J.J. Watt explains the spit-and-stomp routine

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During the pre-game lull of storylines, Texans defensive end J.J. Watt spitting and wiping his feet on the Patriots logo was the kind of thing that got a lot of attention.

But after his team absorbed a 41-28 loss, Watt said it wasn’t a symbolic gesture, just part of a routine.

“I do that every game, home or away,” Watt said, via Danny Picard of CSNNE.com. “I go out to midfield, I jog out there, spit a little bit, wipe my feet off, and then I go out and do my stretch. No drama there, that’s 100 percent what I do every game, home or away.”

Of course, the Patriots moved the ball up and down the field made it hard to change the fact it was the Texans who looked more like doormats.

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  1. Maybe don’t do it at any game JJ. Guarantee you’d have an issue with someone spitting on your home field logo.

  2. Haha, what a lying bunch of bunk. You lost clown shoes now stop trying to cover you butt after you got slapped by a clearly better team. You’re a loser Watt.

  3. Should be easy for reporters to review previous games.

    Dude spit on and wiped his feet on the red white and blue.

    Not cool.

    And quite stupid to have a ritual sure to enrage any home team.

  4. Steroid or hemorroid ,you make the call.
    As you disrespect the opponent, expect the opponent to disrepect you…and that’s just what Brady did. All you have to do is look at the scoreboard.

  5. Had a great deal of respect for this guy before the spitting episode. Now I don’t know whether to believe his story or consider this back peddling. I hope his story is true as I’d hate to think what kind of role model he is for those beautiful children he has befriended.

  6. Watt is a great player, and the Boston media are a bunch of drama queens. So I’m glad that this turned out to be nothing and will probably be forgotten in a week.

    But on the other hand I didn’t care much after the Pats O-Line kicked his MVP sized ass up and down the field.

  7. That sounds like a plan B explantion. If they had won I’m sure he would be singing a different tune.

  8. So, he has routine of spitting on some1’s logo and is proud the brag abt it? Doesn’t he know that is disgusting? Awful.

  9. I will never forget Watts wagging his finger at the Patriots offense – while the Texans were LOSING!

    New England has mopped the floor with the Texan’s vaunted defense … TWICE, dropping 42 and 41 points on Watts and friends this year.

    Two words for J.J. Watts:

    Score Board

  10. As a Pats fan, I guess maybe, kinda, sorta I care that he did this…. I don’t know, anything outside of the game doesn’t really matter to me.

    What bugs me though, is JJ Watt is an amazing player who I have liked watching a lot, and yet his shenanigans just kind of belittle his ability. Like the goofy “no,no,no” finger wag; really? That’s what you think is a good trademark move? It’s kind of ridiculous, and makes him look like less of the star that he is/could be.

    When he went behind the goal line to do his schtick after a non-crucial line of scrimmage stop, just looked goofy and a border-line taunt.

    He should knock off all this crap and just play.

  11. The finger wagging thing…
    Funny coming from a guy who was being systematically bludgeoned to death by the Pats offense…
    Watt, find a comfortable place on your couch and watch real football being played by real football teams…

  12. The finger wagging thing. Hilarious. Reminds me of Sha Nana on “Martin”. Very immature and weird seeing a guy, especially a linebacker do it.

  13. I was at the first game between the Pats and Texans and Watt does have a few rituals. He did pushups behind the goalpost during warmups. He jogged back and forth between endzones. I noticed because I was telling my friend how good he was and my friend said he looked like an idiot, and that his “rituals” seemed designed to get himself the most attention.

    Here’s the thing, he’s still young and immature, and probably has no sense about the span of his career. In a few years, he’ll feel like an idiot for having done all this high school level pump-up nonsense. His story about walking on in college is a great one and the statistical excellence of his performance this year can’t be overlooked.

    He just has to take this offseason to grow up a bit.

  14. Pats fan here. Who cares? Do what you do if that’s what you do. JJ Watt can do what he wants.

    It’s why San Diego never wins. They worry about what opponents do after the game (when the Pats danced on the Charger logo in the playoffs after a week of Chargers spoutin’ their yaps). The Jets did the same to the Pats after they won in Foxboro in the playoffs (extending their arms out and “flying” like planes). Who cares? You won. Do what you want!

    As far as pre game routine? Non story! It’s more symbolic that it’s at midfield not that it’s on anyone’s logo. I doubt any disrespect is intended.

  15. He does the same thing at Reliant Stadium? Does he spit on the Texans logo? Can we get a photo of that? Football players are gonna spit on the field–I’d just suggest they don’t spit on the opponent’s logo.

  16. As I have said for years, Patriots fans are nothing but a bunch of whiny girls who hold grudges like 7th graders getting dumped by their “first love”. This year, it’s them hanging on to what Sherman said MONTHS ago, now they are railing about this non-story.

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