Gus Bradley due to interview with the Jaguars later this week

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The Eagles will conduct a second interview with Seahawks defensive coordinator Gus Bradley on Tuesday.  And while that’s being interpreted as a sign that the Eagles are closing in on hiring Bradley, Bradley is still making other plans.

Albert Breer of NFL Network reports that Bradley has an interview scheduled for later this week with the Jaguars.

Bradley also has interviewed with the Chargers.

Even if he expects an offer from Philly on Tuesday, it makes sense to have other plans in place.  If the interview with the Eagles goes poorly, he’ll need other options.

Likewise, it never hurts to have some leverage.  If Bradley has two or more teams chasing him, he’s likely to emerge with a better deal.

36 responses to “Gus Bradley due to interview with the Jaguars later this week

  1. I like Bradley better than Greg Roman who is being mentioned for the Jag’s job. Mike McCoy as well. Bradley’s and McCoy’s careers have been fairly linear in terms of accomplishment and success. Roman’s has bounced around too much.

  2. Let’s see…Philly is a top 5 market with a talented roster (though their 4-12 record didn’t reflect that), Sunny San Diego, or Jacksonville where the roster is dreck & nobody gives a $#!+

    Decisions Decisons…

  3. As a Rams fan, I hope he gets any job that takes him out of the NFC West. OMG. If he leaves and Lovie takes the job…what a dilemma.

  4. So here’s a thought. Whiz interviewed today. What if he was interviewing for the OC job? Gus as HC, Whiz as OC, and Gus brings Norton, or that DL coach from Seattle with him to be DC. Could be a solid start to a great staff. Too optimistic? Maybe

  5. Boy the Jag haters are out tonight. They all are just mad because we are making good decisions for the future. So haters, the only thing that’s irrelevant is your pointless comments.

  6. Philly a top five market for what? Murder? Homeless? Our GM turned down NY. Yeah, I’m thinking NY is a bigger market than Filthadelphia. We want Roman Harper anyway.

  7. I think Billick would be the best bet for Philly. Billick is old, verbose, condescending, arrogant, full of himself….and his message gets old real quick.

  8. You can’t blame the Jag Haters. What has the Jags done in the last 5 years? Gotten worse is all, having the laughing stock for a quarterback and hardly anyone you would want on their team. Thank goodness Gene is gone and maybe this is a good deal to come to as a fresh start.

  9. No … we actually can blame the Jag haters, particularly from Philly – who only won 2 more games than us this year and have a “talented” roster.

  10. As a Seahawk fan, I don’t understand why Philly fans want Bradley so bad. Seems like a decent guy, but his defense did well in spite of him, not because of him. Carroll and Shneider’s building that d with a bunch of young studs had more to do with Seattle’s defensive success than Bradley’s scheming. The Seahawks were probably the worst in the league at giving up 1st downs on 3rd and long because of his soft zone defense and because he never brings pressure. And did you see the game yesterday? His defense was destroyed.

    I’m sure most Seahawk fans are happy for him to get the opportunity to be a HC and wish him well, no doubt. But we’re not losing sleep over him leaving and I don’t think for a second that Norton or Cable can’t step up and do just as well as a d-coordinator with that roster.

  11. I admit I don’t like some of Gus’s schemes at times. But one thing he does is gets the players to buy into the system and they all love him and play hard for him on defense. I just don’t think a young coach will last for how long its going to take to build the Jags up. Or maybe it just takes the perfect QB. I don’t think any of you think Gabbert or Henne is the answer.

  12. Wow all this hostility for an unproven HC??
    Go ahead & take him Eagle fans, you guys have enough garbage to throw out than ever before. Ridiculous contracts throughout the roster is a start, but let’s blame it ALL on Vick, right? As a matter of fact, I do hope he comes along & interviews for the Jags, just so he gains enough leverage to demand more money from your beloved “dream team,” who are actually “that” dumb of an organization to give-in for unproven commodity.
    Enjoy being the new-era Bungles!

  13. Let’s see. No state income tax in Washington. No state income tax in Florida. High taxes in Pennsylvania and Philadelphia. Fans in Jax who would praise a coach for 8 wins. Fans in Philly who would scream to fire him. Where to go coach?

  14. “No … we actually can blame the Jag haters, particularly from Philly – who only won 2 more games than us this year and have a “talented” roster.”

    You talkin’ about the Dream Team? I can’t believe you’re talkin’ about the Dream team.

  15. Jaguars: 20th in attendance in the NFL; no blackouts for years now; new owner, GM, HC and staff; perfect weather…what’s not to like looking forward- don’t say Gabbert, he’s make or break this year too.

  16. Average attendance figures for the 2012 season:

    Philadelphia – 69,144

    Jacksonville – 64,984

    San Diego – 59,964

    Looks like Jax can support a team (only 2 wins and have been terrible over the past 8 years) much better then San Diego.


    Philadelphia has over 5 mil (metro pop)
    Jacksonville has just over 1 mil (metro pop)

    They actually support their team more then Philadelphia based on their populations.

    The whole Jax can’t support a team farce is all media created. Lots of other teams are in much worse shape.

    Facts are fun!

  17. “What has the Jags done in the last 5 years? ”

    Beat the Steelers twice at home in the same season and a dennis northcutt drop away from a championship? gotta focus on the strong points ya know!

    Damn you Dennis Northcutt!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Eagles roster is not near as bad as some of you would like to believe. They lost their best 3 offensive lineman last year, all for the year, and all early in the year. (Peters, Herremans, Kelce). In addition, DeSean Jackson missed 1/2 the year, LeSean McCoy missed 4 or 5 games, and a rookie QB in Foles was thrown into a mess no QB could have won with. The Eagles have some young talent on the defensive line in Graham, Cox, and Curry….DeMeco Ryans is not a bad LB nor is Kendricks. Yes, the secondary needs work, but the coaching was awful.

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