..

    @ Darin: maybe you should winnow your articles regarding the Eagles’ search for a coach. (a) you’ve added nothing new or interesting and (b) you keep floating misconceptions about the “interview process.”

    The only “truth,” if you want to call it that, is that they’ve interviewed a bunch of folks. There’s been no factual basis for assuming they’ve offered the position to anyone as yet. You guys get on teams that hire too quickly and now you’re on the teams that take their time….. worse than my wife with the hypocrisy

  11. @ mlenenski: that may, I did say may, be the most ignorant comment on this thread. Vick behind the Cardinals O-line would’ve gotten you a couple more wins?!? C’mon, man! Have you even watched an Eagles’ game this year??

    Maybe the Eagles will trade the Cardinals Vick for Kolb and a 2nd round pick? I’m sure you’d be okay with that too….

  12. Who’s next, John Madden? They will interview anyone any everyone who has ever sniffed a football, but still not even a thought towards John Gruden?

    Whether true or not, the perception is these guys don’t have a clue who to hire next. To have to submit a press release over 3 college coaches turning you down, is kindof pathetic.

    Gold standard indeed Mr. Lurie, gold standard indeed.

  13. They have a guy on the Cards his name is Ray Horton. Did a really nice job last year with that team, I hear he is looking for a HC position.

    Just sayin’

  14. Honestly I hope the Eagles hire John Madden as their next head coach….Brian Dawkins (Secondary Coach) Ray Lewis (Linebacker Coach) Michael Strahan (D-Line Coach) Barry Sanders (Running Back Coach) Jerry Rice (Wide Receiver Coach) Jonathan Ogden (O-Line Coach) Tony Gonzalez (Tight End Coach) Joe Montana (Quarterback Coach) and Don Beebe as their Special Teams Coordinator…good staff?

  15. As Larry Moe and Curly conduct these 9 hr interviews, they lose more and more traction with every potential future coach. I would imagine that the longer they talk the more painful it has to be for the potential coach and the more exposed they get as completely out of their league.

  16. Who cares who they interview? Or even who they hire? The Colts went from 2-12 to the playoffs with a coach who missed most of the season due to illness. Anything can happen. All this “we’re doomed” business is stupid.

    that being said i hope they hire Bradley.

  17. allnflfan says: Jan 14, 2013 5:55 PM

    Chan Gailey: Head coach
    Dick Jauron: D-Coord.
    Mike Mularkey: O-Coord.
    Great line up for the rest of the NFC East!! I Love it!!

  18. The Bears interview a lot of guys and are considered “deliberate”. The Eagles interview a lot of guys and are considered “desperate”.


    I don’t think the Eagles are all that smart, but I’ll give them credit for two things–One, not throwing a bunch of money at Brian Kelly; and Two, not playing Jon Gruden’s “please beg me to coach your team” game.

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