Glat could be a factor in Jets’ struggles to fill G.M. job


Jets owner Woody Johnson reportedly can’t give away his team’s G.M. job, even though he reportedly tried to give away $1 million for the purposes of buying, by Manhattan standards, a no-bedroom, 1/2-bath apartment.

There are several reasons for the Jets’ struggles, from a nightmarish cap situation to a jumbled quarterback situation to a coach who can’t be fired for at least a year to a general atmosphere of dysfunction.

But there’s another factor that is, we’re told, contributing to the difficulties.  There’s a concern that team president Neil Glat will be involved in the football operations.  How involved isn’t known, but for traditional “football guys,” any involvement is too much involvement.

Typically, a G.M. has to deal with only one person:  The owner.  In New York, the G.M. will have a straight line or at a minimum a dotted line to Glat.  And Glat, we’re told, has been asking esoteric football questions during the G.M. interviews.

In the end, someone will surely take the job.  The question is whether it’ll be someone who has options.

And whether, moving forward, whether there will be less dysfunction.  Or whether there will be more.

25 responses to “Glat could be a factor in Jets’ struggles to fill G.M. job

  1. Hmmm……a Former NFL senior vice president of corporate development.

    Guess they are looking at ticket prices going up to pay for Sanchez 2013 salary!

  2. If they can’t take anyone, I’ll gladly take the position. I couldn’t possibly screw the organization up further than it already is anyway. And Rex would be out of a job after the first season, because I’d cut just about everyone on the team (especially the offense) just to get out of the cap mess as quick as possible!

  3. Jets really should re-think this and let Rex go so the rebuild can start now. I would fire Rex and sign a veteran QB (Jason Campbell type) who can come in on a one year deal for a very small price just to be a starter again. This would offset the price of keeping Sanchez ( which they pretty much have too) as a back-up one more year.

  4. Ok so they have some bean counting exec as the President of the team? And what good does he do? How bout firing him and bring in a real football guy to be the President, give him a hammer and let him build a real football team or maybe Woody should just sell to someone who may have a desire to do so. It seems like 5 minutes after the West Side Deal for the stadium went dead, so did the Jets. He had a chance to move the team back into New York City, maybe Queens, but chose to share the house with the Giants, hows that workin out?

  5. Meanwhile, their arch-rivals compete for another Super Bowl berth.

    Take it from this (cough) ‘fan’ of the Detroit Lions: when it comes to NFL ownership, money can’t fix stupid.

  6. I don’t know why qualified GM’s aren’t running for this job. A million dollar housing allowance will cover the first and last month’s deposit on an early 19oo’s studio apartment on the upper east side.

  7. I’m a Raider fan and I’ve seen the highest of the high and lowest of the low on all fronts…business, player managment….and somehow the Jets have found a way to amaze me and leave me speechless. They screw up every single step of every single process.

    Sparano? Tebow? Sanchez extension? Keeping Rex Ryan? Theis Glat knows nothing about football dolt being apart of hiring a GM?

    It’s just amazing watching this team crumble.

  8. Incidentally, does Mike Florio have a clause in his contract that pays him bonuses when he manipulates what’s going on with the Jets into something negative?

    The Bears interview 13 candidates for head coaching jobs and they’re being “diligent and thorough.” The Jets cast a wide net for a GM search and they are “clueless without a plan.”

  9. Under the Big Top the Jets can offer –

    Ring number 1 has Mark Sanchez

    Ring number 2 has the Ringmaster Rex Ryan

    Ring number 3 has Woody Johnson

    The clown cars driving around have many other loud and obnoxious members of the circus

    Other than huge piles of money I can’t see any reason why anyone would want to be a GM, coach or player there next year.

  10. Of course someone will take the job. Precisely the competent, highly-sought-after football expert that the Jets need to begin to save the franchise. Not.
    When you have to hire a desparate leftover, that does not encourage confidence in the results.

    Sort of being told by several doctor’s offices that they don’t have any openings in the near future, so you have to make an appointment with the hack down the block – for some reason his appointment book is not filled up.

  11. Umm, the GM wouldn’t be living in Manhattan, he’d be living in Northern Jersey. Still, a million dollar allowance won’t get you very far.

  12. These guys are interviewing to be a GM in the National Football League. Shouldn’t someone be asking them esoteric football questions?

  13. If my parents handed me a few billion dollars I might also buy a football team. What the hell, right?

  14. The GM should be able to answer just about any football question thrown at him in an interview to run this team around. If he doesn’t know how a receiver should identify his route as a hot read if the corner is playing an outside leverage with an off side blitz, how is he going to find a receiver that knows what he should be doing?

  15. Amazing, just when you think the Jets couldn’t make this job LESS attractive, the create ANOTHER reason for a qualified candidate to refuse this job.

    Like I’ve said from the beginning, the man who takes the Jets GM job will be a guy who as no other options.

  16. Other than a few brief, shining moments well over 40 years ago, the Titans/Jets franchise has always been one of pro football’s most dysfunctional organizations. If not for Joe Namath and Weeb Ewbank, they’d be right down there with the Lions, Bengals, pre-Payton Saints, and expansion Browns.

    But there is hope, Jets fans. Woody could die and his heirs sell the team to someone who has a clue. He could sell the team himself. Or he could bumble and stumble into the right guy to lead the team, like the Rooneys did when they hired Chuck Noll to coach a Steelers team that had won nothing in almost 40 years.

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