Jets were going to offer Caldwell the house — literally


Here’s a bit more evidence that the Jets aren’t having the easiest time finding someone to take their general manager job.

According to Peter King of Sports Illustrated, the Jets were going to include a $1 million housing allowance in the deal they were preparing for GM candidate David Caldwell.

The Jets will eventually find someone to take their GM job. After all, there are only 32 such positions in the world, and many more people who want one of them.

But the fact they couldn’t convince Caldwell to join them, even while offering such a huge perk, speaks to the issues there.

A tight salary cap, a problematic quarterback situation, and a coach he didn’t get to pick was apparently more than Caldwell wanted to take on, no matter what.

Say what you want about Jacksonville (note to New York, not everyone wants to live in New York), but getting to do things his way, with an owner who has shown signs of being supportive while not meddling (cough, Tebow, cough), was apparently enough to sway Caldwell’s decision.

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  1. Being saddled with Rex Ryan has got to be the biggest reason no one wants to be the GM. That decision is coming back to bite Woody Johnson in the butt.

    Who want’s to come into the circus that Rex has created? Perhaps they can find a clown.

  2. This is awesome. A franchise that so dearly wants to be relevant is becoming relevant because no one wants to sign up for this train wreck. What a joke. If not for SB III and Joe Willie, what has this team EVER done?…besides talk their way onto the Back Page. #99 was more talk than substance in the 80’s. Keyshawn talked his way out of town. Rex is a blowhard. Hell, Namath talked too much but at least he won the right to do so.

  3. The idea that Jacksonville is a horrible job is ridiculous. That kind of comment comes from someone who wants to sit on their rear end and come into a ready made situation where they don’t have to do any work. Great weather, no state income tax, great facilities that the new owner has just upgraded, much nicer media coverage, get to pick your own coach, an owner who is NOT meddling and who has built an multi billion dollar business and wants to create another one. Is this job going to be a challenge because of the state of the roster? Yes a bit.. but if this guy is as good as both Khan and he himself think he is, he will cement his legacy as one of the best GMs And we Jackonville fans that everyone wants to make fun of will make a statue of him and set it out at the landing. He will be a King. There is no question that the Jaguar job was the better one.

  4. The main problem is the loudmouth coach that any other GM would probably fire first thing to clean house.

    Keep in mind I actually like Rex, but he forced out one GM, specifically the guy who hired him in the first place.

    Now a new GM has to deal with all of the drama he brings without getting the recognition/blame for the hire so if Rex does good, it’s not a feather in the GM’s cap. and if Rex does bad, the GM can’t use Rex as an excuse because he was a package deal in getting the job.

    So the question remains, is Rex such a poor coaching decision in most GM’s eyes they wont take the New York job because of it?

  5. The Jax job is SO much better when you look at it. Dont have to keep the coach, good cap room with an owner who seems like he is willing to spend it. Not too many bad contracts. 2nd overall pick. Im sure the Jets will find someone but that job is not attractive and they probably wont be getting anyone who actually has options. In regards go Jacksonville being a bad place to live……just go over the bridge and live in Jax Beach. Its pretty nice over there.

  6. Note to Mr. Gantt, if Jags football, the Fla/Ga game, and Hooters is all the culture and nightlife you need, then Jacksonville would indeed be a perfect city for you to live in.

  7. It’s not just Rex Ryan……’s the ultra creepy infatuation that Johnson has with Ryan that’s obviously clouding his judgment and the direction the team needs to be moving in.

    In addition to all of the problems there, a new GM could easily take the fall next year when they fail. If Johnson fired Tannenbaum who he supposedly was extremely fond of, he could certainly fire some new guy. Rex can tell Woody whatever he wants and that dope will eat it up like it’s the gospel.

    What a mess.

  8. Hopefully, Caldwell got some assurance that Khan isn’t going to follow through with the half-season in London plan… that would be a “reject” for most GM candidates.

  9. How do you pitch this job to a GM?

    Ummm, feel like sitting around for a year while we waste time and clear cap space? You should be able to stand the test of time in order to reap the benefits of the work and scrutiny you’ll endure. The local media is fairly patient with situations like this. lol

    You’ll have complete control of the players you’ll bring in and we have a very responsible head coach in place that will mold these young men in a core you can build around going forward. In the event we replace the HC in 2014 then he’ll have certainly benefitted those players and the time you’ve put in. You’ll likely not be tied to this coach but since we aren’t going anywhere this year anyway you’ll have to just keep him to save money. LOL

    Here comes an in-house hire.

  10. After a weekend with some of the greatest football seen in a long time, can we not do without, for at least one day, more babble about the damn Jets. It is really giving most of the world a huge headache.

  11. “Who want’s to come into the circus that Rex has created? Perhaps they can find a clown.”

    They’ve already got about 20 clowns on the roster. They need a ringmaster.

  12. I would take Hooters any day compared to your glow stick, $15 drink, techno nightclubs. You can keep your skinny jeans too, fanboy.

  13. It could be worse the Jets could have the Eagles penny pinching tightwad owner Lurie who says he wants to win a Super Bowl but won’t spend the money to get the best coaches out there.And then he is looking to hire an over rated defensive coordinator who will come cheap to be head coach.

  14. I’d take that job. I’m more than qualified to make nonsense decisions and say dumb things to keep this franchise in the news. I’ll even take just half a million in housing.

    They should open this GM position up to the public and let “average joe” get a chance. Heck, it’ll make a great reality TV show and keep them in the spotlight for another year.

  15. I believe that a Jets GM is only going to be signed once he is assured that he can fire Rex Ryan. That must be the sticking point in all this. Johnson has probably made it clear that the new GM must retain Rex, thus the impasse.

  16. There’s more to NY/NYC than glow sticks, $15 drinks and techno nightclubs.

    There’s not much more to Jacksonville than Hooters and the Landing.

    I’ve lived in both places.
    Try again, hayseed.

  17. Where exactly is the ground-breaking story in all of this?

    Giving a new GM money for a house, who cares?

    Yes everyone knows the Jets situation, it isn’t going to change, yes they will hire a GM then you can point fingers all day.

    But just because Peter King reports on something that is truly meaningless, why does PFT feel that they have to report on it too?

  18. I’ve said it before but the jets are trying to cure brain cancer by cutting off the patients arms and legs. Fire the coach and you’ll find GM’s and assistants that will want to work for the team.

  19. New York fans, no offense, but your town is an over priced cesspool. Your is built on
    a swap in Jersey for gods sake.

  20. Please hire me Jets! I’ll take the GM position and do a great job. I was a floor supervisor at the Dollar Store, Assistant Manager of a Pawn Shop, and have many Fantasy Football accolades. I don’t want a housing allowance or a high salary, just give me a chance. There will be laughter at first but it’ll stop when I have that organization turned around this year.

  21. Know lots of NYC natives who have moved to Jax.

    They will never go back to NYC. Why? Because it’s way to crowded.

    If you like no state tax, wide open spaces, golfing, riding Harleys, beaches and wheeling around town in exotic cars, (especially with the awesome weather there lately) Jax is the much better option.

    Even Tom Coughlin still maintains his home in Sawgrass ..right outside of Jax.

  22. Maybe they better drop the requirement that the Manager must get a tattoo of Ryans wife “Tebowing” on his arm.

  23. LMAO, companies do this all the time but since its the Jets they are a desperate mess. Rutgers constructed Schiano a custom built house with a Rutgers loan on land in Piscataway formerly owned by the university. I’m not saying the Jets didn’t bring much of the criticism on themselves but the media piling on everything is getting old. Whats even more sad is half the population believes these reports because most are too feeble minded to draw they’re own opinions. I see it here all the time when people just repeat word for word sometimes what some talking head on espn said.

  24. .

    Jacksonville is in a position to easily improve their win total by several games next year. It will be more difficult for the Jets.


  25. My entire neighborhood in St. Augustine is full of NY and NJ transplants who will never return. That whole argument that Hooters is the only thing hear is so old and it’s made by immature people who’s sole source of amusement is drinking until they puke and partying until 3 am. Have you ever had dinner at Ruth’s Chris on the Riverfront? Visited downtown St. Augustine? Spent a weekend at Ponte Vedra Inn and club (an area where ton of celebrities have vacation homes)? Visited Amelia Island? Played golf, tennis, visited the beach, driven to Orlando for the weekend?
    There is so much to do within Jax and within an hour and 1/2 of Jax. But of course you have to have a brain capable of making more involved processing decisions than what tequila to select for your next shot in order to think of them.

  26. of course the NY vs N.FL lifestyle debate comes down to personal taste, but its noticeable that NYers tend to be more insecure + eager to “be seen” as a way to validate themselves…folks who would prefer a N.FL lifestyle typically are more concerned with their own peace of mind than with impressing others…

    Would you rather enjoy a glass of wine in peace/quiet/warm weather environment with a spectacular ocean view…or elbow-to-elbow with pretentious hipsters in a noisy smelly concrete-covered cesspool?

    but really, none of that is as important as the fact the NYJ job is utterly and completely undesirable…

  27. Glazer reported that the NYJ are actually calling guys back who rejected them to see if they will reconsider. LOL

  28. Every time, yes everytime I read an article about anything Jets from the Florio Crew, a dash of hatred is integrated.
    I’m a Jets fan, been one for years, never this disgusted abouth the organization allowing what went on this season was beyond 9 losses.
    What gets me is the Jets haters who never fail to bring up they are tired reading about the Jets, Tebow, Rex etc.
    Don’t you think it is avoidable if you want it to be? C’mon in a few weeks, football will be over and your life can go back to really be as boring as it is without anything Jets. It just gives you a sense of power to knock NYC, the Jets, etc.
    You can always polish the cannon in your town square and lunch in some fast-food franchise your town boasts.
    Or—- you can petition to have the Statue of Liberty, the NFL Office, the U.N. moved to your town. Next to a dollar store sounds appealing.

  29. here’s one more for the list of reasons why a gm candidate might not want to come to ny.

    the media is difficult. salary cap, coach and qb situation can all be viewed as challenges. to deal with them in this circus has to be viewed as tedious and tiring.

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