John Abraham vows to play in NFC Championship Game


The Falcons’ victory over the Seahawks was marred a bit by defensive end John Abraham’s early departure due to a sprained ankle he originally suffered in Week 17 against the Buccaneers.

After the game, Falcons coach Mike Smith said that the decision to keep Abraham out of the game was a “precautionary” one. Abraham gave a different explanation, saying that he “couldn’t push off” the injured ankle before he came out of the game. That didn’t stop him from expressing full confidence that he would be on the field against the 49ers when the NFC Championship Game kicks off in Atlanta next Sunday.

“Oh yeah, you know me, you can’t keep me out of that game,” Abraham said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “We’re going to treat the (heck) out of it.”

Abraham was only able to practice in a limited fashion last week and went into the game at “80 percent” of his normal ability. With the injury getting aggravated, it would seem to be a tougher road for him to navigate on the way to the NFC title game. His ability to do so will be important for the Falcons and figures to be one of the big storylines as we make our way toward Sunday.

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  1. I remember when this jerk REFUSED to play in in the Jets 04′ divisional rd playoff game at Pittsburgh while injured for fear that he wouldn’t get a big contract extension going into his final year , glad he’s outta NY, Kapernick is ready to give him his discount double check just like he did to Green Bay

  2. Whether he’s healthy or not, the entire front of that Falcons defense is going to have a lot of trouble with that Niners O-line. The Falcons front is tremendously out sized here. They’re going to have to use their quickness to jump into holes and even that may not work. The Niners O-line is actually very quick for such a large group. There are three 1st round picks and a couple who could have been 1st round picks. And, if the Falcons front is jumping plays, they’ll be completely vulnerable to that read option that Kaepernick wiped out the Packers with. I don’t see the Falcons defense with an answer for the Niners offense at all.

  3. Abraham is the Falcons only hope of keeping their D-line on task.

    Niners have a top 5 O-line, and Kaep is going to be hard to contain.

    This is either going to be a blowout through weird circumstances, or a very close, high-scoring game.

  4. “He can’t catch Kaepernick with his ankle at 120%.”
    Doesn’t have to, just meet him at the line of scrimmage.

    Keep Abraham out of practice all week and let the ankle rest. After four preseason, 16 regular season and one playoff he already knows what to do, let him rest and heal.

  5. Abraham won’t play hurt period! He has a history. Just as cervetta12 correctly described above.

  6. Falcons lose and get blown out and all that? Same thing we heard before the Giants game and our first playoof and the mighty NFLs hottest team (Seahawks) etc etc. Takes a lt more than luck to get to the NFCCG. Niners present a huge challenge, but Atlanta will have something for you. Don’t go ordering your Super Bowl tix just because ESPN says so. GO BIRDS!

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